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  1. FVD Brombacher pre-muffler. Looks a little rough. Stainless would polish up with some elbow grease. Flanges are rusty but still have a smooth mating surface. $250 K & N Cone filter and assembly, designed to sit inside the whale tail for direct air intake through the vents. I believe it can also be mounted sideways without the elbow. $150
  2. @Frazhas a Kline system on his 996 Turbo. Great quality and sounds awesome but what he raves about most is their after sales service. The system came on the car when he bought it. I believe it had a faulty cat so Kline sent new ones over free of charge even though he didn’t buy it and it may have even been out of warranty. At least that’s how I think the story went.
  3. I have some used tyres I don’t need at the moment. I plan to put them in storage but if someone would like them they’re available. They’ve done 1,500kms including the track day at Winton. They’re unbelievably grippy! Turn in is amazing and the rear just hook in when you plant it out of the corner. I also drove them in the monsoon we had last week in Melb and at 80kmh, there was no hint of aquaplaning. Very impressed with them. 2 x 205/55/16 2 x 245/45/16. $800
  4. The outlet ends are about 40mm shorter than the 996 ones
  5. Simonk

    WTB: Carrera MFI 2.7

    Ha ha! Wicked! Awesome looker. Enjoy.
  6. Simonk

    WTB: Carrera MFI 2.7

    Pretty sure Porschaden have a green one at the moment
  7. I used an old style booster cushion I bought off eBay. A proper booster seat placed the kids too close to the front seats. A couple times I had to brake hard and the kids hit their face on the front seat.
  8. Is windows up a new thing for track events? I haven't done a heap of track days but it's never been a rule on the ones I've been on. I wouldn't have lasted 10 minutes with the windows up in my car at Winton. It was hot as shit already with them down. I'll also say that without any acknowledgement from the car in front that they have seen me, it was difficult to know if it was safe to pass. I could only do it on the corners because I had the slowest car on track and people don't seem to want to back off on the straights to let me pass. In the end it was easier to back off and create a gap until I caught up again.
  9. Yes, I spent a lot of time on the phone coaching my wife on how to use the pool filter (which we've had for 10 years). The 491 was a blast around Winton. A little slow on the straights but that was a good opportunity to take a quick breather and check the mirrors. The green group allocation worked perfectly with everyone at a fairly similar pace, despite the broad range of car types. The afternoon all in sessions were fine. The fast guys in the cup cars and GT3s were very respectful and patient to us slower guys which made my experience very enjoyable.
  10. Hey guys. I'm still buzzing after a fantastic weekend! Thanks everyone for making it such a great event. I've put together a short article and photo gallery which you're welcome to download from. If you're sharing on social media, please credit @911_kuhlture / 911kuhlture.com . I got lazy with the camera pretty quickly and was too busy driving or socialising so I'm sorry to the many I didn't get a snap of. https://www.911kuhlture.com/2021/01/12/gt3-cars-cabernet/
  11. Saturday morning crew, how about meet at Donnybrook Shell at 5:45am with the aim of departing at 6am. Maps is saying it 1hour50 from there to Winton. I might need to think about petrol closer to Winton so I’ve got enough for the track.
  12. I think you can still pick up something good in your budget, you just need to keep an eye on the market and be ready as there are others waiting as well. There’s been a couple change hands at your price in recent times. There’s bugger all for sale at the moment and it’s been like that for months and the cars that are for sale, have been for a long time. There’s nothing worth picking up the phone for at the moment as they’re either junk or priced way too high to even negotiate on.
  13. 997 2 - Width = 1,808 mm997 2s - 1,808 mm997 4 - 1,852 mm997 4s - 1,852 mm 993 C2 Narrowbody993 C4 Narrowbody993 C2S Widebody993 C4S Widebody993 Turbo Widebody996 C2 Narrowbody996 GT3 Narrowbody996 C4 Narrowbody996 C4S Widebody996 Turbo Widebody996 GT2 Widebody997 C2 Narrowbody997 C2S Narrowbody997 C4 Widebody997 C4S Widebody997 GT3 Narrowbody997 GT3RS Widebody997 GT2RS Widebody997 Turbo Widebody I have to admit I always thought the S was a widebody until I was shopping for mine. I think because the previous models with an S badge were widebody I assumed that carried on.

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