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  1. I agree, Mike. $395,000 is a reasonable market price for the CS (in Australia), subject to condition/history. An Aussie-delivered one would cost you at least that, and you can't import a decent one from the UK for less. Outrageous that our government puts its hand out for $100k in taxes when we buy an old car from overseas . . . but that's another conversation. On the other hand, I really struggle with the $170k that QLD vendor wants for the beautiful silver 3.2. In that case there are plenty of local cars to choose from and I reckon he is $30k above market.
  2. I think the car for sale at Autohaus is a good comparison point. https://autohaushamilton.com.au/porsche-sales/porsches-for-sale UK car, higher km at 173k, but at some point you're buying for condition not km. Benefit of buying from a reputable dealer who has maintained the car for years versus all the risks/unknowns of buying from Collecting Cars. Autohaus are asking $159,900. Assume you could negotiate some discount . . . $155k? $150k? Feels like the silver car vendor should have taken the money at $135k. $135k plus $10k CC fee = $145k. Surely buyers on CC are going to expect at least a $10k "discount" compared to buying from Autohaus, Duttons, CTS to reflect the uncertainty of buying sight unseen, online.
  3. The best low mileage 3.2 Club Sports have been changing hands in the UK for £150k+ for about three years now. That amazing 6,000 mile one that sold as part of the Leonard Collection went for £220k. So, given the market boom, that UK seller may well get the £165k he is asking (subject to condition, accident history, etc.). Much as I hate to say this, the car up in Brisbane may be fairly priced at $395,000. After all, the vendor could presumably just ship it back to the UK for ~$10k and sell it there.
  4. This one is on Autotrader at the moment: https://www.autotrader.co.uk/car-details/202106173910798?onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&make=PORSCHE&year-to=1990&include-delivery-option=on&year-from=1980&sort=relevance&price-from=100000&postcode=sw61aa&advertising-location=at_cars&radius=1500&page=1
  5. Well, there's one for sale in the UK with 78,725 miles (126,695km) for £165k. That's about A$307k. Someone smart on this forum must be able to come up with a good estimate of customs, GST, luxury tax, agent fees, etc. Would it reach $400k?
  6. As someone who passed on a minter 993TT seven years ago because they wanted the crazy price of $155k . . . this is a painful subject.
  7. Any thoughts on this rather tasty looking UK-import for sale on Collecting Cars? https://collectingcars.com/for-sale/1988-porsche-911-carrera-3-2-sport
  8. Presumably the Cayenne has already been built and is on the water. You timed it well, since the Cayenne plant has just been shuttered due to lack of the necessary microchips.
  9. PCSS told me today that they are quoting a one year delivery time for a new 911!
  10. That sucks, sorry to hear it. According to PCSS, Germany just told them that the Cayenne plant is going to be shut down for a period because of the supply chain issues . . . so good luck to anyone hoping for a Cayenne in 2021. You also can't order the 14-way or 18-way seats in most models because these have memory chips. It's not just Porsche being impacted by the supply chain problems, this is hitting BMW, Mercedes, etc.
  11. Managed to get a 4% discount on a Macan S but it was like fighting WWII. They gave me an boot liner (useful), umbrella, 2x key rings, 1 expresso set (umm), 1x cap, 1x mug. Glad I got my build slot when I did (car is on the water) because timing of new orders now looks very uncertain with the microchip shortages
  12. And let's not forget when the 964 was so unpopular you could barely give them away. I remember a Porsche dealer telling me they didn't want to take a 964 Turbo as a trade-in because they were too hard to sell.
  13. Probably depends what quality level you're looking for . . . for years it has been very hard to get fuchs wheels done really well in Australia and plenty of people ship them to the USA for "concours" level quality.

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