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  1. Hey some people swear by silver with black interior and flee in terror at red interiors and bright color paint. I'd probably sway silver if it had contrasting lobster interior or similar. Speed yellow has to be the hero color for Gt3s?
  2. First, welcome Second, what are you looking for? It's clear it's a 911, but what do you want to use it for? This might help your decision making process. You might also want to mention where you are because there might be others you can take for a drive. My pick out of those is the 84 - it's been discussed on the for sale thread. Best engine out of the three and galvanised chassis, plus numerous other improvements over the years. But some would go for the 74 because of the much more delicate and old school appearance (chrome trim and narrow body). If I had to pick between the 74s I would lean towards the white one.
  3. I'm not really dialled into GT3 values, but it wouldn't put me off as a buyer, if I was one. I think in the long run unique colored Porsches are a good thing. I definietly would not buy a silver, grey or black one.
  4. Seeing as you had the original engine, was doing an engine swap a late-breaking idea or that way from the start? I love the idea and the build will be epic - how you're going to troubleshoot an engine swap like that when you were flummoxed by distributor gear timing in the Z will make for great youtube LOL. Seems as though the Z build is a bit tame in comparison, maybe once you've figured out the engine swapping business you can come back with an RB26 or something even spicier?
  5. I do love that car. Not going to be easy to find ones in that condition as time marches forward
  6. I don't know, the focus on the cars seems sharp enough.
  7. The Pacific Northwest is certainly a kind climate on cars. 300 cloudy days a year means the interiors and paint stay mint, and rebut usually isn't a factor because the roads don't get salted unless you drive into the mostains in winter. Definitely destined for a preservation garage.
  8. Sounds like a catchy campaign slogan! credentialism is spreading everywhere - a simple way of ‘creating jobs’ and getting control over industries and the people who work in them. Childcare industry is a classic - force people to do endless certifications, the small players (home based care) give up and drop out, leaving only the expensive players, so then government gives ‘free’ subsidies and makes themselves involved in all aspects. Where previously people were happy with cash in hand to someone they trust you’ve now got a regulated, controlled industry with an army of inspectors, certifiers and other administrators. Discuss changing it and you’ll get a political outcry and calls of ‘think of he children’. Repeat for industry after industry and on you go. Young people have no clue as they just want a guaranteed job - the concept of whether a job actually makes society better or not is lost in the discussion of ‘more jobs better’.
  9. You would really struggle to import one for that price. Good buying.
  10. Ha car parts would be small potatoes compared with all the other consumer junk flooding in. $250 mill in tax, that’s $2.5b in stuff imported - which if I read that right is just the small purchases. No wonder when you look out to sea there’s always s container ship lurking.
  11. You had very different friends to me LOL The peak of 16 year old rides as I recall was when a friend borrowed his brothers VK Calais which had the rocking 302 V8 in it, which we thought was a rocketship. It probably made 150hp or something, but with vaguely gurgly v8 noises. Of course I got to ride in some cool stuff with adults, but they never 'gave it some'. The CS isn't that well known even in Porsche circles - I assume it will start to get very valued as time goes by, as they all tend to do. The age of the g-body is upon us, after all.
  12. They're not really going to call it the Turbo/Turbo S are they? Surely they wouldn't?
  13. Back in the day I was working on a project car at someone else’s workshop. They were restoring 2 door Range Rover when people were still using them. There was a lot of cursing. As I recall getting the seats out took 32 bolts, and fist sized rust holes in the floor underneath. I wonder if that car ever got back on the road.

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