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  1. So was the price, advertised $55k, bought for $51k 😊 Those days are loooooong gone.
  2. South Africa is another market not often discussed. This was a Johannesburg car that the owner brought with him when he migrated to Perth. I bought in from him in 2014, it was a very clean, RH drive, dry climate car, C2 manual. KTEC did a PPI on it and said it was one of the cleanest they had seen. Might be another market to have a snoop around.
  3. That turbo script on the front guard is cool, that adds $10k surely……🤔
  4. to the uneducated eye it seems like a very expensive 944. On the other hand, it seems like a bargain compared to $120k 968 CS UK import with less grunt and same suspension. GLWS 👌🏻 https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1993-porsche-968-cs-manual/SSE-AD-6866287
  5. Also see page 1 of this thread. Quarter mil for a 928 GTS mid 90s! The accountants on here chime in at 3 - 4% inflation per annum, compounding, that's like $500k to $600k in today's money. Plus $100k to keep the electrics going all that time 🤣.
  6. The GT2 felt more aggressive but on a windy road the 991 would definitely be quicker, more planted, TC, easier to drive fast without stressing as much, more clinical. Similar horsepower but more accessible in the GT3. PDK quicker than old school manual. Both very special cars but i reckon after driving back to back, I'd go for the GT2 keys given the sense of occasion, rarity and aggressive feel. But if using regularly, you'd take the GT3 for ease, comfort and tech.
  7. Never drive hard on wet leafy roads up Reefton Spur……. I broke that rule a short time after I bought it from you. not yet that familiar with the car or that road but I chased Jim in his well driven modified 996TT and stupidly tried to stay with him - AWD vs RWD and TC/SC vs seat of the pants. Very sketchy drive but wow what a car. Jim got out at Marysville cool as a cucumber. By contrast I was sweaty and jumpy from the adrenaline surge 😂 I reckon it was 500% more memorable for me because of the hard core nature of the car. One of the most exhilarating (irresponsible?) things I’ve done in my 51 years 😬. I’m older and wiser now. I drove the same road in the dry in 991.2 GT3 PDK on my way to leaving the keys with PCM. No doubt the 991was faster and sound was epic bouncing off the cliffs. But there is something to be said about lack of safety net and the old school feel of the GT2 that made it such an event to drive. makes me think I’d have another…….🤔
  8. Fascinating to see how expensive these were new (see page 1 of this thread) - 35% more expensive than a C2 manual coupe. I assume there are far fewer of them as a result yet they are now the "poor cousin". That silver car looks great.
  9. Ripper car, not intimidating at all. I read years ago that the scary reputation was all because of conservative alignment from Porsche on press cars. A couple of journos drove through the understeer and got spat off the road. Or something like that. This one has been through the hands of 3 PFAers. I saw 263 down PI main straight = weapon @mc968cs @spiller https://youtu.be/HF0iPYLfkfA
  10. Older = wiser so it can only improve from here 😂 Got any contacts…..🤔?
  11. I do this a lot and i usually regret offloading things in frustration.........last year I bought back a car i sold hastily in 2012 (yep, same car). I am now contemplating buying back another (similar but not the same car). I say keep the RS forever,. You won't get that opportunity again and when everything goes EV, that thing will be a blast from a magnificent past and worth a squillion. 991s are awesome, 996s are mega awesome. You and I both need to learn to relax. And we need to stop focussing on the bloody value - buy and enjoy. If it goes down, so be it, that's normal, most cars are shit investments. Flog the thing. If it goes up, happy days but not too much because then we feel guilty flogging the thing! Now i just need to heed my own advice!
  12. What was the low water mark? March 2021, 991.2 GT3s including mine were being bought from just under to just over 300k. I think that’s the lowest I saw (ads bottomed around 320k?). Ads have jumped to 360-370k and manuals higher again. I assume now like back then you might negotiate -$20k from a motivated seller. I really wanted a .2 RS and I had a red one I almost bought at just under 400k (ad $420k from memory). I struggled to cop the $100k hit so I ended up buying the non RS. RS ads have now jumped to 470k+ so at a guess perhaps 450k? .1 prices continue to blow my mind both RS and non RS. I can’t fathom who’s buying a 2014 over 2018 to save $20-30k…….? That’s a tight gap even without considering the engine issue. And that 10 year engine warranty is steadily ticking down to zero 💣 As for .1 RS I reckon $360k was the lowest I saw advertised so perhaps changing hands just under that. They all now seem to be $400k+. I know of a 991.1 RS acquired very late last year just under $400k. I have to confess I have NFI where the market is headed, covid has just been a bizarre story of crazy escalation when I thought the opposite would happen. So who knows from here.

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