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  1. ‘ Well, damn.. all the guys with the 911s have left ‘
  2. ABC is still on the air? Well, I never. I thought it disappeared up it’s own fundamentals years ago.
  3. The 959 suffered by keeping the 911 greenhouse. If they had raked the screen a bit more and dropped the roofline it would have been better. But they already spent all their money so…
  4. Coastr

    Tassie Targa news

    Insurance is the driving force here if you read between the lines. Hopefully they can find solutions that allow the events to go on but with a long stretch of no fatalities or serious injuries.
  5. Wow what an ordeal. Hope you get the fees paid. Would have been easier and cheaper for them to take the car back and call it a day. I guess most customers don’t have the tenacity to see the battle through until the end.
  6. Toy33 found it’s way back to Caloundra https://petrolicious.com/articles/meet-the-giocattolo-group-b-australias-unsung-supercar-hero
  7. Love how the supply of the tag turbo cars is limited by the number of engines. I mean, they are use f1 units! I know back in those days they had 1 for quali and 1 for race, but still, can’t be too many floating around not already attached to a race car.
  8. I just hope she’s not going to try and remove the fan nut with that adjustable spanner- wrong tool!
  9. Easiest way to host photos is to use Imgur. Once photos in there you can copy the link and paste the url in. The site storage is limited.
  10. Finally one of these is actually looking at the right end of the car
  11. What actually did stop production ? Lack of funds or something else entirely? They are certainly unique in the world - will never see anything like it from Australia again. I saw one in a repair shop in the early 90s. They couldn’t figure out how to get the a pillar back to where it should be - I can’t remember where the damage was, I think the passenger roof side. Owner of the repair shop was a big guy and eventually used his shoulder to give it a heave-ho. Got it back in the right spot. It was a bare-bones car but then the interior has been removed for repair. I was there wet sanding my brothers car.
  12. Coastr

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Good on you for paying it. I don’t know if I could swallow that tax bill. It all depends I guess on your budget and how you’re buying. It’s outrageous any way you look at it. You can buy a $1m boat and only pay half that in tax. I could just see myself sitting down in the dealership, seeing the tax amount on the Order and just noping out of there with apologies to the sales rep. All of it will be wasted by ‘plant based Biden enthusiasts’ as Clarkson so amusingly labels it. All on value destroying idiotic pet projects, none on better roads.
  13. I know nobody cares or wants to hear it but someone offered me one of those for $50k in 2013 while I was in the USA. A regular Carrera was 25k then so I said ha..no. At the time they couldn’t be imported either. It was mint too :facepalm:

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