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  3. Hi all, I'm finally in a position to purchase my first Porsche (long time fan). I have been looking for a nice Cayman that will be my daily driver for a year or so. There are a few Black Edition floating around, effectively a base 2.7 with a few extras. BTW I'm happy with the base model so I won't be looking at an S. They all seem to hover around the $90k mark, some with extended factory warranty. There is one at Porsche Brisbane that ticks all the boxes for me. Does anyone know of its history? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2015-porsche-cayman-black-edition-981-auto-my16/OAG-AD-16955121/?_ga=2.15972402.501966146.1556061567-1100530725.1556061567
  4. I see on the US Rennlist Forum (in the 996 GT2/3 section) that a certain Australian gentleman has posted that he has just acquired the ex Fitzgerald 996 Nations Cup car here in Australia..... Quite a long descriptive explanation of the Aussie racing scene in 2001 / 2 with pictures. He's well known on this Forum too !! Well don H
  5. Yeah your right the heat exchangers were deleted I couldn’t justify the cost at the time and living in Qld I don’t need heat. We have left everything in place just a matter of putting them back on if I feel the need to later, I’d spent that much money at that stage it was something I felt that wasn’t all that critical and like the look without them anyway.
  6. Darien, I'll take it if George dithers. Regards Peter
  7. If I can figure out, which wire going into the back of the headunit, is from the CD changer, then I should be able to 'splice' in a 3.5mm audio lead.. so when CD is selected, it will play my plugged in phone. That will be the next project (among many others).
  8. Agree 100% that it should be tracked or rallied, it’s a crime to hide them away (they get depressed). Mine has done 22,000 race km & still going strong 👍
  9. @reddahaydn I have no idea what the ultimate plan is for it, but I may find out something this week via a friend. Needs to be tracked in my opinion I don't think they're a member here
  10. I was so close but my misses is about to have a baby and I'm doing 80 weeks at work so I can take 2 weeks off. I knew it would sell quick but I just couldn't get organised on time. Haven't had time to breathe the last month. I'd seen it in Nick's a while back and thought man i wish that was for sale! Plus (and I'll keep telling myself this to get over the regret) I've just bought a new exhaust system for mine, and booked in for a tune next week - so the closer I get to actually having spent GT3 money, the less it makes sense to sell mine at a loss and buy one haha. but that Mezger........ That being said, I have been sitting here at work, not doing work, but reading all about the Quinn car, I'd put the fitzy car at a $20-$30k premium, so that drops the Quinn car back to around the $100k mark before it's a viable option. Plus I'd want to convert it back to a Mk 1. @LeeM - I'm just hoping that the scruitineers don't take him seriously if he tries to enter A3 Road Registered 2001-4000cc!!!!!!
  11. I'm led to believe he might just do that
  12. Specified 0-100 times for the 997.1 coupe is as follows: Carrera manual : 5.0 sec Carrera S manual : 4.8 Sec Carrera auto : 5.5 sec Carrera S auto : 5.3 sec So based on that a standard Carrera manual should go as good or better than a S auto. I have a Carrera manual and very happy with it. I’ve driven an S auto and it didn’t feel quicker to me. Although I didn’t drive the auto very hard so my opinion may be a little biased. My recommendation is to go test drive a manual and see how it feels. Sorry to hear about the write off. Good luck with your search for a replacement.
  13. Struggling for breath here. 😍 👌
  14. That had your name all over it, surprised you didn't get aboard. Gee I even gave it a third and fourth look..... whats the story with the Fitzgerald/Quinn yellow one, ex targa tassie and nations cup for $120k?
  15. Damn! Targa recce. perhaps?
  16. Haven't looked for a while but 991.1s seem to have stayed around mid 200s for some time now while 991.2s have moved down to low 3s. I was thinking/hoping they'd continue to plummet - combination of market, economy, engine explosions does the replacement engine in a 991.1 still have the "defective" design or is the problem solved as soon as the engine goes in? Is a replacement 991.1 engine significantly different from 991.2 (apart from 3.8 vs 4.0). If a new engine solves the problem then this sort of thing would be great. As new, new engine with issues resolved and 10y warranty. Could you also enlighten me on what you consider good vs poor spec. You've obviously done your research but when I look at ads you've commented on, I'm not really clear on the +/-. I'm on,y interested in club sport pack and prefer black dials. Beyond that, what do I need........if I ever was to buy one 🤔
  17. I think we spoke when I was importing mine last, your advice was very helpful regarding the import asbestos check process. Mine is #423, UK delivered and now in Melbourne.
  18. You should have told me you wanted to kick on... the Uber ride would’ve ended at my house 😂😂😂
  19. Pictured below - inlet plenum for heat exchangers. Was removed from 3.2 before it saw any track duty so in good condition / stainless steel. $80
  20. New one, pretty good spec apart from the colour https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-Porsche-911-GT3-991-Auto-MY15/OAG-AD-17132882
  21. It was a great night, just finished too soon. Hill of Grace is a nice drop Really nice group of passionate car guys - my kinda crew
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