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  2. Does anyone in or around Melbourne or SE VIC have a stand for a Cabrio Hard Top that is surplus to requirements? If so I would be interested. thanks Mark
  3. Price seems reasonable to me, particularly with IMS done. The only things I can see that go against it are the colours but that is my personal taste
  4. Exciting news. Maybe they can finally make the Panamera rear end look good in 2 door coupe form. 😭 I like the idea of a modern, front engined, four seat, big boot, 2 door Porsche sports car. 👍
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  6. "Reborn 928 will see Porsche Panamera battle it out against the BMW 8 Series, could arrive as soon as next year. A fast two-door coupe based on the current Porsche Panamera is said to be under development to help the car-maker steal sales from both the BMW 8 Series and the Aston Martin Vantage." Sorry if this is old news but couldn't see it anywhere with a quick search... Should be pretty interesting! Full article: https://www.carsales.com.au/editorial/details/porsche-plotting-two-door-panamera-coupe-and-cabrio-118170/
  7. I guess that why he said sensible offers invited. Huge price I doubt it . What’s it worth in your world? Most other manual cars seem to be about the same price this one has zero to spend on it
  8. I’ve not seen one listed for sale in the 2.5years I’ve been looking. Closest was a series 1.5 manual turbo cab
  9. Bugger that is going to play havoc with my OCD.....
  10. Hi, does anyone know whether Porsche Cars Australia originally bought in and sold the 997.2 Turbo in a manual? I can only find PDK's listed for sale currently on Carsales (4 of them), but cannot find a way to search 'sold' cars on Carsales (does this exist??) Thanks for any help.
  11. Hi, does anyone know whether Porsche Cars Australia originally bought in and sold the 997.2 Turbo in manual gearbox? I can only find PDK's listed for sale currently on Carsales (4 of them), but cannot find a way to search 'sold' cars on Carsales (does this exist??) Thanks!
  12. Nice, we did the 210 from LA down to Palm Springs in Feb with a convertible Gt Mustang. It was awesome view with the snow capped mountains on our left as we headed through the small towns into Palm Springs. No Smow this time of year but will be a treat in the polo Tom, enjoy. Make sure you book the right Uber not sure this one will get you there on time 🤣 Bloody electric scooters everywhere🙄
  13. I disagree it’s a manual it’s not a million miles off in price sure you might have to wait around for a buyer but any car will sell at the right price
  14. $54K is a huge price for that car; I dont think it will sell quickly. Car sales generally have slowed to nearly nothing - I blame the Election. Wifey says why don't we wait till after election because we will be able to get a great deal on a new electric car!!!!! ( I remind her about NBN & slink off to my mancave to mutter & shake head).
  15. 6 point roll cage wanted for a 924 track car or where to buy in Australia?
  16. Or drive there in a yank muscle car (Dodge Challenger (better than you think!) from Vegas), spend 3 days exploring plus a helicopter flight over the canyon
  17. @Niko ....... Im also guilty/proud of a similar ritual with my bunnings towels..... However my colour co-ordiantion doesn't align with yours.... The new packs have dark and light grey, no more red. 😂
  18. Needs to go, sensible offers invited. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-Porsche-911-Carrera-996-Manual/SSE-AD-6002276?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-6002276
  19. In general / 50k feet terms some food for thought is , on the 10k reported in Fringe benefit value on your Mrs group certificate, her company would stump up effectively 10k in FBT tax (approximately 2 x fringe benefit value x 50%.) That value of fringe benefit is effectively what taxable income at the highest taxable rate that would need to be added to your Mrs salary (gross taxable salary) to pay for those benefits in after tax dollars. Yes the businesses can generally claim the cost of providing that benefit, as a deduction, but get dinged the associated fbt. Unless your Mrs has say a novated lease, the company will cough up the fbt liability. If that 10k of fringe benefit value included fbt on a novated lease, her company would novated their fbt liability on the lease car to your Mrs who could pay for that in pre tax dollars (salary sacrifice). Yes the bean counters reading this will be saying what abount if not on the top marginal rate, can use after tax dollars to reduce the fbt liability, instead of salary sacrificing in pre tax dollars, but call that a wrinkle when giving a general view at 50,000 feet and not at 0 feet). In terms of indirect impact on that reportable fringe benefit value to you and your Mrs, that numbers gets used when assessing threshold limits such as medicare levies, super co - contirubtions, low income tax rebates, private health care rebates, HECS debt repayment levels, child care rebates, child maintenance for divorsee's. Been on the end of an unpleasant WTF call on a decent ding to a child maintenance adjustment for an employee that wasn't exactly small due to an increase in reportable Fringe benefits value. Now just a view, but fbt came in because of the baby boomers and a small minority of them earning bugger all in salary and paying bugger all in personnel income tax, but their businesses, businesses which employed them gave them access to largesse for nothing, eg fancy cars, holidays, long wined lunches, paid for kids private school fees that were free carries to the individuals and the companies were claiming those costs in full or partially against taxable income. So ATO , pollies got all bent out of shape and said to the businesses if you aren't going to put that stuff in individuals salaries that they would pay tax on and you want the deduction, we are going to ding you as if you did include those benefits in your employees salary packages and we will ding the company instead of the individual for the tax. Aside, what many businesses don't appreciate is there are circumstances where Company Z can provide a benefit to company X's employee and Company X will have a legal liability to pay the fbt, not withstanding company X didn't outlay a cent or claim a cent and company Z claimed the cost of providing the benefit in full or in part. At times, best to bring in the bean counter sitting in the corner at times to the table when tendering me thinks. eg better to go in eyes open than not. Those FBT bills can be nasty if not costed.
  20. This is where I will probably be shot down in flames.. I don't buy the expensive ones from the Car Care Products people and similar companies. I buy the multi coloured pack that you get from BUNNINGS, Remove the little tag off them before using to avoid scratching. I have been known to use them a couple of times....but after each use wash them without conditioner added. I also use the colours to designate what I use the cloth for. IE.... yellow ones are always.... glass. blue ones always .....polish Red always .......wax Green always .....liquid sealer That is using one to apply the product...... and one or more to remove/buff etc. (but keeping same colours for both process's) Then mostly chuck it out (mainly the ones that I used for applying the product). The buff ones I will normally put them in a container until you have a heap, then wash them in the machine without using conditioner. Then I use those ones again...this time for applying the product and then they get the flick... And The rotation continues...... I am ready to be attacked......
  21. I have some I'd swap for ambers...
  22. And I'll bet there were some Aussie cars amongst them .... yet that would probably be OK according to them ...
  23. Oh well, they come and they go. Better to be in a lovers care than neglected. Besides, they could stop the flow if they pay up. 😜
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