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  2. 6 point roll cage wanted for a 924 track car or where to buy in Australia?
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  4. Or drive there in a yank muscle car (Dodge Challenger (better than you think!) from Vegas), spend 3 days exploring plus a helicopter flight over the canyon
  5. @Niko ....... Im also guilty/proud of a similar ritual with my bunnings towels..... However my colour co-ordiantion doesn't align with yours.... The new packs have dark and light grey, no more red. πŸ˜‚
  6. Needs to go, sensible offers invited. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1998-Porsche-911-Carrera-996-Manual/SSE-AD-6002276?pageSource=details&id=SSE-AD-6002276
  7. In general / 50k feet terms some food for thought is , on the 10k reported in Fringe benefit value on your Mrs group certificate, her company would stump up effectively 10k in FBT tax (approximately 2 x fringe benefit value x 50%.) That value of fringe benefit is effectively what taxable income at the highest taxable rate that would need to be added to your Mrs salary (gross taxable salary) to pay for those benefits in after tax dollars. Yes the businesses can generally claim the cost of providing that benefit, as a deduction, but get dinged the associated fbt. Unless your Mrs has say a novated lease, the company will cough up the fbt liability. If that 10k of fringe benefit value included fbt on a novated lease, her company would novated their fbt liability on the lease car to your Mrs who could pay for that in pre tax dollars (salary sacrifice). Yes the bean counters reading this will be saying what abount if not on the top marginal rate, can use after tax dollars to reduce the fbt liability, instead of salary sacrificing in pre tax dollars, but call that a wrinkle when giving a general view at 50,000 feet and not at 0 feet). In terms of indirect impact on that reportable fringe benefit value to you and your Mrs, that numbers gets used when assessing threshold limits such as medicare levies, super co - contirubtions, low income tax rebates, private health care rebates, HECS debt repayment levels, child care rebates, child maintenance for divorsee's. Been on the end of an unpleasant WTF call on a decent ding to a child maintenance adjustment for an employee that wasn't exactly small due to an increase in reportable Fringe benefits value. Now just a view, but fbt came in because of the baby boomers and a small minority of them earning bugger all in salary and paying bugger all in personnel income tax, but their businesses, businesses which employed them gave them access to largesse for nothing, eg fancy cars, holidays, long wined lunches, paid for kids private school fees that were free carries to the individuals and the companies were claiming those costs in full or partially against taxable income. So ATO , pollies got all bent out of shape and said to the businesses if you aren't going to put that stuff in individuals salaries that they would pay tax on and you want the deduction, we are going to ding you as if you did include those benefits in your employees salary packages and we will ding the company instead of the individual for the tax. Aside, what many businesses don't appreciate is there are circumstances where Company Z can provide a benefit to company X's employee and Company X will have a legal liability to pay the fbt, not withstanding company X didn't outlay a cent or claim a cent and company Z claimed the cost of providing the benefit in full or in part. At times, best to bring in the bean counter sitting in the corner at times to the table when tendering me thinks. eg better to go in eyes open than not. Those FBT bills can be nasty if not costed.
  8. This is where I will probably be shot down in flames.. I don't buy the expensive ones from the Car Care Products people and similar companies. I buy the multi coloured pack that you get from BUNNINGS, Remove the little tag off them before using to avoid scratching. I have been known to use them a couple of times....but after each use wash them without conditioner added. I also use the colours to designate what I use the cloth for. IE.... yellow ones are always.... glass. blue ones always .....polish Red always .......wax Green always .....liquid sealer That is using one to apply the product...... and one or more to remove/buff etc. (but keeping same colours for both process's) Then mostly chuck it out (mainly the ones that I used for applying the product). The buff ones I will normally put them in a container until you have a heap, then wash them in the machine without using conditioner. Then I use those ones again...this time for applying the product and then they get the flick... And The rotation continues...... I am ready to be attacked......
