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  2. If you get out early (like most regions) the roads out north / north east are great. I enjoyed the detour yesterday and definitely look forward to being able to get out more often maybe from 1 June for us from VIC? C3 is my only P car, so easy for me to choose. how do you and @Skidmarks figure out which one you are going to drive?
  3. Lovely roads out north. We have some nice roads down here but the speed limits are low and it’s hard to get a quiet road sometimes (especially if the suns out!) Be sure to sing out when your heading down, be great to catch up. I spend the most time in my 65 912, it’s my go to car for most errands. The C3 is overdue for some exercise, it’s had a pretty eventful few years of Motorsport though and is due for a bit of a birthday. I’m also looking forward to putting more kms on the GT3, @Skidmarks is a good influence in that regard. Hopefully post Covid we can arrange some meets.
  4. Thank Hugh Yes that’s correct , no air conditioning was a bit too much for the Cairns climate I think. Most of my drives are from Melbs north to the Ranges ( Kinglake / Healesville) and a few interesting roads back through to strath creek and Broadford way. but will be getting down your way more frequently. What are you driving these days? The red C3?
  5. @Arnage owned this car for a period too I believe. Love it. I hope to catch it and you on a drive @SWC3.0
  6. Thanks Hugh Sure is, have been quietly enjoying it for the past 18 months, have made a few little mods but nothing major, mainly cosmetic, including the side scripts, some interior trim items , period radio, correct steering wheel, a bit of engine tidy up. Chris did a lot of good work on it, it handles like a treat. Sven had it painted and put the 930 brakes on it.
  7. Astute timing, after seeing Michael Jordan's Slantnose in The Last Dance (on Netflix now) surely everyone needs one of these in the garage. Sadly at $1m only MJ can afford it?! https://www.caranddriver.com/news/a32287058/espn-the-last-dance-michael-jordan-cars/
  8. I did say 'my untrained eye'... But I don't see a Cab. Surely I haven't gone blind without noticing?
  9. grey v red UK v Aus delivery $195k v $950k I know which I'd have if I had to buy one
  10. That car has seen use at PI historics and regular use at The Bend. Hope the next owner exercises it also. Car was previously owned by Ham Legay (not sure on spelling) and has been in the Porsche wind tunnel for some aero development. Great car - owned by an enthusiast who I know very well
  11. I just picked up a new copy of the DVD on EBay
  12. Is there a better smell than a p car freshly done with gliptone.
  13. Happy to leave the yellow Boxsters for t0000000001; but definitely in the market for a manual 981 Boxster as well.
  14. Love that car. Is that the ex @9er ex @Skidmarks one?
  15. Interesting developments on this car ongoing at the moment. Will update you all soon.
  16. These are stunning cars, only 250 were ever made if I remember correctly. There is a 'You Tuber' Sam (Seen Through Glass) that did a review of one whilst at a a car dealers in the UK.
  17. So the Lorbek Red Slantnose is an Aus delivered 24,000km car @ $950,000...! To my untrained eye, is this not the same as the Matt @ Porchaden has..? (I do see his one is originally a UK Delivered car) https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1986-porsche-911-turbo-manual/OAG-AD-18729371/?Cr=0 But... $195,000 vs $950,000 wtf??
  18. Not really too brand fussy for applying conditioner etc, as i would just use cheaper microfibres, and probably discard unless I was using the same polish elsewhere. like these: https://www.carcareproducts.com.au/microfibre-economy-cloth.html I use this for to apply spray detailer/wax https://www.carcareproducts.com.au/polish-wipe-cloth.html and one of these for drying after wash https://www.carcareproducts.com.au/microfibre-drying-towel-waffle-weave-extra-large.html
  19. I managed to grab a set of standard mufflers today. Has anyone modified their mufflers since this post from 2016?
  20. One of my favourite stretches of road. Those rolling hills and long winding sections just beg you to push harder.
  21. WTB: Porsche Boxter 981 (Base or S)Porsche Cayman 981 (Base)Preferences:Yellow is no. 1 preference (will consider other colours, prefer something bright like red/blue/green)Manual Transmission (will consider PDK only if yellow)Budget is 55-70k (may be able to stretch for the right one)Some history of my cars:I started with a few Honda's, an NC MX5 and most recently sold my Yellow Honda S2000 in amazing condition that i had for over 5 years. I currently drive an Audi RS3 as my daily and am in need of a replacement for my S2000, something with a similar driving experience for the weekends and sunny days. My affordable dream car is a Cayman GT4 which i hope to own one day. My next car will hopefully be a Lotus or a Porsche as they are logically the next step up from the S2000 in terms of driving experience. It's now just a matter of finding the right car!I continually check out Carsales and there isn't much that has caught my eye. Hoping there is an enthusiast here who is thinking of selling and hasn't listed their car online. There was a Yellow Manual Cayman 981 for sale back in January which i would have gladly picked up if i had the money available at the time! Maybe the buyer is on here and would sell to me With COVID restrictions easing up, happy to travel far and wide in my search. Send me a PM with what you have or may consider selling even if you're just testing the waters, don't be shy. Funds are available so expect a simple transaction here.
  22. Ex Gliptone user but my current favorite is a 50/50 mix of Autoglym Leather Balm and Oakwood Leather Conditioner: https://www.autoglym.com.au/leather-cleaner-balm https://www.oakwoodproducts.com/products/equine/view/oakwood-leather-conditioner/#.Xs9x2TPiu1s I'm planning to try Nivea hand cream once my stock of Autoglym runs out. As for cleaning, I used to use Gliptone but now use steam and microfibre cloths
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