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  1. What year is the car? On later cars the vacuum hoses are likely suspects or the idle control switch adjustment.
  2. Merv

    Owner built 356.

    Nice story Tomo. There are scratch built cars being made in garages around the world and some of them are amazing. I have a friend in Istanbul who was a chief design engineer for SAAB and Chrysler and retired in his late 40's who does this just for the fun of it. He has made some great cars.
  3. Did you try one of those smoke producing devices? That are good for finding leaky seals. If it is the heater core then that is another ball game.
  4. Merv

    356 Floorpan

    Nice work but is it cheaper that those pressings available?
  5. I wondered when someone would notice that. The 3.2 should be fine, even the later 88-89 cars with alarms, etc. I use the front of the bonnet opening (slightly ajar) to connect my pig tail to.
  6. As Dreamr said. I have the 'tail' for the charger under the frunk hood and leave the hood ajar. I set the light to go off after a minute on the iCarsoft. These cars can eat batteries if not kept on a trickle, unlike the 88 Carrera which seems always fully ready.
  7. Merv

    60 356B rebuild

    Thanks Steve. I didn't mean to steal your interesting thread. The '60VW is the 40-HP which was rebuilt about 7 years ago. I runs well and I am inclined to pull it down when I take it out to clean the oil cooler and replace some of the exhaust parts (j-tubes and flapper boxes if I can get them and the push rod tubes). A mate here has just done the Okrasa set up you mention. on his '57 and it looks good and goes well. I am inclined to leave this '60, as is, at this stage however. If I want more power I have a couple of Porsches, one of which has over 400HP more than the VW 😯. Time will tell however and the WW parts keep flowing in.
  8. Merv

    60 356B rebuild

    Thanks Lee. Last owner 50 years. Very solid car. Doing up the steering wheel now. I have this hankering for twin carbies that I need to deal with...
  9. True. That’s why I haven’t used it, since buying it. I was, however, impressed to know that there was still some refrigerant in there after more than 15 years. Must be sealing to some extent and may hold gas when recharged.
  10. I live in some extreme heat in the tropical North of the Sunshine Coast (😀) and my 88 Carrera has AC but it hasn't been gassed or serviced since 2004. It does still blow cold(dish) air but clearly needs a regas and a new drier. I really should get it done.
  11. Merv

    60 356B rebuild

    A transition car is always interesting. I am playing around with this at the moment (dozens of small things to fix for originality), but clearly not a 356. Sept 1960, also a transition. So like working on the 356 but just easier.
  12. Merv

    60 356B rebuild

    Looks a solid car. It is a T5? They are relatively easy cars to work on mechanically. There is a similar car here (but an SC '64) in the same colour that I am doing a bit of work on.
  13. There is a guy at Tewantin (Sunshine Coast) who was a lead tech at Porsche Melbourne for many years and knows the cars backwards. Tim is also mobile and is very good. See "Under the Sun". Blitz Auto Werks at Maroochydore is also excellent and Stefan is extremely knowledgeable, all the diagnostic gear and codes and is very honest in his approach.
  14. Neither T or D is at T&D these days. Don Munro (DHM) is your man. Great facilities and honest evaluations.

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