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  2. Not sure, i remember it in the same colours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_6viZkYk4no
  3. Was that a Toll liveries car at some point @James P? I was watching some footage from Oran Park in the early/mid 90's
  4. 9fan

    R Compound tyres.

    Yep A050 Maybe 235 F and 255 R in the Soft but in your car you might use the rubber quicker in the rear wear wise. Are you going to do the State Hill Climbs ?
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  6. I love it... i don’t know about a manual 2012 v10 R8 though... only 3 delivered supposedly. One was for sale just before Christmas, should have pulled the trigger but timing was wrong.
  7. This is super cool with a lot of history would love to own it.. was privileged to see it racing for many years & still looks the same http://www.my105.com/ListingDetails/p/1/k/porsche/id/22150
  8. For hill climbs i would use a fresh set of Yokohama A050 in soft compound.. I don't know any other R spec tyre that is softer or has more grip from cold
  9. That car is the spitting image of a car that I viewed here in sydney about 6 months ago. Same colour, age and interior, with the sports pack wing, front spoiler and wheels. I drove it around the block (didn't have time to go further). The clutch felt like it was on its last legs. Had a few rust bubbles under the rear window on the right side from memory just behind the hoop. Was up for the same money, but I passed on it because of the visible rust. Was being sold by a widow - it was her hubbys car who recently passed. Had a stack of history, including loads of old MOTs and tax discs from the UK. Hopefully she wasn't shafted too badly by a dealer. i'm amazed that this has been up for sale for so long..... HK import and targa but still seems like a good buy to me. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1996-porsche-911-carrera-993-auto/SSE-AD-6192032/?Cr=11
  10. I imported my 83 and didn’t change a thing. I think it depends on who does it and which state. I don’t have the name of who did it because the paperwork and I are not in the same place. Prob best to say where you’re looking for approval, someone will have done it.
  11. I've also be charitable in handed my keys over to forum members that I haven't met before for a spin around the block. Amount of skin in the game on that model doesnt work for me E.g. someone not too familiar with driving a manual / fries my clutch off the line. Whats the compensation, deducted notional points increased points.. On the flip side, driver says your clutch was screwed when I got in it. They say, we say. May have the IT side covered, but not the $. Cash is king. Off the top of my head, if you take the concept, like a listed body corporate for housing units and dollars are pooled into akin to a managed investment trusts, you then have a body corporate manager that.organises insurance , servicing , maintenance rego for say 10 cars ( 996gt3, v10 audi r8 ( manual 2012) 997 gt3, 930 turbo, f80 m3, 911 sc, audi rs6 , gt4, alpha quadrafoglio, 911 carerra ( 991). Annual sub fees are paid yearly ( body Corp fees to cover annual running costs). Instead of laying out 150k on your 996/ 997 gt3, you buy a share of a portfolio of 10 cars. Basically car usage is on a roster on a weekly predefined roster ( afl 10 round fixture) and ability for individual unit holders to swap cars if mutually agreed. value of cars are assessed say quarterly ( statement what the shareholding is worth if if someone wants to try and sell there share. Basically have a userpay hoon clause if something is not normal wear and tear. Accidents under a global policy on 10 cars means idiot operator driving the car pays the excess in case of incident and a resale penalty. All cars are to be returned back to base by say midnight Sunday unless agreed otherwise between shareholders. So could garage and drive 10 different Cars in under 3 months each year for the next 10 years or 4 smts in a year with a different p car each time. . Unit holders at and AGM could decide to offload a car and replace it with something else. Bit more skin in the game. Ideally the unit would build a 24/7 access industrial portal frame factory ( with at least one hoist and man cave facilities) to store the cars and that's an extra mandatory kick in. Could make that tax advantageous eg ( separate share in the building) and that group rents it to the unit trust group. So to the ministers of finance your investing in high cost realestate ( bugger all rental return and the building is fitted out with track and sports cars that are not permanent fixtures that magically appear in your own garage from time to time
  12. I need some advice. I’ve got a set of Zuffenhaus 17” Fuchs reps. 8’s and 9’s. I’m looking for the best R compound tyres that might fit. They’ll be on the 3.9 IROC . The idea is to use them on hillclimbs and events where the Hoosiers won’t get up to temp quickly enough. It’s been a long time since I’ve used R rubber so any tips and leads are welcome.
  13. luzzo


    Hi Commander, Sorry to hear of this issue. Interested to know if you had any progress resolving?
  14. I happily hand my keys to friends as I like to share the experience with others who may otherwise not get the chance. But so far have always been in the passenger seat. As suggested by others, no chance I'd consider letting others who I don't know plus not be in the passenger seat! Hire car mentality of driving it like you stole it comes to mind!
  15. I think this was her ................... https://www.instagram.com/freyy/
  16. Just my .02c worth ... I have enough issues letting people I know drive my cars ... they aren't overly expensive ones but if someone does something to it either by accident or by being a d**khead, I know it will be an expensive fix. There is no way I'd enter into something like this. I am fully versed in how people treat hire cars and this really wouldn't be much different ... "It's not mine, so who cares" ...
  17. LeeM

    993 manual and price

    Moved to wanted thread
  18. JLD

    993 manual and price

    Maybe post an ad in the Wanted section instead
  19. Apparently the buyer walked into the showroom and fell in love with it .. I've always said that a good deal is when both the buyer and the seller walk away happy ... so be it!
  20. btc_nz

    993 manual and price

    i can be emailed bradthomascoughlan@gmail.com and cash buyer.
  21. 81SC

    Tire compressor wanted

    This one is on Pelican. https://forums.pelicanparts.com/porsche-911-used-parts-sale-wanted/1053170-911-tire-compressor-1980s.html
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