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  1. No idea mate, never been there, though I'm told its nice
  2. I'd say that's a later all plastic one going by the pics mate. Thanks anyway. @James P here ya go
  3. It's a seaside town about 2 hours north of Adelaide
  4. Dunno why, but him and his son come across as the stereotypical old 'Have we got a deal for you' toothy, gold chain wearing car salesmen
  5. If you have or can get hold of an earlier one that needs a clean up (aka not completely knackered) James, I'll swap you the good one on my '78 SC
  6. Always thought he came across as a bit of a knob on tv
  7. And LHD. Admittedly there aren't many longhood Targas available, yet when a nicely restored, rhd convert 6 cyl Targa (early 70's?) sold for $110ish, I think he's a tad optimistic 😁
  8. Dickheads were probably just jealous of your car mate
  9. Have done that before, yet this is bloody good steak! 😁 I had a little whinge to them via email, to which they've replied and will chat with me this week
  10. Correct @edgy We rarely go out (homebodies that enjoy tv, doing nothing and our dog), and in these times of everything regularly going up in price, we kind of expect a lot more than this kind of service, especially when we're regulars and we don't have to tell them what we're ordering or how we want it cooked! Just poor form really
  11. I know mate. How dare I complain when we get to use their blunt cutlery! That was another whinge I had...and the ice in our drinks melted too quickly... As I mentioned above, they said they had to bring it around outside the hotel but they didn't. She just came through a door near us. I know its trivial and we/I very rarely if at all complain at a restaurant etc, but I'm bloody annoyed @Coastr
  12. We rarely eat out, yet we head to our favourite place (Marion Hotel front bar for you Adelaide people) to get a great steak which we have always thoroughly enjoyed that is always pretty big and cooked to perfection for the past 2 years or more nearly every other Sunday, which is served with a decent salad and chips (we're easily pleased). The place is undergoing a big reno with a 4 storey hotel/motel being added, so they said the staff have to bring it around from the old kitchen. No problem, we're happy to wait...then we get this Now I'm not usually one to complain to staff or managent about service etc at any establishment, but this is a f...ing joke! A cardboard box FFS? Half the salad, half the chips and a smaller steak than normal (still cooked to perfection) yet cost the same price? I called the bar chick over to have a little whinge, and she completely agreed with me and said many others had said the same thing and that they've lost a lot of clientle, yet management have said to her that's how it will come to that part of the pub until renovations are completed (another 6 months or more), yet if we want to dine in the dining room, the steaks are $8-10 dearer. Why, coz it's on a plate? 😡 When you pay $62 for 2 meals and 2 Coke's, you don't expect to be eating out of a cardboard box for chrissakes! I devour mine within 2 minutes, yet the missus takes her time which resulted in the steak being stuck to the cardboard and she had to scrape it off! 😳 So fkn annoyed that my favourite place to eat has turned to this

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