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  1. I don’t hate on flippers or profiteers - we’re all happy to jump on a good deal when someone has gambled and lost. But few people like paying up because they didn’t have access to good deals.
  2. I think the issue with the CS is that most people don’t know about it. Every car guy knows of the 73 RS. Only super 911 nerds know about the CS. It doesn’t have any pop - most people would walk past assuming another white SC. the general rule is that if you have to explain rarity and desirability to someone, it’s probably not that valuable. Once something is known as desirable it gets its own momentum, like the mk4 supra in the last five years. You buy one because it has instant cred. That’s how it goes, right or wrong. The CS is not going to be a first/only 911 - it’s for the collector who needs all the special ones. But they are going to get an RS and a turbo first.
  3. We as drivers and enthusiasts continue to fail at organizing and pushing back. We’d rather drive and enjoy than fight against the government and the associated cultural push to rid the world of private transport. A 5 minute conversation with a young zealot should put the fear of god into us all.
  4. I don’t think the compressors care what gas is in them, but the type of oil makes a difference. There was a lot of fud thrown around back in the day around r134 conversions, most of which can be ignored. The advice you have here is good - new seals, new oil, regas and good to go. If that’s the original unit I would stick with it rather than replace with a knockoff.
  5. Good theory on HK cars, humidity and proximity to ocean- about the same as a Gold Coast car probably. Although I would expect all HK cars get sorted i garages as street parking is not abundant.
  6. The advantage of uk cars if you can find a good one is the interiors are usually in good shape because of the lack of UV and general humidity levels. So if you can find a good uk car that was a sunny Sunday driver could be good. Just don’t buy one sight unseen.
  7. I don’t see why hk cars would be considered a rust hazard. It’s not like they salt the roads, and yes the city is on the ocean but then so is Sydney and half the Australian population. Japanese imports would be riskier as they do have lots of roads that get salted. The uk risk is rot from underneath - every time I watch an old wheeler dealers episode I get appalled at the condition of the suspension on some of the uk cars.
  8. Doing my own DALL-E fun Also 'photorealistic Porsche 911 on apline road' I also had another go at the bathurst race start with porsche grid
  9. >(usually due to covid or soft cock employees with the sniffles) 🤣 Keeps planes on the ground, food unprepared and shelves unstocked as well apparently
  10. If you live on the west side of Brisbane good roads are less than 20 minutes away. The number of cameras on them, well, that's another thing altogether. Mt Glorious is a very well travelled road, but there is Mt Nebo as well, as well as a lot of open flowing roads around the somerset dam/wivenhoe area. The sunshine coast hinterland to the north and the gold coast hinterland to the south has a lot of great roads as well. These takes about 40-60 minutes to start getting to the interesting parts depending on where you start.
  11. Half price is a decent import discount, that's for sure.
  12. Still a shame they didn’t make a go of it. Imagine the wailing if you could still get a car with some bundy in the toolkit
  13. I would say it’s three-fold - 1) you’ve got to keep it exclusive. 450 built keeps it relatively low volume - there’s already more singer backdates than 959s built. 2) power - chasing higher numbers required the Williams engine which I’m guessing is very expensive to build vs turbo which just needs boost 3) freshness - rich people want the newest and freshest. The other design has been copied to death - no longer stands out. See fashion and handbags. Plus newer generation idolised impact bumpers over long hoods. The other thing would be production simplicity - less inventory, single procedures, reduced complexity. Singer did an amazing job of making a go of this type of business which is a relatively new way of car production. Happy to see them build on that strength. As regulations get more and more anti-car and anti-performance it’s likely that old platforms will become the best way of building unique new vehicles.
  14. I have an f250…but I don’t have an operating business anymore .. maybe I should talk to my accountant tax deduction the fuel sure would be handy

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