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  2. Looks really good for a daily first Porsche. The inability to sell is no doubt because of the replacement engine with non matching numbers firstly, and secondly because transfer of ownership is not standard as the car is registered in Qld so may require a trip to Qld for the owner if sold to a Qlder. If sold in Vic it will need to go over the pits to get its RWC before it gets registered. Its just these little niggly parts of the deal which will possibly turn people off. For a discounted 996 this should not be an issue.
  3. A wide body long nose speedster conversion. That's what she's screaming for...
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  5. I had a moment where I was mid corner at about 100 and someone decided to cut me off without any warning doing about 40 under the speed limit. I luckily had an emergency lane to move around them otherwise it would probably not have been an accident either car would have driven away from. I took the opportunity whilst on a skid pan with an ex counter terrorist driving instructor to figure out what was the best approach if a similar situation occurred. The answer is to just smash the ABS and steer it where you want - do anything else and your in trouble. @amanda was actually there the day I was trying to figure this one out. ABS is actually a form of stability control since it has to deal with the possibility you might have half the car in the dirt/grass meaning it has a bunch of smarts on how to keep the wheels turning and not locked whilst the car is possibly changing direction. I was pleasantly surprised at how much control I had going from a high speed lift off snap oversteer into ABS breaking situation in the 996.
  6. LeeM

    996 Mk1 GT3

    @WGA I watched all of his 996 videos recently. Very informative, and probably the best advice if anyone is contemplating buying one
  7. Thanks Starchy 911sc and 9er, they came up an absolute treat thanks to my brother who likes to polish things........
  8. In what respect mate? I'm sure Jeff probably has some idea of fitting a Merlin Spitfire engine into the 996 for shits n giggles 😁
  9. You obviously don't follow the classic JDM market...
  10. cheers mate..........still a little puzzled about the 'straight swap' for a 996 GT3 replica
  11. The figures Sleazious used would mean that the median house hold income alone would require a mortgage multiplier of 5x to buy a median house in Sydney, firstly no bank today would offer that multiplayer today, also banks now look at all your living/lifestyle expenses & deduct these prior to using any multiplayer for a loan it's all about your ability to pay/service the loan. The days of rocking up with just your payslips are long gone. I think this is roughly correct.
  12. Recently listed 996 MK1 GT3 _ 83,800 KM looks good @ (too cheap) $125K https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2000-porsche-911-gt3-996-manual/SSE-AD-6357410/?utm_campaign=search-alert&utm_source=notification-center&utm_medium=email I saved a copy to my hard drive (thanks to Jason A 😀) evo-gt3-20-years-oct-2019.pdf
  13. Merv

    Monty Mufflers

    I saw that Peter and made the assumption that they were bought out by AASE. Seems to be still in Australia. Their M41 model (3.2L) is so different from the stock muffler. I wonder how does it sound? http://www.montymufflers.com/index.html#M41 The prices of some are mind blowing and if from the US - with our now low value dollar + exorbitant shipping and the our greedy government's GST on top - forget it.
  14. I feel the boomer population effect is overstated in Australia as per below. Now compare this to Japan which has a real demographic problem on its hands.
  15. No, a standard ‘94. Though has had suspension upgrades equivalent to M030 and 17” genuine Cup wheels plus CS steering wheel, etc.
  16. How can a couple afford to pay that sort of mortgage, rates, utility bills, transport costs, food, entertainment etc and not be in serious financial shit? That just does not make any financial sense to me. With my extreme lack of financial knowledge (aka stupid), what I see nowadays is all these younger couples over committing themselves by buying big houses, filling them with the very best furniture etc, having the latest cars at $30-40-80k, yet they scrimp and scrape by every week because they don't earn enough. All this just to keep up with the Joneses? I've watched some shows on tv recently about some couples pushing their financial limits just to buy in the right area (I'm talking Sydney here), and they have to rent out a room just to cover the mortgage payments, yet are also planning a family in the future. Why would you do that?
  17. It's interesting for me to understand in more detail what you said earlier. Thanks for explaining.
  18. I act for many boomers & very few of them are selling their property holdings, or ever intend to..... at their stage of life, asset value is much less important to them than income is, and they are having no problem consistently renting their properties. It is income that pays the bills, funds the lifestyle, etc.......most of their assets, including their property holdings will simply be left to their families. We are already seeing this occurring- a large part of my practice is assisting with inter-generational wealth transfer. Whilst the adult children of these baby-boomers may inherit assets which may have come off of their highest market values, I can assure you that they are still happily receiving them! Some are residing in these inherited homes, some are simply continuing to rent them, and yes, some are selling them. Whilst I agree that the gap between house prices growth and wages growth is not sustainable, & will most likely lead to a slowing of property values (as wages catch up), I’m not convinced that there is going to be a major ‘sell-off’ by baby boomers.
  19. Unable to download for some reason....any alternative link?
  20. @Harsh All you need to know is here mate
  21. TwoHeadsTas

    996 Mk1 GT3

    GT3L - can you post a photo of the cover? I had a look at an October Wheels but no Porsche stuff at all, and it said something about "collection" I think - may have been a parallel issue or something thanks
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