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  1. His first name is John
  2. There is a similar one in Bris being done by a friend and his progress has been very forward and back.
  3. Looking great Craig.
  4. Always a good idea to use rubber in the suspension bushings on these cars to avoid harshness and noise. The 'factory' rubber is usually from Prekom these days and very good quality (you can buy direct from Prekom at a substantially cheaper rate)
  5. Thanks Raven. I checked the Champion parts at Repco, SC and Autobarn yesterday. They don't seem to have them anymore. I found a few old spares that I can use however. Thanks also PK. I bought a couple of boxes of them for the future ...
  6. The trick Jeff is getting the right name/s for them in any search (spring clips, pin retainers, etc ...)
  7. I am looking for these small sprung metal clips ('gold' ones) that act as retainers for badges and logos on older cars. The usual FLAPS no longer stock them and they are very handy! I would like more than 2!
  8. I get it now. The Toilet seat is a "Porcher". Unlike this.
  9. Merv

    A project for someone?

    Interesting Jeff. I was thinking that $40K was too much but if it was $4K, then the costs ahead would seem to outweigh the ultimate value.
  10. Merv

    A project for someone?

  11. 87-88 smooth. The really important thing is to use plastic washers between the steel valence and the ally bumper or you will definitely get corrosion (electrolysis).
  12. Now I feel inadequate. I use one of the new hybrid ceramic washes. Most impressed.
  13. The fact that it goes away is interesting. Is it sensitive to a particular speed? Are the wheel nuts tight enough? It could also be the lower ball joint or the tie rods. I would get the wheel alignment and balance checked and ask them to check for excess movement in the steering and associated joints.
  14. I meant to close this. The car sold a while ago to a happy owner.

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