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  1. And I was just about to internet diagnose as broken head studs needing full rebuild
  2. “ promote voluntary compliance and increase community confidence in the integrity of the tax and superannuation systems” As someone who places value in personal integrity and saying what they mean and meaning what they say, how anyone can work for the ATO and write such BS with a straight face is beyond me. also interested in the CGT implication as was under the impression personal items such as vehicles have never attracted cgt. If so, presumably I can hold over all the hideous losses from all my other vehicles and claim a deduction? As for cashless societies, well, crypto has an answer for that and the ATO and the IRS and all the other is SOL trying to force that one. As are the farcical enterprises known as ‘big banks’. But yes, they will try.
  3. Yeah this made me want to buy a 924S lol. The vw parts bin content was really interesting, didn’t know that. Back when different cars were actually engineered differently. Any 924 now would be a golf platform with a swoopy body. However if the gearbox is just an Audi transaxle, then an s4 v8 swap / mid engine conversion is possible ? Lol But gee I hate the round reflectors on us market cars. How to spoil the lines
  4. SC cabs are rare so a bit hard to value. For the coupe buyer no value at all, for the cab buyer ao hard to find a good one. If it’s nice and original I think between 80 and 100k
  5. What’s she going to do under there with that wheel wrench?
  6. Have you filled in the vents on the quarter panel ?
  7. Great stuff ! Was this the ex flat nose or have I got it all wrong ?
  8. Wow what a car. 40 years owned .. tough to let go but ultimately great cars are destined to outlive their owners
  9. The butt dyno never lies, right?
  10. Dash doctor has been around a long time - must be doing something right? Prob worth giving them a call.
  11. Tyler from hoovies garage on YouTube bought a 996tt for track use and blew the coolant lines first time out. The effect and fix are covered pretty well in a couple of episodes.
  12. Interesting - what’s not great about driving them? Performance? Handling? agree id have a 944 over a 240 any day
  13. Congrats love the enthusiasm. You only get to buy your first Porsche once, and that’s an awesome first one! my advice would be settle in with the car before making any changes. You’ll be spending some time staring at it and the right order of things will come to you then.

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