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  1. You sent me a message about this and I sent you a reply on FB messenger and never heard from you.
  2. Another Speedster replica with a model to add to this thread. I hired the car to a shoe company a few years ago for this shoot.
  3. Thanks. Not my place, but where my car lives at a mate's. It's like a showroom and gives me an extra car space at home.
  4. Major bodywork and probably entire interior required to get that back to a 72E. Plus it's been left to right converted and colour changed. Seems expensive to me!
  5. An MX5 will do all those things badly.
  6. Can't comment on the Mini, as my Mini is the Morris variety. Similar situation recently. My son is 15 and will be getting his learners in May. He works at KFC, so I encouraged him to save some of his pay for a car. About 6 months ago I found a rough 92 NA6 and have been doing it up since. This is my 4th MX5 and I simply love them.
  7. One Ferdinand took of mine at C&C on Saturday.
  8. I'll be giving a few of those the berries when I get home tonight.
  9. Porsche pack 2 is out tomorrow.

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