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  1. Russ

    60 356B rebuild

    i'm very jealous of the condition of your tail lights. Mines strato blue
  2. some questionable choices here - vinyl roof, performance challenger Bathurst globe copies, a Weber Progressive mounted sideways (so sometimes cylinder 6 got enough fuel) but it was fun bought this cheap at an auction, had a lot of fun (and spent a lot on fuel)
  3. added some new stuff, fixed some broken photo links, lowered some prices
  4. I've got one, it'll need recovering and some work. and looks like humphrey b bear was skinned to cover it
  5. you can buy a CTEK part with bigger connectors if you don't want to modify your own. I think it's M10 vs M8
  6. I've responded to all the PM's, got a few more things to add over the next few days
  7. I'll give people first refusal in the order they posted, pm's responded
  8. Cleaning more stuff out of my shed - it is all 'as is, where is' untested and pickup from Clayfield, Brisbane (might be able to ship but need to buy packaging as well). I'm open to offers on most of them if you think my prices are unrealistic. VDO 356 Tachometer (10/58) - $300 VDO 300km/h Speedometer Electronic - $300 VDO Clock - $80 VDO Turbo Tachometer with Boost Gauge (broken needle) - $125 VDO 250km/h Mechanical Speedometer - $300 Warm Up Regulators - $25 each (or all for $100) Bosch 0 227 100 124 Ignition Control Module (Pair for 928) - $30 Pair of 911 Window Switches - $50 Black 911 Door Handle - $100 911 3 Pin CDI - $125 964/993 Climate Control Unit 993 659 048 01 (have been told it was rebuilt from a reputable source, but I have no way to test it) - $800 955 Cayenne Halogen Headlights (Pair) - internal wiring has some stripped insulation, and RHS headlight a little hazy as pictured - $400 pair 999 113 347 40 - 911 Differential Output Seal (As New, Genuine) - $10 997 613 109 50 - 997 Clutch Pedal Safety Switch (As New, Genuine) - $10 999 178 009 00 Porsche Circle Clip (As New, Genuine) - $5 99961191820 911/912/356 Porsche Transmission Ground Strap (As New, Genuine) - $15
  9. Vic got the only win for the Sportomatic too - Marathon de la Route, Nürburgring 1967 so he knows his 'non-manual' gearboxes!
  10. Russ

    My 928S

    that's awesome, is it a Gemballa?
  11. thanks to everyone that came - up first, we went on a voyage of 997 discovery to locate a fuel leak (some of us were being less helpful than others) even used the quickjacks after an initial rehersal then indulged in some MB diagnosis (with some internet snake oil) discovering/locating the problem Safety was paramount
  12. what's the frame leaning against the wall?
  13. 8? we should probably get in before it gets hot 😕
  14. this is the actual answer. and I've still got some 911 air con bits and pieces if you're interested (sold the car I was going to put it in a few years ago)

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