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  2. Unable to tomorrow😔 lookin forward to next week!
  3. Engine out, test fit crossmember and oil pan and all fits nicely. In fact the pan looks lost in there.
  4. Silver 993 heading south on Ben Boyd road neutral bay, then a chalk gt3 991 (Calvin?) near the fish markets 😍 around lunch time
  5. Theyll probably introduce a border/import tax
  6. So this is a VIC state govt tax... It’s Dan, not Scott! But this raises the question for me, wouldn’t ya just buy in Sydney and drive it down...?
  7. That looks like the RS at Duttons. Was there today walked right past it. Not a stone chip to be seen, orig 50k kms and a cute & practical price tag of just $729k.... waaa!! 😱😱😱
  8. chatter on facebook suggests it might not have been real and in generally poor condition. Buyer likely someone online who never saw it..
  9. At $300k a year with perks to sit on my arse, you can say and call me whatever you like! I'll need a sizeable contribution to start my party mate. Reckon a million or two will do for now, so I'll set up a GoFundMe page and keep ya posted 👍
  10. Next time you do it, when the wheel is in the air. Stop the car and open the door and get out of the car, if the door won’t close - you have a problem. If it opens and closes, no issue. Dont panic, a std 996 has more chassis strength than a 993 RS with a cage.
  11. Got family in radelaide, one of these days I’ll migrate down there and annoy the crap out of you all every weekend...
  12. Not sure Lee could take the drop in wages & perks😆. Oh yes, F..k them all in Parliament.
  13. We need a “Drivers & enthusiasts” party Lee, you’re the man, I’ll vote for you.
  14. Common Tazzie, there’s only a limited number of people these days who know of the tree you speak, let alone three on the tree.
  15. Become a politician Lee .... You'll get to enjoy $300k plus travel, staff and all that other stuff when you retire .. and we'll all get to say .. F..k you too!! ...
  16. No, if I read your description correctly it’s probably just the natural stiff chassis NOT flexing as per design. My previous 991 GTS would lift a front wheel over speed humps when approached at an angle as the chassis was stiff, I’m not sure I want too much flex in my chassis.
  17. I'll try to be less cryptic in the future. My apologies 👍
  18. Government at all levels .............disorganised crime GRUBS
  19. As usually Lee, wish you'd speak ya mind. I cant work out where you stand !! hahaha.... :-) PS. Love ya work, mate!
  20. and had the time of my life ..........in old Iris the air cooled classic!!!
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