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  2. One thing I did have a laugh at, watched the news tonight, showing the army escorting people into motels.....not one of the army personnel had a mask on 😲
  3. James, I was late into the thread...what was the asking price?
  4. Being a 60's longhood, it would probably command a higher price if it was a factory RHD car
  5. Because it’s a rhd converted car and in no way does that diminish the appeal . Just wondering what here thought
  6. 👍 And knowing how panicked my bosses are at the moment, I don't envy your position. Hope it all works out for you and your team 👍
  7. 924 turbo up for auction at grays. Looks in good condition and has A/C, suggest anyone looks at getting a 924 turbo should check it out. https://www.graysonline.com/lot/0016-20007006/classic-cars/1980-porsche-924-turbo-manual-coupe-australian-delivered?spr=true
  8. Cheers @LeeM, my shout at Uraidla cafe when we next get up there 👍 Lightbulb moment......I can of course drive the GT3 as a daily to work......then again, probably not a good look though if I have to stand down the team. ☹️
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  10. Fair point @Rick V I s'pose the way I see it, is that you're not doing any harm to anyone being isolated in your car in the hills, as that's probably the best place for all of us to be able to distance ourselves from others. Fair enough we should be chastised if we're out and about in a group sitting around with a coffee etc, yet to keep us all sane we need to get out a bit. I personally don't have a choice to be out if I want to keep working, and as I'm in and out of housing trust and other homes daily, I dare say I'm at risk every day and are now forced to wear a mask at all times, yet to those of you who are stuck in an office all day, you need some Vitamin D...or Vitamin P in this instance 😁 Go for a drive mate, it sounds like you need it 👍
  11. I liked S1 and 2 was good but got a bit dark in its story line towards the end. Ill take a look at 3 and see where it leads, nothing else to do....
  12. Thanks @LeeM & @hugh ..... I get what you’re saying ....but having trouble reconciling this with ScoMo’s instruction to cease unnecessary travel..... stay home unless food shopping, medical appointment, work, etc. I know there’s an argument there, but not sure it is in the spirit of what those front-line health workers would expect & probably deserve.
  13. With a face like that, I'll take the car.
  14. What makes you say its originally a LHD? I think he is just referring to the conversion from a 4cyl to 3.2 6cyl.
  15. I think it’s a lot of car Have not looked at early cars for quite a long time. it’s a converted right-hand drive, Let’s assume it’s been done to a good standard, preferably utilising right-hand drive components,what then does everybody think
  16. "It's sunday Morning FFS, get back into bed now or that's it - It's me or that fuchin' car"
  17. As long as you stay in your car I dont see a problem with going for a drive @Rick V
  18. Where did I drive my Porsche today? Nowhere. That's right, no-fkng-anywhere! Damn you Covid-19. I did back it out of the garage for a wash, shampoo & vacuum....... then drove forward 5 metres, back into the garage. I sat in the garage and admired the shape, curves, and the piece of artwork that it is. My wife doesn't understand it, nor does my daughter....... but if you're reading this........you get it, don't you? OK, so it's a first-world-problem, but this really sucks..........a spirited drive on the weekend through the Adelaide hills in my P-Car is my stress relief. It's my time alone......no staff or client demands, no family responsibilities, nothing, ...... just me and some twisty black stuff and an awesome machine to enjoy it in. I refuse to do yoga, I don't like reading fiction, sick of TV,............. so if anyone needs me, I'll be in the garage.......... admiring my Pcar and hitting that PFA button on the iPad. We're in this together folks - please help keep me sane over these coming months, PFA'ers!! I will do my best to contribute, and do the same for all of you.
  19. I saw this at Cavaco’s a little while back. Love it - well done.
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