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  1. Why does that not surprise me? 😁
  2. Posted ad unhidden. Thanks for becoming a financial member Darren. It does help with the cost of running the forum for all to enjoy Cheers πŸ‘
  3. You can thank me later https://instagram.com/flatsix_fan_porscheist?igshid=1l0oyveuox5cn
  4. Ouch! On slow mo, you can see it was his chest that hit the wheel. Bet theres a few busted ribs
  5. You know me already 😁 The seabed of my mind is quite murky mate πŸ˜‰πŸ‘
  6. Oh I can beat these Pete. Though being as it's a family forum I shall refrain, as I don't wish to give myself a warning or ban myself for two weeks!
  7. @Arne Krix I know he'll hate me saying this, but jnr356 (aka Mark) is the best air cooled guy you could hope to come across. What he doesn't know about them isn't worth knowing

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