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  2. 986 Boxster Tiptronic - located Launceston Tasmania Jan 1998 build date, 2.5L motor, 112,500 kms, Metallic black, black interior No service history (was Vic car), and some body damage per photos. Drivers door and rear bumper cover are solid black. Good hood, drives well. Good Blaupunkt Bluetooth Head Unit. None of the bodywork damage will stop you driving the car as is, so drive it as is for a summer knockaround or do a refurb if you want. No idea if IMS ever done, but priced accordingly at $13,500 negotiable, offers invited. Various spares from a manual car of same age may be negotiated to be included with this car Ring Peter 0418 one three zero 375 Note: 1997 manual car in "hero" colours, but non matching nos engine with with IMS done is also available, and will be listed shortly
  3. Hey St3ve thanks for that nugget of gold further back regarding key syncing. Tried it today for my 2nd key and while it didn’t actually fix the problem, I only came to know about the method because of your post. Cheers for that. Key light flashes but it does nothing, so maybe a faulty transmitter.
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  5. NO 55 I believe , Been searching for the pic in the file, No idea where it come from , But it must be on the hard drive somewhere, And @81SC you won the competition "what car is this" And @LeeM a close second
  6. Not often you see a 64’ 911 https://www.ebay.com/itm/1964-Porsche-911/133634124199?hash=item1f1d36e9a7:g:aZcAAOSwTh1f-7uM
  7. I am glad she has her safety boots on ...
  8. Does anyone have a DIY link to the carnewal mod for 986 . ive been mucking about with modding my rear done The PSE/fister hack . next version I’m adding manual valves - there’s another - name forgotten that puts enlarged holes in the primary inlet pipes just as they enter inside the box -CRIOS which I’ll do test there’s the second internet in of the Porsche sport exhaust I may do though interested in the various version like carnewal
  9. Grant Coulson, PCW, 3 cars from him, 3 good experiences IMHO.
  10. the main reason i am not a member of the Porsche Club Victoria , but a member of the PFA is the inclusiveness of all things Porsche. Having been a member of various car clubs for around 25 years , i find the more separate groups emerge and people get excluded , the spirit of the idea of likeminded people come together, seems to disappear. On the other hand it is a great thing to voice opinions and ideas freely. So , 'no feathers ruffled' , just my thoughts.
  11. Sounds like everyone had a blast. I’m onboard for next year, looking forward to it!
  12. Thinking more about this, as someone with only a watercooled GT car, given that we weren't far off 40 cars as it was, without NSW or Canberra participants, and being a little protective of the GT3 patch, I wonder whether we shouldn't keep this particular event predominantly for GT cars??? If there is sufficient interest, perhaps someone else might put their hands up to arrange a similar event at another time for aircooled or non GT cars? We already have an all encompassing 3 day event (Luftwasser 2021) coming up soon, thanks to @Stew F and his co-organisers, so perhaps lets keep Cars & Cabernet for GT and similar cars. Attendance at this years event cost me in excess of $1000 for boat fare etc, let alone foregoing a day's professional fees from work , but I'm not so sure i'd commit to this cost to attend a broader 1 day event next year. And for the avoidance of doubt, I am coming back over for Luftwasser, as this is an event encompassing all models (bar SUVs), and the 3 day event has an entirely different focus. Different events with different focus, where I will enjoy meeting owners of ALL other Porsche cars 🙂 Hope this doesn't ruffle too many feathers.......🙂
  13. I have to say it turns me off as a buyer but I can see how it can a very useful tool. Evo is sold now, I’d like to be in a 996 GT3 come mid year. If Mr. RS becomes a bit more motivated I will be interested. I’m not prepared to be that guy who lowballs however. If anyone knows of a CS for sale, hit me up!
  14. That might be his plan? 😂 I did it last year when selling... I took a break for a month or two, as I realised it was me who wasn’t ready to deal with it... once I got my head space sorted and better presented the ad, the car sold right away, it turns out the buyer was “watching it” and got FOMO once he thought it sold, so when it was re-listed he wasted no time getting the deal done. No marketing genius, but what’s that old cliche about timing? 😎
  15. I still have it but doubt it's worth the Ozpost charge sending to Brisvegas. Sounds like you're sorted anyhow. Thanks! I do think they look better with the lower console removed, for that "straight across" look - the floor area being completely separate to the dashboard. But the practicalities of doing that on a MOST/Bose/PCM2 car is just a hassle. Someone else here is working on a HVAC controller mount that hangs under the dash but is less intrusive than the lower console, it'll be interesting to see how that comes out. Meanwhile I find the storage bin handy already, bear in mind it's intended to be more or less a daily driver. The horseshoe and so on is not to everyone's taste, but I don't mind it. The 986/996 lighter-colour interiors do come across too monochrome and a bit overpowering. The savannah looks quite good with a few key components done in black to break it up. I suspect the 'hilux grey' and Boxster red would respond similarly. End of the day these cars were an adventurous last-gasp new direction for Porsche and were deliberately trying to break free of the ye olde 911 while still maintaining an engineering connection. They're a 25 year old design that's too old to be new and new to be old.
  16. What a cool 911! I was driving behind you on High Street about 3 weeks ago in the red 964 GLWS
  17. I’ve got a car for sale at the moment and totally get the pulling it down thing. Inundated by some silly questions. But guess people have to start somewhere.
  18. mrar

    WTB: Carrera MFI 2.7

    Do your homework, a quick gloss over the pics on my phone, I can see some incorrect features for 74 model.
  19. Possibly, but I believe that Strategy just turns people off.
  20. My guess is; inundated by dick heads and already in two minds about selling it... Also, depending on your mental state at the time, you either laugh it off or pull your ad down when it gets all too much.
  21. What is it with this guy..? This is up and listed again... Ironic https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2004-porsche-911-gt3-rs-996-manual-my04/SSE-AD-6933693/?Cr=0
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