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  1. Are these the ‘influencers’ I read about?
  2. Even at 250k that car will be the lower maintenance item
  3. That's a model of the prototype with the gold center wheels and the low air intake. Someone should make a body kit to concept-car your early boxster.
  4. I bet most of those 25 are still on the road somewhere. 911 deaths are rarer than most cars - death by exit backwards off the road being the most common I think. Another cause of death for 74s was at the hands of 80s/90s butchers 'updating' them and subsequently rendering them worthless. LHD 74s are sought after as smog-exempt in california and other states if you want to stuff a big engine in the rear.
  5. You are getting a New clutch out of that as well. It’s a chunk of change but you get the benefit in use and in resale
  6. I’ve never actually seen a shroud/fan feed (item 29). They always seem to be gone.
  7. The slow loading page and graphics sent me running for the back button. I live in hope bat will expand ...or maybe cars and bids. Or someone local starts a passion project on a good experience over cashing in.
  8. I have taken a look at the site. As a long term bat afficianado and inveterate internet ad browser I’m not particularly impressed with collecting cars. Apart from the site having a distinct UK feel, overrun with yellow plates and the somewhat strange language they use to sell cars in the uk, it doesn’t allow me to filter by make, country of sale, price range or anything like that. It also seems as though the buyer premium isn’t capped at any point leading to some possibly high buyers commissions. The Australian side of things feels tacked on and not well integrated to me. I’ll keep an open mind and see where it goes. There is a great opportunity for an Australian auction site for enthusiast vehicles but it will need to address local conditions and help with photographers, a dedicated local audience and all the rest.
  9. I like my tails so much you can call me sir mixalot. I guess those 80s did a number on me. As a kid those small bumpers and dinky chrome horn grills always looked old fashioned and not like big fat bumpers with cool accordions in the side. The same went for the flat lids. Not at all aggressive enough.
  10. It is very hard to go past an ls1 for cost/hp, upgradability and aftermarket support. There are better engines but not at the value point.
  11. Def stick with the recaros - will be a good result
  12. Ok I remember the skid factory making a noise about getting to 100k as well and thought maybe it increased monetisation opportunities or something.
  13. I remember when you first started posting I thought ‘can’t he just post some pictures like a normal person?’ Now I watch every week like a weirdo. Well done - can you explain why the 100k is so important? I assume it’s ore than a plaque.
  14. I think I remember that car up for sale 5 or more years ago, could be wrong
  15. Nice. Reasonable buying if you ask me. on the ad thoigh ‘becoming quite rare’ Err, not many 993s getting taken off the road, think their rarity is the same as ever. Ive never seen a ratty neglected 993.

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