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  2. Because real Porsches have a trunk in the front!
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  4. jnr356 might bite the bullet and get a Porsche mech to check WUR and fuel pressure. Will replace plug leads this week and check for vacuum leaks and plug colour. Took it out today very hard to start and missing under load(seems to be getting worse) the funny thing is i've never seen the accumulator in the fuel circuit however it always started fine when hot. ANF will not worry about changing green wire and hope I get more power when I get this problem sorted.
  5. I was riding the black bike and waved at the white 911 owner who waved back. Nice looking cars and good to see them being used and enjoyed.
  6. Now that's how you sell a Porsche! Very nice Rob, very nice.
  7. Took the old girl in to have the height raised a little . Had it raised an inch and it has made so much difference to the ride .
  8. You are doing good work. And extra points for the colour matched wheels!
  9. OBRUT

    964 cab rear seats

    Thanks, will do.
  10. Does your 996.2 rev to 9000rpm? Hydraulic lifters have their place but it is not at 9000rpm and up.
  11. Master Parts Sydney do 997 service parts .........I would stick with OEM belt http://www.masterparts.com.au/p/5674533/belt-6k2115-996-102-151-66.html
  12. Safari 911s - the new black. 👍
  13. I've used Design 911 in the UK for my spare parts, they take a week to get here and the pricing is cheaper than buying locally in Australia. BUT Don't go alternative (ie cheaper) pumps - use the Porsche coolant pump if you value quality and longevity.....
  14. Definitely a different car, since I bought the Shannon's one. It's undergoing a freshen up now, so to speak. Will start another thread when I get time.
  15. I paid $2200 for my brand new SD900 Darmah in spring of 1978..........................................and wrote it off in March 1979.
  16. Thanks Raven....Back to the real stuff....
  17. 1974, my wages were $32 per week and I think these were $3250 or there abouts. Ron Angel m/cycles in bridge road Richmond Melb. .......oh why didn't I buy!!! VERY colectible.
  18. Love it. Can't wait to see finished product.
  19. I certainly hope we get to see some off road footage when you finish the mods ............
  20. https://www.ebay.com/itm/For-Porsche-356A-356B-Fuel-Tank-Level-Sending-Unit-JP-Group-Dansk-1615800100-/361954209873
  21. More from the NIKO X-FILES. Sandown 1992
  22. What a great car! Congrats Nic! Look forward to seeing it in the metal on a future SMT.
  23. Hey Guys, I'm wanting to change the water pump & Serpentine belt in my 997.1 - 3.6 - is there an acceptable alternative to the Porsche OEM or would you only suggest using factory. If there is an alternative, where would you purchase from? I appreciate your advice. DE
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