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  2. Not sure if it's a new thing - seemed strange but prix also said only Brisbane south. Thanks for the other three names - will check them tomorrow.
  3. It would be nice if this worked but I think you’re fighting an uphill battle against the tragedy of the commons: The tragedy of the commons is a situation in a shared-resource system where individual users, acting independently according to their own self-interest, behave contrary to the common good of all users by depleting or spoiling the shared resource through their collective action.
  4. Gents - If anyone has any interest in a white Oz delivered 996 GT3 that has been seriously modded to pretty much Cupcar specs, please PM and I can put you in touch with the owner. The car is not advertised anywhere currently. Please only PM if you are a serious buyer. Sub six figure asking.
  5. Never noticed reverse cam in the option list... and that “useless” little bin I actually put the morning cappuccino in it... at least in the Macan! it’s a good point on the 12v outlet, but then again... I believe sports chrono adds the track app I think? Might head down to the dealer... or maybe I shouldn’t 😂 Not looking for a Macan turbo are you? 😂
  6. Yes this Keith's old car with some changes and is still a weapon
  7. The prospect of individuals putting cars into a pool to be able to drive other’s cars I would imagine has very very limited appeal. Most enthusiasts pamper their cars and letting some random drive it when you’re not involved is pretty unappealing even if members of the same club. I’m not as precious as some and I’m happy to let family, mates etc have a go to share the experience but I wouldn’t share outside that circle.
  8. Is that a new thing? They have moved a few cars for me up to the Whitsunday’s, the last one was June last year. Plus I see Ceva trucks up here daily. I have also used Dynamic car transport, Cheap Car Carrying and Rainbow car transport
  9. They've told me they only do Brisbane to Sydney component.
  10. Geez. What would you give up to own that one?
  11. Wouldn’t Ceva be the easiest option?
  12. As mentioned above ,,,,,Natural selection .... You just hope in the process of their stupidity they don,t get some innocent person killed or permanently injured
  13. Is this Keith's old car from the central coast of NSW? If it is it's a bit of a weapon as i recall.
  14. I know if you look really carefully it says it is previously written off in the spec listing. Why wouldn’t you mention it in the part the potential buyer actually reads? Tell the buyer what happened and where it was repaired. Keeping it on the downlow says to me they’re trying their best to hide it without lying. And that also says to me that the repairs aren’t good and neither are the circumstances of it being written off. So it’s priced way too high in my opinion. That’s where it should be starting
  15. Wish I could have taken a pic of some clown playing Candy Crush or something on a tablet that was stuck to his dash above the steering wheel coupla weeks ago at the lights. And a woman who was watching the news on her tablet on the dash too. They're just braindead
  16. That car was for sale four years ago when I was looking for a 996 and when I did enquire all those years ago, nothing but silence. Jog on.. Same car / same pics / higher price.. You think the formula is working..? Next.. Just checking the spreadsheet that I made back then (Feb 2016) - it was listed for $52000 with 90k on the clock. Me thinks the seller is trying to snag an unsuspecting buyer who isn't aware of the 'previously written off' bit..
  17. I'm really fond of the concept too. Liking your spec. Especially the colour. 👍 I'll have mine 2nd hand though. Thanks in advance to all those that go before thee. 😆
  18. It is if ya see it that way. I did too. I'm trying it out a lot since i googled a heap of seriously funny fkrs. What was that other funny quote about 115klmph to zero?
  19. Wow - Kermit all the way! I haven't looked at options list on these, but on your build have you thought about reversing camera If not included? I was spewing having to pay $1600 on the GT3 for it, but now that I've got it I don't regret it. Also not sure on the interior on these but smoking package usually gives you 12v in the front and covers that useless little 'bin' with a flap - again if the 718 has it!
  20. Yeah I had to re-read that. The bloke had told his family on more than one occasion that the car swerved to the barrier there and yet he dies from exactly what he told them? How addicted to your phone do you have to be?
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