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  1. ByronBayChris


    And don't trust "Would you like Google to save your password". If they gain access to your Google password, they then get access to every other saved password from all computers linked to that account - mobile phone as well. As a colleague of mine found out the hard way. Most certainly protect your email with two factor authentication. Email is the central point where most other accounts can be reset (oh, and your phone) (I personally use a Yubikey attached to my keyring to protect my logins see here https://www.yubico.com/ no affiliation at all)
  2. I lent a sizable amount of cash to a good friend for 2 months while she waited for her brother to repay a loan to her. Well guess what - the brother tried to kill his wife, he then committed suicide, and my good friend could never recover her money from the widow as it was never documented (between siblings). Oh, and the widow really didnt want to hand over a sizeable chunk of cash to the sister of the man who just tried to murder her. Probably a reasonable response. But, due to all that, I have had to kiss a large chunk of my savings goodbye. And yes, it drove a wedge between her and I for obvious reasons.
  3. ByronBayChris

    the New 992 911!

    to me, the wheels look too big for the body. Tiny cockpit and oversize wheels. Almost cartoon like. (i'd still have one though)
  4. ByronBayChris


    Getting more and more used to this
  5. He will pay you via PayPal, collect the car and the dispute the payment through PayPal saying that (a) the car was a wreck, or (b) his account was hacked, or (c) he actually used a hacked account He might also ask you to pay for shipping if he has no intention of actually collecting the car. Often the "shippers" need to get pad before they turn up, and he cannot send them the funds because they (a) don't accept paypal or (b) doing a really good deal or (c) are a bunch of crooks. In any form , this is a scam.
  6. ByronBayChris


    Yes Lee. Funds will be transfered tonight even though the agency has not received my bond yet. Kind of a good will thing. Been there , done that in your neck of the woods. Wasn't that a treat !
  7. ByronBayChris


    Re the man about to lose his bollocks - I did not get the chance. I found out yesterday that he no longer works for the agency and was escorted out of the building a few minutes after I left after my yelling session. And now I get to deal with a person who seems quite reasonable, level headed, and is not in any way, shape, or form about to get any bollock damage done.
  8. ByronBayChris


    Correct. The funds go to into the "trust account", which still is no certainty of it being refunded to be at the end. His reason for requesting the bond release was....wait for it...."No Reason". That is what is on the actual bond notice I received from QLD RTA.dope.What gets me is that the entire RTA process is there to make sure they act as mediators in case of disputes. That is their purpose. And this bloke just goes and requests 100% for him for no reason. Keys returned last night and place spotless. I am presenting myself at 9am in their office (next to where I live) and will make sure we do the exit inspection together, and straight away. And I will happily camp in their office until they do it. Owner already knows my stance of civil action.
  9. ByronBayChris


    Cheers - I will wait a couple of days to get the exit report done, then decide which bollock to kick first
  10. ByronBayChris


    <vent> Finishing a residential lease in Brisbane tomorrow, only to find out that the agent already claimed 100% of the bond to his name three weeks ago. Upon confronting him, he had the audacity to tell me "it is normal real estate practice". Rubbish. I was in his office yelling so much that the agency owner came in to see what was going on. So now, if I dispute his 100% bond claim, then we each get a phone call from RTA QLD, and then we go to a conference call for mediation. Whole process only takes 6 weeks. And it's over Christmas, so kiss goodbye to my bond for a couple of months. If I don't dispute it, then he will receive 100%, and then I have to "trust" him to give it to me - without the backup and support of RTA if he turns out to be a prick. And to confirm the position I have put him on my "prickness" scale (ie 10/10) , he is the same guy who used part of my rental payment a few weeks ago to pay a water bill, and then kept sending me rental arrears notices. And lied about the 7 emails that he sent me asking to pay the water bill. </vent>
  11. ByronBayChris

    Mount Panorama - worth a look?

    I drove it in a 7metre motorhome. Well worth it. Being able to feel the incline and that bloody descent on the way down was inspiring.
  12. ByronBayChris

    I wish :)

    Well, using the best rate on the market (click here to check) , the selling price back then was AUD $3,624,768. If @turboT took a shine to this and wanted to import, after paying over $1mil Luxury Car Tax and almost $400k in GST, he would have spent $5.2 million on a car with a dubious interior. Surely, stick with Tangy.
  13. ByronBayChris

    Roof Rack 911

    I looked at getting traditional style racks, but they had skinny metal feet. These Thule ones are wide to spread the load, plus they are covered in a hard plastic. So it is never metal on metal. I had them on the 993 and the longhood, used them a lot, and never saw any marks at all. And that was carrying 50kg worth of gear. Mine are for sale as I have no rain gutters (or 911) to put them on