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    Harold996tt reacted to itsujack in For sale - 1990 964 C2 Coupe, Aust delivered   
    Having spent a little time with this C2 I can honestly say only a Countach turns more heads... it's a camera magnet in the slums of surry hills.
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    Harold996tt reacted to OBRUT in For sale - 1990 964 C2 Coupe, Aust delivered   
    Thanks mate, that’s the plan. Hoping to move it along here before I wade into carsales...
    Plus I know I’d be better off taking it back to dead stock for the carsales crowd. 
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    Harold996tt got a reaction from OBRUT in For sale - 1990 964 C2 Coupe, Aust delivered   
    Another bloody cool modfest by you @obrut. Someone here pls buy it so it stays in the pfa family. 
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    Harold996tt reacted to OBRUT in For sale - 1990 964 C2 Coupe, Aust delivered   
    For sale - 1990 Porsche 964 C2 sunroof coupe tiptronic - 166000kms - books and service history.    Australian delivered, matching numbers, guards red and unmolested aside from some minor cosmetic mods that will be reversed prior to pickup (unless desired by the new owner).  Affectionately known as #dadrod or #dadtronic on social media, including a feature on Porsche’s own @Type7 channel.           By way of background, I purchased this car about a year ago to see if a tip 964 (with its semi auto box, good air con, power steering, ABS etc etc) was a viable daily driver.  The answer is a resounding Yes.  I have been enjoying this car, usually with my two young sons riding along and BMX’s on the roof rack.  In fact, I’ve enjoyed it so much I’m going to build a madder Mk2 version - and I’m selling this one as I can’t bare to cut it up given how original it is.    Back to the car, it is in excellent overall condition and dead stock down to the flag mirrors, D90 wheels and original radio cassette.  Black leather interior with powered seats, all gauges and electrics work, new Michelin tyres fitted approx one year ago, major service when I purchased including tiptronic service and fluid replacement. Just before I purchased the car Figret Bagatir (ex Kremer) did an engine strip down and rebuild to replace the through bolts (known 964 weakness and oil leak creator) and their O-rings. As a result, the engine pulls strongly and is totally oil leak free.  Figret mentioned that the engine was “like new” inside.  The gearbox works perfectly in either auto or manual mode.    I bought the car in Melbourne and drove it home to Sydney with zero issues. Dave at Cavaco Motors has looked after the car in Sydney.  Dave looks after my road going 911’s and can attest to how I maintain my rides.    The car is currently fitted with a (stylistically polarising) 1990 Momo Bennetton steering wheel. I will refit the stock wheel unless someone LOVES this piece of period correctness as much as I do. I would much prefer to keep it though...     I had a second set of D90’s restored and painted in guards red for that colour matched early 90’s vibe.  Buyer’s choice of the red wheels or the original silver wheels that were delivered with the car.  If the latter, I will have the tyres swapped over and the wheels balanced at my expense.  The red wheels do rock though.    I will also remove the roof rack and basket unless the new owner wants to keep the #dadrod utilitarianism alive.   Unused spare wheel and full toolkit accompany the car. I swapped the electric aerial out for a fixed shorty unit as it annoyed me.  The original aerial comes with the car.  I also swapped the Carrera2 badge for a Sportomatic sticker.  The original badge comes with the car also.    Asking price $115k neg. This is in line with the cheapest 964 coupe on Carsales, which has nearly double the mileage of my car.    Cheers, Ryan Pls call on 0414 5 ten 5 eighteen or PM me via PFA   Ps.  Go drive a tipper if you haven’t. They are fun and usable cars. 
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    Harold996tt reacted to Niko in BATHURST 1990 GODZILLA...   
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    Harold996tt reacted to rafikdous in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    I imported my race 356 few years ago. My car has nothing standard on it, brakes, steering, engine, gearbox, seats, roll cage, etc. Everything has been modified. importing wasn't an issue but registration was. I had to get an engineers report which was challenging
    Having said that, my opinion is you are better off finding one locally or building one yourself. 102k pounds is a lot of money. You will pay GST and LCT on top. So landed, this car will cost you well over AUD$200k. I think you can do better locally if you are welling to spend that much money
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    Harold996tt reacted to Rick V in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Ha, Nothing wrong with that silver GT3 of yours mate!
    It’s all personal choice, but I reckon guards red suits the GT3 better than Zanzibar.
    But then again, I’d choose a blue every time...
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    Harold996tt reacted to Coastr in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    I'm not really dialled into GT3 values, but it wouldn't put me off as a buyer, if I was one.  I think in the long run unique colored Porsches are a good thing.  I definietly would not buy a silver, grey or black one.
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    Harold996tt reacted to Peter John in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    I love the honesty in the write up- not arrogant rather polite!
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    Harold996tt reacted to Coastr in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    I do love that car.  Not going to be easy to find ones in that condition as time marches forward
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    Harold996tt reacted to edgy in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    🤔 I do like the Zanzibar 996.1.... 
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    Harold996tt reacted to wilson59 in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Now for the same money you can buy a 996 and a 997 GT3 . 
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    Harold996tt reacted to Jason A in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    @hugh RS was an homoligation car for the RSR of the day to allow some modes. 6 cars also supplied as rally cars. Changes were - improved cage, improved wheel carriers and suspension adjustability- you can adjust to cup car specs on the road car, stiffer progressive springs, carbon bonnet, carbon rear wing, Perspex rear window, no airbags in door trims, hand selected engines, then improved cylinder heads, remap - so all around 400hp, alcantara trim on wheel, shifter and handbrake, some stickers, different tyres. Not delivered to US - same as MK1 996.  All this this trimmed 10 seaconds off ring time and Porsche charged a $50k premium when new.
    A few years ago they were only $50k apart from normal GT3 and same money as a 997 GT3. They came on the radar when the MK2 4.0 went ballistic due to 600 only made, then everyone jumped on them as only 682 made. Quite low numbers.
    Fantastic car on track or a good road, but scary at speed on a bad road.
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    Harold996tt reacted to wilson59 in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    About $200,000 apparently 
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    Harold996tt got a reaction from edgy in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    Absolutely stunning car. Truly what dreams are made of. 
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    Harold996tt reacted to edgy in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    That’s what dreams are made of right there... I personally think the blue/white, shits all over the red/white! 
    I think of the 17 delivered here only 6 rare blue/white. 
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    Harold996tt reacted to Rick V in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    This rare beast has hit the market.... v v v nice. Love the blue over the red. . Check out carsales....not exactly giving it away!?!

