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  1. Smule

    3.2 rear bumperettes

    Tried to PM you, inbox full
  2. Beautiful seats George.. but I'm after the style with perforation through the headrest and the bottom bolsters at 45 degrees .. I'll post a pic
  3. On the hunt for a pair of black manual seats in the original trim in decent condition to suit late sc or first year Carrera ... I know I'm not asking for much ? But very keen to source a pair... please PM me if you can help. Thx. Also willing to consider a pair in grey beige ..
  4. In as new condition..complete with boss kit, came off my 88 911.... may suit other models 944 968 with change of boss kit? Great feeling and looking wheel $500
  5. picked these up as they had perfect brackets which often crack.. only to find out my pockets where different. So they're up for sale suit 74 to 89 but correct for 74-77 car black in colour with perfect brackets .. if your door pocket brackets are cracked here's your fix 74-77 $100 for the pair
  6. After a pair of electric seats to suit 85 to 89, prefer black but will look at other colours.. must be in decent condition Thanks
  7. 64750 on the hammer... A solid result for the auction house...
  8. The last Aussie car to go through made 47500 on the hammer earlier this year. It was red and similar 231hp Aussie car.. That car had a big hit with more Ks showing on the odo. There will be a lot of shops and even potentially dealers who will pump the price to buy it based on not factoring their own labour cost of repair ( think parramatta rd) in today's market you could break the car down and easily bank 35k in parts value.. If it makes 50 on the day plus your estimate of repair does it still make it viable? .. From a resale point I would say no.. If you wanted to keep it long term maybe. Reality of today's market is asking price and selling price are miles apart...
  9. Is this the car you're talking about ?http://www.manheim.com.au/damaged-vehicles/4861490/1983-porsche-911-carrera-coupé?referringPage=SearchResults You might find the damage is worse than what it is once you strip it down and might need to go on a jig/car aligner ... In saying all that don't be surprised if it still makes 50k in its present condition
  10. I used them years ago for a vey hard to find 944 fabric.. Very professional and highly knowledgable.
  11. Anyone got one of these they'd like to sell ? Let me know what you have !
  12. 74-77 with the 2.7 engine was not Porsches finest hour... Magnesium cases, pulled head studs, oil leaks, overheating... First thing I was told years ago when shopping for a 911 was stay away from a 2.7.. Obviously that message has gone out the window with recent buyers and 2.7 prices.
  13. Did someone say Scumtree? And don't get me started on the ridiculous selling fees that eBay charges ...
  14. The Shannons XU1 had been reshelled back in the days.. It was called out in the auction..

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