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  2. Geez, pot calling the kettle black... (are you still allowed to say that?????)
  3. Have you not learnt anything in your time here? You are supposed to keep members guessing for a minimum of 2 weeks before airing your laundry... 😜 Congrats.
  4. Always happy to share if you're into the same poison! What do you like?
  5. Nice, good value and great to see some are not afraid of the UK stigma. Well done.
  6. I'll concede that the tolerances we should be discussing are the ones provided by German Precision Engineering. πŸ˜‰
  7. Here you go. Problem or not is guage comes with other junk. 😳 https://www.early911sregistry.org/forums/showthread.php?155615-1975-euro-carrera-motor-210-hp
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  9. Although Porsche recommends Mobil 1 5/40, the best oil on the market is AMSOIL. Been shown and proven by every independant testing so if you want the best, get Amsoil. Regards
  10. Looked at people's cars while I drink their wine? Yes, lots of experience. Give me a call when you need me. 😁
  11. I thought it would take longer too! Having said that, I was approached by someone looking for a 3.4 manual coupe earlier in the week with a budget of $60k, so a ~ 20% discount for an import seems about right?
  12. Subscribed...looking forward to the boxster content!!
  13. Sold in 24hrs advertised at $50k. That sold much quicker than I thought it would!
  14. Bumping this... it is going to be my summer project perhaps, but after getting everything else taken care of, time to build 'my space' Has anyone combined living space with the car space? My garage is on the lower level of my house and I'd love to combine these kind of elements into the space For me, it would be amazing to be able to have guests over, sit down and enjoy the view (car) and browse the wine collection at the same time, why not enjoy a pour and admire the exterior view that everyone else enjoys as you drive it! 😜 Basic concept is to be able to use the 2 car spaces as just that if needed, but have one spot flexible to allow the 'living/entertaining' space... one permanent spot for 'the car' Curious if anyone has done this?
  15. Ive watched as this car went from overpriced to being within the range as 3.2 carrera prices have risen. Shows sometimes you just need to put a price on it and wait for the market to catch up!
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  17. Also, forgot to mention - if for some reason we’re not able to proceed ( not sure what that could be ... ) any payments made will be fully refunded.
  18. Couldn't have said it better myself. Ive got a few years on you Lee, but you have summed it up perfectly IMHO. I take offence that because I am not as PC or "woke" (and what a stupid term that is) as some people now demand me(and everyone else) to be, I am apparently a racist. Keeping in mind this forum is not supposed to used as a political platform, so I am being as nice as I can. Let's get back to minding our own business, as to who believes in what,..... and get out driving and enjoying our great cars and the friendships developed over the years through this forum. Long live Dumbo.
  19. Gotta go and make room for some other retro goodness
  20. The boring bits are three quarters of Bathurst these days @JWM I ran an HDMI cable from laptop to the tv for Goodwood and paused it now n then. Think the replays might still be on YouTube
  21. Saw it on Bike sales , what a ripper.
  22. Wow @Shedpest that looks amazing condition. Time warp. Loving the period paddock stand. I would expect a strong collector market for these...
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