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  1. I would have this https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1991-porsche-911-964-carrera-4-leichtbau-1?utm_source=&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=20220328+Daily+Email_28/March/2022&utm_term=&utm_id=85525&sfmc_id=6168592
  2. Was cleaning out the filing cabinet found this Aust price list on 993 RSCS Aerokit
  3. Renewal of Registration, No Transfer 4.7 An invitation to renew the registration of a conditionally registered vehicle will generally be forwarded to the registered owner, ordinarily five to six weeks prior to the registration expiry date. 4.8 An application to renew the registration will not require further approval from the recognised motor vehicle club. However, the applicant/owner must continue to be a financial member of a recognised motor vehicle club and, once the renewal is paid, ensure that the current period of registration is entered in the log book. 4.9 The conditional registration of a historic, LHD or Street Rod vehicle may be renewed for 1, 2 or 3 years, at the option of the applicant. 4.10 The registration of a conditionally registered vehicle cannot be transferred to another owner, even if the new owner is also eligible for conditional registration. Where a change of ownership occurs, the 15 registration will be cancelled. The log book issued in respect of the vehicle must be cancelled by the issuing club. 4.11 The registered owner of a conditionally registered vehicle may apply to cancel the registration at any time. The log book issued in respect of the vehicle must be cancelled by the issuing club. From the code of practice SA
  4. Once sold it is no longer registered Historic reg is not transferable in SA Regards Peter
  5. Contact carl888 on here He is a well respected Ferrari mech in Melbourne and porsche owner
  6. AD911S

    Screw You

    I replaced mine on the 73S with stainless screws from Whitworths marine
  7. Scraping 10 times a run mainly down and up the dip
  8. Yep 2008 running it in for a mate, had 900 kms on the clock
  9. Splitters pick up all sorts of flotsam
  10. Try Daley's Motor Trimmers Supplies Pty Ltd. http://www.daleys.com.au/products/view/204
  11. It says at the end of Collecting Cars ad in BID HISTORY UNSOLD

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