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  2. At $110k plus orc for this 997 S, you are only ~$15k away from a couple of 996 GT3's advertised on Car Sales - and we all know which is the better car....
  3. Thanks for the reply Lee. Good idea with the chrome vinyl. I might get some and have a stab at it. At least it is reversible if I stuff it up. So as far as you know the early grille will fit? Same hole pattern and profile/ shape?
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  5. looks like another car with the same livery is up.. if you want to complete the set http://www.ecuriebowden.com.au/1990-nissan-r32-gtr-group-e-falken-b12hr
  6. Great roads @TwoHeadsTas. Thanks for the hospitality and drives!
  7. But you did it so well 😂
  8. Yesterday
  9. Don't look at me I did very little!
  10. Saturday Morning targa with my step-dad and uncle on their HD's Richmond - Warburton - Marrysville - Healsville - Richmond Hardly anyone out in the hills!
  11. What an exceptional example! I doubt that will take much time to move...
  12. Me too - having owned 2 CS’s ... they’re fantastic ... however it is one of 60 x 968CS’s sold here in Aus not 19 as the ad incorrectly claims
  13. I am contemplating a change of car and consolidating due to limited garage space, so I’m moving 2 cars on. The first is my 996 TT which I’ve owned since 2009 and is detailed below, the other is my 997.2TT in Ice Blue Metallic with 28km on the clock which has extended factory warranty. This car (the 996) is an exceedingly well presented MY03 Australian delivered Porsche 911 Turbo sold new by Porsche Centre Sydney South ordered in Artic Silver over Black supple leather, 6 speed manual transmission and Aluminium finish interior trim fitted to the shifter, hand brake lever and instrument fascia. It has travelled just 89,000 kilometres and is accompanied by all of its original manuals bound within the leather Porsche wallet. Up to date and complete service history via Porsche service centres and Sydney Porsche specialists PR Technology who know the car well. I won't be putting it on Carsales at this point, as to do that I’d be returning it to stock but thought that I'd put it out there to see if there's any genuine interest in it as it stands. I’ve reflected the price to save ease of having to have the parts removed and the OEM one’s refitted, if I return it to stock and sell it elsewhere I’ll sell the parts off separately. I’ve also not located a replacement car as yet All the hallmarks of an exceptionally well maintained car are there to the original paintwork, the pristine original “Turbo Twist” alloys. Inside, all of the touch points from the leather steering wheel, well bolstered sports seats that glue the driver to the centre of the car and dash switch gear carry the factory matte finish often lost with both use and time. This car has been used sparingly by the current (3rdowner) having travelling just over 20,000 km in 10 years of ownership. It’s never been in a ditch or off the black top, I also spare no cost maintaining the car between PR Technology and Porsche service centres. It’s simply a well rounded GT car that can be at home on weekend drives with friends or returned to stock and used as a daily driver. What else do you get? It comes with - Porsche OEM GT2 Recaro leather bucket seats – fitted to vehicle - Porsche OEM factory seats (soft ruffled leather) - Porsche OEM Tequiment roll bar – fitted to vehicle - Porsche OEM set of 18 inch turbo twist (second set) - Europipe exhaust and factory OEM exhaust - Porsche OEM 996 turbo brake kit with rotors, callipers and pads and upgraded 6 pot GT2 brake kit supplied and fitted by PR Technology at a cost of $14,000 (currently fitted to vehicle) – (3 half track day sessions) It is being offered for sale to permit the arrival of a newer model. It has been used as an occasional car and during my ownership has down approximately 10 track days where is has been used as intended, but not abused – it’s never been off the black top and I really just use it to run around and have fun with mates, I’m not out to try and get 10/10ths from it. Any inspection is welcome and the car will be fully serviced for its next owner prior to delivery by either PR Technology or Porsche. Interstate transport can be arranged Priced for a convenient sale inclusive of all of the above for $130,000 before being advertised elsewhere and converting back to OEM specification where I'll sell the seat, harness bar, exhaust, brakes and second set of turbo twist wheels separately. I’ve included some photos of the exterior and interior as it stands (as I know I’ll get asked about the GT2 seats and tequipment roll bar) Viewing available anytime in Sydney 0419 2 nine nine nine nine four, feel free to reach out if you have any questions
  14. Good to see that some uses theirs and it’s not a garage queen
  15. A nice low mileage S2 on the market in the best colour https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1990-porsche-944-s2-manual/SSE-AD-6399477/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email
  16. Decisions, decisions (of who is the best other than the Porsche)😁
  17. Arne Krix

    WTB Cayman S

    I am considering selling a Cayman with absolutely nothing wrong with it , Doncaster Porsche did last service and came back with an all clear. Send me private message if you want . for more information. Cheers.
  18. If you don't mind wood interiors.... It was a 20k option when new.... This is a great car. And if you buy it please leave the wood trim. It was so good in a crazy kind of way. Let me. See if I can find a pic or the wood interior as I took one picture of it. I personally love the interior.... So unique. And car was in brilliant condition.
  19. This must have been one of the earliest 356s to arrive in Australia. Any idea where it is now or what else it got up to mate?
  20. ruby82sc


    Thanks again Mike we got onto one from Canada, should arrive this week, with a drive gear
  21. That's a ridiculous price Scott. Try rennspd.com as theyll probably be half the price To answer your question, yes they look fine on a silver car, as I'm doing it to mine eventually, and as far as I'm aware the bolt holes for all 911 grilles are in the same spot. Theres an alternative too that @AndrewW recently did to his plastic 84 decklid, and that's individually wrap the fins with chrome vinyl, and I could hardly pick the difference he did that good of a job with it
  22. Nice 2 hour drive today with PC Tas Northern members and ring in @Dalai 🙂 Good selection of 911s, Boxsters, Caymans and 928 - 16 cars all up. A few air-cooled 911s too. Finished for coffee and cake at Loira Vines between Exeter and Beaconsfield
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