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  1. Thanks to PFA and the organisation that put on a great day. Thanks for the hospitality ?
  2. More crazy talk $62 K for that That's it, I am out guys, all the best.
  3. Yep, and Porsche has become about as interesting as real estate. Whats it worth ?
  4. Hang on a minute guys ! Sheesh, its an oil leak ! How about explaining the situation to the new owner first. I doubt he is legally responsible, but not sure. Try the softy softly approach first, he may help you out with a view to some on going work. If not and its a big dollar fix then start with the hard line attack. 9 times out of ten you will get a better and faster resolution. And please can we not use this forum for naming and shaming companies when we have not heard both sides of the story. Last time it happened was a shame and was not a good look. IMO Hope you get it sorted
  5. Thanks Sean Can't believe, how fast your car is
  6. Marty, I would call one of the local respected Porsche Mechanics for some regular first hand experience on this one. I know of some, however some first hand experience is what you need. You need someone that is easy to deal with for this stuff ! All the best
  7. Hey, I never started anything Hugh I also value those assets ,when the two cars are a similar price. As I said, easy choice. But when its double, what you call priceless, I call crazy. When someone goes flying past and you cant catch them, its not on paper. Long hoods, 356s and all the special cars aside, the market (people like us) can be argued with. Careful Hugh, if not for recent track work you may well find yourself the first member of the Tartan Hat Club Move quick if you want that Long hood mate. You know you could get a 997 GT3 for that money.
  8. Yep 996 gt3s have become the track work dogs. Look what happens when you put a fair price with good performance, people actually use them. Love to see a poll on here, how many people have ever had their car on track ? Talk of a track day died fast last year, that was the siren and lights going off
  9. Oh, 73 rs or 991 GT3 rs ? The 991 all day everyday !
  10. Well it seems Dad was spot on, he said this was going to happen years ago. Back in the late 70s at PCV, guys were still racing 356s, they were the 3l and SCs of now. The natural progression as the cars get older is that they loose any performance relevance to the day and they become old collecter cars. That's the way it has always been. What has changed ? Back then Porsche had no competion, people bought them new and old as a performance car. Even 5 or six years ago you could say ok, I am buying a performance car, At the time you may spend 40-50k and yes the Porsche was justified over a WRX, similar money, easy choice. Now things have changed, the Porsche (any air cooled) is double the price with less performance. So why not a WRX, do you think the WRX guy dose not get a smile on his face. He should, $45k and blowing the doors off the dude in his $100k Porsche. I know ! I know ! People don't buy them for the performance. This is the same thing I hear around Ye Old British car talk. Seems to me, that is what has changed. We need a special group on here, lets call it the Tartan Hat Club The newer Porsches are the bargain , hell the gt4 at $190 is the deal of a life time.
  11. You guys all make a great point. That's why this forum is still a goodn. You can make a point even if its not the popular one. PFA is king
  12. Please ! Guys ! Stop with the crazy prices for cars. I beg of those people ( apart from the multi P car wealthy collector guys) this cant go on. Why are you paying so much money for these old cars ? Please keep in mind a WRX is under 50K and will kill any old P car. Older Ps are great, but lets keep some perspective.

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