  9. I have some I'd swap for ambers...
  10. And I'll bet there were some Aussie cars amongst them .... yet that would probably be OK according to them ...
  11. Oh well, they come and they go. Better to be in a lovers care than neglected. Besides, they could stop the flow if they pay up. 😜
  12. Its always been my understanding that if I buy a $200,000 car depreciate it over 4 years @ 22.5% per year I am up for the complete tax credit repayment because the car is still worth more than the $57K depreciation limit if I sell it for say $130,000. If this is not correct then happy to be re-educated. The net result in the end is a very small portion of tax savings vs the depreciation of the actual car. Yes its nothing to be sneezed at over the life of the car and can take some of the hurt away but tax deducting a $80 / $160 / $300K car will not save you tens of thousands in tax per year - at best its 27.5% of the deduction. It is a cynical approach on my behalf but the headaches created sometimes arent worth it. For someone to be dropping Porsche money on cars, the last thing they are thinking about is fuel costs and how much tax they are going to save. BUT if you can get some money back, its better than nothing and more power to the ones who have managed to play the system to full effect - I'm all for it. EDIT: What I am totally clueless on is FBT and the impact on the business / employee. I know when my wife was working in the corporate world her PAYG summary had an FBT figure greater than $10K what does that mean to the business? I assume they paid that to the ATO which then negates all deductible benefits if you own the business?
  13. Can i ask if anyone here can have tried the AquaWax in comparison to the Meguiars X-press Wax ? Im a big fan of Meguiars X-press Wax and found it very easy to use , with great results. But always happy to go with something better.
  14. Miss the crowds and land in the Canyon by chopper. 6 of us flew from Vegas and land on a ledge (big) about a third of the way from the top. Freakin unbelievable, seeing it from the air as well. Perfect half day trip and no crowds just one other chopper in there.
  15. Now that is the most perfect sexy tight curve on that wheel arch!
  16. Hi Niko & JB, What (brand) have you found to be the best microfiber cloth to use with a black cars to minimize possible scratching/marring?
  17. Yes I had some direct experience of this! Before I exported my CGT last year I took it to Simply Porsche which is an annual gathering of Porsches at the UK National Motor Museum at Beaulieu (see photos below). This is a huge event with over 1000 Porsches attending, the museum is excellent too. A few Porsche enthusiasts I spoke with were not at all happy I was exporting the car, with some saying it should be stopped as too many cars are leaving their shores. I drove it to the docks the next day!
  18. Yesterday
  19. Interesting article, looks like it’s out of the US as it misses a lot of well known brands outside of CQuartz. Have to disagree with a lot of statements made and recommendations, application techniques, to the point that article is evidently a promotional tool rather than written by a journalist not a experienced Detailer. Just my 2c niko you cannot go wrong with the stuff you are using, I’m a big fan of the Autoglym product as well. jb
  20. Thanks for that Peter...I haven't gone to the ceramic side at this stage. Black being a real PITA to keep looking good. at this stage I am sticking to the tried and true old polish/wax stuff... I normally use the AUTOGLYM range, in polish/wax and sealers.... however. I have been using DODO Red Mist protection as the end product for the polish/wax/ sequence. I think it is better for the final finish. I rarely have to use any polish, after the wash and using the AquaWax, go over the entire body surface with the DODO JUICE. Otherwise stick with the AUTOGLYM Extra gloss protection instead. Either are very very good in my opinion. They jury is till out for me with the ceramics, although having seen the result on some cars it is obviously a good thing too.......I think
  21. Appreciate all the feedback and recommendations guys, I'm in Richmond so there's some handy locations mentioned near me! Couple of quotes for now and I'll see how I go cheers,
  22. Niko, As one of PFA's most trusted car care enthusiasts, WHAT are you using and are you happy with the results? I still thank you for your recommendation with Aquawax so would be happy to take your advice on ceramic coating too.
  23. Here's the catalogue one. Turns out it is an estate sale, and I knew the owner. He was a client for a few years, but I never knew of his interest in cars.....
  24. Arthur, the "pay back the tax man" bit really comes if your car is sold for more than the depreciated value, as you add back (some or part) of the depreciation previously claimed. Obviously this is an issue if you try to depreciate, say, an air cooled car, or a 996 / 997 and transaxle series where values aren't dropping, whereas if you bought a new Macan, Cayenne and 991 , and probably most newer Boxsters, I think you'd pretty much be suffering some real depreciation in value. So, depending on how long you own a car for, and how expensive it is (bearing in mind the depreciation cost limit and FBT values per SimonK earlier), there can be some circumstances where you can make it work. I guess as generality, this works for the cheaper end of the market best. However, what I've chosen to do with my 996, is to keep a track of business kms and will claim under the c/km method (under 5000kms claim at 66c/km), as there is no depreciation add back that I can determine under this option. As our 996 is in joint names, my wife is also using the car for some of her business stuff so she can claim up to 5000kms too. This works even better if you wanted to run a cheap Boxster where the $ claim can be really worthwhile compared to running costs....
  25. POLO getting the shine on ready for LUFT6
  26. POLO - getting the shine on ready for LUFT
  27. Your all saving them from the salty roads in the UK. They are much better off in Australia
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