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  2. mate where are you located? I'd call Simon at Classic Throttle Shop or Dutton's as they get offered things all the time and can source whatever you're after Alternative would be to call Richard or Paul at PR Tech or Hamilton's.
  3. Thanks Arthur, do you notice any difference in steering feel.
  4. It's fun to watch all of this from the sidelines. I had an absolute hoot driving my '64 Fiat berlina to work and back today. Modern cars are so bloody SLOW Seriously , people cannot drive any more. Took the old man (92 , he's proper old guv) and he remarked he really misses changing gears. Nothing best the sound and feel of 1st gear on the tree with no synchro!
  5. No GST or LCT and you're getting a Singer built? I think the start price would be pretty irrelevant. 🙂
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  7. PASHN8

    356 coupe

    WOW Neil is all I can say, amazing work and skills you have there, well done! Myself having a 356A coupe in restoration, i'm following yours with interest!
  8. I run Pilot Sport 4S on my 991.2 GTS and have the same tyres on a heavily modified SS Redline which puts put 425 rwkw and 740Nm of torque. I did have the sport cup 2s on the Redline but they were absolutely atrocious in the wet or even when they were cold. They need heat to become effective and diving around short distances and cooler/wet days they sucked.
  9. 944s2cab

    My Porsche 928

    Great news, I'm definitely NOT going to give you any advice
  10. says alot for the so called experts ...........
  11. Hi Guys, Is anyone out there running Michelin PS4’s on their GT3? I have a 991.2 and the Cup 2’s are very good in the dry, but not great on cold wet tarmac. I want to use the car all year and I am driving to SE Qld on the mountain roads again next month, the PS4’s are great in all weather on my C63, but that is a very different car, so just wondering if anyone here had any first hand experience with them on our cars. Cheers, Nicko
  12. Most of the speciality insurers (Ryno, Shannons etc.) let you keep the car if it's over 30 years old and its an accident write off. If it's stolen and they pay out and the car is recovered, they keep the wreck / recovery to sell and recoup costs.
  13. That is amazing news. I looked at ordering one about 4 yrs ago (when they were $350K and the dollar was near parity...). Even bought a donor (when you could pick up a good Aussi car for $60k...). But at the time it was impossible to import and no one had resolved the tax implications. If you haven't had the factory tour its well worth it if you are in LA. Some very funky interior colour combinations going on it that place. still a 2 year wait?
  14. From what i know the car was insured and the owner got a payout, (it was just over a quarter of what he has put into the car over the past t years making it a competitive targa Tas car). In a few cases you can have on your policy the right to buy the car back from the insurance company before it goes to auction. In this case although the insurance company said a few times on the phone that this would happen it wasn't actually on his policy. So it might be a good idea to check your policies and see if this is the case. Not that anyone wants to be in this situation but if its not much more of a cost or simple negotiation with your insurance company i would jump at the chance.
  15. I don't think you should be turned off by a repairable write off, if you can even find one for sale and further considering your time frame. These cars were once very cheap circa $20k and were written off quite easily in the early 2000s due to panel damage. I also just learnt that cars that are older than 15 years do not need their VINs marked as repairable write-offs. All your panels in a Singer would be stripped off anyway. Just saying, it could be an option.
  16. I like the deans marsh - lorne road that takes you right into lorne. I think you get on it at Winchelsea. Goes past the site where they have the Rock above the falls festival I believe.
  17. It's taken the 'experts' this long to work that out? Morons
  18. Shannon’s 356 sold for $66k let’s hope they don’t touch it and proudly park it as art.
  19. The big model? But then you would need the oil ! The “kids” finished the model...that was quick.
  20. If I knew, I would have sent a PM already. Just suggesting to keep an eye on the car
  21. I haven't driven it in many years but Skenes Creek to Forrest was a cracker of a road that I remember well.
  22. You know that 1:1 scale 930 arrow blue thing you have? Maybe we do something there? Just to sweeten the deal i could throw this in. Gone to OZ.
  23. I'm not looking for a write-off, I need a straight shell. Something in my favour is that the colour, gearbox and sunroof options are unimportant to me. I have some time before my slot in the Singer schedule however (if the car is roadworthy) I would like to drive it for a month or two before it goes on the boat.
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