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  1. Thanks so much mate. Yes really wanted him to have a keepsake and I made a second book as well for him to sign which I could keep with the car. Will definitely reach out to you when I'm in Melbourne and hopefully you will be there buddy.
  2. That's the whole point of having a car serviced with a reputable service centre like Autohaus for sure. They are very unlikely to put their name behind and speak positively of the service and condition of a car if they don't truly believe it as its their entire reputation on the line. If we don't think we can trust their word then as you say a ppi and to me a leak down test to show if any major work needs to be done. But if we still feel we can't trust that and beyond that if we expect the car to be absolutely perfect then we really should be buying a. 992 from the dealership with full warranty and not forking out big dollars for a 25 year old car. Even a low mileage car will have problems from cracked hoses and fuel lines to other issues. Maintenance from a reputable workshop is everything to me.
  3. Fantastic mate. Thanks for sharing and I totally agree with you. Will be meeting with Peter Fitzgerald in the next two weeks. Actually made a book summarising his career and the history of his Falken 996 GT3 Mk 1 car that I will present to him when I see him, in recognition of the life he breathed into what is otherwise an inanimate object.
  4. If the car has been serviced by Autohaus, meeting with them and reviewing the invoices should give an indication of maintenance work done and I feel Autohaus wouldn't push the service records unless they were themselves sure of the work done. It seems that one may struggle to buy a car if they refuse to place any trust in service records from a reputable service centre. A leak down test would be the key thing to do before a sale. Other items can be felt on a road test and honestly at 25 years if one expects a perfect car then forget it.
  5. Looks fantastic. If Hamiltons has been looking after it then best to ask them and I am comforted by the fact they are selling it personally. Mileage is not an issue as long as its been looked after and isn't consuming excessive oil.
  6. Very high on my list of what I would love to buy. Just wish there was a bit more space and money in the bank. That car ticks all the right boxes and has been a want for a very long time....
  7. Another bloody cool modfest by you @obrut. Someone here pls buy it so it stays in the pfa family.
  8. Very nice. Reminds me of this crazy project some years back.... https://www.thedrive.com/news/23752/mad-scientists-graft-an-80s-mercedes-benz-190e-body-to-a-modern-c63-amg-chassis
  9. Absolutely stunning car. Truly what dreams are made of.
  10. Looks well priced and a nice color combo. Wow...
  11. Too much speculation and those sitting on them now are trying hard to differentiate them from the GT3 Touring. Suspect the market has spoken on these and they won't go back up anytime soon and the only way is down fornthe moment.
  12. This is bloody nice. Always loved the zanzibar red.
  14. Mate thanks so much. Will definitely get a Nations Cup fb page started up. Let's try catch up in Singapore next month mate!!!!

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