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  1. Seems priced about right at $59,950 once you correct for the obvious typo……..😂
  2. DJM

    Cayman GT4 RS

    I’m tipping you’ll go faster……I found a 981 GT4 easier to click with a drive hard than 991.2 GT3. Or maybe that’s just me…..your butt dyno and lap times will be interesting real world comparison. isn’t the rumour that the Porsche test driver backed off in places on Nurburgring lap? 🍿🍿. Hoping one of the Spa/Ring rental companies have a 4RS in their fleet by the time my 2020 Euro trip gets rebooted.
  3. Yes but they imply it’s some new thing for PDK that approximates manual driving. A crock of shit given prior models had the same setup! Marketing at work.
  4. ^ pretty much my experience of 996 GT2, 981 GT4, 991.2 GT3, too fast for the road and mundane at legal speeds. i did wonder if I’d have enjoyed (and kept) the 964 with some mods but it was my first Porsche and so i was chasing faster and “better”. The other option would have been to park it and earn $100k+ for doing nothing!
  5. And a bit cartoon like. Cars movie comes to mind……
  6. 991 GT3 you can manually shift via push/pull of the shifter. I’m not clear on all the fuss around the “manual style” shift for PDK in 992. To me, all that’s changed is the leather boot and a round knob like a manual but the functionality is the same. Am I missing something?
  7. I had one a while ago and didn’t use it, predominantly because I didn’t find it that much fun to drive (C2 manual). To me it was a bit heavy and slow feeling. 🍿 If you enjoyed it, you’d use it. So sell it, 964s are way over priced for what they are so cash in and move on to something you will enjoy and thus use.
  8. anyone rushing out to replace their GT3 with EV……? Didn’t think so. Cool looking thing but does nothing to stir the soul.
  9. Prices have been crazy for some time The last one I bought (of 5 I’ve had) cost me $4k in 2009 complete with old school SU fed, methanol injected, T04 turbo charged L18 good for 260hp. It was a hoot, clean rust free shell. Later converted to 13B Bridgeport, caged, raced, crashed and bashed and sold for $9k. Shoulda kept it……. a mate has a rusty shitter in his front yard, he bought it back in 1990. His kids keep telling him it’s worth 10K, now 12k, now 15k……..it really is crazy and I wonder if cars actually sell or just get advertised for a while then quietly withdrawn.
  10. A genuine SSS? has the right dash, steering wheel and SUs but I’m not sure what else makes a SSS https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1972-datsun-1600-manual/SSE-AD-12152236
  11. I’ve learned that road cars are good on road and track cars are good on track. I’ve tried a few times to have an all rounder, you just end up with a car that is compromised for one or both. best car for track is something you can bash over kerbs and ignore stone chips. Nothing worse than pootling round worrying about your investment. Cup car makes sense provided maintenance costs are not crazy. Otherwise look beyond Porsche. I’ve had a couple of track only RX7s that were cheap, fast and great fun. Much faster than GT3s for a lot less money.
  12. Just buy this one instead, only $155k……😂😂🤑🤑 1994 Porsche 968 CS Manual Coupe 4cyl 3.0 L Petrol Manual 75,406 km Dealer UsedFor more information on this item please visit:https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1994-porsche-968-cs-manual/OAG-AD-20399970
  13. My guess is some type of RS? Maybe 991.2 or 718? Do tell Mark….
  14. Love a good restomod (non boomer 😂) But I simply don’t understand paying $500k -$1M+ for restomod 911, E type, defender, alfaholic 105, Jensen interceptor. The list goes on. Seems like a new one weekly. This week Redux (?) cashing in with a $620k BMW E30……..i had a restomod E30 recently which had a 400hp S54 and 6 speed from an E46 M3, that was a hoot for $40k. But $620k…….wtf 🤷‍♂️

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