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  1. A lot of blaspheming on this ‘ere thread! You cannot beat the looks of an early 3.0 turbo, though. It gradually went downhill from that high point, with a brief exception for the 964 3.6 turbo.
  2. Coastr

    Cheap Cayennes

    How is the cayenne for coolant and oil leaks. Currently daily X5 has cured me of bmws and their incessant need to leak oil from oil pan, oil filter housing and rocker cover gaskets, as a prelude to exploding coolant tanks and radiator housings. i thought the first one was bad luck, the second was maybe a pattern and the third BMW in a row with these issues I have reached my patience limit. At 100,000 kms it's ridiculous that the engine cannot hold fluids anymore.
  3. Australians are very uptight about dogs, despite owning a lot of them. Take mine all sorts of places including hotels, cafes and to work. The hotels have little ‘dog in room’ things to hang on the door. Most American/Canadian dogs are better trained and behaved than dogs in Australia in my experience. Probably because they get to go out in public a lot more instead of being left in a yard, or maybe it’s an attitude thing. Public crapping and leaving is pretty rare given how many are getting around. It all works pretty well.
  4. Arty shots are ones where you purposely don’t get the whole car in
  5. Coastr

    HK 911

    Did insurance pay for the metal backdate parts?
  6. Seems like a good way into LH ownership. You could finish and flip if you wanted.
  7. Coastr

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    I can remember when I first saw a 996 GT3 RS - how wild it looked. Next to the latest it looks positively mild.
  8. Coastr

    M Benz vs Tesla

    He did a bill Clinton there and didn’t inhale!
  9. Coastr

    M Benz vs Tesla

    Well I think you guys are being unduly harsh on longevity without comparing to modern cars. Most cars struggle to get to 200,000 km+ these days - the value goes down so much that any major repair is uneconomic. I agree that battery replacement is unlikely- though some people produce aftermarket Prius batteries - but then plenty of cars are being scrapped these days for dead transmissions, electrical faults, engine issues and more. The majority of cars never receive major work to keep them on the road, and are scrapped when they become worthless. The days of the heirloom Benz or even Porsche are in the past. So yes I think a Tesla will be worthless after 15 years or so, but that is not significantly different to most new cars.
  10. Coastr


    👍🏻 ... but please cut up already bastardised cars
  11. I’m shocked how well his fab is turning out. I’d like to look at the backdating work IRL to see how it really looks.
  12. Coastr

    M Benz vs Tesla

    Street cred for the non-car types. Call it non-cred if that makes sense. Us car types don't really understand, but there are plenty of people who don't buy bmws and mercs and Porsches but they have the money to. These people are going for Teslas in big numbers. they are selling every one they can make. Just talked to someone who is selling a 12 mo old 3 series for a model 3. 3 month wait list. the stuff about musk is just fake news. Head butted a car - yeah right. Don't know why he became a public enemy. He probably liked a trump tweet or something and became a non-person. An interesting page...they are estimating 4,700 per week. So a 3 month wait at 4,700 cars per week...another 60,000 cars produced before the guy I know gets his car. Thats why I think they are going to succeed at this. https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2018-tesla-tracker/
  13. Coastr

    M Benz vs Tesla

    I reckon you guys are wrong. The non-car people love Teslas. People are mad for them. Thr iPhone is an overpriced phone and yet people line up for them. The model 3s are selling like hot cakes. Yes the build quality is down but the street cred is through the roof and buying one is joining the cool club. I reckon Lexus Is going to hurt the most as that is the brand chosen by people who don't want to buy 'car guy' brands. The anti musk stuff is hilarious. Guy has gone from hero of the world to hated figure #1... Guess he pissed off the wrong media mogul. The more he gives the middle finger to the media the more I like him.
  14. He might do a rebuild video yet...long way to go
  15. Coastr

    Engine oil for 930?

    What does it say in the manual? Use that.