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  1. > Among the existing public incentives, all electric cars and vans are exempt from all non-recurring vehicle fees, including purchase taxes, and 25% VAT on purchase > electric cars can park for free and use public transport lanes > the tax exemptions on the purchase of an electric car are worth almost US$11,000 in comparison to the fully taxed price of a regular internal combustion engine car, which is equivalent to US$1,400 a year over a car's lifetime (8 years). The value of the toll exemption for driving into Oslo are worth US$1,400 per year, the free parking is worth US$5,000per year, and electric cars avoid other charges worth US$400 a year. Without adding value to the benefit of driving in bus lanes, the annual benefit of owning an electric car in Oslo is estimated at US$8,200 per car, per year You could sell *anything* to the public if the government stepped in and forked out $8k per year in cash and prizes per vehicle. It's hardly an endorsement of the technology. You'd had to be the only mug on the street without your fingers deep in your neighbours tax pocket. I love that the PFA crew is full of ideas men
  2. That's a solid no. You need a classic to go with that shiny new(ish) one. Beware the itch will creep up on you and before you know it, a collection has started.
  3. I was going to reply with - he's not worth *that* much but thought I would check first, and well, yes estimates put him at $950m, which is close enough I guess. Maybe he is a buyer then. Or maybe everyone will just let it go to porsche. Fun to watch. Checked Jay Leno while I was at it - they reckon he has $400m. Classic he still gets around in denim shirts and jeans. I'm now his no 1 fanboi.
  4. If there are very few with low/medium k's then you would buy. 996 Autos in good nick with reasonable kms are not hard to find. So get one of those. Or get it real cheap and have fun, then sell it real cheap to someone else. But I mean $20k cheap.
  5. How I do things as well. Don’t justify, just state your offer politely. Don’t get upset if counter offer or refusal. Either buy or don’t buy, don’t discuss the cars good and bad points. You can keep those to yourself unless it is part of the deal (ie, offer includes fixing problem x at mechanic y) I used to try and list the reasons behind an offer, but 99% of the time you just rathole on the reasons instead of the offer. In the end they’ll either accept or refuse. A straight up offer with no associated BS also makes the seller consider you are not going to stuff them about mid-transaction. We’ve all been there when a buyer complains about a bunch of stuff, then settles on a price and then comes back later with more whinging and a change in offer or timing or something. Applies to much more in life than buying cars as well.
  6. It certainly sounds the business. Like a very angry VW.
  7. To be fair any luxury vehicle is the same nowadays. You cannot easily re-engine a Benz or bmw without factory support ($$$) or hacking the computers to talk to each other. It’s not really a Tesla thing only. Any power train failure and the car in question is inevitably an economic write off once outside warranty. Yes it can be done and I’m sure You can do it to a Tesla as well. But take it into service and they’ll tell you about how unsupported it is.
  8. I have been doing this for 4 months. Underground in an apartment building, relatively secure and with a cover on. 5 min bus ride to get to location. Inferior to having in your own garage but way superior to street/driveway parking. 24hr access and pretty reasonable costs. Even better if you can score a power outlet for trickle charge.
  9. Understeer - easier to recover from than oversteer!
  10. Don’t think jay leno is in for big $$ collector stuff. I’m guessing he’d like it but not at those high costs. You hear him complaining his f1 is worth so much as he likes to drive his stuff. Don’t know about Seinfeld or how deep his pockets are. The buyer (if not Porsche) is likely to stay quiet.
  11. At 300k most of the life of the engine is gone. You need to buy at a big discount because the car has a rebuild in its future. I would price how much a replacement engine is and factor that into purchase price. If it were me I would start in the high teens and work your way from there. The wholesale / trade value of a 300k 911 is not high, and there are lots of nice ones for sale.
  12. If it were me and I still wanted the car I’d buy based on whether the bank loan was cleared. Not a lawyer but there should be no possibility of legal comeback by the wife if he sold it ‘cheaper’. She would have to use that to get more of the resulting cash in my understanding. It’s certainly not the first car to be sold in a divorce situation. Only theft cases are murky over whether you could lose the car, and it’s not theft. just remember lads, the first 50% of what you make is taken by the government, and then 50% of what is left over belongs to the mrs. Enjoy your 25%
  13. Well it’s all done for 2019 - an epic day overall. Great to have the pfa crew in attendance. Lots of banter and fun. I haven’t even started looking at all the photos. To be honest the best bit of the day was trying (and failing) to beat a singer in a 3rd gear rolling start on the 101 leaving the event. Listening to that thing pull away was epic.
  14. made it to LA no worries and going out to the Petersen soon
  15. Well I’m in mammoth lakes and the forecast is for 4 inches of snow....it’s coming down right now. Hope don’t get snowed in lol

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