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  2. Some more shots from @castlecarmedia
  3. When a cop pulls you over and invariability asks “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Do not answer “because I let you...”
  4. Looking for a Roll Cage for my 911. Anyone have anything laying around in NSW before I look at buying new? Will be going in a 65 shell but some small modifications are acceptable if it’s from a slightly newer vintage.
  5. Rick, was over there year before last - Porsche Museum is a 1/2 day, we didn't do Merc Museum but that is reported to be similar time, but is on the other side of Stuttgart I believe. If you want to do the Factory Tour get your dates sorted quick smart and start trying to book in now!!! We tried 3 months out and no luck. Also, they are closed some days (Mondays??) and there's a 2 week annual closure too I believe around that time. If you're a member of a P club, take you membership card for discounted entry to the museum and discounts in the gift shop. Worth it to try to get to UK for first weekend in September for Goodwood Revival!! We didn;t hire a car, but the Porsche Experience is run out of the dealership next to the Museum, not sure about longer hires though...
  6. Michelin PS4S come in 235/40ZR19 and 265/40ZR19. I would have chosen the Cup 2s if I was in your position though
  7. Looking for help/input from fellow PFA'rs ....I'm heading to Europe next year (August) with wifey & 2 other couples. Us three guys are all car nuts and Pcar owners and plan to get our Porsche fix whilst in Germany. Appreciate that there are plenty of travel forums around, but we are planning on getting to the Porsche factory & museum + Mercedes, and day at Nurburgring.......specifically looking for any current/up to date advice from fellow Porschefiles. Can you do Porsche & Mercedes in one day? Are there Porsche-related options at the ring? Eg hire a Porsche or fast-lap options. Also has anyone hired Porsches to tour throughout Germany?
  8. I have never had anything to do with his son Warren ,but have been told he is a lot easier to talk to than his Father and is more humble . Ian on the other hand really is a piece of work ,,so glad he has fallen out of favour with CAMS the guy really was a pain in the ass and to big for his ego .
  9. It's a seaside town about 2 hours north of Adelaide
  10. Dunno why, but him and his son come across as the stereotypical old 'Have we got a deal for you' toothy, gold chain wearing car salesmen
  11. He has a natural talent for rubbing people the wrong way and would fit right in down in Canberra with the rest of the Knobs
  12. If you have or can get hold of an earlier one that needs a clean up (aka not completely knackered) James, I'll swap you the good one on my '78 SC
  13. Always thought he came across as a bit of a knob on tv
  14. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1996-Porsche-911-Carrera-S-993-Auto/SSE-AD-5814103 how’s about a 993? I think this has had a drop in price?
  15. Nothing racy about a H pattern manual. No real racer in the last 30 years has chosen one. Even Porsche acknowledges this with the club sport which is PDK and track only. Still waiting for a GT4RS with PDK and at least 330KW. Looks like I will need my deposit back.
  16. Doesn’t change the fact that this new 718 GT4 is going to be a cracking car. No owner is going to be disappointed.
  17. What'e everyone running on 2013 981 Boxster? Current tyres P Zero 265/40 ZR19 and 235/40ZR19. Not keen on P Zeros as replacements again, seems Pilot Sport Cup 2s and Yoko V105s are about the only ones available in both sizes. Given the Cup 2s are probably overkill as a daily drive and I've read they're not ideal in the wet, looking like V105s may be the go. Any other options?
  18. Yup, glad we agree! 😬 i just haven’t seen the disparity in our “real world”
  19. The mechanics round your way are pretty tidy......needs more oil though!
  20. LOL - the Nurburgring times for the 991.2 were the same as this - 95% tyres. I went 2.5s faster at PI with just tyres on the GT4. 10s at the Ring is easily done with the same “upgrade”.
  21. Glad they stuck with the flat 6 in the GT4 ,,,,,,a turbo 4 was never going to win the Purists over regardless of how much power and performance it had ...I still prefer the 981 Cars over the 718 due to the NA flat 6 regardless of the performance figures GT4 buys wanted an NA flat 6 ,,,great to see Porsche listen to them and did it ..
  22. Good little track to do some laps around ,,,,,but very costly to use for the day and the facilities eg pit area and unloading and loading areas are small and poor ,,,,, also that tool Ian Luff is always lurking around with his smart mouth better value for money at SMSP , Wakefield or Marulan,,,,,but the facility is still developing so improving all the time .
  23. There actually is a removable 'carrier' section in the 'fan bloc' mounting on the cross member. It was just completely rusted over, covered with underbody sealant and stuck. It surrendered eventually to a pry bar and some heat. All cleaned and new bushings mounted with the ER tools I had and long clamp. Indexed the front and rear mounting brackets to 21 and 14 degrees respectively and all should be good to go back in!
  24. I don't have any experience with that system. My car had an alarm, installed by the dealer in 1988, but the remotes were long gone by the time I bought it. I removed the system, it was an interesting project
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