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  2. I am guessing you are right Jason, even if someone was busting into a storage facility in Penrith, it would not be so out of the ordinary and that may be why no one cared to notice or report anything even if taking the car and the trailer was an obvious theft. Really hope the parts get spotted and the idiots get busted.
  3. Put my low klm 916 SP3 on bike sales this arvo at a decent price and had a very serious collector call me 10 min later. He's trying to get away to fly in tomorrow. Thanks ScoMo
  4. The PET diagram obviously makes no sense to anyone, good on you Porsche for making life so difficult, again. We had an old hose at Pete's workshop but the number was missing off that as well, no, no and no, not as easy as it sounds Can someone remind me why these cars are so good
  5. Bargains out there and the market has most definitely softened . When you need one let me know I will hook you up . I
  6. picked up a car I had been having built (last 2 years) in LA. Headed up the Angels Crest Highway an onto Palm Springs. Met this bloke along the way (aswell as a couple of PFAers)
  7. I’d say if it’s 5 years old I’d be surprised if it’s still there. However it all comes down to how the car/coating has been looked after, and how the car has lived. Water beading on a coating will typically uniform sizes and shapes. Irregular water blobs mean that there is very little, if any, coating. Water should dissipate off the duco very quickly and have a uniform round shape. The water It should not ‘sheet’ and sit across the duco. A lot of experienced guys can feel if there’s a coating on the car, but for guys in the industry there’s a few key markers we look for as a lot of people tell us their car has a coating, and it doesn’t. if your not in Melbourne take a video of spraying your car with the hose I’ll try to let you know what’s on there. cheers
  8. So you reckon either the elections have really spooked the bevel buyers or just maybe they rely on payments from the credit guys? Good news nevertheless, since I've realised recently I need to buy a bevel before too much longer!
  9. Stephen, Since the PET diagram made no sense to me I Googled "Porsche 996 Radiator hose" and used the photos to get to what I thought was close to your photo. I found the photo's links to Paragon-Products and the Design911 websites the best. However I suggest you identify what bits lie between the thermostat housing and the part you want and then count off the parts downstream. Doesn't help that I know SFA about these cars! Have you thought about removing the coolant tank, remove the pipe and reading the part number off the hose itself?😊
  10. Wow! Whereabouts was that? Great looking car and top pics. 👍
  11. That may be true . I found with most the people I sold bikes to in fact all were not credit guys
  12. Ultimately yes, can you put the link up where you are getting this Pete so i can have a look.
  13. @JB and other gurus. How can you definitively tell if a car has previously been ceramic coated? I suspect our 981 Boxster may well have been done in the past, but am unsure if there is any definitive way to tell. If it was, I would expect it would have been done by the P dealer from new 5 1/2 years ago). I haven't done a full clay or polish (doesn't seem to need it) but have been using Meguiars Quick Wax after I have washed the car. thanks
  14. I think its all more related to the end of easy credit for property purchases and the death of interest only loans. I think this will be a long term thing that won't disappear now the election is settled.
  15. Idiot, never going to happen at $340k.
  16. How is this guy going to go with his sale? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2015-Porsche-911-GT3-991-Auto-MY15/SSE-AD-6097090 Another new one to the market. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2015-Porsche-911-GT3-991-Auto-MY15/SSE-AD-6096786
  17. Hopefully across the board with everything. Things seem to be slow with everything in the last month . I have been buying and selling bevel Ducati’s as an interest for a while and they have stopped dead in their smelly oily tracks . Could not get enough of them 6 months ago
  18. Autonomous push bikes should be the next big thing 🤪 The braking part should be easy and could be done now. Autonomous pedestrians would be an upgrade for those who have lost all self preservation genes. I have a spot already selected for the stop/go probe 👹
  19. I think someone on here used a type of oven cleaner to remove the black anodised finish from window frames. Could have been MFX on his "Home Built" thread.
  20. My guess is: 996.106.840.07 and the clamp 999.512.348.02 but let's be a bit more methodical. Stephen, This hose connects to the thermostat housing on the engine?
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