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  2. It's the dealer (VIC), not the registration that is the issue as I understand it.
  3. In this episode I weigh the Ferrari engine and the original Alfa engine and see how much I am going to 'ruin' the weight balance of this little car.
  4. And also a great price it seems. On the list.
  5. Thanks Steve. I will be going with a fully synthetic gear oil as well.
  6. I looked closely at the new rules when they were first announced but I understand that they have now been delayed for at least 6 months...maybe a year.
  7. Today
  8. A great tyre. Soft and grippy rubber with a wear rating/softness of only 220, which is the same a Pirelli PmZero Rosso.
  9. Sold for $15,000 today to a local buyer. Painless sale, hopefully the new owner will be as satisfied as I have been. Suffering sellers remorse now.
  10. Saw it a few months back as it had been referred to on the Forum here. If you search you will find some informative commentary.....
  11. There's a finished version I saw the other day.
  12. I had Toyo Proxies on. Plenty of tread but old and hard. 205/55 x16 7 245/45 x 16 Couldn't get anything that size and ended up with Yokohama Advan AD08R 205/50R16 & 225/45R16 Good in wet and dry for road use.
  13. looks great raf great to meet you the other day, next time i'll try and clean up lol
  14. Another vote for the RE003's from me. A great tyre and well priced.
  15. Selling used cars on consignment is illegal for Victorian dealers (licensed motor car traders), but legal in NSW and most other states (e.g. legal in WA, QLD and TAS) Does anyone know why it's illegal in Vic?? I have heard plenty of rumours about the Melbourne prestige dealers selling on consignment behind-the-scenes, and also service specialists. But it seems weird that it has to be clandestine. If I wanted to sell my car on consignment, couldn't I drive it to Sydney and park it with CTS on consignment, and if a Victorian buyer wants it the car then comes back down here? So in effect a consignment sale in Vic, but through a NSW dealer?
  16. Brilliant and thanks guys. Also stocking up on maintenance spares in advance (anal I know). Oil Filters? Mahle OC 54? Best source in AUS? Alternatives?
  17. Oh!! You really WERE a world famous motorsport photographer! Thought you were taking the piss mate 😁☺
  18. I'm in the final throws of resto to a '79 2 door.... absolutely beautiful in it's original "highway yellow"...would I do it again...definitely not. A very expensive hobby where they're going through the roof in the UK but not here in Oz. I'm going to sell mine for am early 911...more fun to drive !
  19. Decided to do a little emblem tweak on the black RS, gold to silver.... 😁
  20. Managed to catch Wheelers Dealers (US) on Foxtel where they did a 996. I can't locate the full ep online, but here's a link to the IMS replacement. Goes into a lot of detail and the swap out is quite fascinating to watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8Pu6BMgqAs
  21. Same here, great all rounder for the car and I’ve driven mine pretty hard in all weathers, really can’t complain. 4 for the price of 3 offers are quite frequent at Bridgestone dealers at ~$500 a set.
  22. Merv This is easy: Bridgestone Potenza RE003’s. Great wet and dry. Had them on two 3.2’s and only have praise. If you keep your eye out they are often offered as a 4 for the price of 3 deal.
  23. budget version... piece of black perspex and then some small self tappers into the perspex
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