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  1. Merv

    Ceramic (non-metallic) brake pads

    I fitted these on various cars, with good results. The pads were made by ATE. https://www.ate-australia.com.au/products Others by Hawk http://www.hawkperformance.com/performance-street/pads/hb290z583
  2. Merv

    Rear Speakers

    OK let's see how this goes: The Fosgates are a far better than the original ASK speakers (size, weight, design) and the Audisons are very solid and smooth and just give that extra base needed in an open car. You could spend a lot of money on sound systems on these cars but they are sports cars and may not get the full value for money. These options add enough to make the system demonstrably better IMO. I already have the Sound Plus Package (non-Bose) and the dash mounted tweeters are all fine and integrate well with the new door speakers, with no apparent upward or downward masking effects. I also like the plug and play aspect, without having to deal with the rewiring and impedance challenges of new 2-way or 3-way speakers.
  3. Merv

    Rear Speakers

    Not really now that the door cards are back on. I followed the sequence sent separately by 42 South (Mark) who also used the 8" Audisons (almost unobtainable now as they are excellent quality low profile, straight base speakers and OOS everywhere) and the Rockfords mids. Both bolt straight in to the existing mounts and wiring with minor adjustments only to the mounts.
  4. Merv

    Rear Speakers

    All fitted now and an impressive improvement. Nice solid base and midrange now.
  5. Merv

    Buying a 986

    At that price do you really need the mutual inconvenience of a PPI? Take a friend.
  6. Merv

    Noosa Beer Company

    We had an Australian delivered 356B, a US-sourced C, an Austrian C in LHD, a 61 Roadster from Cal. and the 72 911 and a host of moderns outside.
  7. Merv

    TPMS for 981

    And EU sites are mostly cheaper than the US now
  8. Merv

    Noosa Beer Company

    New to an owner at the Sunshine Coast. Came from Orange. UK import many years ago.
  9. Merv

    Noosa Beer Company

    Nice trip to the Noosa Beer Co and restaurant this morning. 356's and 911 in the centre area with the brewery and gin distillery and pinball machines.
  10. Merv

    Buying a 986

    Cheap car with history. Look at it and buy it if it seems right.
  11. Merv

    Buying a 986

    Looks good value.
  12. Ha ha. Not for me, after I saw the owner, a man called Wanless, throw a shifting spinner and hit man in the head when he tried to walk out with something not paying. Worked for me.
  13. True. As a teenager I spent hours prowling the wreckers yard. So much to learn from cars laid open.
  14. Perhaps better built than many however.
  15. I really expected to see lower numbers. These are amazing and encouraging. I wonder what % have had the IMS done. I like the point about climatic conditions. The first owner of my car (sadly only 35,000 kms) told me it had never seen rain. It now has.