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  2. Fantastic day! Huge thanks to the organisers and volunteers - everyone kept safe and (mostly) undramatic. Love the video @Arne Krix!!
  3. Some small issues but cant wait to get into it. thank you everyone for your support and I look forward to picking your minds more as I learn more about this beautiful model. I am a member of Vintage Sports car Club and usually try and go to St ives for Coffee and cars but I live south so looking to run through national park in the next couple of weeks to put in a decent drive. Also looking at the machines and macciatos at harbord diggers. What is the AH Newsletter ?
  4. Great day guys. Sorry I had to bugger off early. Had a booking for lunch in Trentham for my 10 yo’s birthday. The people were great. Friendly, engaged. No wank#rs. I think I was the only lone that left the road. My excuse? Its was wet. And I ran out of talent. Thanks to all who arranged and came. A terrific way to spend Sunday morning. And @wilberforce, sorry I didn’t take you for a ride. I waited a couple of times but you were too intent on doing more runs. More power to you!
  5. Skidmarks

    996 Mk1 GT3

    I’ve got a few GT Porsche’s. My ‘99 Touring is the best. No Nanny State here ....
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  7. Nice work @Niko A front engine Porker getting arse first 😁 That’s a rare shot 👍👍
  8. Congrats @SteveB1 welcome to the P club. I also have a 3lt behind a 915 box. Just delivers more of that analogue drive sensation, enjoy and hopefully see u at one of the Sydney coffee events. get on the AH newsletter they run a large porsche one quarterly, eastern classic last Sunday of each month and Vaucluse car club have there’s on Sunday the 3rd Nov. All on insta and fb. Unfortunate on your deliver timing as eastern and AH coffee runs are on this weekend.
  9. I often stay at Park Regis serviced apartments in Cremorne. Just a 10 min bus ride across the bridge into the city. Also the parking in the local streets around there isn't overly restricted so you can park for free if you like. Rooms on the harbour side are best and usually have a super nice view of the harbour, heads and bridge. Great thai restaurant downstairs too. :)
  10. As posted on a previous thread (not entirely sure where this original data was pulled from)......... Lapis Blue was not a PTS ...... in fact there were two of them delivered to Australia. This must have been the era when some clown decided that Black, white, grey and silver were on-trend!
  11. Yes, but a C2 ‘communicates’ (for want of a better term) through the steering wheel more than a C4 - which is a big part of what makes a 911 such an engaging drive. And C4’s are hard to skid...
  12. I think your spot on here, my information is that there is around 12 months of cheap money left to feed the RE market, from there as you say all bets are off. I wish our RBA/Government would go against the WW trend and start slowly ratcheting rates up its worth a try and certainly can't be any worse than the current strategy.
  13. You know the market is quiet if a $43k 996 manual coupe doesn’t get snapped up quickly!
  14. I don't believe this car was a PTS order, I believe this colour was within the available palette for the model year. The entire car (save for the engine bay & frunk) has been resprayed, so there was no issues with matching...
  15. That Lapis Blue is something special and well worth the PTS extra cost. It seems to change colour depending on the light source or where the sun strikes it - beautiful. Looking at the piccies, did you just have the rear end painted - how is the colour match, which is doubly difficult on 10-12 year old paint ??
  16. Thanks Dave, if I'm not out driving my BBC, taking photos of porkers is my next favourite passion.
  17. Thanks Andrew! That is exactly my thoughts... I knew it would look good, but as you say, it is beyond what I had hoped for! The fresh paint with the combination of the subtle wheel refresh in the modern colour palette of platinum satin really keeps it looking contemporary... that is a testament to this generations design IMO. I've always said the 997 was the most beautiful of the water-cooled 911's I knew I never should have listed it!!
  18. I'd work back off the rail network map if you're ok with the suburbs, a few of them have express services to the city (and airport) which get you there promptly, depends what you want to be around when at your accommodation, each line takes you somewhere different. My picks would be T2 (inner west), T4 (cronulla), T8 or T1 (north shore) - T8 & T4 have the best airport connections though.
  19. Amazing shots Niko! Thanks for capturing the on and sometimes off track moments so well!
  20. Yesterday
  21. No synchro on reverse, a pause will help it glide right in.
  22. A And to finish this lot....an oops moment..... Hopefully put some more up later in the day or tonight....
  23. Thanks all for the kind words, very happy to help provide the opportunity for everyone to give their cars a decent squirt! 🙈😎 Special thanks to @hugh and @9fan for their guidance, but a special thanks to @monty188, the bravest driver of the day who stood in the arctic wind and rain all morning like a bloody trooper making sure our excitement wasn't met with an unexpected head-on on the entrance/exit! Cheers boys! 🍻Kez And also thanks to our resident PFA Media operator - Niko! Cheers mate.
  24. Ahh, so it is definitely not a G50 box. Reverse is right and down so I assume the 915 box is the original box for this car? Noticed also that car grinds if coming to a stop engaging neutral and straight to reverse. Similar to another car I have which need to select neutral, clutch out then in and engage reverse. I have always assumed synchros is why. Will get some pics up from the website and when the car arrives early next week. I am really looking forward to getting into this car and the brand. I have always loved the early Porsche's. Thanks for your help.
  25. A slightly different view........ Unfortunately a couple of these below have a slight blurring where that rain drop was on the lens....sorry about that Arne and the beautiful green Cayman ..
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