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  3. The silver car is the ex Biggera Waters car yes ?
  4. Jaffar

    A over ripe banana

    Coastr: it is a V6. 944s2cab: the sump is in two pieces, upper and lower. The oil pump sits in the upper sump and is immersed in oil. The lower, smaller sump houses the oil pick up and oil level sender. I am not worried about loosing the sender as there is also a dip stick. I do need a low area for the oil pick which is at the rear of the sump. These motors do not carry a lot of oil and the pump operates at low pressure for efficiency. I am looking at putting an accumulator in the post pump pressure side of the oil circuit to supplement the loss of some sump capacity and guard against starvation due to surge in the small lower sump, although I will also have some baffles welded in at the time. There is a oil cooler take off on the side of the motor which is on the pressure side of the circuit which I can use for the accumulator and a bigger cooler as well. The whole system being at lower pressure make the set up easier, I think, and the accumulator will protect the motor in case I have my thought processes wrong. Hence I think the firewall is the easier option. I think it will also look like it was planned rather than shoe horned in.. I have attached an image of the oil system in the motor from an Audi introductory presentation.
  5. I too have been wondering why the prices have gone up so much. 18 years ago, I sold my 3 owner Australian delivered '76 911s with 222km for $18k - boy do I wish I had that in my shed now. Well, actually if I had it, I would sell it. I liked it, but I personally think they are a bit too old to be practical. I didn't like the lack of air, the pre-unleaded smell, the bump crash handling. And it wasn't all that reliable either. But, I do (did) miss the whole 911 experience - it's like nothing else on the road. About 7 or 8 years ago a friend of mine was looking to buy a one owner 964 C4 in white with 9km for about $55k. I was saying to him, that I felt my BMW 335i was a better car for about the same money. It was quicker, had more room, more practical, felt (was) a lot newer. Now, who was right? - he has well and truely doubled his money. During the same time, my once new 335, has lost $100k. A few months ago I started getting the itch for a 911, but just couldn't justify the high price, so I posted on Bimmerpost forum on 911 values I just couldn't see why an 11 year old 997 could be worth the same as a 2 year old BMW M3. But the reality is it's all about supply and demand - they aren't making 996's anymore - light weight, flat six sound and feel, yet reasonably new and comfortable enough to easily drive everyday. Anyway, I must have FOMO, so I just had to join the 911 club, here's a photo: https://imgur.com/a/Cka9n5X
  6. TwoHeadsTas

    Northern EMR Sunday 18th November

    Looking like up to 17 cars. Stoked!!!!! 🙂
  7. TwoHeadsTas

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    is that a hint of a nipple I see there in the 2nd photo.....😃
  8. Troubleshooter

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Nice pins!
  9. It’s a very clean car, came with original steering wheel, std GT3 wheels, even has a trickle charger. Front cage with side intrusion bars, extinguisher & kill switch. I have watched the market for almost 10 years, the car is very complete. Perhaps you could snip the white one.
  10. Troubleshooter

    996 GT3 Purchase

    Who dares wins
  11. I know there are other threads but looking for more specific recommendation for Melbourne guru/workshop that has an excellent understanding and does an excellent job with 987.2 S PDK's. Inner Melbourne would be good but east/south fine as well. Thanks in advance.
  12. clutch-monkey

    What did you do to your Porsche today ???

    engine is out unfortunately... got the exhaust coated since the opportunity was there.
  13. Ahh it was you! I was trying to trade my mk2 with them on that car but someone paid a deposit before I could get serious about it. That was a good buy
  14. Raven

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    This guy .....? manages with heels
  15. Airhead

    Random Funnies Thread

    So you sat outside taking pics for 7 hours.
  16. Airhead

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Never been a problem for me. 🤬👗
  17. I was talking about a GT3 in Melbourne, the silver one at Duttons. Somone should jump on that WA car. Anywhere between ask and $105k would be a great buy.
  18. These can be very expensive in the long term ,,,,and not the most practical phone holder ,,but this one does look like it can comfortably carry a Nokia ..........?
  19. Back to GT3’s now.. anyone inspected the white gt3 in WA for mechanical condition??
  20. I wouldn’t look at a car unless we got in the ballpark on price first, particularly if interstate. I have a deposit on a car in Melbourne atm, have just returned from inspection. Was as described and all looks good - so of for PPI next week then will pay balance. I think you have to be a bit flexible and try to qualify the car and the seller. Car sell interstate and even globally these days. In 2013 I flew back into Australia to inspect a car after following the above process. Worked out, I still own the car. Incidentally it is pictured above at Rennsport @ SMSP.
  21. Mike D'Silva

    US shipping costs?

  22. Not an idiot at all but maybe crazy like me.. I bought Fifteen 911’s from gt3’s to SC’s all site unseen & no PPI’s, all paid & delivered to my door.. all worked out well
  23. TwoHeadsTas

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Difficult driving in high heels I wonder???? (Can't say that I've ever done it 😃)
  24. Daly87

    986 Boxster Tipper - NSW

    The turbo is the most robust item in these cars, name the last turbo failure in a 986 S!
  25. Airhead

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Hope my wife doesn't catch me looking at this. 🕵️‍♂️
  26. Bought two cars site unseen from interstate both turned out better than expected. paid in full before I arrived . Good chance I’m just an idiot .
  27. Zelrik911

    996 GT3 Purchase

    If you are a seller, and you have an interested buyer from interstate - then that is a very good reason for a hesitant local buyer to make a decision. So this is a bargaining tool in the sellers favour: "buy it right now or the rich guy from the Gold Coast will get it instead of you".
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