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  2. Thanks @Skidmarks, @hugh... I love that grey-red colour combo! 😍
  3. @Raven you’re messing up my brain!! I come here to see cars.... 😍
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  5. "slow car" fast is where the real fun is! (Anyone can drive a fast car fast right?)
  6. Can I just ask a dumb question please - Can someone confirm whether my understanding is correct or not - trying to use Lehman’s terms - basically the long and short of it is that only the first $57,000 of the vehicle cost is tax deductible/depreciable no matter how much it costs you. Financing costs are ratioed at 57k divide by the purchase price as to how deductible they are. This is then cut down again based on your log book percentage for work use. Unless you use, or can say you use, the vehicle for 80-90% business then your back to only $45k being deductible Running costs I’m not sure about? Same ratio? Or are all the running costs deductible x log book percentage work use? Anything you claim as depreciation has to be paid back unless you sell you car for the price you have depreciated it to? maybe this is different for a lease, but isn’t the ratio of lease costs the same - ie only 57k/cost is deductible off you taxable income and you have to pay the rest from your after tax income? Happy to be schooled! Please someone tell me there’s a way to make a $120k vehicle more tax effective than putting it against your house!
  7. Kind of a surprise bonus. Footpath was getting fixed up to the corner 2 houses from mine. They decided to keep going and did up to my place so I asked them to fix the crossover. Answer: “sure, no problem” I thought they’d do it the same time as the path but needed heavier grade asphalt for the crossover. A second crew came back and did this job as well as a couple around the corner.
  8. Hey Nick, great to see you out and about again. Looks like the great weather we had a few years ago in Tassie and included a Symmons Plains track day ! The trip before was when we got together with you and other Tassie brethren total 26 cars.
  9. lest you forget.. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-912-1968/SSE-AD-6039281/?gts=SSE-AD-6039281&gtssaleid=SSE-AD-6039281&rankingType=Spotlight
  10. Assume you mean other than blackmans.... (They’re both in moorabbin) D&J motor trimmers (Joe), 417 warrigal rd moorabbin - he’s just a one man band operation - he has some std Porsche fabrics from memory and a few other samples to look at but if you want something unique like the tartan i got done it’s byo. - it’s factory 4 or something, it’s a bit hard to find as his wshop is down a driveway off street (a group of small businesses) - my suggestion is keep it simple and you won’t be disappointed (I’m OS at the monent so don’t hav much more info... if google him you’ll find the address & number)
  11. he must love his local vet also hahaha looks like a real sweet dog though
  12. Fark, So has he been to buy an extra couch for the dog 😏 my mind goes straight to how much is that going to cost to feed..... Gorgeous looking pup though
  13. Hi Philbee whos the bloke in Moorabin? looking at getting my 2 front seats done...difficult to match off the shelf as it’s a dark olive interior...
  14. Well Dads 55kg and he is almost 2, we think she will top out at maybe 40kgs.
  15. Omg that will be massive once it’s fully grown 80kg’s?
  16. Boxrod anyone? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/hurstville/cars-vans-utes/porsche-boxster/1216466607?utm_campaign=socialbuttons&utm_content=app_ios&utm_medium=social&utm_source=ios_social
  17. Auction near Launceston over weekend of a fair bit of British stuff. Auction heading as follows: Major Auction of a private collection of veteran & vintage cars inc. E Type Jag, Essex, Morgans, MGs, Triumphs, & Rovers. Workshop & industrial tools & equipment. Antique furniture, china, collectables, maritime items, books, etc. - Link to catalogue: http://www.sherwoodauctions.com.au/?page=catalogue&view=318 Painfully laid out as it goes back to the start of the list each time you go back from a piccie..... I'm planning to get out Friday afternoon for a bit of a look, if there's anything of any interest to anyone PM me and I can have a look for you. Will have a mate with me who is a previous E Type & MG owner who can probably offer specific info if needed.....
  18. Not mine but my son's new dog, she is such a cutie and so gentle for a big puppy, 14kgs at 12 weeks, we are baby sitting for a few weeks, it's so good to have a dog around again. Dogue De Bourdeaux X Neapolitan Mastiff She will be a big girl Dad on the left, Mum on the right
  19. Sorry. My bad. I was looking at the other black one. $94 is probs not too bad as an approved car. It will have 12mths warranty and you can keep extending it I think out to ten yrs from new. Black sucks to keep clean though. If it is at PCBrisbane then negotiating should be interesting.
  20. imho source a seat of race seats and go to town. not saying you are ruining your seats by modifying but sort of a shame. i will be very hard to get it fitted right and costly. my brother is a custom trimmer and by all means you can ask the question to him @dynamictrimming on ig. I like your idea of a custom touch!
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