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  2. I also asked about this. Seems it had been for sale on & off for a few years prior, it had huge overrevs recorded so was obviously hard to sell to an experienced person who knew where & how to check the ECU I never got an answer, but my guess is either an inexperienced person bought it & crashed or it was a classic 'insurance job' purposely pranged for the pay off. (Wifey worked for a PI & it is a fairly common occurrence).
  3. Ex Doncaster Porsche car sat around for 12 or so months and sold about 2-3 months back. was originally up for auction as a repairable write off, raised a few eyebrows. Only for parts now.....
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  5. not sure @911B .......but for those coming from portsea/sorrento/blairgowrie area there is a meet up at the koonya general store (cnr melbourne rd/hughes rd sorrento) for departure 830am - see you then
  6. Hi guys is there a prior meet up at the bp south of Frankston ? ‘If so what time there ?
  7. New one up, listed as an RS, with a fresh motor. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2015-Porsche-911-GT3-RS-991-Auto-MY15/SSE-AD-6034237
  8. Don't know if anyone posted this, still learning my way through this forum. Does anyone know what happened to this GT3? https://www.pickles.com.au/damaged-salvage/item/-/details/C2010--Porsche--911--Coupe/2252505000
  9. Nup the RS spec 993 3.8 still sits in the shelf , infact raided it this morning to grab the alternator will put it back and the fan next month Why you looking for a hot motor ? .
  10. How cool. Do you have any pictures of the car when it was being races by him? Would the air Jack's have been standard on that car back in the day? Roll cage look be after the fact as well if we assume the cars had to have the roll cage that came from Porsche Motorsport back then. Would be brilliant to see the car brought back to close to original though I guess the engine at 400bhp wouldn't be too much to complain about....
  11. Love it. Alas I’m car rich cash poor and can’t bring myself to sacrifice one. My type of car though
  12. Anyone used partscontainer.com? I need a new switch and these guys are cheap enough and have a high positive feedback. Haaaah wrong pics. Anyway disregard the pics. Anyone, anyone?
  13. Well you'd have to dream something up to do with chocolate if that was your gig eh. It'd be a bit yawn doing the same thing every day.
  14. I knew the Fitz car very well when we were racing in Nations Cup the team i was in were customers of Fitz Racing & garaged together at the track Its far from original now as the cars had to be stock apart from suspension & safety gear
  15. @Andy73 you should swap cars. This would be the perfect arrangement. Andy you get the Turbo you really want, and Fraz gets back the car he really regrets selling Make sure that she has my number just in case
  16. Considering going. I land on the Friday night around 6.15 and don't really know my way around. Got to check in to an air bnb then find my way there (Petersen) not sure what time that would be??
  17. Mr MHH also drives the shit out of his 911R too. I was fortunate to get a couple of laps at The Bend with him. I still owe you a coffee too Mark 😁
  18. Don't think so mate. Just had s few things fixed/replaced and a good tune
  19. Very very true and fully agree. The GT3 CS is at a very good price point and the exact same analogy as the 964 was once the unloved bastard child, it dragged the RS prices down. But only a matter of time before the 996 mk1 is recognised for what it is.... The ultimate bridge between the air cooled and the water cooled generation. Light, no driver aids, pure. And produced still in relatively small numbers. The 996 GT3RS has already gone north and these will follow suit. The price gap between the mk2 rs and the Mk 1 Cs is not warranted. Especially as the 996 is the purer driving experience.
  20. I love hearing that you have actually driven the car. So many of these still have delivery kms, which completely defeats the purpose (and they probably have much higher maintenance bills).
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