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  2. Sorry. My bad. I was looking at the other black one. $94 is probs not too bad as an approved car. It will have 12mths warranty and you can keep extending it I think out to ten yrs from new. Black sucks to keep clean though. If it is at PCBrisbane then negotiating should be interesting.
  3. imho source a seat of race seats and go to town. not saying you are ruining your seats by modifying but sort of a shame. i will be very hard to get it fitted right and costly. my brother is a custom trimmer and by all means you can ask the question to him @dynamictrimming on ig. I like your idea of a custom touch!
  4. I’ve come to a similar conclusion regarding modern (power assisted) 911’s. If I drive one, I’ll probably want one. After I test drove a turbocharged 911 I thought my SC had a problem as it felt so slow. I’m sticking with my old timer SC with its antique steering feel. 💪
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  6. Today I came home to a driveway that I can actually get the 911 into without using ramps. 😁. Kudos to Bayside council for including this extra work as part of the scheduled footpath maintenance.
  7. In the area, we are pretty close to Beng Beng and Pitstops........ I'm keen for a Saturday Night do
  8. I’m in the SE and there’s 2 joints down here I know of...... blackmans in Moorabbin and the guy I went to. Blackmans is pricey but you’ll get a great result, they do all types old and new classics, etc.... my guy may have only done old AC cars I think. But he’s heaps cheaper than blackmans and did a pretty good job for me. Also, Darren at autocoupe is up your way (NE) ... he’s a mechanic but may know someone out that way. Also, I think there’s some other posts here that point to outer east re-trimmers, etc....Try do a PFA search.
  9. Hmmm, was afraid you were gonna say that. So feels like you can’t (prefer not) drive an AC car on the track any more when there’s these modern space ships now available....? Except @hugh seems to feel otherwise... My fear is: I’ve never driven a modern Porsche and even though there’s that underlying desire to get in one or eventually own one, but equally... a part of me fears I should never do it as I may lose my enjoyment of and start feeling the age of my car (get bored with it). And with the price of AC cars going up, I may end up in no mans land... can’t afford either! Not like some.. 😋 Therefore, does it make more sense for the modern GT cars to stick to the track and old AC cars for road? If I had the money, that’s maybe how I could live with both.... (?). 🤓
  10. Check with @Philbee, very very nice recent tartan inserts added to the black beast
  11. Porsche dealer had $94k drive away....presume they are trying to make $15k plus on the car...
  12. Seems like big bucks to me, but how do you quantify the cost of them, considering what it would cost to make a good one out of a bad or mediocre one? Looking forward to a full driving report!
  13. Hi all, I've had an itch the last few months to look into having the inserts (middle section) of my perfectly fine 997 seats done in Houndstooth/Pepita. - inspiration from the 911R and a mex blue 996 I eyeballed at #HB2. It looks fantastic! I think it will give my car a nice retro look and contrast, being polar silver in colour Anyone recommend and high quality workshops that could undertake the job in Melb? Preferably inner NE cheers,
  14. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2014-Porsche-Cayman-981-Auto/OAG-AD-16984399 how does it cost $13k to get it on the road?
  15. Cheers.. I definitely want a manual.. there is also a pretty big price difference across the whole range . Some are asking nearly 991 prices
  16. They have $91k on it before on roads. Figure they would have traded it mid $70k. Do you have link to yours?
  17. Hahahaha thanks but I’m a bit tired after doing this and I don’t think my wallet will recover anytime soon😂😎
  18. I've got a 924 Turbo that could use that sort of treatment if you feel the need to go through it again ...
  19. Fwoar!!!! What a transformation! Just beautiful! Well done!
  20. Cracking spec for this one. I suspect it was the car from NSW that came up for sale about July /August time with 4500kms from memory. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2015-Porsche-911-GT3-991-Auto-MY16/SSE-AD-6053868
  21. I don’t know the black one but I do know the white 2014 car as it was mine until recently. $104k seems pretty expensive seeing they would have paid mid 70’s to low 80’s when they traded it. Even if it is a pit pricy you won’t be disappointed, awesome cars all of the 981s.
  22. Thanks very much mate. Really happy with it and it's an absolute keeper. Very very cool. Thanks for sharing that video my friend. Still can't believe I get to be the custodian of a piece of Porsche Australia history.
  23. You're very good at buying the right car.
  24. Hahaha cheers Mate.... Never worked so fast to buy a car in my life. Seriously. Hahaha. This is fantastic. Hope to be doing some events for sure with the eldest son one of these days. Found this screen grab pic of both cars back in the day....
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