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  1. Probably trade in for a GT3 😁 I get what you mean though. I still get a buzz every time I fire up the backdate, yet I only drive it once or twice a month now, so it's a nice change from daily driving a Hiace van 😁
  2. @sydr It's a tribute to you for owning a car that long! Nice work mate πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  3. @9fan Nice one. I'm told the AR1 need a while to warm up, so that makes sense they may lack the grip for hillclimbs. I've only used them in the hills and found they transformed my SC, but I've not tried any other R comp's to compare them to.
  4. It was definitely a bit too low. Aside from that, I reckon this car is probably one of the best cars I've ever seen up close
  5. Maybe the Nangkang NS2R tyres would suit. I know some a raving about them (I was very happy with the AR1's). And sorry, I'm unsure which size you're after. 18's I imagine? http://nankangtyres.com.au/tyre/ns-2/
  6. @TwoHeadsTas Nangkangs an option for you if they have the right size? I've had these AR1's on my 15inch rims and they're great on the road. Probably the most cost effective R compound tyre around http://nankangtyres.com.au/tyre/ar-1/
  7. No need to apologise mate. I'm an impatient 53 year old, so even waiting a year would piss me off, as I want everything yesterday 😁 Like Porsche with their limited run cars like the Sport Classic, GT2RS etc, exclusivity would be my guess. No doubt Singer make a shed load of cash as it is with their 'normal' cars, so I doubt it's a money driven excercise. Think I read that Rob Dickinson was flabbergasted they all sold so quickly, so maybe there will be more on offer due to 'overwhelming demand' 😁
  8. 75/75 all pre sold Easier I s'pose...and all the DLS' are spoken for. I know if I had the spare coin, I would just throw it at the owner and dont have to wait 3-4 years...would definitely change the colour of the rims though
  9. Yeah, I dont get that at all. It would be interesting to see how often all Singers are driven. I know Ed Lovett drives the hell out of his blue one (Monaco car possibly?), though I think he's been trying to sell that for a while now
  10. That was my second thought that it was a tip. Probably priced right, though the car in basically the same spec I drove for @Harsh earlier this year was $10k cheaper and lower kms (I'm told it actually sold for less than that), so it will be interesting to see if it sells near the asking price

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