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  2. Haha, I figured a padded soft cover might be the best of both worlds & discourage the worst of scratched & knocks whilst still easy to use.
  3. 4 year old? Try ' hardcover ' , not soft cover. I remember my 4 year old ' repairing' the side of my car with a screwdriver , which resulted in a panic attack and a trip to the paint shop.🤣🤣
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  5. Just looking for a soft cover recommendation for my 944 whilst in the garage. Protection from dust & 4 year olds in mind.
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  7. I’ve got a set of Zuffenhaus Fuchs 17’s. Offsets to suit 930 Turbo so should work for you.
  8. Try Greg at 356Werks. He has most things. Good guy.
  9. I have brand new Genuine Fuchs in 17x7 and 17x8 to fit 964 but probably a bit narrow for a wide body. Cheap price if your interested.
  10. I think it is a 997 Cab in either seal grey Metallic ... Meteor grey Metallic or GT silver ,,,hard to tell as the image has no doubt been photo shop to some degree ...??
  11. The important engine bit starts at 1:40 and gets going in earnest at 2:10 3.4 conversion with ITB's and a 8,000rpm redline. Gotta love RUF!
  12. Here is my 997 Muffler setup... it's a tad loud!
  13. Other 3.2/3.4 Engine Builds There were a few engine builds, in additions to Syd's that interested me: Single plug but ITB's with plastic 964 plenum. The exhaust is a set of 3.2 specific BBE headers that have been modified to work with a modified 997 muffler. Full story here: http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/952600-rothsport-itb-3-2-new-build.html Sal Carceller sells MAF conversions for 3.2's and always seems to be involved with interesting builds: He likes DC21 cams for 3.4 builds. Full story here: http://forums.pelicanparts.com/911-engine-rebuilding-forum/871561-1985-3-4-build-using-maf-279-56-hp-237-63-rwhp.html Another using his MAF: Full story here: http://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-technical-forum/962997-1984-911-3-4-sleeper-hotrod-end.html
  14. Just tidying up a few things today like the wiring that also gave me the opportunity to show a few more things: A set of aluminium 964 rocker covers seemed a obvious choice since my 3.2, being reasonably late, came with 964 cam carriers anyway. However still had to drill out the bolt holes as 3.2's have the meaty 8mm mounting studs as opposed to the 6mm on 964's and 993's. The Nippon Denso coils are held in place with RSR style holders. I removed the LHS header to trim the hot air tube at the front and fit new flex tubes. I bought these BBE's because they have the generic Porsche outlets giving a wide range of muffler choices, had the 1 5/8 inch primaries (SSI's are a bit small at 1 1/2"), are stainless steel and I thought the hot boxes are quite neat compared to some others. Just remember to ask for O2 sensor bungs to be installed as these particular headers are generally sold for SC's and earlier cars and the bungs aren't standard fitment. BBE also sell a 3.2 specific header and muffler set but the mufflers are prone to cracking and you only have the choice of one type and dismissed them for that reason. However Mike D'Silva has been doing some good work with mufflers and if you don't mind a bit of DYI, these 3.2 specific headers would be worth a look as the outlets are wider, giving a bit more room to play. I was pleasantly surprised I managed to pick up some outlet flange gaskets that fit perfectly at Supercheap this arvo. It's not always dirty. Flashback to late 2017 and the Porsche In Motion display at Newcastle Museum:
  15. Sydr, Great story and thank you for telling it. I think many of us could take a leaf from your book on the subject of contentment and be so much happier as a result. Thanks again! While searching the archives I came across some photos that you may recognise: That engine that planted the seed for me and no doubt others:
  16. Love the colour. I've never seen it on a boxster. Maybe it's a wrap?
  17. Throw this spec into the configurator and it is about $480k driveaway in NSW so looks like the seller is trying to break even. But as you pointed out, add another 9% for stamps and this is starting to look pricey. You might like to pop into your local dealer... good chance you will find some cancelled orders around but be quick
  18. Another Ebay option, it's a different way to achieve a classic look. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/173520253076?ssPageName=STRK:MESINDXX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1436.l2649
  19. Try this site http://www.adelgigs.com/911p-tails.shtml
  20. Can you still order a new one of these? If so how much less or more is this one based on dealer delivered car, having regard to the transfer stamp duty payable ($43,240 in Vic). Total price would as such be $523,200 if bought in Vic.. @WGA as you have just bought one I would be interested to know if this one is a good buy or is the current owner "dreamin" (to quote Darryl Kerrigan from the Castle).
  21. I'm no expert but the IMS issue I believe was rectified in the 2009 model year.
  22. I second wheel solutions, I’ve done a lot of wheels with them (including painting Fuchs) & they do a sensational job. Matt is great to deal with too.... Cheers
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