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  1. Hi guys It’s been for sale for a while, has it been discussed here ? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1974-Porsche-911-Manual/OAG-AD-17034314 cheers George
  2. i also have a few spare helmets if needed to bring along.
  3. OCD exists strongly in the hair industry too i believe.
  4. Hey I got a 944s too recently, love to check yours out mate. George
  5. I recently got a guards 944s, your wheels look great mate please let me know if they come up for sale
  6. Yep in Kerry ‘it’s my monthly Saturday off like normal people, woohoo!
  7. Nah, once they heard that my Focus wasn’t part of the convoy, they said ‘stuff it let’s pull the plug on this one’ then went home.
  8. Hi guys is there a prior meet up at the bp south of Frankston ? ‘If so what time there ?
  9. Ok I just spoke to a nice lady called Mary at the Lions club, I also name dropped 'The event chairman' and boy that has some clout! She said she will let me know via email. thanks guys! so is there a meet up prior to heading down there?
  10. do i need to register in any other way apart from saying im 'in' here? George

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