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  3. Depending on your goals with ownership, I think one thing to consider is that you may need a bigger yearly budget for maintenance items given the age of the car. The GT86 is more modern and in the first 5yrs of ownership would have a much lower probability of requiring fixing. Not sure if you're the type of person who'll miss the creature comforts eg. blue tooth stereo etc so the cost can start to add up. I attribute much of my "cost of ownership" to the hours of labour required to fix things, especially compared to a Japanese car. Cost of maintenance on Porsches is pretty reasonable for the type of car you're getting if you are willing to DIY.
  4. Moriac> Deans Marsh > Lorne Also worth a thought when heading that way over summer, as that seems to avoid most of the bottle necks at Angelsea and approach to Lorne.
  5. Maquarie pass? Nearly been killed twice there in a normal car. On hearing you risked that through there I muttered "Geez mate you're keen" and then with the car near falling off it was "fuchin hell". But happy days anyway passing the engineering, relief, and a job well done!
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  7. Thanks Tips. I'm surprised Scumtree hasn't even brought out the scammers.....
  8. Great looking car Tas and very realistic price. Unfortunately besides the scammers the interest in the macan has been low unless I want to give it away, which knocks me out. GLWS.
  9. OK guys, crunch time, need to get serious about selling this. I will do the CarSales thing as well, but if there's any genuine interest in my car, PM me, We can talk turkey at around $50k. GT3 awaits if I can sell.......
  10. Geelong> Moriac> Dean's Marsh > Lorne Geelong> Moriac> Den Marsh > Forrest> Apollo Bay These are the main two runs. there are a few others the further West you go The back road run to Port Campbell is nice but to get there you go past Colac. The roads around Cobden and Scotts Creek etc
  11. Not a fan of getting up at 4am then 6am on my weekends
  12. You have no idea the amount of envy I have just for a regular 996 GT3, let alone a Manthey Racing version!
  13. Absolutely stunning long hood fresh build at Cavaco in Glebe this morning. Dark grey. Zag built. Gorgeous interior with Singer like seats.
  14. I think u will struggle to get a 964 under 80 .. If you want a C2 Targa let me know .. but ain’t gonna be a Resto price not talking $ on the forum , you may however get a good recovery of dollars on the engine which is at 53,000 kms , it maybe too good for what u need , I may have a contact for a high mileage coupe .. but still maybe 90 plus , I’m away for the weekend but drop me a PM
  15. in the flesh its interesting. Certainly a well crafted beast. Kind of preferred his sleeper 911 project though
  16. Thanks Cam but holding out for a RHD will keep in mind though Been in touch with speedster clinic in the uk, they make a pretty good looking 356a replica coupe
  17. https://www.designboom.com/design/porsche-north-hollywood-luftgekuhlt-6-05-21-2019/?fbclid=IwAR3qjy5jC2OATBek6-JxPG_kUmeAFD3iVEN2W4MBO9HZJPEy1Cke_EWbDcs
  18. Yeah AUS ones as the exchange rate is so bad it came out about even. Even forged aftermarket ones were similar $ and I don't mind the OEM look. There are inferior cast and flow formed for less $.
  19. And the 968CS for 41k! Though stated it needed some cosmetic love, 41k seems good buying..
  20. ANF

    My Porsche 928

    HaHa! I hope yours is going great now. After the lengthy (and costly) honing/ lapping process I am confident all will be good, plus I am using standard pistons.
  21. more from LA trip - rather missing it.. MW place (he wasnt it) culture packed at luft
  22. OEM wheels from Oz?
  23. I went with OEM Wheels and picked up the TPMS sensors at a fraction of Porsche prices from Germany.
  24. John Orchard (polorot) is your man for local knowledge, we did a fantastic run around that area last Sunday. Perfect roads for our cars that’s for sure.
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