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  1. How does he get an exception that allows him to drive it on the roads? I thought they were not complied for use in Australia?
  2. Happened to my 987 Boxster S too. Didn't get any worse after 3 years of use.
  3. Saw one driving down the road (a few hundred meters from Willoughby Porsche), going in the opposite direction to me yesterday. I thought they are not roadworthy. i.e. you are not allowed to drive one on public roads because you can't get rego for them in Australia
  4. I'm no longer a member as I find group drives a bit frustrating - I drive rather fast and don't like traffic.
  5. Go on.. rub it in won't you? One of my plans is to drive to Tassie with my Spyder on a trailer. Then do drives from a base in either Hobart or Launceston. I have to buy a car trailer first.
  6. How did you get a 35kg lighter weight for the 981 2.7 MT over the 987.2S PDK? From Wikipedia: Boxster Kerb Weight is : 987.2 S Boxster PDK Curb weight 1380 kg (3042 lbs) 981 Boxster: 3,035 lb (1,377 kg) (2.7 manual)[2] You are also forgetting to factor in the fact that the 987.2 is rarer beast over the 981. Having said that, I would lean towards the 981 because it has the manual transmission, an AT on a Sports car is just wrong IMO.
  7. I notice that you live in Tassie, I've been there and you have access to much better roads where the speed limit is 100 km/hr for twisty roads, you also have a much smaller chance of getting caught speeding esp in the many backroads that Tassie has (I'm really envious). The nearest (small) stretch of twisties I have access to has a limit of 80km/hr. I have to drive 700km to Bright in VIC before there are 100 km/hr longer lengths of twisty roads where I can really stretch my Spyder's legs. The 981 definitely has better performance over the 987 but the catch is that it is more refined so one has to drive faster to get that sensation of speed IME (as you are more cocooned form the elements). I hired a 718 Cayman S PDK (same platform as the 981 just a diff engine) from the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart last year and drove it on the Autobahn to Switzerland for a few days, Drove it on the Furka, Grimsel and Gotthard passes. It just wasn't my cup of tea. But to each his own - that is why I suggested that the OP drive both before deciding.
  8. There is only so much information a brochure will give you. I highly recommend that you test drive a 987.2 and 981 as they drive differently. The 981 is far more refined and larger than the 987.2. IMO, your have to break the road speed limits in a 981 before you have fun in one. You don't get the same sensation of speed you do in a 987 in a 981 under 100km/hr on a twisty road. The 981 is a great car but like many other models from other manufacturers, it has become more refined over the previous generations (and heavier). You will feel the weight in the corners. I have driven both (plus the 718S) and will not trade my 987 for a 981 for this reason.
  9. You were also not comparing apples with apples, A 981S Boxster in White with twice as many miles is asking $84K. The non S models are cheaper because they have a smaller engine. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-Boxster-2012/OAG-AD-17266056/?Cr=2 The car you were enquiring about is: https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/Porsche-Boxster-2011/SSE-AD-6072570/?Cr=1
  10. I think you sort of asked for it by offering $9K less than his asking price. No seller is going to discount that much from his asking price. Even if his asking price is unreasonable in your opinion, that should clue you as to what his expectation is. I normally just dismiss these sort of ads until they come to their senses and drop the price. Also the 987.2 is a relatively rare model having only been manufactured for three years before the 981 was introduced. The combination of several factors resulted in the small number of 987.2s being sold here. One is, the release of the 987.2 coincided with the GFC in 2008/9. Also many buyers knew the 981 was only a couple of years away - the 987 platform was already five years old at that stage, and Porsche usually has a 8 year model turnaround. The 987.2's engine does not have the IMS that the 987.1 has, even though the problem of IMS failures was overblown, buyers still prefer the 987.2 over the 987.1 and values reflect that.
  11. From the dearth of late model 944s in the previous 3-4 years - a check on carsales recently shows that there are more than five S2s for sale, quite a few are convertibles and more than a couple of Turbos (2 are Turbo S models). I wonder why the sudden increase in available stock - is it due to the falling house prices? What gives?
  12. Apogee

    2008 Cayman S

    Only REAL men drive cars with Manual Transmissions... Generally women love Auto Transmissions , that is why my wife refuses to drive my 987.2 Spyder...that in itself maybe a good reason to invest in a MT. 😉
  13. Apogee

    2008 Cayman S

    Buying an Auto Boxster/Cayman IMO is a waste of time/money unless you plan to use it as a daily driver and encounter a lot of traffic on the way to work. The whole purpose of owning such a vehicle is to feel connected with the car, an AT will not give you that.
  14. Use painters blue masking tape instead of the traditional beige masking tape. A carbra takes 2 weeks from measurement to fabrication.
  15. GT4s have a known issue with the 3 gear breaking. Porsche won't replace it for free unless it breaks. So the extended warranty might be useful knowing this. https://www.porscheclubgb.com/forum/tm.aspx?m=1003208 https://www.planet-9.com/981-cayman-gt4-chat/223809-dreaded-3rd-gear.html https://rennlist.com/forums/gt4/954397-gt4-g81-transmission-failure.html

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