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  1. Looked at mine yesterday. For a car that was designed with rust prevention in mind there are so many small hose and pipe clamps, brackets, bolts and screws that are plain untreated steel under these cars.
  2. Merv


    Thanks Tips. I was trying to borrow a set of corner scales but to to avail. I guess that they are expensive for occasional use.
  3. Merv


    Did the front shocks today. I was interested to see what was inside the struts. Unlike the rears (Koni reds), the fronts were (also quite new) Koni yellows. The settings on the front were just off soft (as they should be for street use). Have re-adjusted them and then did the suspension heights again. Quite happy now with the handling and ride quality. Alignment next and corner weighting if possible.
  4. Great stuff OZ! Love your work.
  5. I think you are right Peter. The full electric system seems over-kill for the car use when considered against the price involved. I will start on the existing system in a week or so and see what the weak points are. PeterG here has the same model and is seeking the same result, so we can compare notes.
  6. Thanks Bruce and Coastr. That makes sense. The electric option is an attractive one and it does come down to how much you want to spend, as you say.. Are there suppliers/installers in Australia and does the system work well in RHD cars?
  7. Sorry Bruce I meant no disrespect in any way. I copied the original forum link and pasted it and that image came up. Not sure why. I found your information extremely informative and helpful, but disheartening somewhat as the system in the later 911's seems flawed in design (esp., condenser location and operation) and is likely to be average at best. Am I correct in this? I am reluctant to go down the route of getting the existing system refurbished and tempted to consider a redesign of the entire system with more modern components. Is this possible? Merv
  8. I will go through the whole system in a month or so and probably replace the hoses and components with Griffith stuff. After reading this from one of our members, one could get disheartened:
  9. Looking at the unit Peter, someone in the past has put fuse connection across the wires to the thermostat switch, bypassing it. OK as a temporary fix but there could be freezing elsewhere in the system. If so lucky! I will try James at AH. Thanks
  10. Have just finished fitting new bushings to the G50 shifter and noticed at the end of the process that the AC Control Switch TUBE is broken, and probably had been for a while. I could repair it with a soldered sleeve but the inert gas inside would have evaporated. The AC seems to work OK, but how critical is this temperature sensor to the system and: Is there anywhere can I get one in Australia?
  11. Merv


    Drives much better now that the rear shocks are released from near lock up on full stiff. The suspension can actually work as it was designed to do. More to do, however, as the front inserts also need to be checked. Folk on ImpactBumpers.com also seem to be finding success with softer shock settings.
  12. Merv


    I have been devoting a bit of time to the suspension setup on the Carrera. The front was too low and rear also. Adjusted the rear first and the limited adjustment available on the spring plate on the late cars was frozen up from years of non use. Lots of WD40 and a little heat got things moving. Set up a decent angle on the 'plates and a good set of measurements on the mid-point of the torsion bar cover. Then the front. That took 4 attempts before success was achieved at 'factory' height (good starting point). After this process I went for a 250 km club drive and felt that the rear suspension was still too harsh. Pulled the rear shocks (Koni) today and found they were set on full stiff and pretty well locked up. So backed them off to a low/street setting and magic! But now I will need to do the suspension heights again, corner weighting and alignment. Question: for those with Konis (reds) what setting do you use for street/road driving?
  13. Michelin XWX at Stuckeys or Vredestein.
  14. Merv

    Hi beam blues

    Yep. But mine is the opposite. No HB, unless I hold the stalk in flash mode. Have bought a new module to see if that does the trick. Spent some hours trying to repair the existing one. Cleaned and aligned the terminals and all good on the multimeter, but no change.

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