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  2. Me too, I have voluntarily limited the klmns to 8,000 per year but if you do go over they just charge you an extra premium. I did the ring around this year again & MB ( Porsche Insurance) still the best for me. I have also claimed windscreens on 2 cars so far, replaced without question under insurance, cost just over $2K each, fitted by PCW with genuine Porsche screens.
  3. To get away from the feds for importing 12 tonnes of cocaine
  4. Obviously not used to driving a LHD car. Seriously there are some stupid rich (& plain stupid) chinese in Vancouver - even worse than Sydney or Melbourne. They go crazy buying & land-banking property there that they hardly use. Driver was probably in a hurry to park her new car in the garage & fly out-of-town.
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  6. I use Porsche insurance - they are based in Port Melbourne. I'm insured with MB group - agreed value but limited kms. Have been very happy with them - hopefully the only interactions I have are renewals... 😏
  7. Always happy to provide my feedback on insurance. Was with Shannons for a few years at about $6k a year on various cars. Moved to Famous recently, higher agreed value, better customer service and save about $2k a year. Famous also doesn't have limited mileage whereas Shannons does. Their reasoning is, yes I have 6 cars but only 1 driver can drive a car at any one time. However, the true test is claiming, which I hope I never have to go through.
  8. Agreed but a lot of the chatter is just back seat commenting like we do here. A real buyer would be working with it. I wonder if that is one I was looking at back 6 years or so ago. Black HK import.
  9. Some one needs to point out to the driver ..............
  10. Why are you discounting Shannons? Definitely have choice of repairer with them!
  11. I know this question has been asked before but I am seeking insurance advice. My car is insured through APIA. I called them today to ask what would happen if I had a bingle, would they allow me to take it to a Porsche Authorised Repairer? Bottom line no. I would have to go to their repairer "Capital Smart". I am not happy about this so I am thinking of changing insurers mid term and cancelling my APIA cover. I see Shannons are part of the same Capital Smart program as well so forget recommending them. Ok recommendations please. I want Agreed Value, Choice of Repairer and Windscreen Cover. Limited milage discount would be good too. Has anyone used Porsche Insurance? Were they reasonable in price?
  12. I'd be taking the reins on this one Tom. See if John can have it picked up for a few bucks instead of relying on the builder
  13. I did see that original listing, yet as usual when people get flooded with 'I'll buy it now, what's your account number or You're selling it too cheap...' sellers think 'Hmmm, maybe I whack a crazy price on it and try my luck!' Think we've all seen that happen on a few occasions
  14. Was initially listed for $60K, but various comments saying it is underpriced was the reason for the increase.
  15. He is also getting a bad reaction because it was listed at $55k then pulled and relisted for $80k. You can't pu the toothpaste back in the tube.
  16. If engine number is correct and motor is to original spec youll be running a bit short on cc to make up your 2.7lts.
  17. I'll have to pop over to Weltmeister and give them some tips on the correct D90 set up 😜
  18. Ideally looking for one that is complete with fuel rails, throttle body etc. PM me or mobile 0437 718 889
  19. Agree $80 is a big number for a car that has a 2.7 engine, 930 wing and SC badges!! based on the sons comments an owner that doesn’t want to be disturbed so I think you would struggle to get it taken for a ppi. I agree $60 is probably a fair price if it all checks out ok. He’s got my number but I don’t expect a call back. somethings are selling though And probably puts that $80k into perspective
  20. It's a buyers market for sure. The bubble hasn't burst, but it does have a slow leak A bloke on Facebook is selling a black Hong Kong import for his parents for $80k. Looks like a nice car etc, but I'm thinking that is over priced in this economy for an import. He's getting offers around $60k which seems fair in my opinion
  21. Yeah the big advantage of Hydrogen is the filling. If battery tech can get to the point of solving the filling issue relatively well, it's not a big enough advantage to invest in the infrastructure. Range with hydrogen is not that great with current tech, and the storage containers (fuel tank) is pretty pricey. You also lose energy in the process - you only get (x-y)% power out of x% power into the process. The 'every house is a filling station' part of battery EV is a big plus as the infrastructure is already there, and if you want more efficient filling nobody pays it but you (or the business you work for). Where I work there are free battery charging stations in the carpark, although I see that perk lasting only a little while longer because everybody is buying an EV an arbitraging the free power, and the snarky notes and passive-aggressive behaviour has kicked in. Time for a market price to sort that lot out. The big disadvantage for battery EV (apart from range) is high density citiies were cars are street parked and there are very few garages. It's possible to solve this with tapping the street lights with chargers (this has been tried I think) but still ends up with the problem. It is a solveable issue - if they can spend all that money on parking enforcement it shouldn't take long to solve the issue of creating pay-per-charge parking spots in a city. Money from fines and money from selling electricity - councils will wet their pants with excitement over new ways to fleece the residents.
  22. bet the person parking and the person paying are not the same person
  23. Having inquired on one of those and another one just outside of that price bracket over the past 2 weeks with absolutely no response from the seller it looks like they are not very motivated either 🙄
  24. I would of had 60+ emails and 30+ phone calls. 99.9999% of them are from guys wanting to turn it into a street car and flip it. I just make it sound so hard they move on as it would be a shame to waste a perfectly good race car.
  25. Leaves for Benton this week. At least that’s what Dean said. He also told me he could build/install an engine within a year. That was two years ago...
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