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  2. For the $$ its the best track car option i can think of,why spend $150k plus on a 996 gt3 or $285k on 991 that you most likely will damage at some point if your pushing(and you will push trust me) still keeping one 997 cup i have from a Bathurst shunt in 2015 to fix slowly and my Group Nc Xu1 to slide around with ! priced to sell i think
  3. I’d be interested to know what model is rare for $88k landed? Rally reg is hard to get & hard to use it only allows you to use the car if you are entered in an official cams rally (that’s my understanding) As far as value on resale I would discount it 50% compared to the registered equivalents here maybe more.. I have seen plenty examples like this. Is this car already set up for motorsport?
  4. dan_189

    Buying a 986

    +986 decent kms, condition looks good manual S in midnight blue...
  5. Niko

    Buying a 986

    That looks pretty good, price is reasonable, it may have a glass rear window which is a plus if it does. Manual too. Worth a phone call.. PPI still essential.
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  7. tazzieman

    Advice for some modes on an SC

    All the above advice is tried , tested and true!
  8. brian in buddina

    steering wheel boss compatibility

    Stupid questions: other than the momo hub adapter, 7004, are no other parts are required? With the depth of the adapter, and no dish on the wheel, I'm wondering if there is a change to the loation of the steering wheel from stock. I am unable to find the depth of the new 7004 part & compare it to my existing set up depth. anal or ocd?
  9. brian in buddina

    Porsche 944 Turbo

    start please
  10. I considered a car that could only be rally reg and, after considering the criteria and limits on use, I decided no way. Firstly I don't hold cams licence at the level required and even if I did it would be pretty difficult to legally use at all on the road. In terms of resale, you have a VERY limited pool of people who meet the criteria AND want your car AND are prepared to pay your asking price. It might only appeal as a non reg dedicated track car but at well under $100k you are spoilt for choice of track cars on my105 etc. think about a road reg 996 or 997 GT3 at $150k - $200k vs 996 or 997 Cup plentiful at 50 - 70k......how's your 88k look now? The old adage "it's worth what someone is prepared to pay for it" applies, heavily influenced by a very likely lack of buyer competition
  11. @Ntg your car seems great value relative to this http://www.my105.com/mobi/ListingDetails/p/1/id/20139
  12. Troubleshooter

    Buying a 986

    Ok mate, here you go! Didn't take long for another decent one to pop up ,,,, only 1 day!! And in your preferred colour and a good price https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-Boxster-2001/SSE-AD-3689514/?Cr=6
  13. If its has factory drivers in the log book , maybe that will get you some kudos , other than that ..you are wasting your money , if money is a consideration.. If its for smiles and or because of how its prepped.. go for it. I would ask youself how long you want to keep it for ..?? Hard sell in any market
  14. Stew F

    Advice for some modes on an SC

    Unless you're going to track your car, there's nothing wrong with the standard style of brake pads. I'm currently using repco pads, and they seem to work just fine.
  15. reggiegums

    WTB 964 Crankcase or full engine

    Thank you very much. So far these have been the best leads. I'm definitely pursuing these options.
  16. True. But as someone who fell into and has actively gotten out of "classic 911" ownership for many reasons, I'm looking for a driving experience within the marque that offers value for money. My heart is wooden my pocket is passionate...
  17. Unfortunately that logic doesn't come into play when we are talking classic cars .... If we used that as a benchmark, you could also buy a brand new car for Boxter 987 money and still have change left over .... A Boxter buyer doesn't want a new car, the same as a classic car buyer doesn't want a "modern" Boxter.... the same as I don't want a newer 911 over an air cooled one .... The heart wants what the heart wants ...
  18. As a potential buyer of a 944S2 or Turbo who has had to sell 911s in the current market, I know stuff just isn't worth what we think it is 😕 My dilemma is sensible and pragmatic thinking... $30k gets me a very nice Boxster 987 with less kms than most 944s, better safety equipment, more choice, and arguably a better drive; $40k gets me a Boxster S... The only pragmatic reason I should look for a 944 is that they have probably depreciated as much as they're likely to (whereas Boxsters have a way to go); they are now rarer and there is some 'nostalgia' value; and they are not too far off earning that 'classic' moniker every Hipster strives for. Don't start me on 968s... Keen to hear what you price your car at...
  19. LeeM

    996 Love

    I've got to stop watching that video. Have seen it a few times now, and the percentage of me wanting a 996 goes up (I'm at about 41% now) and I start perusing Carsales again 😩 Anyone in Adelaide wanna lend me their 996 for a Sunday morning blat in the hills to see what they're like? Promise I'll be gentle
  20. Unless you intend to race it a VIC rally permit is worthless and even then for the one tarmac event in VIC that it covers you might as well get a UVP. Far simpler and less hassle. https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/registration/limited-use-permits/rally-permits
  21. 88-ben-88

    Monty 2 in 1 out for sale

    What do you want for it? and where are you? cheers Ben
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