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  2. Yes I saw your original thread and that's a BIG BUCK engine to be repairing, bet he wished he never dialed it up to 11.... someone's cashed out with a $60,000 loss.....
  3. UK forum talk seem to be in line with this, and/or removing the seal off the original bearing. US forums the scare's been wound up by vested interests, harder to see a level playing field.
  4. I wasn't really sure what the build was going to be when I bought it, but as I got nearer the end of the 680g build, I wanted to do something a little bit crazier and something that would give me more of a challenge. This is definitely going to do that. Unfortunately I will not be able to hang onto the Z for too much longer. The cost of these projects adds up quickly and I can't afford to keep them all.
  5. What are you saying Tips, you don’t trust our government to not change the rules halfway through?????
  6. Bumping this to the top. I've decided to get serious about selling the car and am looking for offers around $39k.
  7. Talking to someone at AH he mentioned they had just sourced a 964 for a client with a specific build in mind. I believe the quote with car supplied is already well past the $200 mark. I’m sure about 60% is doner car before they have turned a πŸ”§ i do agree with Lee there is a potential risk of any import with the interpretation of the import laws by the customs officer on any given day then the individual state registration laws, gotta love bureaucracy πŸ™„ and as we all know on here, the purist in Australia would flag it as a a bastardised import that has a 20% price reduction against it if you tried to sell πŸ˜‚
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  9. My son can do that! Well, the bit where you hit the wallπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. It certainly is curvey in the rear end
  11. Stuart at 9auto in Highett is another option.
  12. Shouldn't that photo be in the Butt thread😁
  13. For sure, though without the added LCT, GST and other fees, charges and duties, not to mention the potential 'No sorry sir, your imported vehicle is not registerable in Australia, as it needs to be period correct...' If modded imported cars were allowed here without any problems, I'm sure a few Singers would have been ordered by now, yet Rob Dickinson (Singer CEO) apparently said they've tried and failed to get them here due to Australias vehicle laws
  14. A decent Aussie 87 Carrera would be roughly $80-$100k? Then factor in performance engine/gearbox rebuild suspension, interior back to bare metal paint your gettting pretty close to $200k I reckon...if not more thats does look like a beautiful build though....and of high quality
  15. Any offers on the aftermarket early turbo / Carrera wing.. any??
  16. Pfft...not me mate πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰ It is a very nice looking car though. Hope to see it this weekend πŸ‘
  17. lol I told my fiancΓ© no kids till theres a Porsche in the garage... now there's 3 I am shitting myself.
  18. True, he is a decent bloke, yet he didnt fit the DOF IMS thingy. As I've mentioned before about the car in question and its previous owner who did the IMS, new clutch and gawd knows what else he told me, with all due respect, and please dont think I'm attacking you personally, I do think you're overthinking about it a little too much. He is a well respected mechanic (not Kym) that works on everything from a Daihatsu Charade to a Lamborghini. He still has a job, so I imagine he must be rather good at it. I've read all about IMS solutions, fixes and bodges by home mechanics through to a friend who is a well respected factory Porsche trained specialist, and from what I see is that its these 'experts' who think they know what is good and bad because they read it on the Pelican Parts forum, so it must be gospel then pass on their 'knowledge'. The same as Joe Bloggs saying the ABC Porsche shop is brilliant, yet another bloke saying they're shit and to stay away from them. Is the IMS DOF the best? Is the factory replacement the best? Who knows, coz I don't!! Until it actually fails and is guaranteed that the particular fix was the culprit, noone can categorically state one is better than the other...in my uneducated opinion. As for Kyms 996. For what it is, it is priced accordingly compared to the utter shit that have higher kilometers and no IMS solution or replacements that I have looked at in the same price range. I know how much the work costs and what has been spent, and if anyone bought a very clean, low km manual 996 for say...$45k, then spent what the previous and current owner has, it would be well over the current asking price. If a buyer (any buyer, and again not personally aimed at you) needs to factor in an extra $4000-5000 worth of work for their peace of mind, and expect the seller of a good car to drop way below the asking price, they're better off looking at something else. If I advertised my car at $70k and some bloke said it needs A,B and C which will cost $10k for their peace of mind and offers $60k, I'd tell them to f..k off. All in all, it's your decision whether to pursue any car that is for sale, and also DO factor in certain costs that you may think needs to be rectified, as it's your money and driving happiness that's at stake.
  19. This shape was my childhood dreams was about . I remember the first time I saw one was on a family holiday in Sydney . I asked my dad why he didn't have one and he told me because he had kids . It really put me off having kids for some time .
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