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  3. I have a new, unopened 5 litre bottle of this stuff.. https://www.motul.com/sg/en/products/motylgear-75w90 Was going to try it in my 964 but sold the car.
  4. Merv If you search on Pelican forum “G50 Trans Fluid” there is a neat couple page thread that will answer your question I think.
  5. Although not optioned as generously as some, this car is spec’ed with $6,270 of options - maybe others options the dealer has not listed (note it is not fitted with Carrera Classic wheels as per the ad). To my eyes, the black Carrera S wheels don’t compliment a white car (perhaps better with Carmine Red?) but I am not a big fan of black wheels more generally. I find it curious such a high percentage (70%) of the 10 manual GTS cars sold locally have now appeared on the used market - owners of PDK GTS models appear to be holding their cars longer (circa 18 cars have been listed) - this is a rash generalisation but, as a manual, i would have assumed these were purchased by enthusiasts so not the type to walk into a Porsche Centre and buy a car off the showroom floor and offload at expiry of a 4-5 year lease - or do enthusiasts types get bored after 4-5 years? August edition of Wheels magazine I picked up today features a Racing Yellow 718 Cayman GT4 on the cover with the headline “Who needs a 911?” - article saying there are further applications planned for the new 4-litre flat six - some speculation online a 718-6 GTS is in the wings.
  6. Any particular one or brand? Synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral?
  7. They're for the high jump. They were banned by the Olympic committee recently
  8. Nothing new about it there are proper after market kits you can buy of ebay that work in a similar way and are claimed to deliver HP gains via a electric fan motor pushing air in the airbox ,,,,,,some of these silly things are as much as $300 for the kit and are generally aimed at the japanese performance market ...torque amp is one brand I remember Lots of Video on you tube also great entertainment
  9. I would have the 69’ over the 3.2 any day. Good luck Hugh
  10. It was originally a 1972 911 turned into a 959 them 993 GT2 with full 993 suspension When it was a pink 993 GT2 in the late 90's i remember when ED pulled it out for a run in Porsche cup at winton & smoked the field, it was not his regular ride at that stage as he was campaigning the RSCS in GTP I almost bought it in 2013 for $32k when it was a 550hp single turbo 993 GT2 in black located in Perth
  11. finally done...now off to book the boat
  12. I dont think you would be running in those silly things either .............. They are bizarre footwear
  13. Ha ha ha! https://www.news.com.au/technology/innovation/motoring/on-the-road/home-mechanic-gets-nabbed-making-dodgy-modifications/news-story/2e658bf31668b32bd5660f7787c8b826
  14. Sekurit factory tinted Targa rear windscreen. Fits 1969 to 1989. I can stand corrected but I believe these are no longer available. $1800 Obo Located in Wynnum, Qld but happy to assist transport if required. Please feel free to PM. Cheers Tom
  15. She's probably about to go for a run. She sure as hell can't drive in those shoes.
  16. Hi Guys I have a mate looking for a fan surrounding 901.106.101 5R Any help appreciated. Cheers Tom
  17. The guru on this subject would be @Buchanan Automotive Hopefully they can chime in and set you right ... 😀
  18. I remember George Cairns driving it around the streets of Ferntree Gully back in the late '80's. Where is it now??
  19. To funny ,,I am thinking this is the Nurburgring as I can see the Castle in the background That over looks the circuit ,,,could even be part of the old south Circuit ....
  20. Damage from a photo shoot, girls sitting on the car again. 😩
  21. Thank you - there will be a Mk2! Or “haters gonna hate” as the kids would say...
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