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  1. Damn that looks even better at that price.......bloody glad you're not in Melbourne otherwise I'd have some explaining to do to my wife when she finds her spot in the garage is NLA. By the way LS1 944 plates are available in Vic πŸ€”
  2. Just finished listening to the Tuthill episode of the Chris Harris Collecting Cars podcast. Richard Tuthill says sweet spot is long hood, narrow body, small tyres and a small high revving engine with not a lot of power.......I think that's what you have?
  3. I've bought several cars from interstate (why are they always in bloody Perth!) where it's not practical to go see it. I usually start with a call, as the old saying goes you buy the owner more than the car. If I get a good feeling about the seller and the car, then I usually ask who else knows the car and then speak to them. Often a local workshop or similar. Once I am comfortable then more discussions with the seller and sometimes there is some text back and forth with specific queries, offers, counter offers until we have a deal. Then deposit subject to "it being what you say it is". I bought a 964C2 this way ex Perth, flew over and it was as expected, easy. I've since bought 2 cars ex Perth sight unseen, transferred by EFT and first saw the car when it got delivered. Risky but they were track cars where mechanical condition was verified and cosmetics were not critical. Happy every time. on the flip side when selling the GT2 I had multiple, repeated offers by text typically 30% or more below the ask and all sorts of garbled justification for why my car wasn't worth X. I either ignore them or reply with call me to discuss (they never do) or "how's get fucked sound". Can't be stuffed having an argument via text with someone who is clearly not my buyer. i don't see a great problem with the opening text (but agree a call is always better) but the responses and ongoing exchange became a bit petty. As soon as the seller starts taking a swipe and justifying his price then clearly there's no deal to be done, I'd have ignored him and moved on.
  4. Wow GLWS. Fascinated to see what's next, must be amazing for you to let this one go. You didn't consider another garage extension? If I wanted a long hood, I'd be all over this - it's just right - build quality/colour/wheels/stance/sound.......
  5. I'm going for one of these given my car runs microtech ecu and the dash is a mess of different gauges and a wobbly tacho. Cleans it all up and adds lap times, speed, warnings for low pressure, high temp etc. I assume it can be integrated somehow with video from a GoPro or similar........πŸ€” https://microtechefi.com/product/ltc-pro-dash/
  6. Umm, wow Went for guards red over lizard green in the end? An enviable pair of cars, well done.
  7. Mega dollar indy car turbo V6.........in a Torana....? Would be a weapon with 800hp/850Nm. That guy knows his shit.....😳
  8. @reddahaydn ps what do you recommend for in car video? I got no footage from Sunday because the scrutineers don't like my iPhone mount and in any case it's a PITA to keep charged, can't reach from driving position to start it etc. Probably about time I invest in a proper setup but last time I looked at Race Recall and others they were mega bucks which I struggle to see value in. I'm coming off $15 Harry's lap timer app........gotta have speed readout to be any use. Not fussed about g force and other data.
  9. Porsche drive day when I had the GT4 (@kammo was there too) - at each corner we stopped at, canto explained lines, braking etc and another pro drove through each corner at pace to demonstrate as we stood track side and watched up close. Later I had Steve Owen drive my car while I rode passenger. F&$k me, so much harder on the brakes, so much more consistent and smooth than me and about 5s (yep 5....) faster then me. I liken it to playing golf or tennis with a pro, very hard to emulate but you pick up a LOT. The other thing was not using down changing to slow the car. He just stood the thing on its nose using brakes and shift from say 5th to 3rd for Honda after the car had slowed. RX7 was fast in that final session on Sunday, we left early to get home and pack for Bali, 4am start on Monday! I was right on the tail of Lynch in his "V8 Supercar" on slicksand I drove by Sally in the beast 997 Turbo so I knew it was a fast final session and ended up quicker than Lynch and 3s quicker than Sally with a 1:42.4. i reckon it'll go faster yet....gotta catch those damned WRXs that did 1:40 & 1:41! I'll take 3rd fastest for now....
  10. I reckon there's a lot left on the table. I did a track walk with dean canto a while ago and have been trying to implement his tips. All about straight lining as much as possible. I'm no expert but this is what I reckon having watched your vids. - turn 1, brake later and harder and then hard on the gas and drive through it rather than hug the ripple strip - turn 2, let the car drift wide mid corner then as the front starts to bite, get back on the power earlier rather than hugging the radius - Siberia, similar to turn 2, drift wide and then drive out with inside front wheel over the inside of the ripple strip then drift right out to the outside of the ripple strip on the way out - hayshed and lukey, inside front wheel way over behind the ripple strip (in the grass 😁😁) to straight line the corners and maximise speed.........easier said than done but try it, it works! I was alarmed at where they said to position the car, basically centre the car over ripple strip. You can see wheel tracks in the grass behind the ripple strips so it happens! I feel i can speak with authority having bettered my PB by 2s on Sunday πŸ€” πŸ˜‚. But I also know that any video looks bloody slow compared to reality and every lap I do is different and it's easy to be an armchair critic! Unfortunately no in car video for me so you can't pick the shit out of my laps....πŸ˜‚
  11. Call him and ask, he loves to regale a story from back in the day.
  12. Your very own cartoon car for 1.5M Euro. Is it just me or do others think this looks comical, nothing like the raw, tough original 935s.
  13. Be careful what you wish for, ive seen/heard of a few written off. One PFAer let his employee have a drive and it ended up on its roof. No SC/TC..... Here's mine a few years ago. It hit 263 down the straight at PI but lap times on semis no faster than my times in a GT4 on road tyres.......probably something to do with the size of my plums. 😬
  14. ^^ A GT2 with a V6, interesting. Always surprising that these don't pull bigger $.

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