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  1. Yeah by the time I worked out which ship the container was on it was being unloaded at the port.
  2. You'll probably lose track of what vessel once the ship swaps the containers.
  3. Code of conduct - an insidious creeping bit of nastiness. Would love to see a court challenge where a code of conduct was struck down and null-and -void the whole thing, or at least limit to conduct during work hours or on work property. todays justice warriors make the puritans look like a bunch of loosely moralled louts in comparison. Armed with your code of conduct they'll track you down... Or make the likes of Peter M track you down. Are you charged with a criminal offence? No, but you coloured outside the code of conduct lines, so have fun in the unemployment queue. Doesn't matter really if the breach happened before you were employed or if there is any real evidence, either. There's no court of law and standards to adhere when it comes down to conduct. You can't have a lawyer argue something is inadmissible because there's no court and no impartial judge. Peter M I know what I'm saying probably doesn't apply to your case, but there are endless examples where people have been forced out for harmless actions, or just on the say-so of someone. Sometimes those things were private at the time but became no longer so. With regard to social media we are in the place nowadays where police can do far more investigating from their desk than they used to in a month of old fashioned work. No real point in blacking out the plates because facial recognition will get you if driver at all visible. Social media is now used in everything from job applications to visa applications to police investigations. As stated up above the law puts pressure on people to unlock phones, provide access, whatever. What you thought was private can easily no longer be. It is trivial for all photos of a particular car or person to be dredged from the Internet in a very short amount of time. be careful out there is my advice. for what it's worth I thought the video was great
  4. Nope misunderstanding all around. I was referring to other people giving ' mid life crisis ' quips to those with sports cars. Not pointed at you at all. I actually originally wrote something more pointed at certain demographics but then decided it was not great for the forum so deleted it, probably why the remaining bit was vague as to who I was talking about. one of those things where meaning completely lost ....
  5. The mid-life crisis comments are a laugh. 'Having a mid life crisis are we?'. Crisis? How is achieving life goals a crisis? Sure it can take a while to get there so the years have marched past. Most people are not original thinkers though, so they just recycle comments or jokes they hear on the TV.
  6. Just remember the motorist and homeowners are the most taxed and least responsible for 'emissions' take a gander at a car transporter burning bunker fuel all the way from Europe to Australia. Pt here's some ridgey-didge pollution for you - more than all the cars unit will ever produce. Taxes on that fuel and restrictions on those ships? None. hexafluoride is nasty stuff. All that is produced eventually ends up in the environment somewhere. Restricts on use? None. But don't you dare out put some r12 in your classic car. on and on it goes,. Luxury taxes and extra fuel tax for private jets? Hohoho don't make me laugh. Buy a tarted up Toyota? Whoa there big spender better pay your fair share! Most environmental activists are really just dupes for bigger power plays behind the scenes. You have to laugh at them. Old bob brown was all for windmills until someone wanted to put one up near him. Then all of a sudden they're a problem and need to be banned. Hydro and nuclear, the two lowest damage and safest power generation? No! Can't have those. Raven - you forgot the whole 'worldwide famines' one of the 1970s. Same guys dust themselves off, memory hide their completely wrong predictions and then are interviewed breathlessly for their latest scare story. Acid rain! Ozone hole! Nuclear winter! Despite having a 0/20 track record, still get a front page. In tribal days they would have been run out of town. Same as the witchdoctors and shamans - give me your cash and I'll help prevent certain doom!
  7. Most 911 wings don’t actually have more room. The condenser is still mounted by factory in the same location whether a wing or not. You could always rig something up on top of the decklid and under the tail, but the factory didn’t do it that way. See the 930 pic above for reference - even though the intercooler sticks up the condenser is still mounted under.
  8. Don’t sell! Get to the half million!
  9. Peregian fires look like being deliberately lit too. i hope no valuable vehicles were lost in the fires. Thankfully nobody hurt as far as I know.
  10. Not really finished. The Grand Tour studio parts are finished. The Grand Tour has at least one more season, and maybe more thereafter. As you said they are going to do all 'specials' from now on. I don't think it is just one or two - a whole seasons worth, plenty of time to get Taycan jokes in. I would be surprised if they didn't do an electric vs electric vs electric show. Interestingly it's the detailed analytics available from streamed content that has shaped grand tour from the first series on - dropping the american, dropping the studio guests, and finally dropping the studio altogether. They know what people watch the most of.
  11. Can you imagine how many jokes the grand tour writers are going to have? It’s a 20 minute long running joke segment. Even I could write the script for that.
  12. The redesigns you suggest is already addressed in the market - either with the electric Ac kit or the more conventional route of upgrading the components with modern equivalents in the same layout. That means more efficient compressors, condensers and evaporators. If you have a post 86 car you st least have the larger dash vents to move the cold air through. RHD cars are at a disadvantage because they can’t use the smugglers box and do lose legroom. The electric Ac kit fixes this by having the evaporator inside an ac box as Bruce mentioned modern designs have. Other designs keep the passenger foot Evap for RHD cars. Good AC in a 911 means more condenser area, more efficient compressor and more air volume through vents. All the things not available in the 60/70/80’s. The late 80s cars (which is what you have I think?) do have better compressors and better vents though.
  13. Most likely place for freezing is in the evap. If it runs happily for hours on end you're probably in the situation where it's not getting cold enough to freeze - not unknown in porsche AC circles. However you don't have any temp control, just whatever the system will run at is what you're getting.
  14. I hear so many stories about how people treat each other in the construction business and it never seems healthy. I assume there are groups of people that work together and enjoy it, but must be hard to find them. One of the best guys I know that has done work for me ended up learning every single trade himself and built complete houses solo, just hiring in people like crane operators as needed. I talked to him about it and he said he just found it easier to learn new trades than to find reliable people to work with. He wasn't a perfect tiler or painter but he hangs a mean door and sure got jobs done quickly - I get why he worked that way. Anyway sometimes we need a push to get us onto new things and opportunity is always there for people who are looking. Don't give up in the inevitable dark day or two in the weeks ahead. Sometimes a good walk or drive to clear the head is just the ticket.
  15. Love the red interior. Why do they go puffy? Does anyone actually know?

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