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  1. Merv

    Service history

    Services are important. You don't say what years the cars are manufactured.
  2. Merv

    VIN Analytics and decoder

    I tried the StuttCars one. Didn't work. The I found that the first 3 characters were not WPO but WP0 ...😌
  3. Merv

    VIN Analytics and decoder

    Lots of posts on this. I tried the often recommended Analytics 'site and entered my VIN and its is not accepted. Is this site down or stopped?
  4. Merv

    Compliance Plate location

    Thanks everyone. Yes the plate was not in the normal position. The PC Melb confirmed it is a NZ import! Explained now but useful info.
  5. Merv

    Compliance Plate location

    It SHOULD be but on the car I am helping with, the plate isn't there. It IS an Australian car. Not sure where else it could be on the early 2.5's. The owner is quite confused as a sale is in the offing
  6. Merv

    Compliance Plate location

    Where should the Aust Compliance Plate be located on an Australian-delivered 986 (1997)? I always thought it should be on the RHS under the trim in the frunk?
  7. Merv

    986 Door speakers

    I went for the Audison AP8's in a similar situation. Lovely full sound and great value. Not sure if the 986 has the same space and my 987, but the 8" went in there without drama in an hour.
  8. Merv

    Need a 200mm pressure plate

    I does look as though the release bearing was slipping off its supports. OR the pressure plate was moving around or even the shaft wasn't fully inserted?
  9. Merv

    Need a 200mm pressure plate

    Well done. Adjustment is always needed. And then again after a month or so I find. How was the release bearing? Those fingers on your old plate looked as though something was loose?
  10. Merv

    6V Generator Brushes

  11. Merv

    6V Generator Brushes

    I can now answer my own question. Yes, they will fit and the Schunk brand available in Australia is of good quality. (<$9.00 compared to > $25 from the usual US sources)
  12. Merv

    the New 992 911!

    I guess it is bigger as they need the extra space soon for batteries.
  13. Merv

    6V Generator Brushes

    Let me start by saying that my 6V generator is working well and I have no issues, at this stage. I wanted to get some spare brushes however, to keep in my travel pack.My question is: will some VW brushes for 6V generators fit, as these are easier to obtain locally and without international freight charges, in Australia?https://au.vwheritage.com/111903515c-dy ... t-vw-spareA cross referenced example, https://www.wpdusa.com/products/24756/2 ... 80&make=74
  14. Merv

    Need a 200mm pressure plate

    OK. I got my Sachs 180mm from BWA (Porsche numbers) and it works well.
  15. Merv

    the New 992 911!

    It does look like a Nissan 360Z from some angles. I agree on the vestigial shifter

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