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  1. This is my late 83 SC interior with factory leather option (dash, door tops etc) and sports seats. It also has the extended steering hub. There was a style change in the sports seats from 84 onwards, as the power became an option.
  2. Always been a trend with old jap cars. The original interiors weren’t much to start with and they always fell apart inthe sun. I would be going for a bare bones stripped look. Depends how much you want to street drive vs track when it comes to carpet / insulation etc.
  3. Relevant https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1972-mazda-rx-2-2/
  4. The shell in the background is the roof donor?
  5. You could hide the Cat D stigma because people don't know how to find that out. It wouldn't be fair on a seller to do so, but I wouldn't be surprised if that sort of thing happens. It's one reason why imports are worth less, because history disappears with the import. >I read that valuations take into account import status and are lower than AU delivered market prices. Having imported 2 cars, one was done this way and the other was done based on what I paid for it - and I had to provide lots of documentation to customs to show that is what I paid for it. I don't know why one was chosen over the other. Best thing to do is ask for a shipping quote - you'll get the idea on how much it costs. The guide to importing cars. 1. You won't make money on it 2. See point 1. If you have a car you love and you want to keep it, by all means import it and you might make out around-a-about what the same car would have cost you to buy. But your import will be worth less.
  6. Depends on the car and the condition. Generally I would expect a 20-30% less value for a uk import. The biggest issue you’re going to have is that everyone will assume it is rusty and it will be very hard to resell. If you want to keep it no big issue. Rusty doesn’t mean holes in the doors like an old kingswood but more like exhaust and suspension components and fasteners. If you want to import a 997 you’ll have to own it for 12 months prior to import. And don’t forget to add in the import duties, gst and lct into your calculations. i imported a car from the uk 15 years ago and still have it (nobody would buy it lol) - it’s actually not bad as far as rust but it was a one owner when I got it and lived in the south so had never seen salted roads. I have seen pictures of 996/997 cars with undersides looking very corroded.
  7. Yikes! I’m all for spending someone else’s money here but can a car emerge from the parts pile ? I’m sure the talent is available but the time .... At least it will be a one owner car..as in this is a completely new car at this point.
  8. This car is for drags, right ? Or is it circuit?
  9. So wait, bridgeport and turbo? Is that what the cool kids are doing these days? Bet the mpg is going to be super!
  10. Without digging into it too much the modern Antifa traces themselves back to the communists that battled the nazis for control over germany in the 1930s. I don't know if it's a copycat org or the basic same thing. That is why they call everyone a fascist, because back in the day there was actual battles with fascists to be had, and apparently it gives them licence to be violent. Apparently the modern re-interpretation of edgy college students hasn't figured out that there aren't any actual fascists around, and haven't been for 70 years. Back in the 1930s Antifa was the paramilitary wing of the communists and the browshirts the enforcement arm of the Nazis. Who knows what the regular folk still trying to vote for mainstream parties thought about it. Pretty poor political choices in 1930s Germany - you could either vote for a fascist or a communist, and either one of them would beat you up for not doing so. We all (well, me) like to complain about the poor candidate choices in Australia but at least we don't have goons beating their political choices into you.
  11. That ad hurt my brain. Surprisingly, being yelled at in multi-color all caps didn't lure the buyers in? No takers for a supercar (sic) minus engine and custom interior wiring?
  12. 1978 MY F250 Supercab Ranger Lariat 4x2 Camper Special with 460ci and C6 3 speed auto. Optioned with AC, PS, Cruise, extendable tow bumper, side toolbox, LSD, quiet exhaust package, tow package and passenger vanity mirror. I know all this because I have the original purchase invoice as it was a 1-owner bought new in 1977 and family selling it as part of the estate. 83,000 miles which the old boy documented in pencil in a journal also included in the cache of documents. word...my first..just always loved these old things 15 hogsheads to the furlough Yeah but now I have to keep it....somewhere Stretched limo ride, that I can tell you. LHD = the new black. Or so I think. Have to decide whether to import to Aus or leave it in its homeland after a brief romance.
  13. Yeah so I did this definitely not a Porsche, nor even German. Lots of fun though.
  14. What was the diagnosis on this one? DIdn't count all the head studs but they look intact. Valve springs are done? Oil leak was from the top of the engine?
  15. Strictly speaking I think a singer would cost that much even with 964 bumpers left attached.

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