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  2. I’ve been privileged enough to drive both. I think they are different cars. The 996 definitely feels ‘older’. Either way, I love them both
  3. I'm guessing we should probably be thanking him for sparing us the horror!
  4. @itsujack, check out the Boxster Bargains thread, latest postings.....
  5. The 997 looks very pretty, but the performance step up over 996.2 is not big enough to justify 30-40 grand IMO. 996.2 is aging gracefully!
  6. And for anyone wanting a hardtop, the wording in the advert might indicate the hardtop could be bought separately......
  7. I was in the US for an extended time in 1991 and I don't remember such leniency of speed limits. They were then quite courteous, as they mostly are now, something most Aussies could take a leaf from!! This time around I was doing my usual 5 odd over the limit only to have a steady stream fly past!! Well until, a corner came up I think the days of Tassie being lenient of "enthusiastic" drivers are numbered, there was massive backlash from the PCA group that had a big off last year on an organised run, destroyed the car and made headlines for all the wrong reasons. Take it easy down here if you want the relaxed atmosphere to stay.....
  8. Good luck Ash, I’m loving mine. And keep the dreaded D90’s for a Cush ride. (Pic by the talented Thomas Walk)
  9. I use covers from the UK from carcovershop.co.uk. By the time you take the UK sales tax out, 20% and shipping they are competitive. Look at these if you need a waterproof & breathable cover for a 996/997/991: https://carcovershop.co.uk/covers-indoor-outdoor-porsche.asp (near bottom of page)
  10. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-Porsche-Boxster-986-Auto/SSE-AD-6050064 Scooby doo?
  11. Oh that stings a bit but it’s gold.....I knew it was coming 😩 Auto for work days manual for the weekends
  12. Wow, a non matching 912 with repro Fuchs and dodgy floor pan for $140k??? Good luck
  13. non matching 912 targa $140k, dreaming or smoking some great stuff... Check out this 1968 Porsche 912 Manual. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1968-Porsche-912-Manual/SSE-AD-6147350 love the commentary about collectibility and back off purist key board warriors 🤣🙄😮
  14. Oh thanks 🙏 let me see now! Hmmm it’s a pdk and if 981 I’d prefer manual tbh but messaging back & front now. Has some zunsport grills or something?
  15. Nik a 981 GTS Boxster just came up on fb white with 33k km for $105k which sounds like great pricing for a rarer model than an S https://www.facebook.com/groups/653994311304958?view=permalink&id=2273503972687309
  16. Did RAF sell his long hood that was converted to a 993 with an SC engine in it? That would be a great project to take back to a long hood hot rod 😉 I know he wanted more than $40k however maybe starting with a working car that would be a great driver while u worked out what the project end game would be and accumulated the parts....
  17. Just popped up on face book 2015 981 GTS Boxster 33k km for $105k in melb seems well priced https://www.facebook.com/groups/653994311304958?view=permalink&id=2273503972687309
  18. Tips are great for holding a coffee whilst driving 😀 Great idea I say with a 964 tip. Good luck!
  19. Dickheads were probably just jealous of your car mate
  20. Have done that before, yet this is bloody good steak! 😁 I had a little whinge to them via email, to which they've replied and will chat with me this week
  21. Has anyone found a child seat that will fit into a recaro bucket seat? I have 2 cars with recaros and no back seats. My 18month old son keeps running up to the passenger side of my Porsche’s and making ‘broom broom’ sounds, I think it’s time he came with me...
  22. Love the look of a 997 GT3, even more so with my mate having recently purchased a red one. And the red one at Richmonds looks compelling value......only problem is I would have sell my 996.2 GT3 to upgrade, & I couldn’t bring myself to do that! Back to work to earn more $$’s I guess.
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