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  1. Tassie, I tried one on for size, but 6'4" doesn't go into a Latin seating position or proportion!
  2. Nice work Simon. I'm looking forward to joining you soon... K
  3. HAL

    New Mod on the block...

    On behalf of the moderating team I'd like to welcome our newest Mod: Hugh. I'm sure his renowned driving skills will only be surpassed by his tenacious diplomacy.... Welcome!
  4. Jeez Orion! Don't confuse me with a REAL name, I've just locked in your face and Orion to the memory!!! Kerry
  5. Hey All, Over the weekend I had a couple of sample polo shirts delivered for my approval. Unfortunately the supplier made a bit of a cock-up (best reason to do a sample!) and mixed up the positioning of the logo and the motto/mantra - in other words the logo was on the breast, and the mantra on the sleeve. This was an honest mistake because traditionally logos go on the breast not the sleeve... my design had looked to do things a little differently, but the feedback is such that it would seem most people would like the logo on the breast. So, unless I hear an uproar of disapproval and indignation, I'll proceed with the logo on breast, mantra on sleeve! The pre xmas order is proceeding tomorrow with the delivery of ordered shirts to the supplier, and all things being equal, SANTA WILL COME TO THE GOOD BOYS AND GIRLS!
  6. BTW... I'll be off the air for the most part over the month of July, off doing some work and research on the Maasai Mara in Kenya , however for any of the real-world issues that confront the PFA membership, please feel free to PM those moderators with your questions, concerns, jokes, youtube clips, opinions on the PFA colour scheme etc etc etc.... LOL! Onya boyz! Kerry
  7. Hi All! Well, it may be the quiet winter months, but it appears that we still have virulent membership convictions, and appreciated by the vast staff here at the PFA headquarters they are - namely the dog on the couch and me! Those willing to stump up: JV911, Harry, IAM_911, Funbug, antlee928, Paul, Jmphallam, thomas911, and niner. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Many thanks one and all! Cheers, Kerry
  8. Subject to requests and suggestions, we have amended the For Sale section to include posts by members who wish to Barter, Trade, or Swap Pcar items. As before, to begin a thread in this section, financial membership is required. In addition, and with good karma in mind, a new section is available for anyone (FM or not) who wishes to offer up items FOR FREE! May you get a double-tap from the Karma Fairy! Kerry
  9. Mate! Jealous much?!?! Can't wait to see pics and watch how the love affair unfolds...
  10. "There are old racing car drivers, and there are bold racing car drivers, but there a very few old, bold racing car drivers…"
  11. Hey All. Looks like my cunning plan came a little unravelled… Apologies and thanks again to dom_fed, KBGr4, and helga - when I said (above) I'd get the decals in the post over the weekend, I obviously neglected to nominate which weekend…! (done!) Also, more recently, Scott930, JAX57, Richard Gay, Bryce, Dave, PeterP, and last but not least: Tit (!) (all of whom I'm assuming have received their black envelope - let me know if not) Thank you one and all for your support of the running of this here forum, the gears continue greasily! Cheers, Kerry

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