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  2. I've found toyo r888r to be good (very predictable, lots of communication & no sudden snap away) but most say the AO50's are both slightly stickier and longer wearing. I'll be ordering some r888r from england shortly purely because I've been happy with them so happy to roll again - plus outright performance/grip is not so important when paired with a standard SC motor. (Toyo seem to have no interest in r spec tyres in aus anymore so it's easier to go os for 17s)
  3. It was this concern that took me to Bowden's Own. I looked at Leatherique but was frightened by some practices they advocated. Be mindful that modern car leather is coated and not the same as uncoated car leather. Bowden's Own stable of significant cars (the driver for their product development) and their passion for appropriate, sensitive maintenance and restoration led me to their leather care products. I use their products, treatments and applicators, and would not purchase any other. Good luck
  4. Thanks for the feedback all. Good advice.
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  6. Hi Mike, I been on a good 928 search last 6 months, finally found one I like. S4, apart from good service and preventative maintenance i would recommend making any deal subject to it being checked by those that know better. Best investment u can make prior.
  7. Interesting discussion today on how some Melb luxury car dealers get around the Vic ban on consignment selling with someone who has a car in the system at present. Apparently the owner signs an agreement to sell the car to the dealer at X price, and the dealer doesn't countersign or enact the agreement until the car is sold to a customer. Dealer's profit is then the difference between the sale price and the agreed price with the customer , less the GST component obviously. Presume they must be pretty sure this arrangement gets around the law. Apparently though the dealer with high end show rooms in different states does own all their cars, but presumably price appropriately when buying......
  8. My thoughts too, but seems like others have prior knowledge of this car..? (I took a quick look through this thread, but couldn't see any mention). The Ad gives almost no detail, which adds to the assumption of a scam, however looking over the ad and joining the dots it would seem plausible.... Never mind... The Ad is gone...! 😦
  9. I'll take one of those thanks. Not even fussy on colour... 😳
  10. Hi all, looked at a 928 today and was hoping for some guidance (I’m thinking this one is not for me but would like to learn for next time). vin under the bonnet had been sprayed over so I’m assuming it’s had front end panel work? the drivers side windscreen trim appeared to be out of alignment at the front of the door, I’m assuming bent or broken clips? Perhaps after a windscreen replacement? rust bubble (not quite 20 cent piece) at the rear of the drivers side sill - I assume this means crud from under the rear wheel arch has led to a fair bit of damage under the skin? I’ll seek guidance locally on the current rate for timing belt and water pump - for next time! appreciate any guidance you choose to offer. Mike
  11. Just one thing here, what the dealers offer on trade is a hell of a lot less than you probably think. Its not uncommon for the differential between what sellers think their car is worth (I’m talking late model GT/RS) and what a dealer is prepared to pay to be close to $100k. Surely at that point sellers as a group have misjudged the market. An offer is simply that, a price at which the buyer would be prepared to stump up cash and do the deal. There is no need for anyone to be offended, you simply say ‘too low, but I’d consider ‘x’’. Now we’re negotiating and may meet in the middle.
  12. The Aussie Porsche market isn't a totally "efficient" market. There aren't enough buyers and sellers to ensure that the bids available at a single point in time (say, over a week) represent what buyers might be willing to pay, on average, over the course of a longer period (say, a year). Sometimes you need to wait until the "average" buyers come along.
  13. Yep, cams and followers lose their surface coating and start wearing themselves away due to a lack of oil, the IMS reference was about once it has gone, it’s too late to replace as there is metal distributed throughout the motor requiring a full strip down and rebuild
  14. I guess I don’t necessarily see cars that have been sitting on the market for a while a reflection of a non realistic seller. In some instances, the seller may not be in a desperate need to sell so they set their minimum that it’s worth (to them) in order to sell - if they get it great, if not they will hold onto it. For example, if I can sell mine for ‘X’ then I’ll move into an RS - yes their motivated but not desperate. I’d expect this rational happens a lot with the newer GT cars. If they can only get bottom dollar they may as well trade and make it as easy as possible. I totally agree that the market ultimately decides but I just don’t see it being that clear cut in terms of the balance being with the sellers as the unrealistic ones. Nothing wrong with testing the market, sometimes what your selling could be exactly what someone is after and prepared to pay for the opportunity accordingly. There are obviously clear exceptions of this, the TAS “964 RS” comes to mind as a seller that maybe a tad unrealistic. I guess generally though I think most Porsche owners in particular are pretty informed and it’s only natural that they (like most) would want to ensure they are getting as much as they can for their pride and joy. Optimistic maybe, but I in my experience I wouldn’t want to generalise it as unrealistic. I have no doubt that there are exceptions though, like anything!
  15. like Lee said its her car ..................And I am certain its a replica speedster
  16. Tell her to get her shoes off the leather... 😈
  17. Agree with all of the above
  18. For me the sweet spot is $150k for a 991.1 RS. At that point I'm willing to take the risk. Anything before that and I've got zero interest. That said, Cadbury is pretty tempting, I'd be lying if I said I don't check daily. 😎
  19. Thought I’d have a look.
  20. I take it you don't understand the problem with the 991.1?
  21. You have to catch it before it goes bang Not wait until it does as shit goes right through the motor requiring a full rebuild, a lot like IMS
  22. Haha the smit of old is back, I was wondering where those long rambling analysis posts had gone 😂. I suspect the price will be dictated more by what happens above (991.2, 992, 992.2 how many of those they sell etc) than below (997). You could argue 997 is a much better investment than 991 and so what’s to stop 991 falling below 997. Look at 997 Carreras, much cheaper than an equivalent quality G body car. Time will tell.
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