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  1. Probably depends what quality level you're looking for . . . for years it has been very hard to get fuchs wheels done really well in Australia and plenty of people ship them to the USA for "concours" level quality.
  2. There is a real one in Sydney too. Owned by the same guy who sold me my 1971 911S years ago.
  3. Can anyone recommend an excellent Porsche sales rep in Sydney based on personal experience? I don't want to take pot luck. Willoughby would be my first choice but open to other locations too. PM me if you prefer. Thanks!
  4. Why use Uber, Apple, Microsoft, eBay, airbnb, Google, Netflex, Spotify?
  5. Good question. I don't know the 3.2 market well enough to have a view. There have been some crazy asking prices for Aussie 3.2s lately, but "asking ain't gett'n". The car looked like it was in excellent condition, some minor quibbles aside. Was $107k full value, fair value or a bargain? Experts?
  6. It's all the wasted time I can't stand. Not to mention the way a good car brings every village idiot running to your door from miles around.
  7. I see that Collecting Cars is now live in Australia and that there's a well-known yellow 1970 911 up for auction. 1970-porsche-911-e-2-2 Will be fascinating to see if the service catches on here the way it has in the UK. They sold 1,300 cars in their first year. CTS and Duttons must be a little bit nervous. Amusingly, I noticed that Autohaus are using the new Collecting Cars auction to unload their Aston Martin. Some people seem to enjoy it, but I find selling vehicles the most painful part of owning fun cars. Nice to see a few options now available: Collecting Cars is free for the seller but 6% for the buyer. CTS, Autohaus, etc typically charge the seller 7%-10% consignment fees. And there's a new service called Summon that will sell your car for 5%. Summon
  8. He's been trying to sell that car for over a year. Started out at $199k . . . bit unrealistic on valuation.
  9. I'd take off at least 20% for a UK-delivered car. They are much harder to sell and it's amazing how the rust appears, even on modern galvanised cars (ask me how I know!!). Until recently I had a 997 GTS so I followed the market quite closely. I believe there are 2-3 Aussie delivered manuals in the country plus a couple of UK imports. Autohaus sold a manual 997 GTS about six months ago for $210k (without even needing to advertise it). I'd say that immaculate low km Aussie-delivered PDK cars sell for $170k - $190k. The car at CTS sold last week for ~$180k. There was an 80,000 km car for sale in VIC back in April 2019 and the owner was asking $156k.
  10. Don't think this is right. AFAIK, the title of the vehicle doesn't normally pass to the consigner (dealer) in a consignment sale (even at the time of sale). The dealer (CTS, for example) is just acting as an agent selling the car on behalf of its owner. In fact, in NSW the dealer is legally required to have a trust account and must pay all money received into this account within 24 hours (because the vehicle, and the money, never belong to the dealer).
  11. The warranty terms say: *The warranty is not transferable to another party (e.g. a licensed motor vehicle dealer) if that party acquires the vehicle for the purpose of resale. Can't see how consignment would trigger this clause since the dealer is just providing a broking service and never acquires the vehicle (I'm not a lawyer, but I play one on TV).
  12. What makes you sure you can't transfer the warranty? If it's a Porsche factory warranty then surely it just moves across to the new owner? I think CTS is very good at "moving the metal" though sales have slowed right down since COVID. Also, you have to accept that you're going to pay away 10% of whatever sale price they can get you (which might well be 10% higher than you could get yourself, but no guarantees).
  13. Just had a part order for my RS2 cancelled due to COVID. I checked online and sure enough German Postal service has suspended sending packages to Australia. Getting Porsche parts is about to become more tricky!

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