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  1. Would have been awesome to have been dailying this car. That is winning at life!
  2. He’s in the USA but John Walker is a legend. Sad day when prices forced him to pack up and semi retire. Still runs a yearly swap meet that gets a lot of attendance and doles out the advice good and straight when you ask him. He has contributed a lot of knowledge on pelican.
  3. Seems a nice car with lots spent. However. I don’t understand why put in back seats if fronts are fixed buckets. good to see lots of money spent but has heat and AC.
  4. Quick google search will show you the docs. You need to bring it in under personal import rules. First step is the import approval, but not until you are ready to go. Takes about 6 weeks to get approval so 3 months before departure is the time.
  5. To be specific I am missing the adaptor for the compressor (sanden type) to the original York bracket, or a completely new bracket for a sanden compressor. I’ve got the cast iron bad boy that came with the car
  6. Ah all items in shop photos are not mine. Lift and workshop borrowed for a pie, cream bun and iced coffee - plus the promise of crass humor traded freely. No AC work this weekend was wiring up the pickup with an Australian trailer plug socket. And loading 200 concrete pavers which actually strained the pickup suspension a bit. Unlikely to get any done this weekend either, and summer marches on relentlessly. But will get a compressor bracket reordered.
  7. Yeah I'd keep it with the car. It might be worth more to you in the long run with the car than without. If you sell the car, re-install it and keep the prototipo and you'll get a higher price for the car. Hang it on the office wall in the meantime. The older these cars get the higher prized the original parts are.
  8. When I recently shipped my pickup from the state I filled (and I mean filled) the back with stuff. I bought a canopy to 'seal it' all in. I completed a customs declaration (separate) for all the stuff and there was no issue. I had a trampoline, a floor jack, a roof ski box, a full front f-truck grille and clips, spare oils and fluids, car washing products, hubcaps, and probably 50 other things I can't remember that came out of the garage and wouldn't get shipped with the normal household stuff. No issue at all. Expect it to be unpacked and put back again because it wasn't how I left it. You'll want to make sure it's all older than 12 months when you pack it if you get my drift.
  9. Huge thanks to Peter M for the missing bracket. Now I need to figure out what to put between the bracket and the condenser - the PET says some type of foam. Maybe I'll cut up a bike inner tube for padding. When I rebuilt the evaporator I had completely forgotten that I ordered the upgraded fan blower motor. I blew it off saying it doesn't matter but then I recalled the original reason I ordered the bigger motor (and extra vents) was because moving cold air is the weak link in the original design (along with insufficient condenser size). So I decided to pull the fan motor out and replace it with the upgraded one. Puling the lid off was pretty easy - the tricky clips just slid off, though one ended up on the steering rack splash cover. Don't attempt any job in this area without a magnet-on-a-stick. Pulling the You can see the brass sensor tube sticking out of the evaporator. This is the standard fan motor. Purists might want to look away about now. Disassembled fan motor and 'hamster wheel' fan. The new motor is on the right - you can see how much bigger it is than the original motor. You can also see it won't fit into the standard housing. Generally I'm not one for hacking up a car. I've already drilled two holes in the engine tin and two in the chassis lip to hold the hose clamps. This is a pristine condition plastic fan housing and I cut it up with a hacksaw. I rationalize this by knowing nobody will ever see it, and it will make the car better by having better AC. Still, I don't like doing this - the population of original useable 911 parts just decreased by 1. I suppose you could rebuild it with some glue and filler ? Here's the upgraded fan motor installed on the fan housing, which sandwiches between the evaporator lid and the evaporator. Note the 4 nuts held in this fan housing - if you ever take your evaporator box apart these are likely to fall into the box. It's ready to go back together. You'll have heard of the evaporator clips. I was very proud of myself for finagling these back onto the evap box originally. The replacement instructions urge discarding the clips and drilling the box and putting screws in instead. I don't like drilling holes in original NLA parts. So I got the clips on in the first go around. And I was confident of being able to repeat the trick and get them back on. But after more than an hour of straining and messing about I only had one clip on. Taking a break from it - I had to decide on whether to keep fiddling. The truth is they are very very difficult to get on. You don't want to break the plastic tabs that the clips go onto. If I have to take the lid off again it is going to be a real pain. So I decided to take the box right out and drill it. More purity lost. Out comes the drill and zot zot zot screws in and clips in the spare parts box. You have to put the evaporator in bottom first and top later. You can see the damage to the plastic from me getting the clips on and off. In goes the evap with the bespoke evap gasket. You can also see the metal fitting which binds the evap box to the drivers side intake. Lines are still capped as I won't open them until it goes in place. It's all back in and the new fan blows hard. But how much harder is hard to measure? I also found out the RHS center vent is blocked and not passing air. More on the to-do list, but I over-ran my time significanly with all the messing about getting the evap lid back on. I'm missing the compressor bracket and the evap lines put in the previous step are not aligned close enough to the evap. So will re-route the evap lines and get them bolted to the evap assembly, order a replacement compressor bracket and get moving. So humid today 😓
  10. Agreed! How can you vacuum such nice lines and have blindness to missing trim?!
  11. NIce car, never seen that one before. Spendy but would cost a lot to build like that. They are not my choice of colours but that's personal builds for you, very much the choice of the owner.
  12. I've never seen a 912E in Australia..didn't know there were several of them getting around. Quite rare cars indeed- there is a youtube video getting around of Tanner from US Top Gear showing his Dad's old car from back in the day. IIRC it was in very original condition and makes a good reference point for people looking to maintain originality. There's a difference between 911SC and 912E in availability, price, power, equipment. Ultimately I could never be a 912 guy but respect to those who choose the path. It would be my choice if I had to choose a Porsche 4 cyl.
  13. Wow that would be great! PM sent
  14. Plz no AC wars I just figured out the condenser bracket is NLA so really hoping someone has one after junking their AC system (I know there’s a lot of removed AC systems out there !)

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