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  1. Mate thanks so much. Will definitely get a Nations Cup fb page started up. Let's try catch up in Singapore next month mate!!!!
  2. I remember back in the day dreaming of doing a full Car Graphic conversion to a GT3. It was a huge project and remained a dream on an excel spreadsheet. Really wonder what the story is behind this beast. If non road registrable why on earth was it ever built and why is it here. Would be very interesting to know.
  3. Yes mate I suspect the cars had a bit more work done to them than the basic safety and suspension work alone based off what the nizpro car had done to it.
  4. @PIC congrats on the purchase. Looks like a stunning car. The air cooled thing is great and I love mine but the 996 is such a fantastic all rounder and makes for the best daily driver for the dollar. You can't go wrong.
  5. Not Porsche related but rather Nations Cup related... It looks like back in the day the Nizpro guys tried to build a 200SX to compete in the Nations Cup... Little realising that they would be split into two different race groups one for exotics and the other for the less exotic I guess. No doubt this car would have given the Porkers a run for theor money. But more interesting is if this car was built to Nations Cup spec at the time it appears a fair bit of work was allowed to the engines under the rule book- @James P does the work done on the 200sx engine seem like it would have fit the rule book back in the day? Which begs the question how much work was done to the 996 GT3 engines that competed at Nations Cup if this is the case. Also stuff like motec dash etc appeared to have been acceptable in this case? http://www.autospeed.com/cms/article.html?&title=Best-of-the-Best&A=107989
  6. @James P do you know how much of the interior of the cars was original during the Nations Cup period and if things such as air con etc were left in the car? I ask this as my car has obviously been through a number of iterations and now doesn't have the rear original parcel shelf finishing etc. Also the car has no air bags nor the original side trimmings. We're stereo bits etc all taken out or left in the cars. Is fitzy on this forum? Would love to get his feedback and stories here. James are you on fb? Would be great to start a fb page on Nations Cup and slowly try track down all the other competitor cars and their current owners as well. @hugh saw one of the Diablos a little while back as well and has some pictures of that beast. Not sure if it was the 2000 car or the 2001 car though.
  7. And how she looks currently. Always a bit of a laugh taking her out on the roads. Note the rear non original bumper with centre cut out for the cup exhaust which she had previously with the ex Cup Engine that found itself in JasonA car with the original engine finally being put back in her as per Nations Cup spec... So matching numbers... JasonA car now has the hot cup engine in exchange.
  8. Mate any progress pictures of the work on the car? Would love to see it. The Falken Racing ex Fitzgerald car when it was briefly painted red. Also note the doors and door windows were lightweight items since back to original. The bumpers were at this stage no longer the original but lightweight plastic items (still on the car but repainted). Air jacks and running the cup engine and those horrible rims at this stage. The front lights were the proper clear lights as raced during Nations Cup, but since obviously sold off and replaced with the orange indicator versions that I bought the car with. Have the clear lights coming in on order next few days Remnants of the red and silver paint can still be spotted in spots around the car but the entire engine bay and front compartment sports the original iris blue metallic together with the paint code on the chassis.
  9. Fitzgerald car was iris blue metallic from the factory. Went to falken racing colors then yellow then white then red then silver. Then finally back to falken colors.
  10. Oh dear lord thst is a thing of beauty Awesome video. Sensational driving running the Evo down in the corners.
  11. It sold for that little?!?. Damn. I am stunned there was no reserve on it. That would have been insanely good buying at thst price.
  12. Thanks for the update. A very sad conclusion.
  13. Thanks so much for the update. Absolutely disgusting but expected when we hear about the mother. Appears that kennards was indeed providing as much info as they could and the fact it was an inside job is disturbing. But at least the clowns got caught... But only 8 months. Sigh. I really hope no one knowingly buys a single part off this car.
  14. I am guessing you are right Jason, even if someone was busting into a storage facility in Penrith, it would not be so out of the ordinary and that may be why no one cared to notice or report anything even if taking the car and the trailer was an obvious theft. Really hope the parts get spotted and the idiots get busted.
  15. So they had exactly how much time to just hook up a trailer under camera... No motion sensors etc and after office hours. And bring a car into the facility to pull the trailer as well as out of the same facility unnoticed by the system? Insane.... Like I said no point storing a car at a joint like that if so.

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