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  1. There is a calculator on the website that takes into account how often you drive and how long your average trips are.. in my case the battery should probably last a year before charging... 😊
  2. @Niko I did some research on SOLID GPS, I am sold based on the simplicity of it. I will be ordering one tonight! Also, I noted that the App had an update a week ago which includes: Push Notifications for Boundary Alerts, Watchdog Alerts and Low Battery. Thanks for the recommendation.
  3. Thanks for your thoughts @Skidmarks, I was thinking about the immobiliser issue with the old wiring also. It seems though that these GPS/Immobiliser devices are simply a remote controlled relay switch. So my thoughts are I would be able to overcome a malfunctioning unit by simply short circuiting the relay wires. Ofcourse anybody can do this if they want to steal the car, but they would need to know where to look and which wires to jump. Given the car is a simple carburettor setup, cutting the current to the fuel pump with the relay should work nicely. Thanks @Niko, I’ll check them out. It would be nice to support an Aussie company. Although I am interested in a device that allows remote immobilising, they may have some options. I agree push notifications are probably a high priority, as I often have more than 100 unread emails. I am wondering if the gps was powerful enough for you to hide the device well inside the car? As it seems some devices need to have an unobstructed position to work..
  4. Hi PFA brains trust, As per the title I am looking for a recommendation. I have found a few options online, but am wondering how effective the built in gps is in these devices. Does the device need to be on the windscreen to work? Or can you tuck it away under the dash? Or hide it in the engine bay? Perhaps connect it to the fuel pump and hide it in the frunk? How usable are these in the real world? Does the disarming require login into your mobile phone app? Does the motion sensor go off with a stiff breeze? Has anybody used these and happy to recommend one? thanks in advance Terry
  5. I think it looks great! I look forward seeing it at an event sometime..
  6. I think they look like a clever solution And incorporates two “improvements” in one. The question is really, is your car lowered and consequently the changed geometry is causing bump steer? @mfx did a great video on bump steer that demonstrates what a kit like this helps correct. If you have standard geometry, you may not benefit from this bump steer assistance. I suppose if it can be used with standard geometry (ride height) it gives you options if you do lower the stance in the future. A word of caution, it is a slippery slope..
  7. I made a plate from galvanised sheet metal and painted it with a colour matched paint.
  8. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/jerrabomberra/cars-vans-utes/mercedes-benz-amg-petronas-title-winning-full-size-formula-one-f1-car/1247656652
  9. With the help of a mate last Sunday and a solo effort today, I stripped the front end down. Also thanks to @Graeme for lending me the ball joint removal tool. With a strategically placed floor jack and tie down straps I managed to get the old ball joints off.
  10. Hey Graeme, That sounds perfect!! I will message you to sort out a meet up! Woo Hoo.. I can start disassembly straight away! Cheers Terry
  11. PM sent Thanks John 🙏 It’s nice to see some Karma in action, I posted a spare part to a PFA member just this morning.
  12. I think a indigenous smoking ceremony may be totally appropriate...it might cleanse your sprit..
  13. Hi Peter, Yes the ball joint socket. I have seen the diy’s on making one, I am hoping to skip that step if possible. If you don’t ask ...
  14. Hi Folks, Has anybody got a ball joint removal tool for a g series setup? I am happy to buy, borrow or rent whatever works.. Thanks Terry

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