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  1. Coastr

    First look at the new Singer. Holy crap!

    One of the singers at luftdekult was well driven and lived in. I have also seen one filthy driving on the road in C alifornia. Not all would be garage art, even in this new ore expensive version. Some people can and do use million dollar plus toys. Just look at yachts - cost millions and spend most time in the weather at the marina. the tax situation in Australia is just an embarrassment and why we can't have nice things. I thought there was a proposal for special treatment of cars sent OS for refurb and sent back again. Don't think it became law like all the other thought bubbles.
  2. Coastr

    Home Built Z

    It helps the car be narrower for Japanese roads, was standard fitment rules until early 80s until exports really took off, and rules changed to allow for door mounted, and the japs stopped buying them. Kind of like the bench seat - too uncool compared with fancy cars like Porsches and BMWs.
  3. Coastr

    First look at the new Singer. Holy crap!

    This is the thing. We have arrived at a weird place where car companies can’t make the cars people want to buy. A few have tried the retro thing reissuing old cars but they can’t be registered. Singer and others are creating excitement and interest that manufacturers aren’t getting. How long before official manufacturer retro modding becomes a thing? It’s the only way to get around the rules that have created compromised cars.
  4. Coastr

    Bolwell (I think I want one)

    I’ve met Campbell Bolwell at his factory in Melbourne. He went into making Kenwood truck cabs IIRC. He still had the molds back then, but that was going back a while. He also released a 4 cyl car in the 80s but it never took off.
  5. Coastr

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Canapgnolo wheels I believe? This company does replicas http://www.group4wheels.com/wheels.php
  6. Coastr

    Stolen 911SC Gauges

    That is good news. Service books impossible to replace.
  7. Most older cars don’t handle properly unless a 10mm socket is left in the top mount of the strut tower.
  8. Coastr

    3D Printed Sportomatic Brake Pedal Rubber

    Put some 'sporto' branding in the center diamond shape?
  9. Every time I have dealt with chewed out shoulders in cars with IRS it was the lower rear ball joint, not the alignment. Not familiar with the suspension design but look into it. Especially if it is right on the corner of the tyre. Perfect time to fit the wide body flares now!
  10. Coastr

    GST Changes 1/7/18

    Taxing Australia into prosperity - will there ever be an Australian government with a clue?
  11. Coastr

    GST Changes 1/7/18

    How is the ato going to get compliance with a company with no Aus operations? Why would, say, Pelican parts, care what the ato thinks?
  12. Coastr

    luftgekuhlt anyone going?

    Got mine delivered two weeks ago
  13. Coastr

    Gratuitous Porsche Pics

    Unlike a cars and coffee this was in the afternoon and at a wine outlet...cars and red wine? Anyway here's some pics Tidy 914 One for the butts thread minty trio quack old skool grafix Because why not Going to be good Really nice Serious bits Turbo badging, fat 15s, Carrera tail, 76 washers...I don't really know what is going on. RWB for those who like Flat grey RWB convertible ... I guess someone thought it was cool? Patina'd Under Resto Simple and Tidy And now for the ring-ins The yanks are mad for these - forbidden fruit - RHD = cool It's a Volvo...box? @MFX - here's one direction you could take Just cool So this is a studebaker.... With an R32 RB20 front-cut - suspension and all And an R32 independent rear to go with it