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  1. 7% - 10% seems to be the going rate for consignment. Painful. Then again, considering how miserable selling a car can be, it might be money well spent!
  2. Anyone ever sold their Porsche (or another similar car) on consignment? What do dealers like Duttons, Autohaus and Classic Throttle typically charge as commission for consignment sales? I assume it's usually a percentage of proceeds? Thanks!
  3. I bought it. Needs a bit of work, but I'm ready for a new project. Almost counts as a Porsche, doesn't it? Interestingly, the German government created a unique VIN code for the RS2 (they start with WAC) because it was a joint vehicle between Porsche and Audi. And the VIN digit designating the official factory of record is Z, meaning Porsche's Rossle-Bau workshop in Zuffenhausen, which was available in 1994 because Porsche had just finished manufacturing the 959.
  4. Congrats, I was one of the under-bidders! It's a great car.
  5. GOSFORD AUCTION RESULTS Well, certainly no bargains to be had at Gosford. Not surprising in the internet age . . . the Brits, not to mention CTS and Duttons, weren't going to let anything slip through. In fact, I think some of the cars went for prices that were arguably above market. The 928 GTS was a lovely example, but at $90k plus 7.5% buyers premium plus 3% stamp duty . . . that's $100k. And then you'd have to expect a decent first service bill (tyres, etc) to put it back on the road. Likewise, the gorgeous 911R went for $650k, that's about $718k on-road. I'd say that's at or above current market price in Australia. But then, where else are you going to find a silver RHD 1,000 km 911R for sale?
  6. The UK Arena Red car at Duttons has sold. Asking price was $250k, so presumably, it sold in the $230k-$250k range. Nice clean car with about 80,000km (50,000 miles) on the clock. Gives a useful price benchmark. What's the premium for Aussie delivered on a TT? 10% - 15% perhaps? Personally, I'd rather get a UK car that has spent 20 years in Oz, save my $30k, and feel more relaxed about driving it hard because it owes me less money.
  7. Has anyone been to look at the Arena Red car UK car that has been at Duttons for a while? Looks great online, but photos can be deceptive. Speaking of which, there is a visibly different rear panel gap on the left side versus right side of the blue 993TT at CTS. (the gap between the rear tail lights and the engine lid). I wonder if that car has ever been rear-ended? Apparently, CTS took a deposit on it over the weekend— hope the potential buyer had his eyes open.
  8. Some sanity seems to be returning to the TT market. Can't remember the last time that there were three cars for sale with an asking price below $300k. At, say, $270k, the blue one at CTS starts to look tempting. And if they're asking $299k now, the owner might just accept that price. Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 8.02.36 pm by npvpositive, on Flickr
  9. It's absolutely epidemic in Sydney. I rarely drive to the city without seeing at least one person texting while driving. This morning I was watching the guy behind me and just praying he wouldn't slam into the back of my car. He literally texted his way across the entire Harbour Bridge with only 2-3 quick glances up to check on traffic!
  10. Me too Lee . . . I've been hooked this year
  11. These guys do the outsourced windscreen repair for a lot of the Porsche specialists (for example, Autohaus Hamilton): http://ralphmooreautoglass.com.au/ Most dealers outsource windscreen repair anyway . . . though I guess you have the comfort of knowing that the dealer uses someone who knows Porsches
  12. As Jerry Seinfeld described his 73RS . . . dead guy's car. "I bought it from a dead guy, and it's not getting sold again until I'm dead. This car doesn't change hands without someone dying." Having said that, some of the guys on the TYP901 forum seem to flip their cars pretty regularly. I definitely wouldn't say that a 993 Turbo is a "lazy Porsche". I think Porsche absolutely nailed that car . . . I kick myself for not picking one up when the pricing was still at $125k.

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