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  1. Merv

    Hand Throttle mechanism

    Nooo. That was how Jim Clark was killed. Cable operated throttle on the dash.
  2. Merv

    Hand Throttle mechanism

    Thanks for this. I now have some RHD images from the UK. As suspected they are a mirror image in terms of switch position of the LHD ones (above) and in the RHD cars the hand throttle/fast idle switch is between the taco and combo gauge for the BT6
  3. Merv

    Hand Throttle mechanism

    All the pieces seem to be coming together. I would love to see a photo of the dash position for the B hand throttle knob?
  4. Merv

    Hand Throttle mechanism

    My BT6 just missed our by 200 cars on the previously standard hand throttle mechanism. Thinking I would like to fit one. If there is one around that I could restore or use directly, I would be most interested. EDIT: I have luckily found one. However I still need the cable and knob is any around? Thanks Merv
  5. Merv

    914/6 in Oz

    It does sound off then.
  6. Merv

    914/6 in Oz

    Dennis nice one on Facebook this morning in VIC . $15K. Buy and do the conversion if you really need to. Makes sense.
  7. Merv

    914/6 in Oz

    Reply sent Dennis. Merv
  8. Merv

    Crank Pulley washer

    Thanks Raffa. I believe I found some in Germany. Thanks for this.
  9. Merv

    Crank Pulley washer

    has anyone got a spare one of these they could sell me? Washer 616 102 163 01. A also keen to get the sprung washer as well 539-02-111 Thanks Merv
  10. Merv

    914/6 in Oz

    Brad McKernan might have this info on 914/6's. He has a decent data base.
  11. Grants advice is good too. Check the suspension bushings.
  12. You probably don't have time but these seem reasonable https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Porsche-Boxster-Cayman-987-Gen-2-Front-Bumper-Stone-Chip-Paint-Protection-Film/132251762237
  13. The PDK is basically a 7-speed manual box divided over two shafts with nano-second shift changes and is a delight to drive. The tiptronic is a robust auto box with a torque converter and is still a good option. The post 2009 Gen 2 cars are generally seen as more desirable as they have direct injection engines and no intermediate shaft to think/worry about. As said, drive them. Auto is nice around town too.
  14. I thought that it might have been around for a while, but it is a nice one.
  15. Michael Parker distributed this recently. Great video of the restoration/reproduction of first Porsche to win an international class at Le Mans. Every Le Man's winning Porsche owes its heritage to this car. LEGEND OF LE MANS - THE GENESIS OF PORSCHE MOTORSPORT A documentary film following legendary Porsche 356 builder Rod Emory and his team as they defy the odds to resto....webloc

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