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  1. I was following you up Wooralla Dve, Mt Eliza around 7:50pm yesterday and when you clipped the kerb of the small roundabout at the top of the hill, the GT3 hopped sideways on the trailer, what seemed like 200mm.....😬. My daughter said “did you see THAT....”. Looked a bit suss, straps a bit loose?
  2. Just need sellers to get real re price.....cheapest on Carsales is $350k plus on roads = $381k on road in Vic. Stupid. Looks like I’m best to keep my deliberations to myself going forward. Adios.
  3. The cheapie has been sitting a while probably because it’s modified with the Fabspeed GT450 kit which offers 400hp at the wheels (US$8.3k plus install). I assume most buyers prefer factory original so offer him $140k, throw in a $2k AGI half cage and a race seat/harness and it’d be a pretty good (& cheap for a Porsche with that performance) track car and weekender. https://www.agi-precision.com.au/product-category/roll-cages/cams-roll-cages/bolt-in/porsche/cayman-gt4/ https://freedparts.com/products/porsche-cayman-gt4-fabspeed-gt450-race-performance-package
  4. Speak to @WGA - he PM’d me recently, he’s owned both and had an engine failure in .1. While he said he’d go for .2 for peace of mind, he also said his old car is still going strong after Porsche rebuilt to G series spec and the.1 had a sweeter more sonorous, less gruff engine note. I do like that sapphire blue car 😍. At 200k...
  5. They weren’t talking trade in, they were saying I could pick one up from an owner directly at that price - PCB would facilitate a direct sale between a current PCB customer looking to upgrade and a future PCB customer. Time will tell if that becomes a reality. anyway, as we know opinions are like arseholes, we all have one. Over and out for now.
  6. On GT3 values and on likelihood of GT4RS being squirreled away, a reminder these were both comments made by PCB...............not me. I have NFI but i'll be happy to see more cars changing hands at 2 & 3/4. But the reality is there are more being listed north of 350 than sub 300 at present which is confusing.
  7. I feel your pain. I’ve stayed away from Winton for a few years as I used to get motion sickness every time from the left right left right G forces. I used to have to lie on my back on the cold concrete after each session to get myself right and avoid 🤮. It’s been a few years so I was a bit concerned I might get crook in Sven’s orange beast but took the punt and for some reason I was fine despite the big lateral grip and heat. My wife has suggested a few times I should give up Motorsport and take up golf.....🤔😂
  8. Isn’t that the point of this thread, what’s happening in the market and what prices are doing and what each car is worth as they come to market? It’s huge money for a 2 to 3 year old car so picking the right time to buy could be +/- 40-50k, not chump change. I for one am very interested in where the market will go and I liked the sound of what PCB had to say. Can’t see why they’d talk down the market for these cars unless they genuinely believe it.
  9. PCB indicated 992 launch is imminent with deliveries from 4th quarter 2021. They suggested guys will start selling current cars when ordering new cars in coming months. Different circumstances for each buyer no doubt so they won’t all come at once. FWIW I’d be happy with a car like the AH one that recently sold (MY18, Clubsport, 16.5km, $279k). PCB suggested range 270-275 doesn’t seem a stretch in context of that result.
  10. The thinking seems to be driven by a rush of cars onto the market as guys jump for 992s and the supply and demand equation changes which drives down prices. I assume many buyers of new Porsche product don’t give a stuff about changeover and depreciation, they dump the old to jump into the new because they want it not because it makes any rational sense. Porsche do a great job of teasing the next big thing and limiting availability so they can name their price and sell them all. Wait and see I guess.
  11. If Porsche install a Manthey exhaust then no issue I assume........I wonder what the ACCC think of that 🤔
  12. No. I asked one of the sales guys on Thursday, he didn’t know. When I said majority of cars would end up north of 400, he implied not that much. The blue manual was $378k on road with fairly modest spec so won’t take much of an increase to tip over $400k.
  13. Awesome day spectating albeit damn hot. Thanks @Skidmarks for the IROC TCM hot laps. I’d never ridden in an old air cooled 911 so why not start with a 410hp/920kg race car 😂 Shit video, I was focussed on keeping my head up. But the noise....😍. Grip and braking were phenomenal and Sven knows how to pedal it hard. 🙏 IMG_6904.MOV
  14. Yep then you can potter around changing gears at 7000rpm to stay well away from over revs and a potential $100k cocked up downshift 😬
  15. Chatting to PCB guys at Winton today: - 992 GT3 launch is imminent and they have lots of registrations - they expect to see owners moving on their 991.2s as they start to firm up 992 orders - expecting 991.2s to be changing hands at 270-275 as supply increases - suggested that will happen over the next 3 months. They will definitely fall from low to mid 3s. They were not aware of the recent 991.2 GT3 Clubsport at Autohaus that sold for $279k but not at all surprised, that’s where they are headed - like all GT cars they will bottom out and sit maybe mid 2s so it’s unlikely you’d drop more than 30-40k over the medium to long term if you buy at the right time - go for PDK all day long especially if track driving - so much better and faster (and you can only over rev if you get airborne 😂) - highly recommends a .2 GT3 over a .1 RS. Just as fast but with a much more robust engine. .1 engine issue was “fixed” but it’s clear the .2 is a belt and braces design after the .1 issues - in relation to the blue car, they discussed the situation with Germany hoping to get concessions and be able to maintain engine warranty. Germany were VERY confident the engine would be highly unlikely to be an issue despite the over revs but commercially they would not cover warranty given strict protocols around the ranges of over rev. They suggested the over rev history will devalue the car significantly. - GT4 RS - it was stressed his was not an official Porsche announcement but apparently it’s signed off for production, will be released 2021 but we will get very low numbers, PCB hold 20+ registrations which is many more than the number of cars they will be allocated, will be a collector car - for track and weekend use, definitely get a 991.2 GT3 PDK around 270-275k Don’t shoot the messenger, just passing on what the guys in the Porsche hats and jackets told me.

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