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  1. Yep, pretty sure it’s the same car…..no rear badge because it was fully wrapped for track duty. this didn’t last long
  2. Looks very much like the car I baulked at earlier in the year………
  3. DJM

    Prices paid - 992 GT3

    Haha so give me $130k for some stickers and badging and I’ll throw in a $500 cover. Sweet deal.
  4. I shipped a car from Qld to Melbourne recently and it came with a spare engine and gearbox on a pallet. These guys were happy to ship the car and pallet together, cheap $1,200 and quick. I just sold a car and trailer and recommended Nicks. The buyer has engaged them so Nick will take the car on trailer from Melbourne to Sydney soon, when permitted. engine on,y may not be his thing but give him a call, was great to deal with.
  5. DJM

    Car of the week

    820kg 😲
  6. @Raven Do it, great car, as good as new.
  7. Sold it via Porsche Sell Direct to PCSS. They own PCM so I simply dropped it off there and walked away.
  8. I bought a used X5 and BMW had these guys fit a tow bar. Good to deal with, I’m sure they’ve done plenty of Macans. https://www.melbournetowbars.com.au/
  9. $334k is a pretty modest markup for Porsche. @SS 3 i see a new name and a new avatar - is that an indication of a firm 992 Touring order?
  10. Sounds familiar….. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/2017-porsche-911-gt3-991-auto-my18/OAG-AD-19993906
  11. The right colour too 😂. Mine was 240hp/620kg. Similar power to weight to yours, around 400hp/tonne. Keeping on topic, a 991 GT3 would need ~570hp to achieve the same power to weight.
  12. Haha yes I remember early days with my ~600hp 996 GT2 thinking umm, why is that 968 so hard to reel in up Reefton Spur. Mark can certainly drive but it is a lesson in great grip and handling going a long way to offset a huge power disparity. Dare I say it, engine is in the right place for handling balance ……..😂 🍿🍿
  13. Nope, I’m done with GT cars which in all likelihood means I’m done with Porsche. I’ve had 964C2 and GT2, 3, 4 all awesome cars but I get no enjoyment from pottering around. I’ve driven them hard but it’s not a sensible (or legal) way to behave on the road. On track they are very very good but I’ve been spoiled with faster more focussed track cars. And punting 300k round a track uninsured means you always have the “what if” in the back of your mind which hampers the fun. If I get any ideas, you can remind me of this post…..
  14. Take some photos of the car with wheels and other bits missing and post them somewhere. Then tell that fuckwit he bought 80% of the car and jack stands. Sheesh what a knob.

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