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  1. No, they're actual terms offered by lenders that are typically taken up by their customers for hire purchase or chattel mortgage finance. The terms can be adjusted also. For example, my 997 is financed over 4 years with nil residual. I could probably buy a 991 with the monthly payment but I will own the car outright in 4 years time, a car that doesn't depreciate.
  2. FBT taxable value on a $140k car is $28k per year.
  3. A couple points. A car that expensive will attract a heap of FBT if its bought in a business unless you have a high log book business %. Most people will look at the affordability of car finance based on the monthly repayment and not consider the total cost over the term of the finance. The longer the term and the higher the balloon, the more interest you pay and the less equity you have at the end. ie. the lower the monthly repayment, the more the car costs you (other things being equal such as the price for the car and interest rate) If this is going to be a business use vehicle, talk to your accountant and make sure you’re clear on the FBT implications. If you’re buying it personally, I can put you in contact with a broker who can explain your options and offer very good rates.
  4. I honestly dont know Phil. My car sounds like a piece of shit so I find it hard to believe they all sound like mine with a spring centre clutch. Otherwise this issue would be as famous as the IMS. I will eventually source a rubber centred one from the UK.
  5. Carl, thanks heaps for taking the time to explain the classic range of tyres. I really didnt have much idea and find it hard to find useful info like you’ve provided above. It sounds like the MXX would have been a good option for me. I assume the Trofeo R wont last very long so I’ll keep the MXX in mind for the next set.
  6. Nope, 9s on the rear, as does the Turbo of the mid to late 80s
  7. I've loved the R888s for the same reason you like the TB15s. Unfortunatley Toyo aren't making them anymore and R888R apparently aren't as good. We'll see how the Trofeo R go.
  8. Perhaps I'm unreasonably skeptical about the classic range of Pirelli and Michelin tyres? I see a design from the 70s and 80s and assume that tyre design has progressed substantially since then. I understand they're using modern manufacturing materials but the thought of putting on a 40 year old design doesn't make sense to me but I don't know enough about tyres I guess. I couldn't find any glowing reviews of either of the above tyres which doesn't help. Are these tyres designed to perform as well as modern tyres like the Pzero Rosso and the Contisport (both tyres released for Porsche a couple years ago in classic sizes) or are they more for cruising to Cars and Coffee and looking good in garages and car shows?
  9. I’ve just been through the process of buying 205/55/16 and 245/45/16 on 7s and 9s. Only tyres I could find in the country were Michelin MXX or something like that. Theyre a classic repro and apparently rubbish. Toyo, Pirelli, and Continental Aus distributors have decided the sizes arent worth importing. I tried to get on to Porsche Classic to find out what they could get in but gave up after too many calls. I ended up having to buy from overseas. My choices were Toyo R888R, Pitelli Trofeo R and Pirelli Pzero Rosso, the only proper street tyre. I went the Trofeo R, 2 weeks to get here and cheaper than when they were available here. $1,700! Still annoying thay you cant get anything here anymore.
  10. Ash, check for after market options such as Corteco. Theyre a bit over $600 for the pair from memory
  11. Yes I did it myself in the end. Was kicking myself for being such a baby and taking so long to grow the balls to do it.
  12. And a deep 18mm socket. And undo them in the correct order...:)
  13. I replaced mine recently due to vibrations at certain rpm and at idle. They weren't broken, just soft. Cars done 100,000kms. Pretty easy DIY if you've got the right tools. Mine had sagged about 5mm compared to the new ones. I suppose if you consider the engine has been hanging off them for 13 years, kms may not be as relevant as you'd expect.
  14. Great to catch up with everyone this morning. Great turn out with some pretty cool cars showing up. Here's a bunch of photos the kids and I took. Please check them out and give the kids a bit of encouragement. "If you like what you see, please like and subscribe" 😄 https://www.911kuhlture.com/2019/03/09/dakdak-cafe-pfa-meet/
  15. Looks like I'll be able to make it down to Dak Dak this Saturday after all. Looking forward to hearing about all the adventures that have been happening over the last few weeks.

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