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  2. Not a huge fan of the ducktail - think I'd prefer a GT3 wing. Gotta love a C4 though 😆
  3. BUMMMMP Price reduction $3650 - inspection welcome - this is like new and can post as well Cheers!
  4. My advice is ring him and talk to him firstly.
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  6. Agree with Lee, also basic caveats apply - get a PPI done either by a reputable independent or PCM etc. IMO no test drives is okay but not ideal - just ask the owner to drive you around to begin with - you should be able to pickup any glaringly obvious mechanical issues being a passenger - if there are any.
  7. If you find the ride really hard it's probably the 19" rims. See if you can get a ride in on with 17" or 18" and you might find it a bit more comfortable...
  8. Can also come on if you lift a front wheel coming out of, for example, a service station driveway - for some reason the different wheel rotation speeds can fool the ABS. Turn off and restart and should go away
  9. @BRU Hey mate I look at that car nearly every other day and think "Is it worth selling my '78 for this?" I really like the look of it, and its had some mechanicals done as you mention, yet if you are of the type who is buying to ensure you'll get your money back, I'd probably stay away. If that doesnt bother you and you just want to get into a 996 for less money (probably $15k less than a nice original car) then I say go for it. I am advised he's a little difficult to deal with, and 'No test drives' isnt the best way to promote the sale of a car, yet if the car checks out ok with a mandatory pre purchase inspection, I'd be having a go at it. The only thing that bothers me is the ''It has Queensland rego but I moved back to Melbourne'', yet that's just me being cautious Give him a call and see what happens
  10. Good lad 👍 Lift ya game @Raven 😉
  11. errr aaahhhh errrr. I was just being kind ......but I have now taken my little love heart off that person..... so feel free to take any action you deem appropriate. and.....lift your game Raven.... ha ha,,,, sorry. I have fixed it I'm back with the majority.... I'm not voting until someone else votes from now on......
  12. Hey all, in the market for my first Porsche and came across this one.. looks like it’s been on the market a while and has a fair bit of mechanical “history” shall we say.. but at the price, I’m wondering if a gamble may be worth it.. anyone know this car by any chance? Any and all thoughts welcome (and apologies if this car has been discussed already, I couldn’t find anything) https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2000-Porsche-911-Carrera-996-Manual/SSE-AD-6070973 Thanks in advance! BRU
  13. No mate. I'd still buy one if was in the market at the lower price point like that SA black one, yet if and when I'm ready to look at a 996, I'd prefer a manual
  14. Merv, Mine are all yellow cadmium plated. Not as good as galvanised but has done the job OK.
  15. I definitely approve of both the car and interior safety features!
  16. I hope this one is not associated with the Jenner’s
  17. Just needs some side skirts to even out the bumper and tail
  18. Looked at mine yesterday. For a car that was designed with rust prevention in mind there are so many small hose and pipe clamps, brackets, bolts and screws that are plain untreated steel under these cars.
  19. I like the look of this one https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1999-porsche-911-carrera-4-996-manual-awd/SSE-AD-6289502/?Cr=11
  20. Yes that's right, scroll down. Sorry, not sure how to post a direct link
  21. Have a search on Rennlist. I had one of the brake warning lights come on once (think it was the ABS light but may not have been). Ended up being a bad brake light switch. Ordered a new one (cheap enough), removed the old one and then tried to fit the new one but just couldn’t get it in - super awkward spot. Took it to Porsche and they put it in so quickly they didn’t even charge me
  22. I know!! Could also bring a 996 or 997 in to the picture if I was to consider all options... ... and you're right, I really should spend a bit more time behind the wheel before locking anything in, that is good advice. But... I put a deposit on it this afternoon. For a range of reasons, probably an even 50 / 50 split between the practical and the emotional! There was token drop of the price, and it's had a few things done to it to get it to Porsche Approved (including a new set of tyres, some parts replaced on the front suspension, a range of cosmetic things). I am looking to get a few years out of it, so the warranty was a thing for me; was looking for a manual, looking for an S, looking for the "analogue vibe". And the siren song in my ear (which might have just been my tinnitus) was drowning out the little voice that was trying to be patient and sensible. ... when I put it that way, it's more like a 60 / 60 split! It'll be grand!
  23. The 996.2 GT3 is not far off an annual visit to the team @ Buiks, but took her for a spin today & had ABS Failure light come on. Before I get the pros onto it, I wondered if anyone here has experienced this before? Sensor issue? Easy fix, or otherwise?
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