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    Harold996tt reacted to wilson59 in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    I know a Queenslander that bought this one recently . He maybe a club member . He bought a sweet 930 at the same time

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    Harold996tt reacted to Mike D'Silva in 964 Market Watch   
    There is this too.. https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/porsche-911-carrera-1994/SSE-AD-6171837/
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    Harold996tt reacted to Andy73 in 964 Market Watch   
    Looks good. nice colour combo...
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    Harold996tt reacted to Essay in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    GT3 Touring Mk1 V low kms ‘never tracked’ 😢
    1999 Porsche 911 GT3 996 Manual
      Odometer Body 25,475km Coupe $149,675*   Transmission Engine Manual 6cyl 3.6L   Private: Used | NSW View  
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    Harold996tt reacted to reggiegums in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    Called and now wants over $70k.
    Shits me. Both sellers and buyers have to do research before setting a price and committing to buy/sell.
    You obviously haven't played in the GTR, Type R (DC2) and Supra market. Plenty of people buying these up. Even shit boxes, as long as they are cheap, they get snapped up.
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    Harold996tt reacted to Dave986 in Whats for sale (in Australia ) and interesting Thread   
    I’ve messaged him and he is another if these people that shit me to tears. He reckons he is getting offers over $70k so is taking it off the market to have a think. 
    Personally, I call bullshit. 
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    Harold996tt reacted to garypgt3 in 996 GT3 Purchase   
    If the new future owner of the Zanzibar 996 GT3 is after a set of original 2 piece wheels, contact me as I should be able to assist.

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