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  1. First custom home we built after starting business in 2006. A pair of timber bifold doors, each 3.6m x 2.4m got delivered on a Friday afternoon. My business partner and I called into the site that evening and wrestled them onto the slab and well into the house frame to be installed on the Monday when the carpenters returned. I happened to live in the next street, drove past next morning at 9am after kids swimming. Doors were gone.....couldn't believe it, they'd need a decent truck and 3 or 4 blokes to lift them. CCTV at the estate entrance showed a white truck 10pm at night leaving the estate but no details, no rego.....We suspected the delivery driver for sure but there was no evidence so cops never pursued it. Happens all the time in new estates, thankfully we build in established areas these days and theft is almost non existent. Bastards........consequences are not enough to discourage the upside of selling the spoils. 8 months for flogging and destroying someone's pride and joy? They should also dock any income he earns until the damage is paid for, however long it takes as a matter of principle.
  2. Yeah seems reasonable value. When you look at BMW and Porsche option lists the price ratchets quickly but VW seem to chuck most stuff in. Might go check it out.
  3. Getting toward time to update, X5 is now 5 years, 110kms old. criteria: - used to tow a van (prob 2400 loaded) and racecar (prob 2000 or so). So 2700+ capacity required - I like the euro diesels, not a fan of the 4 cyl jap stuff Pajero prado etc, landcruiser V8 is too huge - jag and rover stuff is well.......too British, I'd like to actually get where I'm going πŸ˜‚ - prefer used but sub 30,000km, $100k ish - prefer air suspension - none of the X5s had it but the E70 M sport used to chew out the inner shoulder of the tyre (315s!) on long drives with the van due to a bit of sag and camber, the F15 no M sport on smaller wheels and tyres has been fine - SUV not ute - it's the wife's daily school truck - I've had E53, E70, F15 X5 30d but for some stupid reason the new G05 X5 30d is rated 1900 not 2700 of all the earlier ones....wtf? The petrol and M50d are 2700, sounds like marketing bullshit to get towers to cough up $50k more for M50d options: - used SQ7 would be great but only a few around so the value hasn't dropped like a stone which normally happens with Audi - still $130k+ For a 2017 - cayenne diesel (old shape) doesn't make sense when it's sister next gen Touareg is cheaper - current shape cayenne is petrol only and $$$ - X5 M50d would be a monster but $160k+ - a 17 or 18 F15 X5 in 30d or 40d guise is a good option, new model has smashed value of the old one. Cold pickup a quite new low k for 70-80 - new Touareg is starting to turn up in dealers, just over $100k and 3500 towing seems like a good prospect. Air suspension available. Anyone got one or driven one?
  4. Apparently faster http://gtspirit.com/2017/05/09/porsche-991-2-gt3-quicker-ferrari-488-gt3-rs-around-nurburgring/
  5. Personally i'd have a 991.2 GT3 over a .1 RS for similar money. 3 or 4 years newer, less shouty which suits me (I'm not a fan of those front guard gills) and in my hands, I reckon I'd be hard pressed to tell the difference or go any faster round a track despite the myriad of detail changes on an RS. Still torn between faster PDK vs more engaging manual. Hate to admit it but probably have to go PDK, it's incredible on track (see Matt Close in Targa.....wow). For me the .2 GT3 Clubsport is the right balance of track focused look without feeling like a complete tool going to get the milk on a Saturday morning in your lava orange RS 😁. Meanwhile, the real question is which one to hire - doing another Spa, Nurburgring junket April/May next year 991.1 "RSR" https://www.rsrspa.com/car-rentals/porsche-gt3-991-rsr-edition Or 991.2 https://www.rsrspa.com/car-rentals/porsche-gt3-9912
