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  2. I well remember the Easter Superbike races at Mount Panorama the early '80's when Conrod Strait was just that - with a bloody big hump in the middle. Seeing the Z1000, Katana's GXR's and BMW 1000's suspension bottoming out & twisting the chassis as they landed was a sight to make you gasp and grab your nuts. I'm surprised Hansford / Doohan / Johnson / Phillis et al could sit astride those bikes 'cause their gonads were that big... Respect !!
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  4. Did he stick a crystal ball under those Ford bonnets as well? Nooooooo.....
  5. Back in the day I had a VK Brock with the energy polariser. Would have been better to spend that money on the brakes, car went well but didn’t like stopping
  6. Great shot Niko 👍 I was a fan of Hansford on the bikes when growing up as a kid. One of the best ever road racers Australia has produced
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  8. I've just found a memory stick with some of my old motorsport photos, so I I will post up some of my favourites and hopefully not bore anyone. They are all colour neg stuff so quality not as good as digital of course, and unfortunately I haven't nominated years etc on the memory stick, so I will have to make a bit of a guess there The late Gregg Hansford I think 1990 in the Sierra. I loved this shot, he seen me trying to get a mirror shot of him so he did the right thing, for me. Then when he taxied out gave me a thumbs up. True gentleman and a great loss to Motorsport
  9. No problem with using LS in a non LSD transaxle. The GL5 and viscosity grade is the only important criteria. I notice you can buy this oil off eBay for $84 for 4 quarts. Or make Mike an offer he can’t refuse!
  10. Thanks mate, that’s the plan. Hoping to move it along here before I wade into carsales... Plus I know I’d be better off taking it back to dead stock for the carsales crowd.
  11. "The wannabe bush mechanic had fitted an ordinary Black and Decker leaf blower to act as a makeshift supercharger...The driver was also alleged to have tested positive for methamphetamine" No, really? I seem to recall something about the turbos on modern F1 cars being driven, at least in part, by the electric motor. Maybe he is onto something after all
  12. Another bloody cool modfest by you @obrut. Someone here pls buy it so it stays in the pfa family.
  13. A quick Update. I inquired at all the usual places and quite shocked at tube pricing for reconditioning or new OEM sun visors. ended up picking a new pair up from design 911 along with a set of door bins which even after exchange rate and shipping was cheaper than what I could source second hand/refurb parts locally. I will fit them when I get back from OS and provide an update.
  14. Have been driving the SC as a daily for the past few weeks since moving on the Macan. When I first purchased the car I thought that as a daily it would be a handful in the CBD, but it was all about getting used to it. It just makes me smile every time I get in it, total joy to drive. Drove it to Taren Point this morning dropping it off at east coast suspension for the full suspension refresh, thanks for the referral @OBRUT. Cant wait to pick it up and do the farm on the 15th 😉
  15. Thanks Peter and Mike. There are some very expensive oils out there, as always. Royal Purple seems fun! (Not). So the consensus seems be for fully synthetic Mobil 1 LS, Mobilube PTX or the Motul semi-synthetic product. IF one can find them for sale anywhere (5L) and not in amounts that would last you two lifetimes... Some are specified for limited slip differential use and some not. I guess not all G50's need LS but is it a problem to use an LS oil in a non-LS tranny? The Mobil product seems well received. https://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/1008772-g-50-trans-fluid.html
  16. I have a new, unopened 5 litre bottle of this stuff.. https://www.motul.com/sg/en/products/motylgear-75w90 Was going to try it in my 964 but sold the car.
  17. Merv If you search on Pelican forum “G50 Trans Fluid” there is a neat couple page thread that will answer your question I think.
  18. Although not optioned as generously as some, this car is spec’ed with $6,270 of options - maybe others options the dealer has not listed (note it is not fitted with Carrera Classic wheels as per the ad). To my eyes, the black Carrera S wheels don’t compliment a white car (perhaps better with Carmine Red?) but I am not a big fan of black wheels more generally. I find it curious such a high percentage (70%) of the 10 manual GTS cars sold locally have now appeared on the used market - owners of PDK GTS models appear to be holding their cars longer (circa 18 cars have been listed) - this is a rash generalisation but, as a manual, i would have assumed these were purchased by enthusiasts so not the type to walk into a Porsche Centre and buy a car off the showroom floor and offload at expiry of a 4-5 year lease - or do enthusiasts types get bored after 4-5 years? August edition of Wheels magazine I picked up today features a Racing Yellow 718 Cayman GT4 on the cover with the headline “Who needs a 911?” - article saying there are further applications planned for the new 4-litre flat six - some speculation online a 718-6 GTS is in the wings.
  19. Any particular one or brand? Synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral?
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