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  1. Carl: "That's actually not true, the sales numbers at the time from 1987 till 1989 were unprecedented. " I'm not sure that's true Carl. The 3rd post for shows the actual numbers sold here. All (then limited) Australian stock was sold, but as I was trying to say, and perhaps I wasn't clear enough, the decision had been made by Porsche to diversify and renew its model range, internationally. These cars remain ones with excellent build quality, in someways like the Mercedes of the same period. It would be good if you could share the terminal 10 'solution'. Lovely car GCD 010. You did well there. Gearboxes are only as good as the manner in which they are set up and maintained. There some inherent limitations perhaps in the durability in their design depending on how much power they are asked to handle and the driving demands they are exposed to. I had good experience with '65, 901 box that I spent a lot of time on, with a most satisfying outcome.
  2. I have been doing a little research on these cars with insurance assessors and colleagues I know in the used car industry. While there has been some drop in “sold” values for some early 911s and even base model 356s , these last of the TYP 911 have increased in the last 6 months particularly.
  3. The Monty gives some authority without drone.
  4. I did this myself about 18 months ago. Easy job. Remove panels, strip of existing coating, smooth sand the plastic surface, clean thoroughly, add plastic primer and then the desired colour+clear. I used the existing Graffiti Grey which can be obtained without much trouble.
  5. Too high is the thing to be avoided. Get a code reader as they are very useful and of course a new system stalk if needed. No dipsticks these days. These are fun cars. Show us a pic.
  6. Good thread. Mine is still a stock car and was a Nov 1987 built car, sold in early '88. My friend's is a March '89 sale. Both in GP White. Mine came with every option that Porsche seemed to have in their book at the time - sports seats, sunroof, AC with the 'auto' setting, the amplified stereo pack, electric mirrors, central locking, cruise control and so on. The only option not ticked was the heavy spoiler-for which I am grateful. These are such strong well made cars and they must have cost a mint back then. The low sales numbers are not surprising given that these were the last of the TYP 911 cars and people were looking for new models and the 928.
  7. I used the Monty-Australian product- on my 88. Great construction, nice sound from the one-out and lighter than the original.
  8. Finding and affording any of these is becoming a challenge.
  9. The 996 is one of the best looking 911 IMO. "C4S is without doubt the best iteration of the 996 series" - except for the Turbo.
  10. What usually happens is cracking on the inner mounting of the tail lights. It was a design flaw. They can even fall out on the road. These are the way to stop that happening if you see the the hairline cracks around the two bolts on each side. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/113426920981
  11. Wonderful car Damien. You have done all the right things. These later G series cars are among the best quality that Porsche ever made.
  12. Merv

    WTB: 997.1 GT3

    One owner car sold here about 18 months ago. 38k kms for around $180K within our regular Monday drive group. Perfect car. My understanding was that the purchaser is now looking at getting a GT2 and will be selling the GT3. Will post more info when I get it.
  13. Life time warranty means different things in different countries. It some it means your (but only as owner of the product) lifetime. In others it means until the company brings out a new or improved product.
  14. Merv

    964 Sports Seats

    Looking for some comfort as well as support? 😉

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