  6. 991.2 GT3 CS freshly run in for under $320k. Assume you could crunch a 299k deal here given lots of them on market how long before they start to list in the 2s and then what happens to the mid 200k 991.1s with their 10 (or is that 9 or 8) year engine warranty πŸ€” looks like the days of getting a GT3 allocation to flip for a profit are long gone, I assume these were $400k ish new? Back to "normal" depreciation with is good 2017 Porsche 911 GT3 991 Auto MY18 4,743 km Coupe Automatic 6cyl 4.0L Petrol Dealer UsedFor more information on this vehicle please visit:https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2017-Porsche-911-GT3-991-Auto-MY18/OAG-AD-16917605
  7. I like "we won't be beaten on price" So if you find another fully sick Gemballa tuned bright orange 996TT we'll beat their price πŸ˜‚
  8. Must be the butt of a lot of jokes with a name like Close πŸ˜‚
  9. I just watched again on a larger screen and yep lots of 200+ and a couple of 240s...........😳 I listened to Grant Denyer being interviewed on Greg Rust podcast a while back and he talked about his Tarmac rally crash, exige into the trees. He stared death in the face that day. He has since decided to leave Tarmac rally for others, too much at stake, too dangerous. Travelling at 200+ on narrow bumpy back roads lined by trees, wow, kudos to Close (and the rest), that's amazing. its like a spirited SMT drive on Reefton but at double + the speed
  10. I had exactly the same thought watching that, you can see how PDK would be faster allowing you 2 hands on the wheel at all times. Safer too.... i assume standard RS with some Tarmac rally suspension and pads? Unbelievably capable car.
  11. That had your name all over it, surprised you didn't get aboard. Gee I even gave it a third and fourth look..... whats the story with the Fitzgerald/Quinn yellow one, ex targa tassie and nations cup for $120k?
  12. Cool car. He knows his weight savings πŸ˜‚ 200k EURO......wow Interesting to hear a genuine comparison of 996, 997, 991 from a guy who has tried them all. I'm not sure he needs 523hp though, very conservatively driven.
  13. @OBRUT @hugh what's a realistic spend to get that ^^ or something like Hugh's bluey in this market? forget about original, matching #s, concourse paint. Neat and tidy but useable.
  14. I agree with all of this. Best fun I ever had was a Westfield clubman 240hp/600kg. Great Honda vtec noise, snickerty 6 speedbox, LSD, exposed to the elements, go kart handling, light on tyres and pads, faster than most cars on the road. But not safe in traffic and you would NOT want to crash it. Survived 2 years, next. then I had a 964C2 manual, felt heavy and sluggish to me, I didn't love it, lasted 4 months. Other than a 993 RS 3.8 build I can't imagine I'd go back there. then a 996 GT2, 600hp way too fast for the road and to me felt a bit arse heavy with those big 315 steamroller rears. great car but just a little something lacking. Was a blast for 2 years but lucky to survive and keep a licence then a GT4, cracker car, mid engine balance, felt more nimble, strangely felt quite similar to the Westfield but a bit TOO competent and inert at road speeds and so I didn't use it much. I just didn't tend to just go for a blast like I did in the clubbie. now an M3 Comp DD tuned to 500hp. Super fast, sounds good, handles well but too bland at road speeds, too heavy. It'll be gone soon My track car is an RX7 with lots of power and light weight - awesome, as fast as a 991 RS but too anti social to consider on the road. when I had the Westfield my brother would often pop round and borrow it and be gone down the peninsula all day and come back with a massive grin. why? I reckon it's the chuckable light weight, simple engine = reliable but fast im constantly mulling old datsuns, escorts, lotus etc chasing the light weight nirvana but I'm sure the experience would not match the dream a few have said 996 GT3. For whatever reasons I have never owned a 3.......yet πŸ€” I imagine it's like a GT4 but more raw and old school feeling which suggests it probably is a good compromise. Maybe the best fit of the bunch. or maybe I should just buy an electric SUV and give up the chase......πŸ˜‚
  15. At least it has the original 3 silver and 1 black rims πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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