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  2. They’re still selling, its just “18 months” - it’s not their fault the mothership won’t send enough cars here. I feel bad for them really, the only thing they can actually move off the lot are second hand cars.
  3. I was going to suggest Porsche Townsville but that’s still a long way from Yeppoon. I’d ask for photos of the entire service history and speak to the place that’s serviced it, also you’d want someone to inspect it even if it’s not a Porsche dealer.
  4. Looks like another sparky going for a holiday?! 😏
  5. JWM

    Porsche price increases

    Lowball each other for used stock on Carsales 😂
  6. I only know from my Macan, but the difference in the PDK between normal, sport and sport plus are 3 huge steps. I never drive in normal as it is too sluggish and unresponsive. Sport is what I drive in day to day. You can't drive slow in Sport Plus, it is like a rabid pit bull on a leash
  7. DJM

    Porsche price increases

    So what do the sales guys do all day? Must be a boring job.
  8. You know you need to bring your car … I think it’s safer to rebook
  9. Damn. Too late for me to change my plans. I will have to try and make the next one.
  10. None as far as I know. They’re just quoting 18 months but in reality they have no idea.
  11. DJM

    Porsche price increases

    How many on that list can you walk in, order and expect to get a car?
  12. I rolled my entry over, should I be getting another confirmation? Or do I need to rebook?
  13. Just booked the boat over from Tassie today actually. Coming as a spectator though...... Room was booked last December
  14. Hi all. Entries are OPEN! Head to stuttfest.com.au.
  15. Recognise that trim anywhere! I had planned to swap it out for carbon but when the car got delivered, I actually decided to keep it, it’s fine in the flesh, in fact I quite liked it. I know people play their cards close but……I’m a caring sharing kinda guy and I think the info is helpful for others. So…. Bought it privately $291k March 2021, roughly 4,000km on it then. Quick and simple sale into the Porsche network (PCM) via their app for $320k in July 2021. Couldn’t be bothered trying to sell privately. Certainly wasn’t intending to flip it. I just found it too risky to enjoy on road and decided to move on before I ended up in jail. And given Vic stamp duty, I essentially covered my costs. The car went to PCSS and was listed at $339k and sold quite quickly. Now $380k so that’s $90k uplift in 16 months albeit I bought VERY well (got lucky) via a PFA private deal. delivery day 😍 Beauty and the beast on the way to Winton
  16. Hi All, Have found a potential car that I am considering making an offer on a 986 S https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2000-porsche-boxster-s-986-auto-my00/SSE-AD-13069845/?Cr=4 I will be buying this car from interstate. Seeking input from the group or someone that has previously brought a car interstate - What are the pitfalls and or issues ? I know I should get a PPI but the car is located is about 7 hours away from Brisbane ? Thanks for your help
  17. Bit of a different video as I had a few jobs to do and made a vlog, hope you like the change
  18. Well, as the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I think it's awful. I mean, it's brown. No thank you.
  19. GT3MEZ

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Different flavour - same sauce
  20. You changed your tune quickly. Reread your first paragraph on your first post as a double take as you have gone from we ( with mrs) to me very quickly. Or just a slip of the finger on your keyboard.
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