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  3. Not sure if you'll be able to see it having a private account. If not and youre on Instagram, I'm @porscheshed https://www.instagram.com/p/Bv5cI5RFoVDUcSvPxCjUNk_uwi0c2sptZL5BXk0/?igshid=b756k7gzbd41
  4. let me know if/when you want to sell it
  5. Oval dash, sports seats and guards red. Can't go wrong there!
  6. Congrats Justin. Wonderful car. New owner will be very happy. Can’t wait to see what’s next for you. Cheers, Luke
  7. Yep. So true. If I didn’t drive as much as I do I’d probably not be worried. Nice!!!
  8. Cheers Lee, me too! That was a great day and trip. Have you got a link to that video? Would be great to see that. I will admit I was tempted by something else recently (that sold before I got to see it) but whenever I drive it I can’t imagine selling it...especially with this latest work done. That’s rare for me after almost two years...😅
  9. That’s what I paid for mine, delivered from Autohaus
  10. COVID Couple Of Victorians Ignoring Directions
  11. The old Porsche pay more to get less trick. And it damn well gets me every time too
  12. So glad you bought this and still loving it. I only saw a video of it on my Instagram page yesterday of the day you picked it up
  13. Damn thats gotta hurt landing at that speed! I've never highsided thankfully. Was close at PI (again) at the World Supers meeting turn 3 hard on the gas. Head butted the screen smashing it and my plums on the tank. Yeah, the fast ones highlight the drag coefficient and burn your arse! Thankfully I was sponsored by Walden Miller leathers, but they hardly had a scratch probably due to the pissing rain. I crashed at turn one at Winton in the same conditions. Felt like I slid for a kilometre but had the sense to turn onto my back protector, as my arse was burning! 😅 I'd love to do a full track day in my car, but scared of blowing it up. Especially after what I was told at the last Bend track day. Sounded expensive for a couple of people
  14. DJM


    @LeeM sounds like you’ve reached my stage of life - can’t be trusted that you can put anything back together how it should be so.......employ someone else to do it 😂 I used to do all sorts of mechanical shenanigans as a young fella out of necessity but these days I just fuck it up.... That reminds me, the X5 I bought in November, haven’t opened the bonnet yet....🤔 better check the washer fluid level tomorrow 😂
  15. my fail from 2 weeks ago. My Capri needed a brake upgrade, so I bit the bullet and ordered some 4 pot calipers (hey, they only had 2 pot before), new vented disks, braided lines etc from the UK. The rear drums stayed, new slave cylinder kits, all nicely detailed, new wheel bearings, hubs etc etc. A clean out from under the arches, new deadener,reassemble it all, go to bleed the brakes. Problem. I could not get any peddle pressure, well it took 3 pumps or so. I must have cycled through 4 litres of brake fluid. It was bled to death, but still the problem, no pressure. Must be the master cylinder, dont forget it's now powering double the pistons, maybe it isnt pumping enough fluid in one pump? New master cylinder then. Same thing. Here's a pic, you will all see my idiocy: Even dad (retired diesel mechanic) could not figure it out.It was pressuring, but not first go. Picked it? Were is the bubble in a spirit level? At the top. Apparently airbubbles rise. Yes, Id put the calipers on upside down, bleeder is meant to be to the top. After a 10 minute swapover,rebleed, test drive, and it now stops better than it has in 30 years of ownership.
  16. Well a bit of an unexpected but welcome update this week... As spotted by @Dreamr, I dropped the car into Autohaus on Monday for a service and to look at the front end as it didn't seem quite right, and I thought had a bit of a noise too... Sure enough, they found some pretty average 21 year old rubber under there, with one of the control arm bushes more or less stuffed... Also sure enough, since I'd been thinking about it for a little while, I couldn't resist doing a bit of a bigger suspension refresh... On their advice, given it's not a track car, just a Sunday driver, I didn't go all in on some coil overs like I was thinking (after watching too much YouTube 😁). I went with Bilstein B6 shocks and an Eibach pro-kit for springs. They've also replaced the strut mounts and bump stops front and rear, plus both front lateral arms and bearing plates for the shocks. All topped off with a fresh wheel alignment. Away from the suspension, also did the gearbox mount, and it needed a new oil pressure sender, which explained the somewhat dodgy gauge of late. So, bit more than the oil and filter change I was planning for....but another thing to tick off in having a totally sorted 'get in and drive' car. As you'd expect, feels totally different to drive now... So far all I’ve done is drive it home yesterday, so no proper roads to try it out, but even just the tight little roundabout near home gave a pointer to a pretty amazing difference (and that the 996 seats could definitely use some more lateral support!!! 😅)... Hopefully it stops raining at some point this weekend and I can get it out on some proper local roads... Sits a bit lower now too...
  17. This week I finish up a bunch of small things to get the car finally ready for the engineer to give it the tick for the road.
  18. Wow Ben... it’s running... absolutely bloody marvellous.... when I’m next in Sydney - whenever that is - can you take me for a run..? jr Car sold. Excited about the next part of my journey with the Porsche marque, but simultaneously sad. what a privilege it has been to care for this great little swb911.... Justin
  19. That's one of them fully optioned jobbies obviously! ... original purchaser went all out! ... Must of preferred the sound of the flat 6 music ...
  20. Bubonic plague outbreak in China (Mongolia)...and you thought covid was bad.
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