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  1. He’s asking which one is going to drop more vs the other, or which one will go up the most. i say the 996 ‘tis the buy. 930s languished for a long time at only a minor price margin over 911s. That was because of cost of repairs. You see that now with 996t vs c4s. It won’t always be like that. Targas have a soft future in my crystal ball.
  2. Woka doing the right thing here. might feel harsh but part of the greater good.
  3. Coastr

    Getting my 1983 911 cab back on the road

    The enemy of the air cooled engine is all the expansion and contracting it does. If there is air around a metal part it can get moisture and corrosion.
  4. Coastr

    Home Built Z

    Happy to see the dash repair revisited. I reckon you were trying to sell yourself on the previous go at it, but you weren’t buying your own arguments. A dash sticks out as much as wheels and paint so a good one really sets the tone.
  5. Anything lower than that and they’ll start returning back over the Pacific, or even over to Europe
  6. That was extremely well bought, you couldn't import and register a new one to replace it for that type of money.
  7. Coastr

    Garage Find

    Well it was a rare sunny winter saturday today so I got the car out of the garage. First up was a coffee & breakfast meetup with a seattle porsche group. Good laughs and reminder that people into these cars are really the same no matter where you meet them. The crew tipped me off to a close by station which sold the unicorn - ethanol free fuel. So I went over there and found a guy with a brand new - as in 200 miles new - GT3. Too new for number plates. Off to a track day in his brand new car, helmet on the passenger seat! While I was out and about and the sun was shining decided to go over Snoqualmie pass. Obligatory 'white car in white snow shots' ..and then back down again car is back in the garage, as I'm off to the snow again tomorrow, but this time in the 4wd with the snowboard on the roof.
  8. Coastr

    Scratched leather seat

    Great patina in 30 years time.... scratches like that are usually caused by clothing or handbags. Be vigilant for the buckle-laden offenders
  9. Coastr

    Toyota MR2 Turbo

    Have you seen the recent mcmtv2 mr2 build review on YouTube ? I think it has over 400rwhp from memory. Worth a look if you haven’t already. I remember when these were new the atmo version cost about $65k
  10. So many- all when young and stupid - put the oil pressure sensor in a threaded blank instead of the hole and ejected most of the engine oil on startup - lost the bolts for the tail shaft to diff so substituted some from the local hardware. When they came undone the tailshaft actually pierced the floor - replaced a new battery and went for a test drive but forgot to clamp it down. Stopped when new battery fell onto headers and melted through the plastic - tried to make the car faster by taking off the diaphragm for vacuum secondary throat on the downdraft carbie, and zip tying the primary to the secondary. Locked it open at WOT at first test drive and ended up a metre short of going through a neighbours fence - parked a rotary in long grass and set fire to it from the cast iron header sitting on dry grass. Luckily saved the car with nothing but a melted wiring harness Many more.. some unpublishable. We should do driving mistakes ... those would go for pages
  11. But how did the intake trumpets fit inside the Webers? It made it that far with no oil?!
  12. Coastr

    The Opeless Tower

    Hey it's not the only one https://www.sfchronicle.com/bayarea/article/Why-sinking-SF-tower-is-now-a-top-tourist-13231133.php i agree anything strata titled is not an investment but an invitation to question your sanity. Doubly so for anything with a lift, gym/pool facilities and anything else flash. if you want to live in a shiny tower invest in something else and pay the apartment rent from your investment.
  13. Thanks ! It’s never too late to develop a taste for a wee dram of whisky
  14. Have a work colleague visiting Hobart and wanted a restaurant recommendation. A friend gave me some but wanted a good steak place and also a decent whisky bar. Plus maybe a place that does good Tasmanian seafood. The guy is not a car person. Any tips I should pass on from the taswegians?

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