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  2. I use an 18v Ryobi, works well, good reach and light If worried about the long nozzle, just cut it to length.
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  4. Ahh consider me enlightened
  5. Big leaf blowers are too unwieldy and hard to avoid incoming the paint, defeats the purpose if you scratch it with the tip of the blower. Small shop blower works well in warm climate. Colder climate might take longer to blow dry without the heat. don’t discount a good drive around the block to dislodge some water
  6. So my Ryobi 18v battery blower is Don?👍
  7. Certainly no indication of the F1 team being acquired, just the separate engineering side of things as it reads
  8. Just as long as it's a 4 stroke engine. If one is worried about getting a car wet, then they will be as sure as anything be concerned about oil residue over the car. Oil may be a water dispersant but being a petro chemical, it's also corrosive and in smoke form it's very capable of getting in to all nooks and crannies. Fog, humidity, rain and so on are all the same..... moisture. If you want to avoid that stuff and store something in a dry non controlled environment then you need to go to central Australia.
  9. Reading the ASX announcement: "Fortescue Metals Group Ltd (Fortescue, ASX: FMG), has entered into a share sale and purchase agreement to acquire 100 per cent of Williams Advanced Engineering Limited (WAE) from private equity firm EMK Capital and Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited for £164 million (approximately US$223 million)." It would appear the F1 team is divesting it's share of the business so presumably that means the F1 team is not being acquired.
  10. Have you seen the prices being asked for turbos? https://duttongarage.com/Porsche-Turbo~132797 Now marked as sold. I wonder if the bidder is a buyer or just a time waster.
  11. Ok so what would be wrong with the garden leaf blower. Btw I’m seriously considering the BigBoi BloR with the twin motor. You'd think they could have got a more blokey name though .
  12. I think this is quite seperate from the race team now isn’t it? They were building the batteries for Formula E at one point I think though?
  13. Election time is on, right? Must be time to dangle an electric train in front of the gullible. They even got one started in California in 2008 for a 2020 opening. Well, they got started on the funding. $10 billion has been spent - mind you, no actual track has been laid or trains been out together. But a field day for paybacks, backhanders, cushy jobs and all the rest. Time to let the rail fantasies go forever - the 19th century is well and truly over. The only government which appears capable of building things is the Chinese govt. Anyway, back on topic is twiggy a known f1 fan? Seems like there are easier ways to acquire battery tech than buying a race team.
  14. I waded into the media to get more details on the Arnie crash (I feel unclean) seems like he ran the red turning left as the Prius was turning right, the Yukon mounted the prius and the whole show rolled backward into the taycan. Half the press is calling it a cayenne … usually quality media story.
  15. Mention of the electric train announcement is interesting, I wonder if we're in for another round of "lets build a fast train to link Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane" this election 😉
  16. Awesome! Can’t wait to see how it goes. Really keen on grabbing the kit with the alternator if it ends up working for well for you. Good luck with the dash!
  17. Jeebus! Based on that price, a manual C4S would be squarely into Turbo land...
  18. I think it's Kim Kardashi/West thing she made the big backsides popular. 😉
  19. Not as though Twiggy is about to go F1 racing, but some pretty interesting news. https://cdn-api.markitdigital.com/apiman-gateway/CommSec/commsec-node-api/1.0/event/document/1410-02478076-6D8HUTJRHKSMNTP41IOUA2JB0L/pdf?access_token=0007ptgWUyBTGrne4Xy5dS3PAL6Z
  20. Jesuz Mike, heated air and a 4Hp motor! BIGBOI BLOWR MINI – ibigboi.com' BIGBOI MINI - YouTube
  21. Yep, the Katana is getting these eventually: However finding some suitable Takasugo rims is proving harder than I expected, especially in the weird sizes of 19x1.85 and 18x2.5.
  22. Yeah the pri-i was definitely in the wrong place - apart from being under the Yukon. Not sure how the taycan fits into the picture- they must have been travelling in that lane at speed until Prius decides on the suicide turn. prob > 50% chance Prius was an Uber driver seeing as the entire 2nd gen Prius fleet seems to have been repurposed as DIY taxi cabs.
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