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  1. Dorian timer, mounting box, charger $250 + post
  2. 4 new hub caps 911-361-032-28 70mm to suit 74-89 $280 plus post
  3. Digital camber and caster setup tool and manual in good condition $175 plus post
  4. http://kurosorablog.com/2020/02/pors...ide-fundraiser
  5. Greg was a member of PCSA and had a red 911 (early SC or 2.7) that he competed in club sprints He could drive as well as ride
  6. The rubber is not seated in the channel correctly, you can push it in with a flat blade screwdriver starting at the top and working down, Regards Peter
  7. Rear side opening window seals $67 each + Post , CIS air box straps $5 each +Post New 996/box Ignition Coil $40 +Post,New Piston rings set to suit 2.2S,2.4 T,E,S $120 + Post
  8. Yes restored to blue and with gills
  9. Had the good fortune to work on this genuine 2.8 RSR years ago when it lived in the Adelaide hills
  10. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1A0wn8IIrqeVdqU5tBK3WRmVeyUm0ksvU/view?usp=drive_web
  11. Porsche Interior Light with Black Frame - Hella OEM $45 each Plus freight, Rep Paint & chassis plate/rivets 1965-67 $12+ postage Rod bearings STD 901-103-141-00 $60 + post

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