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  1. You can see in this example how the 17” wheels struggle to look correct in the 964 shape. I recently watched something where Rob Dickinson was saying it took them 2 years to get the geometry and contours correct to make the 17s work on the singer. Having said that nice example of a restomod. I would be happy with it.
  2. You’ve got the number, let’s do.
  3. Hey Tiaan, Well done getting this project going in the middle of winter. Extra kudos for that!! Bet you had your thermal undies on ? I am wondering how well the handsfree calling works whilst you are driving? Have you had a chance to test it yet? tk
  4. I’m keen too mate, but I will have to lean on @micheland @Tit @Panzerjager @AC78 to show you around for now. I am in Sydney for a serious chunk of this year dealing with a family medical issue. I keep looking out the Hospital windows for the Paddington Bear ( @turboT ), all I’ve spotted so far was new a red boxter in the car park. It has been a struggle to find a specialist shop in Canberra, I guess we don’t quite have enough older Pcars for a specialist shop to be warranted. Good luck with the hunt @BJM
  5. Let me know when you find one... chris @ in-line steering knows his P cars, but by all reports extremely busy and could be a long wait PCC - Gulsons - dealer prices, not sure if they have any air cooled mechanics on deck, but like most porsche centres very busy with the modern after sales service. I know of people who go to Sydney for their specialist work. I take mine to my indie BMW/Merc guy, he usually farms out the work to specialists Ike carbs to one guy, suspension to another etc good luck
  6. https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Porsche-911-1986/OAG-AD-15525339/?Cr=20
  7. I don’t know anything about rebuilding, sorry no help here... but i wanted to say ...that looks like engine porn to me !! good luck, I am sure some informed PFAers will chime in.
  8. Is it because they are trying to be family orientated?
  9. Gavin, I changed my trombone to a radiator in the guard. SC engine (slightly worked). I used to get a bit warm on Wakefield day’s, as soon as I switched to radiator in guard temps got all sorted, just past halfway after pushing hard. I don’t really drive in traffic, so didn’t bother with the thermostat controlled fan or the air blockouts around the radiator.
  10. I wonder if it's a motormeister special? For those who don't know, check out the pelican horror stories in the US... Neil's services could become very sought after for ex customers of this disreputable firm. Jeff, it's funny, whilst reading about the engine work detail I had a little thought "if my engine ever goes bang... maybe I should ship it to Neil" the online word of mouth is an amazingly effective marketing tool. Well done.
  11. PM me a offer, it might be worth an easy sell. Cheers Thanks Pauly, Chrono24 is exactly what I was looking for. Cheers
  12. Some questions for the Watch Aficionados, Some background, I have been given a very nice TAG (WAP2010.BA0830) by a family member as a thank you for helping them out. The understanding is that I will be selling it as I already have a nice watch that has strong sentimental value to me, mine may not have as much fiscal value but that's not relevant. The one I want to sell is in good condition in original box with extra links. I plan to have the band cleaned by a local watch specialist. Questions: Is EBay the goto place, or is there a specific marketplace that those in the know would go to? Being an automatic, does it matter if it is not currently being used? Should I have it serviced, or is this better left alone? Thanks in advance Terry
  13. Jeff, I have been following every episode, loving your work. Sorry to see the mishap this week, but it reminded me of a race 911 I had seen that had glass guards. It had coped a few stones up in the guard that resulted in the same sort of damage. Would you consider some sort of internal stone guard or liner? Or is it considered more an issue for cars running sticky slicks? cheers Terry

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