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  1. Any particular one or brand? Synthetic, semi-synthetic, mineral?
  2. Resplendent in its original colour. Great job!
  3. As I move towards and other 911 arriving in the near future I am developing a 'to do' list. One of these items is changing transmission oil. So, I have looked at many threads on the "Porsche approved oils" and alternatives for the G50 gearbox. Like most oils research, there are more questions raised than answers. So can I ask the simple questions - (1) what actually do Porsche Australia put into the G50 (in this case an 88 Carrera) and (2) what approved alternatives are there?
  4. Thanks everyone. I was contacted by many folk here and saw some outstanding cars. Some advertised, other not as yet. I would have been happy to buy at least 3-4 of them in a heartbeat. Paul's 76S above, is a stunner. I have settled (in some contrast to my first post) for an Australia-delivered 1988 Carrera 3.2/G50 with excellent logbook history and condition (arguably the last air-cooled 911 designated model). I also wanted to thank sincerely several people on this thread (they know who they are) who have looked at cars for me across Australia and given wise advice. A great tribute to their dedication to the marque and to their collegiality. Many thanks, Merv
  5. I have LED headlights on my 6V 356. Brighter than the lights on the Boxster! Love them. If your feel they are too bright perhaps adjust the angles?
  6. Sorry Lee. Just replied . Will call the owner as I have his number now. Merv
  7. Yes on the CoA. There is also this https://www.carsales.com.au/cars/details/1985-porsche-911-carrera-manual/SSE-AD-5845637/?_ga=2.251873354.2143743269.1562567817-2031725099.1561116014&_gac=1.242943286.1562567817.EAIaIQobChMI2qup2dqk4wIVRBSPCh2cxwnTEAAYAiAAEgKQMfD_BwE
  8. Thanks Chris and Arnage. I was also thinking that to get one here would be impossible at that price.
  9. Any thoughts on this one. LHD US, emissions tackle and lower HP but looks in good nick http://www.carsales.com.au/_/details/SSE-AD-5931174?_ga=2.206612304.2143743269.1562567817-2031725099.1561116014&_gac=1.153234828.1562567817.EAIaIQobChMI2qup2dqk4wIVRBSPCh2cxwnTEAAYAiAAEgKQMfD_BwE
  10. If you are OK with LHD, what is the opinion on this one? Now $62K http://www.carsales.com.au/_/details/SSE-AD-5931174?_ga=2.206612304.2143743269.1562567817-2031725099.1561116014&_gac=1.153234828.1562567817.EAIaIQobChMI2qup2dqk4wIVRBSPCh2cxwnTEAAYAiAAEgKQMfD_BwE Seems to still have US emissions on it (and lower HP) and Kms cant be verified but general wear and tear suggests accurate?
  11. Any car sale has to have something in it for the buyer and something for the seller to be acceptable.
  12. Sure, no problem. Looks a nice car.
  13. Good observation Chris. Thanks for that. In this case I am happy to pay fair price for a private sale all round and it is cash. Thanks Wilson. Can you please send me some details and interior and exterior images? Many thanks Merv: mervhyde@gmail.com

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