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  1. Coastr

    Datsun 1600 Appreciation Thread

    Ah I should have known the eternal f-up that is Australian government played a hand in ensuring we paid high prices for inferior products.
  2. Coastr

    Datsun 1600 Appreciation Thread

    Never had a Nissan of any kind, but always did covet that IRS. Why the stanza and 180b etc didn’t get it was never explained to me.
  3. I thought it was a little overproduced but the concept is good. The headlining job was sloppy as.
  4. Coastr

    WTB 964 Crankcase or full engine

    I have the business card of the guy in la who gets all the singer leftovers. If anyone had a case it would be him. I’ll try and dig it up. also there is someone working on casting new 3.6 cases - I don’t think they are that far away from production.
  5. Coastr

    911 Turbo - still desirable?

    Is it a problem with the customers or a problem with the cars? Maybe the issue is most of the people buying aren’t really interested in actual sports cars.
  6. Coastr

    All things insurance

    Radiator damaged? Was ist das?
  7. Does anyone know of any 3.2 selling recently in this price range?
  8. The fake f40 has a blue mod plate, that much I know. I’m sure it is all legit.
  9. Coastr

    R34 or R8

    Meh I see the r8 being the nsx of the future - sought after to a certain extent, but not a future classic that will get people excited. It has the air of an expensive TT and that is not a good thing. the r34 is rolled gold future classic with Nissan invested in the gtr concept, and grab any random young guy with a ps2 and fast/furious upbringing- it’s the itch they are going to scratch in 10 years time. Also going to be rare due to attrition and mods, but already a dedicated support base and people knowledgeable. Plus people will be making knockoff versions and the GTR was a game changer in many ways. All the things that make 911s desirable in a Nissan. Bank on it and ignore the Audi. If he needs a change of pace get a TT and stick a bigger turbo on.
  10. I talked to fake f40 guy once, and he told me it’s not possible to register a LHD on normal plates, which is why he had special plates. While standing next to my LHD with normal plates. It was a bit awkward really.
  11. I think maybe in the presence of genius here.
  12. Coastr

    Newbie Porsche Guy

    Bang! Straight to a GT3. That's how you do it!
  13. When cars get very desirable the original delivery location is less important - but I’m not in that market so I don’t know. The biggest issue here is the taxes- I would be talking to an importer about it to see what can be done about the taxable valuations. You don’t have to just take retail value and multiply by tax rate. also unless you are twelve months out from importing, you can’t get someone else to import a car under the personal import scheme- it has to be registers, insured, etc under their name. But it’s not an issue for you because your 1988 can be brought back anytime as it falls before the 1 jan 1989 build date for importing any car. So as long as the RS is in your name you’re good to go. the underlying question should be: do you want to keep one or both? Importing rarely works out as a big profit, especially considering the hassle and time it takes. Id look at reducing the taxes and keeping both if I had the cash, garage space and time.
  14. Coastr

    Left, Right, or Converted?

    Yeah seems as mid 50s seems like the starting point for decent SC lefties. Holds with the 20-30% discount theory.
  15. Coastr

    Left, Right, or Converted?

    Ha there was a rusty LHD non-runner that went on eBay for $42k Cant share the details ... working on softening the owner up