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  1. Coastr

    Posting pics?

    I recommend running your pics through https://tinypng.com first. Will get them down to a reasonable size for web hosting.
  2. It's definitely true they didn't fix the issue with the the new engines. That much was in the class action stuff in the U.S. I guess they didn't know how to fix them properly so kept rolling the dice. They did make the engine for, what, 11 years? I mean, it took 20 years of production on the original flat six before they sorted the chain tensioners out.
  3. Coastr

    A over ripe banana

    This is great. Always return to this thread if you need motivation to keep going. i love the irony of using an Audi engine when the 924 was panned for using an Audi engine back in the day. i was thinking the other day how a 924 would be fun to engine swap the basic car is there, just needs more go. Getting a wide body and stuffing a v8 in is perfect.
  4. Let's say it is 1%. How many boxsters/911s did Porsche sell in Australia, in, say, 2005? Was it 1,000 units? 1% of 1,000 units is 10 engine replacements. Given that the majority of porsche sales are in a handful of locations, if you saw, say, 1 car per month coming through with an engine replacement, you'd call that 'shitloads'. I don't know how many were sold or what the life expectancy was, but if you had one car per month in the shop getting a new engine you'd remember it. The amazing thing is how well the sorts of numbers we see now were hidden from the public at the time. Things like Land Rovers get a terrible rap for reliability but if there are a non-trivial number of early 2000s Porsches getting around with dealer-replaced motors you'd think it would have been talked about more at the time.
  5. I think it’s cool. Someone made a stack of cash and decided to indulge their fantasy. It’s pretty important historically as well to preserve all that stuff.
  6. It had no name in other markets, it was an option usually listed as 'turbo look'. Car dealers in the UK feel the need to stratify everything down to the lowest level. They routinely make up models where other markets just had options you could order. A 911 'sport' was one with an optional tail package. A 944 'SE' model was invented in the UK for cars with sports suspension. Also common with BMWs - instead of just 530, 540 etc they would make up 530 SE and so on. It probably comes from the tendency for down market cars to have an infinite number of trim levels to give endless positioning. Things like the Escort had about 5 different models at once. As for 'Super Sport' - well it just doesn't sound very Porsche like. Rennsport = yes. Clubsport = yes. Super Sport? 1 year only model to span the 914 and 924 IIRC
  7. Coastr

    Slant nose, slope nose, flat nose, flachbau etc

    They are becoming a rarer breed as they all get re-nosed. its a challenge to get them to look right but kudos for thinking different.
  8. Coastr

    A over ripe banana

    Someone will give you good money for the old recaros, no doubt.
  9. Coastr

    FLICKR about to limit photo storage.

    This will keep happening over and over as the land-grab for users is over and businesses are figuring out how to keep their doors open. $50 a year is not *too* bad if you have a lot of photos. Dropbox doesn't allow hotlinking anymore. Of course you can sign up directly for an S3 account for pennies on that but doesn't come with all the easy uploading and hotlinking.
  10. In the UK they called them a 'super sport' for whatever reason. Usual nutty UK market vocabulary. You could order a tea tray or carrera tail on any 911 - lots of people did. For a while you had to have a tail. Then they became passe. I still prefer tail and will to my dying day.
  11. That’s everyone wailing about using a turbo wing on a non turbo car. The ‘wail tail’
  12. It is a fantastically presented car, no doubt. It should be at the top end of whatever the market range is.
  13. Years ago when I was trying to import a BMW I contacted BMW about getting a letter of compliance and I swear I could hear their laughter when they read my request. Porsche and BMW are not the same company but after that encounter I figured the letter of compliance was something they used to bring their own vehicles in for testing and demos but not something they helped out the general public with. The letter shown here was written long before the current rules where in place. But probably if you know the right people you could get such a thing. Eg if you were a dealer. The Australian distributors of brands here are fiercely protective of their cash cow monopoly and are actively hostile to any type of imported car. Unless you're perusing the options list and ticking $10k carbon fibre trim boxes they don't seem to want to know you. back to the topic at hand - ive never seen a car imported with the rally option, but I suppose they exist.
  14. Coastr

    Butt Shot

    Should have squatted down lower
  15. My bet is that you don't want to sell after driving it again.