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  1. Personal preference IMO. What some people get wrong is you don't just get the one you like or the one you think is good or something a group of people use. You get what your tuner recommends you to get because they'll be tuning your car. So who ever is tuning your car, you should ask them what they'd recommend. I wouldn't be surprised if they say something like motec or haltec or something else mad in Australia.
  2. These greenies better be using one of these.
  3. Wrap isn't to expensive, depending what you want to wrap (whole car or half ect) few hundred if you pay someone. Bonnet you can probably do your self. Buy 3M 1080 I'd probably do matte black bonnet. Plasty dip your chrome head light rings black maybe? (as that comes off too) so you can spray it and if it looks crap you just peal of off. matte black mirrors
  4. You probably don't need what wide also even if it does fit. also means more $$$$ for rubber and finding sizes. If you want more grip, jump on a sticker tyre. Cool wheels though, i may consider a set for my track car when done.
  5. Nope. https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/results.jsp?autoMake=Porsche&autoModel=911+Carrera+S+Coupe&autoYear=2008&autoModClar=&package=false
  6. You dont see me driving in the middle of the cycling paths ?‍♂️
  7. Yep. But there shouldn't be loctite on there. Just an aluminium washer. +1 People who shouldn't be around a tool.
  8. fittings should go into the filter. should't be hard to get it out, apply some heat to the thread to break the loctite.
  9. Just an FYI, the indicators don't actually work on the BMWs, or they stop working after a few K's on the dial. Common problem and as far as i know, BMW have not come up with a solution just yet.
  10. Ha yeah.. that would be nice. although I'm no magician Well this is the 2nd one i tried, the first one didn't work. This one was updated march 22nd so seems like the developer keeps it updated. I guess until photobucket kicks us free loaders off
  11. I know plenty of you browse forums finding old threads and come to realise the photo bucket is still holding users as ransom. You may find the oddball who is paying that $500/y to host photos. I dont' know who knows or doesn't know about this or if someone has mentioned it. But here's a chrome extension that allows the images to work. There's a few out there but this one works for me It's for google chrome. There's a link on there for firefox. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/photobucket-embedded-imag/ogipgokcopooepeipngiikdkpmcpkaon Im quite annoyed it's taken me this long to find. So enjoy!
  12. Cars are not an investment IMO, should be an enjoyment. I couldn't agree more. LOL.
  13. Around the Nurburgring that is.
  14. What did you do to get it in? You quarter turned it and came out, Same to go back in?

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