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  1. Thanks for all the effort guys. this post caused me to go back in time and discover I joined late 2012, 7 years and 3 Porsches ago......wow. I would not have had the confidence to jump into any of those cars without the great knowledge, support and guidance offered by the good folk of PFA. Nor would I have sampled the delights of Reefton Spur and Lake Mountain at, ahem, legal speeds 🏎🏎
  2. Harry's great. Heard him talking about how raw an early Diablo is (on Collecting Cars podcast) then a few days later saw a bright blue with yellow graphic Diablo in the city coughing and snorting through traffic, awesome.
  3. Is there a more iconic rear 3/4 angle? While I love the purity of the early non winged cars, that shot with the wing reminds me of my bedroom wall 35 years ago. Epic πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I saw a tosser in a matt black aventador doing short bursts up HallSt in Bondi this afternoon with his loud exhaust on. Another in a matt white Huracan Perfomante. I'd have the Countach any day over those 2.
  4. I am in the custom home business. We saw the market slow down late 2018 and into early 2019 but post election, post finance rules loosening a bit and interest rates falling, demand is rising again. No shortage of people self funding large homes and don't discount the Chinese, Singaporean and other Asian markets. Gone are the days of frenzied Chinese outbidding each other. Changes in rules made it harder and more expensive for them to invest here BUT they remain quite active presumably because they still see good value. And it's a "safe" market in which to park their cash even if it costs them more than it used to. In any case, many are Australian resident Chinese who are not affected by rules that target true off shore investors. We are dealing with plenty of these clients and obviously they can't build a new home unless they first buy land to build it on. I get that property here is VERY expensive but to simply compare median income and median house price is not an accurate predictor. You only have to look at median income in Toorak to know that it misrepresents true incomes (median income $142k, median house price $3.4M). I dare say anyone on that money does not live in Toorak. That place is dripping in wealth, some would earn the median income every week so why is the ATO data way off? People use business structures, trusts etc to manage income tax. Businesses may reinvest profits and until such time as cash is pulled out via dividends, it's not taxed at the personal level. So Mr Toorak might make $5M in his business and reinvest it all and/or pay tax on those profits in the company but retain the earnings and he only takes a $140k salary for the year which is taxable. That's entirely legal but it skews the data massively....on paper he can't afford the house he lives in. In reality, he probably makes enough in one year to buy a median house with change to buy a new GT3 and a new Cayenne Turbo without needing any finance. Have you seen the size of Porsche Brighton lately. Or BMW Doncaster - they sell thousands of cars. As a business, we're not investing as heavily in property as we used to, mainly because the prices seem too high to make the numbers stack up and I'm not expecting huge growth going forward. But it's not because of a fear of a looming crash. But the news today might suggest I am being overly conservative! https://www.theage.com.au/business/the-economy/sydney-and-melbourne-house-prices-will-soon-be-growing-at-double-digit-rates-20191018-p531z3.html
  5. Fair old depreciation ahead if you were to actually to drive it....πŸ€”
  6. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ the commentary is about the value, no criticism of the "hard work" i don't find this discussion anywhere near as tiresome as the coming soon, sneak peak, wait for it...........MAGNUS WALKER car that stalked me for months, thank Christ that's done. if the re-sprayed Zag mobile finds a buyer anywhere near $200k I'll eat my hat. I think this subject has been done to death so over and out from me.
  7. Exactly. If modifying a car means you can add the cost of the mods to the purchase price and get your money back on sale, I'd have a lot more money in my bank account πŸ˜‚ In this case the mods appear cosmetic - interior and exterior colour change. You'd imagine body, paint and interior were fine given the car was "zagged" in 2010. So unlike an engine or gearbox rebuild or better suspension, to me cosmetic stuff just because doesn't add any value unless you really prefer the new colour scheme. And even then it'd fall well short of covering the cost. To me it's still the $95k car it used to be. i do prefer the grey over wine vs blue over black but I wouldn't pay any more because of that. Reminds me of developers listing their brand name architect, brand name interior designer, brand name landscape designer in ads hoping that somehow it adds $500k to their apartment prices. maybe he should hire a model for a photo shoot, do a drone video and spam it all over social media then list on PCar market πŸ€” That'll get $100k more πŸ˜‚
  8. I remember the orange Zag car (shown on their website) for sale in Vic for $72k several years ago, sat for a while. There were some derogatory comments at the time about Zag backdates. It's probably a few hundred pages back in this thread. Then along comes Singer and so a tarted up Zag is now worth $200k by association......πŸ€”? Good luck with that!
  9. The final number suggests it was all worth it....albeit I'm sure you threw $$$ at the paint, interior, mechs........oh and the production. Good result, we'll done. I couldn't have coped with a relaunch if it didn't sellπŸ˜€
  10. Definitely no flat 6 GT wail going on there πŸ€”
  11. A GT4 is great.....but it's not a GT3. A 485hp GT4 though......hmm that's 100hp more than a 981 GT4, would be a weapon and probably faster than a GT3. Tough decision.
  12. Horses for courses. kids love giving thumbs up and taking video of my track car. I previously owned a GT4, a GT2 and drove a 991GT3 at Spa. No question they are all incredible, the only cars I know that can perform on track straight off the showroom floor. I've regularly toyed with buying a 991 GT3. I even had the form from PCM to fill in for a possible future GT4 RS slot a while back. What stops me? I find it hard to enjoy them on road - too fast. On track I've come to realise that a dedicated track car is more thrilling and much faster. The GT3 PDK was great but if I tracked on a lot, I reckon I'd get bored because it's just too competent. Not a criticism but for me personally I like wrestling a beast, working on my skills to get it to go quicker. Oh and I'm punting $45k rather than 200+ allowing me to go much harder. So it's not for me. But I get it. And yeah I'm not about to invest in a 718. I was still a second faster than Fitzy πŸ˜€ I just found it fascinating that throwing a few bucks at one makes it outperform the GT cars.
  13. As my kids would say, that looks cool AF πŸ˜‚
  14. Drug money. Fitzy was getting around Sandown recently in his modified 718 Boxster S (wheels, semi slicks, springs, exhaust and tune only) in 1:17.8. A bit slower in the hands of a non pro but a hard driven 981 GT4 is good for maybe 1:21. He told me it cost him circa $100k + $30k in mods and he beats all the GT4s and 991 GT3s in Porsche club events. I'd be pretty miffed if I spent $300k+ on a GT4 RS and got passed by a hot beetle. How much is the flat 6 sound and the badge worth........πŸ€”
  15. Noone said they could buy it for $100k πŸ€” I have no doubt others caught up in the 964 hype will pay a lot more than I would.

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