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  2. Turbo's seem to be the flavour of 2021, as theres a couple of friends of a friend looking for them at the moment
  3. For total peace of mind, I really think you should be leaving both the GT3 and cup car at my place mate. Will ensure they're started and taken around the block every weekend 👍
  4. As I understand it, if you don't insure for full value, you are co-insuring, so you would only get a proportional payout of the amount you have insured for????
  5. I use it. It is currently $29 a 5L bottle at Repco. https://www.repco.com.au/en/oils-fluids/engine-oils-fluids/engine-oil/penrite-hpr-30-20w-60-5l-hpr30005/p/A7960735
  6. I've done a few now.. they are all going pretty well too.
  7. One more for the petition🏎 🏍
  8. In my case they offered far less sum insured and premium was still far more so it wasn’t a difficult decision. I agree it’s nice to find a middle ground with insurance but the way these cars are going now days, if I were to lose mine, I’d want another one and wouldn’t want to have to dip back into my pocket to fund it. I also live in a bushfire zone and always prepare to get my cars out early but still nice to have the peace of mind. To me it’s important that sum insured closely matches current market value.
  9. Those OZ Racing Alleggerita’s look great on any 911 👌
  10. Depends on condition and kms. Picking up in value as it is a robust 'box and suits the engine torque. Not many around either.
  11. Unless you're the SA government. They're only too happy to shut down any motorsport event deeming it 'not financially viable', and replace it with another f!@#$*g arty gathering of vegan, moccasin wearing, drug f'd jugglers or 'musicians'.
  12. This is happening time after time to our tracks. You can see why developers and investors see motor racing as a huge investment risk... But Newcastle, Townsville and other urban V8 Supercar events demonstrate how nimbys are easily shut down by government when there are dollars to be made.
  13. In and happy to help with anything.
  14. My cars are in a garage, normally covered and closed until the mouse plague. No, windows closed.
  15. We used to have regular gearbox parties 'back in the day'
  16. I used the free bolt hole in the lip for my neg- Connection, As I found by using it, It gave me more length so I could run the charger conector under the battery cover so i did not have to remove it to connect . (It being the cover) I also use the 2.5 mtr Extension.
  17. I'll be there - large appetite for that type of event.
  18. I ended up connecting the M6 permanent eyelets to the battery, then just connect the 2.5 m extension whenever i want to charge the battery with the cable just running up near the windscreen washer jet. i can fully shut the bonnet without any issues with the cable getting trapped anywhere, only takes 2mins.
  19. My 2c We are down there a bit & my take on it is that there are less than ten (and potentially less than 5) neighbours who are at the root of the problem. Some of them live further than 5km from the track, in one case close to 10km. Wakefield has spent at least a year (that I"m aware of) running DB tests on cars, installing sound meters, putting in remediation measures and holding roundtable talks with the individuals. They've done as much as they can do to be good neighbours other than closing the doors. Only one of the neighbours has been there as long as the track (& was happy until recently). The rest are relatively recent arrivals. The DA has little to do with noise (it's largely a pit lane building program) but obviously, without development and better facilities, the track will be less viable. You couldn't get more 'away' from things than 20min from Goulburn. If it's not ok to have a track there then I have to wonder where on earth could it be ok...
  20. Issues in that department?? .. or is that a conversation for a different forum? .. 🤢
  21. Could have issues like leaking shocks if the car sits an for extended period of time. Probably others too. So is the advice here to leave the windows cracked, bonnet and engine lid open while the car is in a garage and under a car cover? Never heard of this before. I'd understand the moisture issue if the car was outside, but the garage is news to me.
  22. Is this advice for cars that are outside, or under a carport? My cars kept in a garage. I've just got a flanalette sheet on top to stop the dust.
  23. A DIY 915 box opening is a rare event on these pages, be sure to share
  24. Is the standard mouse advice to leave a box of tissues in, to give them something to shred should they decide to invade?
  25. No idea why you'd think that! Very good unlike PFA threads
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