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  2. Bumping in case someone finds one amongst the chocolate over the easter break.
  3. That’s definitely one of the cars in my dream car garage, Awesome and look forward to seeing it out on the road 👍
  4. The best in the 997 range in my books, full respect 🤘@Skidmarks
  5. It's a beast. Best Porsche I've ever driven and very nearly bought
  6. You were already a bonafide badass in my books... 🤘🏻
  7. Hey everyone thanks for all the nice messages and posts, i must of missed some of them im sorry but really appreciate, i have been doing quite a bit more and collecting some more parts as they come up for sale. but here is my next episode, i have been fixing up the rocker covers and a bit more cleaning https://youtu.be/4zpnk82RSxs Also i was wondering if anyone can help, I have to do my wiring next and cleaning up a few bits as i now have an internal reg alternator from what i can work out and so have three wires just chilling next to the CDI and thinking cause im tiding up the wiring can i just delete them? i might have to get some pictures but thought someone might just be able to tell me. also i was wondering if anything who has changed a sporto to manual and can tell me what they did with the neutral switch? from what i have been told that in a sporto there is the shifter in neutral wires/switch that i will have to wire up so the car doesnt think its not in neutral and wont start. Any help would be amazing Thanks Matt
  8. Cabs are great cars. Superb, can't go wrong.
  9. Easter Saturday Cars and Coffee Gold Coast. Let's make it a great morning and a fantastic start to the long weekend.
  10. I don't know if your allowed to send in pics of yourself 😜
  11. It is finally time to do something a bit more permanent about my spray booth.
  12. Didn't say I was buying one. Want your Fazza first. 😃
  13. Erm, I’ve alteady popped an O2 sensor. Feel like a real man. @hugh has pics and will post. I know the 991 RS is better but I seriously like this thing.
  14. Isn’t this one of @symsy ‘s rides? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1977-Porsche-911-SC-Manual/SSE-AD-6041675?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-6041675
  15. "With no engine up front (or at the back) Taycan drivers won't have to deal with the noise or vibration that an internal combustion engine inherently produces." But what about tyre roar? No doubt the jornalists will be taken to a smooth track for promo purposes. And then , if it is indeed quiet as ... MEH! That's not fun is it? "Porsche is big on authenticity and it sounds like an electric car because that’s what it is. The strategy will be to engineer out as much of the whines and whirrs of these very early prototypes so that there is minimal noise. It’s ‘the luxury of silence’ as one Porsche person put it to me. I expect we’ll hear rather a lot of that particular sound bite in the near future. Oddly enough, there will be an additional and optional ‘sound pack’ customers can choose." Sound pack = piped flat 6 or Michael Angelo Batio? Old man's car I reckon
  16. Beau

    TPMS for 981

    Yep I definitely wanted OEM/Porsche BBS wheels and was happy to sacrifice the weight. Else HRE FF01 or the R series would've been the go-to (pricing does make my eyes water though...) Will have to weigh my old set (unfortunately with Tyres still fitted) - I'm curious as when I was unloading them just now them seemed very heavy.
  17. Event at Benton mentioned above should draw a number of the LA Porsche community. I know Bart Kuykens will be there (search on Insta - model/photographer who does a range of black and white photos of Porsche owners - from Belgium I think - now has a deal with Porsche). Will be a chance to see a cool Porsche old school 912 hot rod shop. Emory will be too busy polishing his cars ready for Saturday but will be at the event with his cars for sure. Luft will be full of the who's who. Had to reach out to Patrick Long to get my 912 in the event - got back straight away so will hopefully get a chance to meet him at some point and say thanks. MW is a maybe - spends most of his time in NewYork now. organising a mid century architectural tour and drive in the 912 out to Palm Springs with Damon from Singer.
  18. If there is one criticism that could be levelled at this car it could be that they are just so good at driving rapidly, and do it with such ease that to get the 'thrill' that some of us get from driving our shitty old cars fast, you find yourself going seriously fast ( which may or may not be a problem). That said, it is just so much car for the money, I think any Porsche enthusiast owes it to themselves to own a genuine 911 Turbo supercar, even if only for a year or two.
  19. Thanks but no joy with Greg
  20. I Agree JV it dosn,t even look good .............. I am certain this car will be a revolution in the EV car world and not doubt reset the bench mark ,,way over the Tesla products ,,,just wish the car had more of original Mission E look about it ..????
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