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  2. michel

    WTB: 924 Turbo Warm Up Reg 091

    I’ll check James i hsve a few bits n bobs notv100% on surplus fuel gear might also suggest you speak to mike @ DKUBUS and go dark side fuelling EWUR
  3. Harsh

    Complete exhaust for 3L (?)

    Who are the gurus on here who can say what it will suit 2.2/2.7/3.0..........and is there a model/manufacturer stamp
  4. James P

    WTB: 924 Turbo Warm Up Reg 091

    Im after a 1981 924 turbo (WUR) warm up regulater part number 0438140091 Anyone know where to find one? @michel have you got one by any chance? I have one from an SC if anyone is interested part number 0438140062
  5. Bump- can deliver free of charge to Sydney this Sunday/Monday
  6. Jason E

    Square Dash 944 DME's

    Ring Bruce Buchanan from Buchanan Automotive in Balgowlah Sydney if anyone knows if it can be done it will probably be him.
  7. hugh

    My new GT3.2 RS

    I'm digging it, +1 on the colour.
  8. WGA

    My new GT3.2 RS

    Some additional photos. I love it.
  9. Stephen Tinker


    It says Belgium on his avatar …..
  10. michel

    WTB - CUP 1's 17s Real or Repro

    Late to the party I just dug out of my container a set of mint CUP1’s. Have caps 7.5x17 ET65 965.362.124.05 9x17 ET55 965.362.128.00 will be up for sale have also CUP 2’’s 7x17 ET55 993.362.128.01 9x17 ET70 993.362.124.00 has PZERO’s mounted theyll need a refinish, but are true
  11. I have fixed my sticky knob . New ones and a minute to fit
  12. firstone


    What kind of Europeans are you dealing with? What part?
  13. WGA


    Having lived in Sydney for most of my life and now in Europe I can honestly say that the quality of life over here is better than in Australia...and there is one major reason for that...house prices. Even though people generally get paid a whole lot less over here...and get taxed higher than OZ...they often have more disposable income because they don't have a large mortgage millstone around their necks. I sold my house in Sydney and bought a house 4 times the size in Europe in the best suburb in the city where I live at half the price...with no mortgage. So every dollar I now take home is disposable. Every time I go back to Sydney or Melbourne I gasp at the prices for almost everything (cars, houses, food, etc). Not looking forward to this element of life when I return next year.
  14. RichardN

    944 sale price

    Has anyone had a chane to have a look at this or knows the current owner? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/inverloch/cars-vans-utes/porsche-944-1989/1181686920 Before anyone throws a fit I know its an auto and they aren't the greatest but they are within my budget and I would be looking to use it as a daily driver if possible...
  15. firstone


    What's this, I'll take my dog for coffee shyt? I know, I'll tie it to the table leg. How's it gunna go down when another dog with nuts turns up. Ningnongs. Actually this should go in the smile thread cause it's kinda funny too. 😂
  16. Raven

    My new GT3.2 RS

    Post away .................Rennlist generally has 10 pages of spam every night ,,,,,they need to sort that out its out of control and puts members of the site ... No spam on here just friendly members always eager for some cool photos
  17. LeeM

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Same but different mate quick image upload
  18. WGA

    AUS Delivered vs Import

    It has done 57,000 kms and I have put around 2,000 kms on it in the last 12 months including a road trip for a feature story with Total911 magazine. After each road trip I get my cars inspected, cleaned etc to keep them in tip top condition...because I know if I don't....when the time comes, my ability to sell quickly, and at a good price, will suffer.
  19. WGA

    My new GT3.2 RS

    I have deposits for an RS at two dealers in OZ but I am not holding my breath. Current feedback is that the dealers got very few allocations which I expected considering my dealer in Europe only got 5 slots for this year. And they don't expect anymore cars until March next year. I will keep hanging in there but not overly optimistic I will get a car. May just settle for a regular GT3 which is already an awesome car anyway. Engine wise, its hard to tell any difference between the two.....or at least my bum meter is not sensitive enough to detect it. Its hard to know whether to post here or not as I don't have a good feel for how many on this forum are also on RL.
  20. Raven

    My new GT3.2 RS

    I saw you post the image on Rennlist ..................awesome
  21. Masterwerk

    Nations Cup GT3's

    Rodney's first Cup Car I think.
  22. I think this one has been around on eBay for ages
  23. There's a Martini liveried 924 on Ebay at the moment.....17k with 'make an offer' https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/RARE-1977-PORSCHE-924-Martini-Rossi-championship-edition-944-928-911coupe/283066928601?hash=item41e81a8dd9%3Ag%3AzT4AAOSwuQxadELd&_nkw=porsche+928&_from=R40&rt=nc from the advert: +++++++ 1977 Genuine Martini & Rossi Championship edition ( option code 426 ) This is an original Martini , matching numbers car, with the original 4 speed box An extremely rare Porsche ( personally owned for a long time) One of only 100 right hand drives every made WORLD WIDE and only ~25 Australian delivered in 1977 From my research this is currently the only registered one in Australia and possible one of only a few remaining A real head turner Extremely low worldwide production numbers ( only produced from 12/76 to 3/77 ) Included is the Porsche Australia verification letter (this is not a mock up) Australian Delivered 2 / 77 ++++++
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