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  1. You are right BRG is really nice, my favourite is on a classic Mini with a white roof.
  2. If you are having a Healey, it's got to be red. Stunning red with red leather car, concourse condition. Constantly draws conversation and remarks where ever it goes about the amazing condition of the car. The undercarriage is as shiny as the body. January 1965 build. Has the heater, overdrive, etc as standard on this car. This car has been in the family for 25 years. Much loved car, sad to see it go but change in circumstances forces sale. PM me for more details. Serious buyers only please. No time wasters please. Test drive will be determined on an individual basis. Looking at around the $119,000 mark.
  3. Hey guys, it's been a while. Congratulations on the 996 Tingy. My apologies if you have spoken about this, but does anyone know this red 944 S2 cab in WA. looks nice ...... (I know most people don't like cabs but this one in red looks the part I think). I did notice the tail light has had sealer replaced around it. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/_/OAG-AD-16936289
  4. Does anyone know this car? Is he serious about the early IMS bearings or is he just talking it up as he has not replaced his???
  5. I'm mulling over a 928 at the moment...... Starting to think about one. If you want to PM me the details when you /if you decide to sell I would be interested to hear what your 928 is like. Cheers, Mark
  6. https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-944-1990/SSE-AD-4212111/?Cr=2 If only he'd drop $30k more I can put it in my garage where it belongs.....
  7. Now you couldn't get any greater difference between 2 of the same model cars.. Car 1 is Ned's Maroon S2 (yes it's back!) that he won't let anyone get a PPI on and has been on sale and off for years https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-944-1990/SSE-AD-3502313/?Cr=0 Car 2 is on the other end of the scale. Very nice looking S2 for $31k https://www.carsales.com.au/private/details/Porsche-944-1989/SSE-AD-5283726/?Cr=1
  8. Not sure it he uses InLine but speak to Mick (PANZER on the PFA) and he'll point you in the right direction. He had his SC done about 5 months ago???
  9. No, I have just sold my 944 so I am having a cooling off period. A 928 might be on the list later in the year. I really do like this car though
  10. G'day Guys, Does anyone know this car? It appears to be pretty good for the price???? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/werribee/cars-vans-utes/1988-porsche-928-coupe-s4-australian-delivered/1159363450
  11. He used to own a 944, its his first day with a 911.
  12. I think the white GTS has gone to Gosford, 1993 White GTS, can't be that common?? https://www.facebook.com/gosfordclassiccarmuseum/?hc_ref=ARQQbPeKrmdKzJ4b4ZoUhP-I22yEFBTQEoqgdwMt_rUYTnVDHZGJApOh7s_bcXlsR_M&fref=nf
  13. If you watch the market good cars are still moving, I only put mine on PFA and gumtree, didn't even get it on carsales before it was gone and for pretty much asking price $39k. Good cars will always sell mate. The Red S2 in SA sold two weeks before mine and it was on Carsales for less than 4 days, it went for $39k. Keeping the pricing under the magic $40k hurdle seems to be the key.
  14. When this hits $50k I'm buying it, bring on 2019 LOL There's always a buyer for a good 944, particularly an S2 or Turbo. I think that it won't be long before really good cars are back in the low $40,000 's, give it 6 months......
  15. One of the new PFA guys looked at this last time it was on. The seller was really keen until our bloke mentioned wanting a PPI at Buchannan's, the seller said something similar to "Don't contact me again" and hung up. More than a few issues with this car I am guessing............ Seven S2's for sale at one time, and we have seen three red S2's in about six months, unheard of........

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