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  1. I used to think that too. Even drove the M3 all the way to Bathurst, lapped at pace and drove home. But history shows it's a risky business, plenty of days ended with a busted car. I've come full circle, M3 will soon be replaced with another SUV, dedicated track car is in the garage, new trailer completed a couple of weeks ago, remote electric winch and all πŸ‘ŒπŸ». Peace of mind means I can drive it HARD 😑
  2. You'd climb a hill very quickly in this? How much is that trophy worth to ya? https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2018-Porsche-911-GT2-RS-991-Auto-MY18/SSE-AD-5669214
  3. Hmm, this or a 996 (almost 997) GT3.....πŸ€”
  4. Yep I've done the same. I reckon a manual .2 is the go if they ever fall enough to make it viable for track use. Looking at track cars I've owned, they do get a bit banged up over time with chunks of rubber, stone chips, excursions into gravel and grass. And 200+ is still a LOT to punt into the wall. By contrast, my Mazda "fell" off the trailer the other day and was held up by the front splitter. PITA but just a few scratches and a couple of busted brackets, dodgy up a fix and carry on. Would be hating it if that was a mint GT3.
  5. Good show, great video. So much more interesting than the normal race weekends. Geez Horner is an arrogant twat. Cyril from Renault couldn't contain his glee at snaring Ricciardo after Horner cancelled the Renault engine order. Take that mofo...... its a shame that Stroll and Perez get the seats thanks to wealthy backers but Ocon from humble origins misses out. poor old Grosjean looked like the serial car wrecker/basket case. Very fast on his one good day a year, brain explosion and crash out the rest of the time.
  6. Sounds like we share the same saved searches on Carsales πŸ˜‚ 991.2 GT3 seem to be dropping fast, a couple now at low 300s and quite a few around while 991.1 seem to have plateaued at mid 200s. I reckon I'd stump up the extra $50-75k to get into the newer car with 4.0, manual if you prefer and no engine issues. For peace of mind and resale, i reckon I'd rather a good engine than a known problem engine with a warranty.
  7. Never say never. It'll drive a change in behaviour. Most of us have a sub 100km commute to and from work which is well below the typical range. Every night when you park, car charges to 100% by morning (plug in = PITA, inductive mat on the garage floor = easy). The old paradigm of stopping at a servo to top up will become a thing of the past. Upside, no more bags of chips on fill up πŸ˜‚ maybe on the drive to Sydney you'd need a 15m stop to juice up, who cares. By the time you've stretched the legs, had a leak and grabbed a coffee, you're ready to go again. towing the caravan to the coast, hmmmm, don't see that working. Better keep the diesel bus just for those occasions. All the "waste of time", "never gunna happen" chatter reminds me me of a video I watched recently (and now can't find). In it was an early 1900s photo of New York City, everyone on horses and 1 car visible. No one would accept giving up the horse in favour of the car. Same photo taken 10 years later, everyone in cars, 1 horse visible. It's happening folks, like it or not. Now the major manufacturers are heavily invested in EVs, it's only a matter of time before we all reach a point of at least contemplating an EV future. consider my daughter who just turned 16, L plates next week, absolutely zero interest in cars/driving (despite my best efforts I get told they don't understand what I see in cars, driving fast, track events etc). If she can buy a car that's quiet, easy to drive, cheap to run, requires little maintenance and no smelly service stations to navigate then I will guarantee that she and her friends will all be in EVs but say 2030? Why wouldn't they. Meanwhile the number of us who love the sound, emotion, feel of ICE cars will slowly dwindle and die out. VW will happily sell us a GT3 for now but their focus is on my daughter and what she wants in 10 years.
  8. DJM

    F1 2019

    Agree. Look at any top level Motorsport driver. They all share a huge ego for their own ability. Drive to Survive on Netflix clearly shows if you don't have absolute belief that you are good enough to be world champion (ie. Arrogance) then you WILL NOT get a seat let alone succeed in F1. Some are able to pull it off more respectfully than others without overtly showing their arrogance. as for Hamilton, I'm no fan boy but to question his talent and style is nonsense. He's legitimately won a lot of pole positions, races and world Championships. I reckon his tats and chains look a bit silly but who cares. you can't hate on a bloke for being who he is. I'd have less respect if he rocked up in tweed and flat cap to fit the stuffy F1 image. the fact we're debating this unimportant stuff just highlights how bland the racing is. kimi is the favourite - journalist asks "why go to Sauber Kimi?", his response with a smirk "why not?" And just leaves it at that. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. So a 928S4 with options was $220k+ in 1987.....holy crap, what was a commodore back then, $15k? Wow........combine that price with massive interest rates and it's no wonder sales faltered. 928 GTS manual is a rare bird, 4 in total, 1 imported each year from '92 to '95 (cf nearly 60 autos in the same period). If you have one of those, hang onto it until this news becomes well known! That must be one of the rarest P cars of all? Good luck finding a clutch kit at your local Repco πŸ€”
  10. Many years ago spectating at a Maserati Club day at Sandown, a guy had a red late model Countach. Didn't leave the pits all day. In fact it left the track on a flat bed. Couldn't start the thing. Stunk of fuel. Legendary Italian reliability and build quality. Problem with electrics (plus I suspect the gaggle of downdraft Webers was out of whack). The guy was spitting chips. $1.1M? Yeah, nah. While I had late model Countach posters as a kid, as I've got older, the early cars seem much nicer (and more valuable). https://goo.gl/images/YPYDuq
  11. You'd want to love escorts to spend that sort of coin. What's it worth finished, 50k, 75k, surely no more? An investment in fun but makes no rational sense.
  12. I've been following this build too. I hope they tell us the total cost at the end......πŸ€‘. The time and effort that has gone into every detail of that car is astonishing.
  13. Meh GT2 was fun for a while. Only useful on track though and too expensive for that! My "new" track RX7 will be faster and more raw than the GT2 was and about 85% cheaper.
  14. Do they have to balance the CO2 books across the Porsche range or can they assess higher up the VW chain? If so, they could build Lambos and GT3 NA engines and offset against Polos and Golfs and electric models that are coming....?
  15. My gut says a couple of years ago. Really not sure but just remember seeing it for sale and pretty sure saw it out at Phillip Island circuit too.

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