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  1. The 981 and the 987.2 with PDK are still proper sports cars.
  2. Merv

    997 Targa 4

    The independent PPI will tell you more about the usual 'unknowns'.
  3. And the ‘teeth’ under the lower leading edge of the bonnet! Good Aussie design- Mad Max?
  4. Merv

    New car day

    He got an outstanding car. I wish I had more space. On the 'what's next' front: We will help you Stephen! There is a hidden 'enabler' in all of us. Maybe an early G series car like the lovely 3.0L one WOKA picked up?
  5. Taste is an asset that is unappreciated.
  6. Merv

    New car day

    I will leave that to the seller (often on here). Stunning car sold quickly.
  7. Merv

    New car day

    Love the colour - I should .... '88. These are super strong cars. BTW a superb 996 GT3 with 38k sold for a great price here this week. Merv
  8. DJM - it wasn't there this Monday but a grey one was. Will keep an eye out as we have Ferry P's Birthday Drive this Friday .
  9. Merv

    Car Covers

    Some of the fabrics have a reflect coating for the sun. On very hot days the heat build up can irreparably burn the car's paint clear coat. These covers should have data on their effective temp range
  10. Merv

    997 Targa 4

    Personally I like Targas but the Australian market is an odd one and quite different from several of the OS markets. JLD take a look at the 997 forum in the UK and see what they are saying and doing with the Targas. My value would be above the Cab value (to me). My estimate was for buying and allowing for unknowns.
  11. Merv

    997 Targa 4

    As it is a Targa, the roof will influence value in Australia. But why ask us as none of us are involved in the car trade more broadly? If it was me considering such a purchase I would call one of my friends in the classic car sales business and discuss the car's value and future merits. As others have said, the Australian market is different from, e.g., the UK market. There, Targas and Cabs are valued higher than coupes, but the reverse here. It's probably a weather thing. Mileage is a factor but the service history (inc IMS) is more important. 997.1 is less than 997.2 generally. Add the difficulty of getting Targa parts, then a lower value than a commensurate 997.1 coupe. Car Sales prices really are no guide at present and there are some bargains out there now, if you ignore some of the prices being asked and make your best offer and be prepared to walk away. If you know dealer or trader - phone them and discuss it! My 'guess' is based on what I would pay and that would be between $60 and $68K, if everything about its condition, PPI and history stacked up, and I 'really' wanted a Targa. But that's just me.
  12. Sweet sweeper Nytelfer? Those leaves rot and erode the rads. I also fitted the Zunsports to my 996 Turbo. Excellent product and they fit perfectly.
  13. Merv


    EDIT: the car is complete and the only re-attachments are the repaired fuel tank, the side sills and the leather covered seats which need some re-trimming. The motor will also be turned over and checked. Yes, the rear arches are sightly rolled to accommodate the wheels' extra width. Not those 'nasty' expand arches.
  14. Merv

    997 Targa 4

    A water leaks check on the sliding roof would seem mandatory, based on OS reports.

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