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  2. I went for the Alpine LX-107 with Wireless CarPlay and installed a reversing camera. Feeding cable to rear a bit of a job. MFX video certainly an inspiration. Works well, although I have a little AM crackle. Considering PCCM for the authentic look, but it has less features. For now I'm happy.
  3. Nice looking low km 964 C2 auto 65K km's $220K, no affiliation. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1990-porsche-911-carrera-2-964-auto/SSE-AD-7151794/?Cr=11
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  5. Great result - Enjoy and I look forward to seeing it out on the streets!
  6. Thanks @Stepo I put a depsit down just now. Owner wouldn't drop the 5k in the end. I got a couple of grand to cover freight though, which I'm happy about. Thanks everyone!
  7. Hey 3legs, whatโ€™s that in her hand ? ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  8. It's going to be stripped out GT3RS/73 RS style: No rear seat just RS carpet, RS door trims, alcantara dash with red stitching. No radio, microtech dash.
  9. Props for not going full street machine / speed boat interior.
  10. Test fitting the BF Torino Rally ST seats ๐Ÿ˜
  11. Unless it's full of bog in the area you are concerned about (presume you have run a magnet over it?), I'd buy it based on your pictures. Maybe sometime way down the track you'd need to spend some money on corrections but many years of enjoyment in between. As most have said, you're always going to have issues in cars 30+ years old...............I reckon you'd find surface rust on every example and plenty would have deeper repairs.
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  13. @Niko No need to brag about your elephant trunk my good man....
  14. Thanks @rminc Everything checks out besides the door seam sealer/rust. I'm leaning towards buying it. Ssnt the video to a friend of mine who's a panel beater to have a look and I'll go from there. Looking at it in person, I still have no idea.
  15. THIS IS A SERIOUS CONFLICT OF INTEREST FOR ME.........I would give Jezzica and her car an elephant every day of the week.....
  16. Mmm, Georgia. How pretty is this lady?
  17. A pillar is where the door hangs, b is door latch, c is between rear side window and rear screen.
  18. Bump Gotta go, my new one has arrived. Make an offer Instant plug and play upgrade to your 997.2 PASM Suspension
  19. I don't think that pinches off with older 911s. It's glued in place. Even then they might have only done a lower section of the guard? I think it looks good Wangan. 99% of 3.2s would have rust I'd say. I've never seen one without any rust. Unless it's very low kms, been away from the cost and never driven in the rain, you'll be very hard pressed. I wouldn't even bother trying. Just make sure it's straight and nothing stands out too much. As for the. B-pillar, I have no idea what it is. The car looks very original and untouched. Sometimes when you buy a mint paint job, it's worse. You have no idea what's lurking underneath. At least you can see the repair looks relatively old and hasn't really gotten really bad since. Personally if everything else checks out, I I'd buy it. I'd be more worried if underneath was very clean around the drivers side wheel arch.
  20. Installed FDM SSK, FDM Golden Rod and RS engine mounts in my 993. So far so good!
  21. Elephant stamp imminent...maybe two And yes it's her car she spends thousands on, does track days and drag races it
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