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  2. Interestingly the other thing that can be written on the under hood sticker is the wheel lock number.
  3. No, there’s a blue 996.1 manual with 160k on the clock. It’s on Stalkbook
  4. Good luck Jeff - speed yellow FTW! I'd just remove the rear wiper and get some GT3 MK1 wheels you're two steps closer to real GT3 spec! Wonder what that VF supercharger is like!
  5. what do you think is current realistic market price for a 993 Cs2 tip 1996/97 there was a black one with around 120-130000kms @carsales (vic seller) , asking $140k in 2017/18, sat for >1 year unsold I think had been bought at city automobiles 2015 for around $90k
  6. And I have a spare speedster clamshell that could go with it. Standard style fibreglass 930 front guards are about $600 from memory. Less Rad though...
  7. Today
  8. I am in the custom home business. We saw the market slow down late 2018 and into early 2019 but post election, post finance rules loosening a bit and interest rates falling, demand is rising again. No shortage of people self funding large homes and don't discount the Chinese, Singaporean and other Asian markets. Gone are the days of frenzied Chinese outbidding each other. Changes in rules made it harder and more expensive for them to invest here BUT they remain quite active presumably because they still see good value. And it's a "safe" market in which to park their cash even if it costs them more than it used to. In any case, many are Australian resident Chinese who are not affected by rules that target true off shore investors. We are dealing with plenty of these clients and obviously they can't build a new home unless they first buy land to build it on. I get that property here is VERY expensive but to simply compare median income and median house price is not an accurate predictor. You only have to look at median income in Toorak to know that it misrepresents true incomes (median income $142k, median house price $3.4M). I dare say anyone on that money does not live in Toorak. That place is dripping in wealth, some would earn the median income every week so why is the ATO data way off? People use business structures, trusts etc to manage income tax. Businesses may reinvest profits and until such time as cash is pulled out via dividends, it's not taxed at the personal level. So Mr Toorak might make $5M in his business and reinvest it all and/or pay tax on those profits in the company but retain the earnings and he only takes a $140k salary for the year which is taxable. That's entirely legal but it skews the data massively....on paper he can't afford the house he lives in. In reality, he probably makes enough in one year to buy a median house with change to buy a new GT3 and a new Cayenne Turbo without needing any finance. Have you seen the size of Porsche Brighton lately. Or BMW Doncaster - they sell thousands of cars. As a business, we're not investing as heavily in property as we used to, mainly because the prices seem too high to make the numbers stack up and I'm not expecting huge growth going forward. But it's not because of a fear of a looming crash. But the news today might suggest I am being overly conservative! https://www.theage.com.au/business/the-economy/sydney-and-melbourne-house-prices-will-soon-be-growing-at-double-digit-rates-20191018-p531z3.html
  9. That's one way of looking at it I s'pose 😁
  10. Yes, back in May. M030 + 220, non-sunroof and 4 seater - so a unique combo. Has had a lot of work done since purchase, as despite being a one owner car (inc full service/receipt history and original purchase invoice), they weren't the pampering type. That said, it gave an opportunity to do things once, with a known work record, plus with a view for the long term and to be used. Won't ever be a garage queen or show only.
  11. Looking at medians can be very misleading. The obvious answer is that the median incomes don’t own the median houses. But houses can be inherited or many other ways. I’m shocked in the area where my house is over 50% have no mortgage at all. but whenever you want to do too much analysis on averages - the average human has one ball and one breast.
  12. It doesn’t look that bad for the money. Getting rid of the flatnose would make a big difference.
  13. Looks really good for a daily first Porsche. The inability to sell is no doubt because of the replacement engine with non matching numbers firstly, and secondly because transfer of ownership is not standard as the car is registered in Qld so may require a trip to Qld for the owner if sold to a Qlder. If sold in Vic it will need to go over the pits to get its RWC before it gets registered. Its just these little niggly parts of the deal which will possibly turn people off. For a discounted 996 this should not be an issue.
  14. A wide body long nose speedster conversion. That's what she's screaming for...
  15. I had a moment where I was mid corner at about 100 and someone decided to cut me off without any warning doing about 40 under the speed limit. I luckily had an emergency lane to move around them otherwise it would probably not have been an accident either car would have driven away from. I took the opportunity whilst on a skid pan with an ex counter terrorist driving instructor to figure out what was the best approach if a similar situation occurred. The answer is to just smash the ABS and steer it where you want - do anything else and your in trouble. @amanda was actually there the day I was trying to figure this one out. ABS is actually a form of stability control since it has to deal with the possibility you might have half the car in the dirt/grass meaning it has a bunch of smarts on how to keep the wheels turning and not locked whilst the car is possibly changing direction. I was pleasantly surprised at how much control I had going from a high speed lift off snap oversteer into ABS breaking situation in the 996.
  16. LeeM

    996 Mk1 GT3

    @WGA I watched all of his 996 videos recently. Very informative, and probably the best advice if anyone is contemplating buying one
  17. Thanks Starchy 911sc and 9er, they came up an absolute treat thanks to my brother who likes to polish things........
  18. In what respect mate? I'm sure Jeff probably has some idea of fitting a Merlin Spitfire engine into the 996 for shits n giggles 😁
  19. You obviously don't follow the classic JDM market...
  20. cheers mate..........still a little puzzled about the 'straight swap' for a 996 GT3 replica
  21. The figures Sleazious used would mean that the median house hold income alone would require a mortgage multiplier of 5x to buy a median house in Sydney, firstly no bank today would offer that multiplayer today, also banks now look at all your living/lifestyle expenses & deduct these prior to using any multiplayer for a loan it's all about your ability to pay/service the loan. The days of rocking up with just your payslips are long gone. I think this is roughly correct.
  22. Recently listed 996 MK1 GT3 _ 83,800 KM looks good @ (too cheap) $125K https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2000-porsche-911-gt3-996-manual/SSE-AD-6357410/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email I saved a copy to my hard drive (thanks to Jason A 😀) evo-gt3-20-years-oct-2019.pdf
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