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  1. that would be so nice next to mine in the cave....
  2. damn wish you were in melb, the bonnet would like great on the wall of my barber shop
  3. yep that might be good whereabouts in the eastern side is the meet?
  4. yep name a time and place to meet up Theo
  5. same here! im driving down Sat arvo, is anyone coming from the essendon area and wanna meet up for the drive?
  6. great run this morning and I managed to get home before lunch commitments! One always thinks everyone else in your age group hasn't aged as well as you..... till you see a pro photo....
  7. 911B

    Time to let the cat out of the bag

    where does one find a wonderful wife like that?
  8. awsome! accommodation and fee paid! I will aim at going the right way round this time. ?
  9. I can’t upload it’s another red one ok!
  10. Im in! look forward to it! on ya PCV!
  11. Hi Vic PFA members, my mate Jason loves his photography, he just put together a collection of B/W photos of my car, if anyone is interested let me know and I can put you in touch. He is prepared to do you good deal for PFA members... Check mine out if you like.. https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Flightroom.adobe.com%2Fshares%2F5d53a2c91e1742328cfbd65f3bb69e24&h=ATN5Zpq0zTOw60jZPgys2alVn795Jz2ZZZ0nczyq02EamVWW2gXcz5EF6QHtS4dx7HZKiqT7_AXZEMe_4iClweI3jgYr3Ibg7mgB3LpuaIY3uYc4kArPvTOR
  12. 911B

    WTB SC bits

    hi mate i have a spare wheel compressor, for sale message me if you interested
  13. 911B

    Porsche Clubs in Melbourne

    Too right Hugh... Reminds me it’s car wash Saturday tomorrow my car is filthy...
  14. whats all this talk about hairdressers? gross generalizations, every one knows we drive SCs!