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  2. I think he meant he could come to you. He's an onsite Porsche mechanic
  3. Sounds fantastic what muffler is that? I have a bit of a muffler fetish at the moment.
  4. And that's the "4 bolts" people talk about I'd almost forgot how much of a pig this was to get all lined up, with very little space lol. Major update yesterday...I finished connecting all cables and hoses Saturday and bled the fuel system before my mate came over to hold the fire extinguisher: I cranked it over a few times to ensure I had oil pressure. Then after a few cranks, the engine fired up! I was so relieved - I was very nervous that I may have done something wrong along the way. I did have an air leak coming from the intake plenum boot between the metering unit and the throttle body which is partially down to one of my take offs being so close to the firewall. So I will need to relocate that takeoff for a better fit and to ensure I get rid of that un-metered air before I start tuning:
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  6. Awesome, thanks for the recommendations. Sounds like a Aireys Inlet - Lorne - Deans Marsh - Winchelsea loop is in order in the coming weekends
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  8. Merv

    J Tubes

    Thanks Chris that would be great!
  9. 9er

    J Tubes

    Hey Merv, have some new J tubes that might be handy for a trial of your idea, happy to donate them, I'll flick you some details of diameters and flange a bit later.
  10. Merv

    J Tubes

    My heat exchangers (Australian RHD car) are OK but the J Tubes have seen better days and it seems sensible to replace them. The ones on Stoddart seem fine https://www.stoddard.com/pcg21190100.html , but very expensive for the complete units (assuming they fit). I was thinking that I could remove the existing J Tubes and have the pipes replaced locally using the existing rear flange to the motor) after cutting the old ones near the exchangers and slipping them off the exchangers. Has anyone done this? Or is there another alternative?.
  11. Good car from a fastidious owner, well done. He lives in the suburb next to me. Another member on here ended up with his speed yellow MK1 GT3 a few years back with 21,000 kms on it, after it was flipped a few times.
  12. Hi Mike I should be able to help. I have the Vag-com software that accesses VAG vehicle ECUs. I'm at Barellan Point, near Ipswich. Cheers Rob
  13. Regular little matchmaker you are!! ... keep up the good work ..
  14. Very, very nice! Funnily enough, I mentioned this car to @TINGY996 when we talked briefly today on a SMT! Being on a 996 hunt at the time too, I remember it coming up because I was in Melbourne that week for work. Also remember it disappearing very quickly indeed, well done! 🙂
  15. Thank's, No i brought it from a dealer, it wasn't on the market long, Finding a 996, low ks, six speed, .2 in this color combo with nice options takes a while, needles to say i moved quickly when it became available.
  16. 👍 glad it worked out.. I was at it again this week a mate needed a particular 911 I knew of one & made it happen, he is happy
  17. Took the SC on its first SMT in my ownership today, with an early drive along the putty road with some other PFA folk. Awesome day, not much traffic, chased a quick 997 turbo for most of the run and set the pace for the last section. Having done the run in the Macan a few times with PDK paddles, it was a very different drive with the engine up back and a stick shift. I think I adapted well, only one ‘moment’ when realised I was a bit quick into a 35 kmh corner and dabbed the brakes late and felt the back moving faster than the front so power on and a little power slide, slight heart flutter then big smile. Just over 350 km today with a mix of twisties and good straights on country roads was a great introduction to an air cooled 911. Car didn’t miss a beat and there is a lot more in it than I am capable of, I’m totally hooked. AH had looked it over for me a couple of weeks ago and suggested new suspension bushes, which I’ll book in to be sorted in the next few weeks as I’m booked in for the farm in August 😁😏. So need that sorted prior. Feedback on the car from the guys today was very complimentary😊, so thanks again to @James P for spotting it the day it was listed and giving me the heads up, much better than a sporto targa 😏. I should be in Melb in the next few weeks so a beer or two on me mate.
  18. ^^ A GT2 with a V6, interesting. Always surprising that these don't pull bigger $.
  19. Hi Jason yes a mate in Adelaide bought the blue one for sale from QLD. I'm assuming it's the same car, there ain't that many blue ones around!
  20. Did 770ks over the last 3 days in the 996 in the Otways area chasing some friends around the great roads, eating good food and having a red or two. Car is a lot dirtier than it looks here.
  21. Couldn't resist watching the 996 GT2 Clubsport that was auctioned at Lloyds tonight. Not sure if it reached reservce etc, however this was the final bid. Appreciate this is a GT3 watching thread however thought it would fit well here regardless.
  22. Speed Yellow, I love that colour on the MK1 Great car, hope it all works out for you
  23. Haha, not yet, but it will be something close when I finish it
  24. @g_match did you buy that from Grant in Indoropilly?
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