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  1. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/jerrabomberra/cars-vans-utes/mercedes-benz-amg-petronas-title-winning-full-size-formula-one-f1-car/1247656652
  2. With the help of a mate last Sunday and a solo effort today, I stripped the front end down. Also thanks to @Graeme for lending me the ball joint removal tool. With a strategically placed floor jack and tie down straps I managed to get the old ball joints off.
  3. Hey Graeme, That sounds perfect!! I will message you to sort out a meet up! Woo Hoo.. I can start disassembly straight away! Cheers Terry
  4. PM sent Thanks John 🙏 It’s nice to see some Karma in action, I posted a spare part to a PFA member just this morning.
  5. I think a indigenous smoking ceremony may be totally appropriate...it might cleanse your sprit..
  6. Hi Peter, Yes the ball joint socket. I have seen the diy’s on making one, I am hoping to skip that step if possible. If you don’t ask ...
  7. Hi Folks, Has anybody got a ball joint removal tool for a g series setup? I am happy to buy, borrow or rent whatever works.. Thanks Terry
  8. I fixed a leaky situation by using compressed air to clear out the drain holes around the channel.. Start with the simple stuff first..
  9. Hi, I think I have a pair, but I don't remember if they are fronts or rears.. I'll check over the weekend and let you know. Terry
  10. Ahhh PotAtoe PotAhto... same same different different. @michel to the rescue again.
  11. Hi PFA, I am prepping for the imminent arrival of suspension upgrade bits and pieces, I am wondering if the PFA community has the relevant tools that I can borrow/buy or hire? Thus far I believe I could benefit from: Elephant Racing: 1) Split Bushing Removal tool 2) Trailing Arm Bushing installation tool Thanks Terry
  12. Ahh.. the good old days... where did you dig this thread up from?
  13. @FAP911 Thank you for the reference, the service looks like it is exactly what I need. much appreciated.
  14. Hi PFA, I am wondering if anybody could give me a recommendation on an Australian company who could perform a rebuild/recondition on my Brake Booster? I recently did a refresh of my calipers and changed pads, rotors and brake lines also. Whilst doing a power bleed of the brakes afterwards I suspect I may have encouraged an issue with the booster, master cylinder or both. I have now removed these and have found the seal between the master cylinder and booster was leaking also there is evidence of fluid inside the booster. To be prudent I will replace the master cylinder, but replacement boosters are extraordinarily expensive. I have found this rebuild service http://www.allzim.com/store/brake-booster-remanufactured-911-78-89.html which is very well priced but in the US. Before I go and send my booster to the US does anybody have a Australian recommendation? Thanks Terry

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