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  1. Out with 6 cylinders, in with 6 rotors, seems like a fair swap https://youtu.be/k3t3VcEIB-Q
  2. My regular car wash dude at Frankston shopping centre UG car park does a bloody good wash and interior clean for $70 and polish for about $100, 1/110th of the cost. Yeah it won’t be quiiiite as good but......
  3. Yeah just changed my post due to date clash. Probably a good thing to avoid coming home with a GT3 surprise.
  4. Dang it, wife booked camping today 9-23 Jan. very excited about that, very disappointed to miss this. Sounds like a great day, enjoy. Photos please.
  5. ^ fair chance it’s the only GT3 in the world with roo hide 918 buckets 😁
  6. I love the look of E88s but didn’t realise they were so fragile
  7. DJM

    996 CLR

    ^^ brilliant engine, I had an F20C and 6 speed in a 620kg Westfield clubman. (400hp/tonne) - the way that thing sounded with a RH side exhausting blaring at 9300rpm 😍😍
  8. Great seeing GT3s used and looked after as intended. 950 laps of the ring, 3000 of spa, 300,000km and counting......awesome👌🏻 https://youtu.be/7pulYLB2iLc
  9. Ricciardo? Maybe Daniel is making seats now to supplement his income.
  10. @smit2100 keep me posted on your 991.2 excel graph forecasts. I have the home front approval subject to a couple of pre conditions due to be triggered by early 2022 so if you could arrange the trough to coincide, that’d be great. thanks in advance 😂
  11. Geez I just clicked the link and saw $170k and thought faaaark I need to place a bid. But Hugh lives not far from me and wouldn’t we look like complete wankers, parked nose to tail in matching red RS for brekky 😂😂. I’d at least need a blue one 🤔
  12. 991.1 on special, aisle 5 if it wasn’t for the hand grenade in the back this would make a good track pig and weekend hack
  13. From car spotters on FB
  14. Renault may be forced to supply engines but are they obliged to supply good ones.....? Cyril, can we pleeeease have some more power. 😂. Watching Horner eat humble pie will be better to watch than the racing.

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