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  2. Awesome, just bloody awesome - congrats. 👍
  3. Congratulations. I like it. I remember when they came out all those years ago. Looks kind of retro. Looking forward to hearing how it drives. Great little wagon!
  4. Which @Jason A turned up to the last one, got to see the Syd PFA at its best, or edgy at his worst with the wine list 🙄
  5. True @James P I’m one of those, and thanks that GT3 was a beautiful car wish I was more cashed up.
  6. http://www.ozaudi.com/forums/showthread.php/42320-PROJECT-(R)S2-More-Power?highlight=Rs2 some motivation to tweak it just a bit
  7. Today
  8. Not for sale, sorry James. I waited a long time for a very correct car to come along- so it’s a keeper. i sold my GT40 recently, so it’s the replacement 👌
  9. Wow, this looks absolutely amazing. Well done, and enjoy!
  10. Ill buy the silver 996.1 gt3 you got recently I'm sure we could do a deal
  11. We should probably open this thread up to RS' too. This seems like good value comparatively. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2016-Porsche-911-GT3-RS-991-Auto-MY16/OAG-AD-16986904
  12. Set of Cup 1 wheels Italian made replicas) 17x9 ET15 and 17x7.5 ET23 Were my spare track wheels, balanced and straight, never bent. Pictures the worst rim for rash and R888 tyres are old/worn so priced accordingly. Need the space so $380
  13. Wow, wow and wow. Very nice and unusual but lovely colour
  14. Do you track your SC or Carrera? Selling brand new set of Pagid RS14’s (Black) Fronts u4501 & rears u4304 as i changed cars and no longer need. Whether its occasional or full on, putting in a good set of racing brake pads transforms these cars on the track Selling for $480 -> great value they list at USD387 = AUD544 plus freight
  15. Very nice.🤑 Would love to do something similar. Not a criticism, just curious, what is missing in the underside engine pic? I noticed there are no heat exchangers but it looks like something else is missing.
  16. I stumbled on this one for @James P and anyone else if you haven't seen it before
  17. worth every penny ............just stunning
  18. Omg beautiful in every way love the interior
  19. WOW.....sensational. Love your work...
  20. Another one there’s only about 350 left , Porsche people have no idea what bare metal means or when they use that word RUST or no RUST , I just don’t believe em on an un restored car . Zzz that body is aluminium 😅 Indeed an expensive vantage point
  21. That’s why I have a picture of u in my racing lanyard James .. reliable corruptor and influencer of cars with livery On them
  22. Not me but someone here did buy it & I won’t be telling.. i may have had the ever so slightest involvement.. Thats 3 P cars in 3 weeks 🤭 I’d better stay off line..
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