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  2. If I or anyone else behaved in a discriminative manor such as that or decided to screw someone over because I was in a position of power ,,,,in this day and age I would expect to get a swift kick in the back side or a rap over the knuckles at the very least ,,,,,so how do these pricks get away with this sort of crap .......?
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  4. I don't think so. Goes to show that there are wankers in all walks of life - Other cops have given me the thumbs-up, but whoever these clowns were probably resented having to do RBT at 7 on a Sunday morning
  5. Quasi Thanks for the reply. When I get the chance I'm going to pull the bearing out and see if any of the local bearing places have a replacement. I'll also checkout ebay as you suggest for a replacement compressor
  6. What Ass holes ................were they Hwy Wankers ...???
  7. Correct @edgy We rarely go out (homebodies that enjoy tv, doing nothing and our dog), and in these times of everything regularly going up in price, we kind of expect a lot more than this kind of service, especially when we're regulars and we don't have to tell them what we're ordering or how we want it cooked! Just poor form really
  8. Which part of the car will you be spending that on? Seriously though, set a budget and then triple it. Donor cars are expensive and you'll get hammered on parts from the US and Europe with the $ where it is. As others have suggested, buying someone else's hotrod or unfinished project is a good option.
  9. You fared better than me then. I pulled into a roadside RBT recently and after blowing 0.00, two of them went over the car with a fine-toothed comb trying to pick defects. They eventually settled on the roll cage. I explained (politely) that it is of course a factory option and registered as a two seater. Despite not having an infringement since the mid-90s, they ticked the "defect" box on the infringement notice...right beside the "warning" box. PITA having to go to an inspection station with proof that the cage was an option, then to the RTA to clear the "defect" within a two week period.
  10. Here is the current 997 offerings... Mr Black, appears to be a 003 - $185k ... looks like a good one to go to the track with? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2007/SSE-AD-5097400/?Cr=4 Mr Red, non 003 - $169k ... this is cheap, why is it still for sale? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2007/OAG-AD-17193250/?Cr=5 Mr Yellow, non 003 -$214k ... well presented and encourages us to wash our ones once in a while, cos they look great when they are actually clean! https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2007/OAG-AD-17251094/?Cr=6 Mr white, 003 car - $210k ... started at a cheeky $235k, perhaps the time on the market and pricing suggest its not an urgent sale? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2008/OAG-AD-16749478/?Cr=7 Mr? How shall we call it? Mr OG since 2016, non 003 - $225k ... no new comments on this, I am sure I've said it numerous times over the last 3+ years. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2008/SSE-AD-4047460/?Cr=8 Mr white 997.2 and the only one now on the market - $250k ... only gen 2 car on the market currently... the rest seem to have been removed or sold https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-911-2009/SSE-AD-5967528/?Cr=9 Prices are all over the place at present... but it seems 7.1 cars priced at sub $200's are moving... not sure on the 7.2's
  11. Thanks for that, will check it out and pick one up today.
  12. Can I have Davids details also? Cheers
  13. I ended up buying a spare compressor on ebay. For my noise it was the compressor itself rather than the bearing, as it ended up sounding the same after switching the bearing. when i was searching there was a shop in US that sold just the bearing, but i think shipping ended up being prohibitive.
  14. And that's why I mainly cook at home... If we eat out, its either cheap ass (but good) hole in the wall joints, or I'm spending it, to do it right were I know they deliver... most the stuff in the middle just isn't worth your dollars or time! e.g. for your $60~ you could buy some very good quality beef and grill it yourself and have change. I know I am not telling you anything you don't already know, and that its nice to support local businesses, but for me, more often than not, they just reinforce my feelings on the matter!
  15. edgy

    Cayenne 92A purchase

    It is my understanding that most those issues were ironed out by the facelift 9PA.. as for the other issue, I'd have a search on the Cayenne section on Rennlist forums.
  16. To be clear. We had maintenance to do or short term work. We don't set up or start on high volume roads until after 9am so the peak (about 5000 between 730am and 9am) traffic gets away. We reduce the limit according to proximity to workers. Should have been 40klmh because they were within 1.2m. Considering the traffic refused to do the new limit we are then required to stop them and send one lane at a time. We made the reasonable choice but it backfired on us. Yes the police capitalized on the situation but they were motivated by safety. Just saying because this is what they face regularly so they take a hard line. We have to as well, which we try to avoid as much as possible. Traveling 500m at 60 vs 80 costs how many seconds? SFA Just perspective not judgment.
  17. I know mate. How dare I complain when we get to use their blunt cutlery! That was another whinge I had...and the ice in our drinks melted too quickly... As I mentioned above, they said they had to bring it around outside the hotel but they didn't. She just came through a door near us. I know its trivial and we/I very rarely if at all complain at a restaurant etc, but I'm bloody annoyed @Coastr
  18. Well i'm disgusted, they could have lined it with grease proof paper, cheapskates. You got a proper knife and fork, what's the problem?
  19. That’s just not on. Share the story widely - that place should promptly go out of business or be sold to someone who knows what customer service is.
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  21. I still have it, although it is now in my wife’s car. I thought it was fine. Easy to remove when needed also
  22. That’s a shame they are not visible,, see what I can do tonight???
  23. This is the one dimensional thinking by the state I hate .... we have 20000 cars per day, one idiot stacks and speeds are dropped to 60. It just frustrates 95% of drivers, sorry 99%.
  24. Friday we set up our road works on Tweed coast road just as the police, fire and hazmat had cleaned up an accident. 80klm zone 20,000 vehicle's per day. Reduced to 60klm with all the usual advance warning signs 90% of drivers still doing close to 80. Two Hway patrols nailed about 30 of them. I laugh at them. Dickheads tail gating texting no respect. Sorry we're not popular slowing or stopping traffic but we deserve to go home safe as well. 😜
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