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  1. Having recently fanged a 993 with these tyres, I can confirm you won't be disappointed. Shed loads of grip!!!
  2. Excellent morning at Dakdak! Great to catch up with everyone as always and great to meet some new faces. Here's a few photos I took, enjoy
  3. Saw the pic from your bro the day you picked it up. Love it! Well done on the purchase. Hopefully I’ll get to chase it one day.
  4. I swear I checked Yokohama in those sizes and they had nothing! Are they a new release? Great news that there’s another option in that size. I imagine they’ll be like other r spec tyres in that you can drive them in the wet no worries but standing water will be stressful.
  5. I'm sure this one will polarise Porsche fans! https://www.911kuhlture.com/2019/05/08/911-speedster/
  6. Awesome Peter, well done! I regret ever selling mine although I still love my 997. It's just an unnecessary upgrade. You'll love the 996! (love your writing style too )
  7. Fwoar!!!! What a transformation! Just beautiful! Well done!
  8. No, they're actual terms offered by lenders that are typically taken up by their customers for hire purchase or chattel mortgage finance. The terms can be adjusted also. For example, my 997 is financed over 4 years with nil residual. I could probably buy a 991 with the monthly payment but I will own the car outright in 4 years time, a car that doesn't depreciate.
  9. FBT taxable value on a $140k car is $28k per year.
  10. A couple points. A car that expensive will attract a heap of FBT if its bought in a business unless you have a high log book business %. Most people will look at the affordability of car finance based on the monthly repayment and not consider the total cost over the term of the finance. The longer the term and the higher the balloon, the more interest you pay and the less equity you have at the end. ie. the lower the monthly repayment, the more the car costs you (other things being equal such as the price for the car and interest rate) If this is going to be a business use vehicle, talk to your accountant and make sure you’re clear on the FBT implications. If you’re buying it personally, I can put you in contact with a broker who can explain your options and offer very good rates.
  11. I honestly dont know Phil. My car sounds like a piece of shit so I find it hard to believe they all sound like mine with a spring centre clutch. Otherwise this issue would be as famous as the IMS. I will eventually source a rubber centred one from the UK.
  12. Carl, thanks heaps for taking the time to explain the classic range of tyres. I really didnt have much idea and find it hard to find useful info like you’ve provided above. It sounds like the MXX would have been a good option for me. I assume the Trofeo R wont last very long so I’ll keep the MXX in mind for the next set.
  13. Nope, 9s on the rear, as does the Turbo of the mid to late 80s

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