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  1. We must be looking at the same Instagram pages @Raven πŸ‘
  2. Seems the norm from what I've seen of Grays auctions. Be buggered if I'd bid on any car they had for sale
  3. Fair point. After seeing what our plumber has to deal with at times in public housing, I'd rather not be a plumber! 😁 Cheers @Uncle πŸ‘
  4. If theres a serious Porsche nut around, it's Frank! Not only his cars, but the 'sheds' he has had built are amazing
  5. πŸ™„ Why? A lot of them are a rip off as it is
  6. Theres always alternatives, yet the convenience would be our biggest problem
  7. Ladies and gents (and others to be politically correct). Please be reminded that if you wish to sell anything on the forum, you must become a financial member to the tune of $25/year. If not, your posts/replies are hidden until you do. Should you see a wanted post where you may have what someone wants, feel free to contact them personally via private message. Cheers πŸ‘
  8. Sorry @strecko You need to be a financial member to advertise anything for sale as per forum guidelines.
  9. Well I think its shit that big business have been putting prices up to be honest. We totally rebuilt 3 door architraves today, and the prices of all raw materials was at least 20% higher. We'd normally buy a door frame kit, yet as they'd 'run out ' we had to make them from scratch. When our margins are pretty pathetic with public housing as it is, it probably wasnt worth it today. As we have the biggest weekly spend account in SA, I wouldnt be surprised if the boss says to Bunnings 'Give us a better discount or seeya later!'
  10. LeeM

    Dyeing seats

    VHT vinyl spray. Will try n get a pic later I probably didnt prep/sand the seats very well, so the dye was/is just on the surface and not in the pores of the vinyl
  11. LeeM

    Dyeing seats

    My passenger seat still looks great with no wear marks at all. The drivers seat resembles a Friesian cow! (The patchy black n white ones) I went from tan to black, yet didn't do a very good job with preparing them, and havent had a passenger 😁 I have seen what a pro seat repairer/colourist can do, and it looks great with very minimal wear marks after a year or so of near daily driving
  12. Funny, as I had typed exactly those words as @P-Kay did, yet decided I shouldn't being a moderator Nazi 😁

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