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  1. SOLD - Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera Engine and Gearbox Thanks for everyone's interest. The engine and gearbox have found a suitable home. Congratulations to the new owner. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This engine and gearbox was taken from an 84 Cabriolet before having a ground-up rebuild by Spyder Automobiles founder John Gregory, and Mike Jacobson in 2002. It was then fitted into a 1974 911 (the Lockwood family 911) where it travelled a lazy 30,000 kms by the former owner, retired truck driver Brian Lockwood, my late father. Total cost of the build - ~$30K. This is a very strong engine and has never been raced (in any way). The best is yet to be enjoyed – the engine never had a chance to be fully utilised. Many hours and great care were involved in this build. Notable features above standard at the time of the build: · Optimised inlet manifold flow rate · Increased compression · Minor head optimisation (port matching, valve) · SSI heat exchangers (HPC coated) · Dual outlet sports muffler (HPC coated) · Wolf 3d v4 ECU (professionally custom tuned) · 915 gearbox rebuilt with new LSD · New clutch kit Why is this engine for sale? Brian was diagnosed with terminal illness in 2008. The car was effectively in storage from then until August 2013. It was then that Brian advised me he wanted the original 2.7 engine to be back at home in the car and he requested I take on the management of that project. I contacted Spyder Automobiles and Mike planned and executed the project. Brian passed away shortly after and left the car in my care. The engine and gearbox were inspected after removal, given a clean bill of health and have been in storage at Spyder Automobiles since (compression in all cylinders being above average at 185 – 200 PSI). I had intended to keep the engine, however I do not have a use for it and it deserves to be at home in a Porsche, thus I have decided to part with it. Offers over $17,000 Owner: Andrew Lockwood – 0417 911 968 Technical Contact: Mike Jacobson – 0407 901 356 Location: Spyder Automobiles Picture taken at time of build:

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