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  1. Thanks - I am only looking at 987.2 upwards which were all 6 speed in the manual form and had the 2.9lt in base and the 3.4S both with updated non IMS engines
  2. Very generous - thank you, will keep your kind offer in mind. I'm thinking of heading to Cars & Coffee at Samford on Sunday
  3. I hear you but horses for courses, too. I enjoy the activity and engagement of shifting, and already find even on my 911 I'd like it a little shorter and shift more often. You may find more that comments are simply coming from those with a different opinion and coming from a road driving perspective as Cayman and S are more road - GT3 more track. Many of the reports are from respected sources. and not being sheep. Coming from something like a TypeR Honda the short gears are very satisfying to use, but you can always keep the engine on the boil better without doing illegal speeds. Fine for the track of course Thanks! I always seem to be drawn to the hard to find cars too. Appreciate the commentary on your experience, unsure how to substantiate which models have what ratios, there is a bit of info out there, but nothing I have found all definitive. True, but there is value in some homework first to know what to then drive to compare, at the moment asking for the info on experiences of the Base vs S engines and ratios others have found. I have already driven 718 (unimpressed) and 987.2 PDK but as above the manuals harder to source
  4. Hi all, done a bit of research but looking for more info to help choose which variant of Cayman in a manual to source. Having read alot of reviews on the manuals with long ratio 2nd and 3rd gears really put me off Caymans for quite a while, but aside from that they are ticking most of the boxes for me in a weekend toy and occasional track day. So many frustrated comments out there of being too tall geared for the street (and I suspect mine would be 90/10 street to track) I have PDK in the daily and I really want the manual shift on the weekend car. Reading more into it, it appears the 987 in Cayman base has a shorter ratio than in the S, does this still carry over into the 981 as well? For those with base Caymans in manual what are you finding is the redline kmh in 2nd and 3rd? Is the S as long geared as the GT4 or is that another long gear altogether? So if to get a shorter geared Cayman I end up sourcing for a Base over the S - will it still suffice as a decent track car or will it just be too undergunned? In 987 variant I would only consider the 2nd gen 987.2 for the 2.9lt and nil IMS etc. The 981 then went back to 2.7lt - again is this going to be undergunned ? Was sport chrono option only available in the S variant? Any other options to tickle the base models power much? Otherwise for those with manual Caymans - are you happy with the gearing for road as well as track?
  5. UK delivered one with CTS tax still cheaper http://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1986/OAG-AD-12764523/?Cr=39
  6. Wasn't this for sale 6 months ago for around $85k and couldn't be sold at that price?? http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/_/SSE-AD-4065383?WT.seg_4=AutoAlert;PCAA&sdmvc=1&utm_campaign=bau&utm_medium=email&utm_source=transact&utm_content=autoalert&wt.z_driver=Email_SearchAlert
  7. Another Audi wagon fan, but budget wouldn't stretch to the RS6 I wanted....hence the lesser powerful solution sits in my garage, but still plenty of punch for a daily and only 7ltr/100km is great
  8. 'cept that one is auto Had to laugh at this one - way overpriced, no movement - I know will follow suit on tactics for classic car sales and put the price up further http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-911-Carrera-1986/SSE-AD-3946387/?Cr=4
  9. This one made me laugh http://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/_/SSE-AD-3946387
  10. Seems legit "Selling due to nagging wife" Seller contact name "Rachael" Didn't think it was legal yet in Aust?
  11. Aus delivered as a 4S - all the mods Techart did are covered in the Mod plate (rollcage the most obvious then Supercharging) That car has been around the traps quite a bit, used to see it a lot in my chosen paint shop as it got re-sprayed often on the rear guards from paint chips from the race track
  12. This^ otherwise we'd not be seeing the instances of 911's leaving Aus for offshore homes. Apart from possibly new car sales I don't think this change is a saving win for the Porsche buyer in Aust (esp with the AUD where it is) It does however open up the market for those cashed up to find a more special car
  13. Another user here of HPR30 -been great
  14. same deal on the 3.2? How much interest was there?
  15. MIght be just me, but I find a seller loses credibility when doing two things for pricing: Raising it all of a sudden with no explanation (so much of this bullshit going on) Dropping $30k off it the same day (or next) after its listed lol I thnk some dealers are getting price premum do to the more professional way they are selling cars (like AH atm)

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