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  1. @911_kuhlture www.911kuhlture.com home to the 2nd best Porsche magazine in Australia.
  2. Hey Kov. I did exactly what you are proposing to my 997C2 and I didn’t notice any difference in ride quality. The 19” are a lot wider than the 18” so the grip levels are ridiculous. Aesthetically the 19s suit the 997 much better than the 18s. Go for it I say.
  3. Yes, they're the ones. I can send you photos of the rubber I bought in a few days if you like? It took me a few goes as even the Clark Rubber pieces broke through after a few uses. You won't want to fit them without it.
  4. I went to Clark Rubber and got some proper heavy duty rubber to put on the clamps as the rubber that came with the racks was too thin and splits easy. Other than that, they clamp straight on. The width is adjustable.
  5. Generic gutter mount bars from AutoBarns
  6. Great Job Pete! Wife must be pleased to have it set up in the living room! Grab Assetto Corsa. It’s cheap and has plenty of content and lots of unofficial content you can download from racedepartment.com
  7. Hey guys, anyone know where I can get a replacement headlight reflector for my 3.2 Carrera? I've tried aPorscheapart and a couple workshops with no luck. I've found a couple sources in USA for about $150 which is fine but I'm trying to get one before next weekend if possible.
  8. Check out BC Racing. I have them in my 997 and am very happy with them. Car is my daily with regular SMT driving and the odd track day. $1,300. Aus distributor is JustJap. Get the base model that reuse your factory uppers on the fronts to avoid unwanted noise as advised by BC Racing.
  9. Check out Demon-tweeks.com. They have the Toyo R888R and Pirelli Trofeo R available in your sizes. I purchased my Trofeo Rs for my 3.2 Carrera from them. They arrived in 2 weeks and were cheaper than when they were available in Aus. That includes freight and taxes.
  10. Hell yes!!! Buy his!!!! You won't find a better one in Aus!!!
  11. Nothing wrong with those mods at all, in fact, the only thing missing on my 997 is the tune. I don't know how knowledgeable Les is though and if he's just chasing a bog stock car and doesn't know what he's looking at in the pictures, there's no mention of mods in the ad other than "suspension upgrade", and he's not even dealing with the owner, then...
  12. Hi Les Good luck with the PPI. I'm assuming you haven't been able to actually view the car so make sure you understand what you're getting. The fact the Ad doesn't mention that's its an import or that it's had some performance upgrades bothers me. It's had the exhaust and intake done plus I'm assuming a tune by EVOMS. Suspension has also been done but no mention of what. Could be rock hard coilovers or might just me a spring upgrade. If that's what you're after then great but if you're after something stock, tread carefully. Autohaus Hamilton will be able to advise to a point.
  13. Thanks guys. I’ll give it a crack 😊
  14. Hey Niko, do you know if this stuff is safe on paint? My rear bumper is covered in tar after the run up Lake Mountain. Rear wheels too.
  15. Your current rear offset is 67 so these are 2.7cm further out. Ive already checked 😁

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