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  1. Hey mate could be interested in yr mirrors and seats. And close up picks ? Cheers
  2. Great day, big thanks to Kerry and the crew, especially the nice fellow at the track entrance in the wind and rain!
  3. Great day, big thanks to Kerry and the crew, especially the nice fellow at the track entrance in the wind and rain!
  4. thanks for that mate, might head there earlier to rest up before the evening.
  5. im working till 2pm Saturday and plan to head down after that, could I get the address of the motel and if anyone is leaving the cbd area around that time? if not i meet you all down at the motel. George
  6. I always sterilize my hands and phone after the loo, of course...
  7. About 7 years here, like my bathroom visits its a daily part of my life, thanks to Kerry and the guys that invented the possibility. What a lovely group of guys ive met. George
  8. Thanks for the info guys, yep Bruce, the 15x7 dials are in superb restored condition and are display pieces around the house and business, picked up the d90s cheap and thought some larger rubber suited, now u for me looking for Fuchs . Cheers Bruce I have a set or original Fuchs from my sc in storage, I put turbo replicas on the 911 a decade ago, might see how I go putting the sc rims on the 44 .
  9. I replaced my exhaust with a OEM Porsche original, it wasn't much difference price wise, and im enjoying some smooth quiet sounds, im getting old.
  10. Yep guys engine mounts all got done a month ago, although immaculate it’s was sitting around a long time so all rubbers in the car got changed, the KONIS should be the cherry on the cake. Although it lacks the ‘orchestra’ of my SC, it’s a hoot to drive and a lovely all round cruiser that turns nice.
  11. Here is my car, 88 944s manual, one of 39 au delivered with original 100000km, a pampered car. All sorted with some new Konis next week. Anyone know how many 944s cars made? No luck with google. Cheers George
  12. Hi guys It’s been for sale for a while, has it been discussed here ? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1974-Porsche-911-Manual/OAG-AD-17034314 cheers George
  13. i also have a few spare helmets if needed to bring along.
  14. OCD exists strongly in the hair industry too i believe.

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