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  1. I don’t think they have $$$ but they do appear to have available time. If you look at the materials they haven’t spent much at all on the mini. The ecu and the replacement panels are about the only stuff bought in. The rest is parts scavenged from other cars and raw materials. wives are probably happy to watch partners focussed and working on goals. Lots of guys spend this much time commuting / watching football / drinking at pub / clicking controllers at flashing pixels / insert waste of time here. In my humble experience partners get annoyed at perceived idle time, not total time spent apart.
  2. Looks like Europe - not many buildings like that in the USA, maybe New York somewhere. Those crooked fog lights are doing my head in.
  3. 964s are relatively low production in the scheme of things, especially when you start getting back to c2 manual not messed with? I agree in general that the forward looking view is no more gains with longer sell times and occasional bargains appearing. Will be tougher to sell a car with question marks. 996 GT3 looks to have strongest potential, maybe 996 turbo as well.
  4. Technically it was roof-on? agree it was a big hit and I hope they are ok. And I mean walking around without pain ok and not just alive in a hospital ok. His insurance co might eject him as a policy holder in the future but I think they’ll have to pay, assuming he has some. I’d say the max fine here is going to be ‘due care and attention’ as already noted. I don’t see any laws being broken apart from not having enough space to pass, which is bad driving but bad driving is not grounds to deny claims (technically all at fault claims are bad driving, right?) To have a claim denied needs more than that. To have third party injury claims denied requires illegal activity like dui or unlicensed. So any injuries will be paid assuming all cars legally registered.
  5. Plenty of 30yo cars with ABS still working fine though.
  6. I still don’t get how / why he flipped it? Was he trying to pull back in? Lucky to get out. Thanks! Now I can armchair general.
  7. Nobody watches that crap any more. So they have to hype everything hard hard hard, to sell the increasingly worthless slots between hype, BS and crap. The Packers saw the writing on the wall and exited out of the media business. The suckers are still there thinking it’s about to turn around ... any moment now... maybe we can get that kochie knob to spend all day speaking crap...then people will put down their devices and tune in...
  8. That’s pricey. Could nearly run a Porsche for that. As long as you went easy on the clutch.
  9. The problem with aged care to me is that it’s difficult to direct invest- you have a lot of nonprofit in the real estate side, and in the provider side a lot of healthcare related, which is hard to understand for an outsider. Investing in managed real estate seems to be more complicated than direct investment. With the Aussie dollar low and not showing strength, it would seem to me that domestic costed but export priced businesses seem to have promise of upside. And buying real assets with fake money is always a long term chicanery avoiding winner. John Law, an Englishman who made (and subsequently lost) a fortune in Paris by convincing the government to issue paper money and shares in the mississipi company knew what was up and busily converted the paper into buildings. luckily for us collector cars have intrinsic value (even though they aren’t investments) and have a partially useful role as preserving wealth over time. Unfortunately though, they’re only valuable to the generation that covets them, so it’s not like a 500yo lump of gold. so like your investment advisor says, a balanced portfolio is needed. Some real assets, some growth assets, and some classic cars.
  10. Plus it is rife with government interference.
  11. Looking at medians can be very misleading. The obvious answer is that the median incomes don’t own the median houses. But houses can be inherited or many other ways. I’m shocked in the area where my house is over 50% have no mortgage at all. but whenever you want to do too much analysis on averages - the average human has one ball and one breast.
  12. It doesn’t look that bad for the money. Getting rid of the flatnose would make a big difference.
  13. AUD @ 50c. Bring it on! All your porsche belong to us! get it down to 10c and the mortgage will be done as well I wouldn’t stress - the rest of the world has been at zero or negative real rates for a while .. a blowup in Oz just a thimble of fuel on that bonfire Isn’t some of the 2wd hype related to rarity and perceived more mechanical simplicity, plus an added dash of purity?

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