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    @LeeM sounds like you’ve reached my stage of life - can’t be trusted that you can put anything back together how it should be so.......employ someone else to do it 😂 I used to do all sorts of mechanical shenanigans as a young fella out of necessity but these days I just fuck it up.... That reminds me, the X5 I bought in November, haven’t opened the bonnet yet....🤔 better check the washer fluid level tomorrow 😂
  2. So about 287k drive away in Vic, that is the cheapest I’ve seen but not by much. I thought the Covid era dodgy industrial auction skipped service impact might have been more 😂
  3. Yep if people got tested and isolated we wouldn’t be where we are. In Vic 800 of 3000 failed to isolate. It’s the selfish crew that’s ruining it for everyone. I support the $5k fine then GPS anklet or lock them up if that’s what it takes to stop them moving around.
  4. I have little concern that the disease will affect me. But it’s not about me dying, it’s about me getting it and passing it on. The more people that have a similar selfish attitude of “I won’t die so I don’t care if I get it (& spread it)” then we are in real trouble. Play your role. Stop the spread getting to people who can least afford to get it like my 91 y/o and otherwise healthy Mum. And yes she is locked away in her unit but inevitably she has to engage with society in some ways (medical for example) and so the less of it there is in the community the less likely she will cop it. Sick of hearing it’s no worse than flu - it’s about twice as contagious and 10 times more deadly based on the science. Run those numbers......oh hang on, your not an epidemiologist. Flu has never got her but I’m very concerned this might if we don’t get the current run under control quickly. Thankfully Mornington Peninsula remains relatively low numbers compared to north and west Melbourne so fingers crossed.
  5. How’s that for timing, I had to laugh when I saw that pop up.
  6. And here i was making excuses for ignorant people. Now they’d re downright crazy if they are knowingly bidding 331k plus on roads. No thanks (red or not!) Strong views means bugger all, it’s how many actually want to buy. There are always plenty of lookers in no position to buy. I’m on Carsales most days 😂. Iso thrills. I was astounded by how many looked at my old Beemer something like 1500 a day for a couple of weeks. It was red though....😂 as for the “hurry people are enquiring” I’ve always assumed that was a bullshit Carsales algorithm with no link to actual enquiry to invite a bit of FOMO I sold the car sight unseen. No surprise for me as I have bought 6 cars sight unseen from interstate over the years including a 964 and a GT2, my current X5, 2 Mazda race cars and a clubman. Maybe I’m just a risk taker 😎. And that’s without even a FaceTime walk around.
  7. Oh no not the SMS “buyers” trying to educate you on what your car is worth.....? With a car I sold recently I had a bloke offer 20% off by text with his “justification”. So I CALLED him to ask WTF and he back pedalled and said that’s all the money he could afford. Hmm, Ok, so why don’t you buy something you CAN afford. It sold soon after at the asking price.
  8. Exactly what I thought......and he didn’t answer the question. IIRC it was the lowest priced 991.1 on market before it finally sold?
  9. Did you get a premium for guards red........🤔 if I was a buyer I would not be fussed by kms +/- 5k or more because I’d intend to use it not baby it. So over a few years of ownership whether it started at 3k or 9k it’ll become immaterial on resale. I’ll happily take the discount for “high” (sub 10,000km) if that’s what the market dictates.
  10. Yes but even if the dealer claims GST back, the end price to the buyer they sell to must include GST. At $360k drive away in Vic there is no margin for the dealer.....,? I get that transfer fees are less interstate but not by enough to make this all of a sudden a good deal. for me 3,000km vs 9,000km and colour preference is splitting hairs, I don’t see a significant difference in value associated with that. and regarding the virus, it might be Vic copping it now but it’s not isolated to Vic. All states can and will suffer from bad government management (eg. quarantine) together with dickheads breaking the rules. so I’d caution against assuming other states have this beaten. What’s happened in Vic mimics return to lockdown In many places around the world.
  11. Hang on, so mid pandemic someone is prepared to pay: - 285k ex GST - 313.5k incl GST - 330.7k incl 5.5% buyers premium - 359k incl transfer fee and stamp duty - call it 360k including rego Why would you pay $30-40k ABOVE market from a never heard of auction of a non serviced GT3......? Buy the Miami Blue CS from Duttons for 290k and save yourself 40k! i suspect some bidders have missed the GST and buyers premium and are in for a rude shock.
  12. Haha yes Dan the man could play havoc with their auction. Having said that when I looked yesterday there was something like 2 active cases Frankston and 3 Peninsula so you’d hope we don’t all get tarred with the same brush🤞🏻🤞🏻

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