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  1. I think we should ban you for a week or two @Jason E πŸ˜‰
  2. I'm thinking mushrooms and/or acid...very strong acid!
  3. One bloke I respect is Roland Dane. Doesnt mince his words and is very cluey
  4. @Raven The Supercar mob have flatly opposed the GT4 concept for years, yet I'm sure they're now looking at it. Supercars has been a joke since they went to the 'Cars of the future' concept which I believe Skaife had afinancial interest in bringing to fruition. If they'd kept on using the base Holden and Ford chassis', they'd have a lot more credibility with regards to the Ford v Holden rivalry. As I mentioned, there is NOTHING Holden Commodore, or Ford Mustang about the current Supercars when they even have to make the Mustang body fit the control chassis and have it look like a bloody Daewoo, so how can there be the decades long rivalries when neither brand is represented with any parts of theirs on the cars? Supercars is a joke, and the sooner they make GT, GT4 ,or even the Hyundai Excel challenge the premier motorsport in Australia the better. Means nothing to them mate. They didnt want to pay the exorbitant cost that Foxtel did for the tv rights, so they took the lesser cost of highlights packages. And really, who wants to watch an hour long motor race show with 30 minutes of commercials? They would rather have a bunch of D grade celebrities appear on cooking or dancing shows than have motorsport
  5. We bought a friend a big roll of bubble wrap for her birthday last year, as she loves to pop. Just sent her this pic and she's devastated πŸ˜‚
  6. Writing was on the wall in large font when they closed Elizabeth manufacturing. We're a small percentage of GM sales, and as some of you are in business for yourself, you cant possibly prop up a brand that continues to lose money just for nostalgia reasons, so it was bound to happen sooner or later. As for Supercars. They're not even a Holden chassis, they're a custom framed jobby. The only thing that Holden is...errr...nothing except a badge, coz it's an Opel body!
  7. Hankook Evo 12 on my 16's and Nangkang AR1 on 15's. The Hankooks are a great all rounder in dry or wet and have lasted nearly 3 years with a lot of life still in them being a little harder compound tyre, but they don't offer the amount of grip the Toyo does (ofcourse). The rear Hankooks are reasonably predictable which you can handle to a point (except when they break loose and send you into a guard rail), yet I've never had a lot of confidence with front grip, so I never push it. The Toyo's just filled me with confidence and have a really good feel to them more than I felt with the 15' Nangkang AR1's, and you can just jam it into a corner and know it's going to stick (at my hills speeds anyway)
  8. I heard it was quite the sight to behold Chris. Stew was pretty animated with his description anyway 😁 Driven. Not hidden πŸ‘
  9. After a couple of months of not driving the 911, I rego'd and fitted some donated second hand Toyo 888's (thanks again Andrew) and headed to the Unley Cars n Posers meet. It was great to catch up with some people and check out a wide variety of cars. The highlight for me though, was a few of us heading off for a quick blat in the Adelaide hills to Uraidla, with @wilson59 @Shedpest in their GT3's @9er in his absolutely flawless '65 912/6, @AndrewW in his recently beautifully backdated car @Stew F in his Megane and Anthony in his Targa (I did try and callya @Rick V ) It was bloody good fun heading up Lobethal road through Basket Range (not so much for the Lotus 7 kit car thing that had rearranged the rock face and his car. Poor bugger, it was a mess!) and the great company as usual. Thanks fellas, I really enjoyed that πŸ‘ As an aside, I'd never tried these Toyo 888's before (budget constraints 😁), yet even as they've done a few kms, bloody hell they have transformed the car. I've never had front grip like that before where you turn in, and the rear starts to break loose before the front even thinks about letting go! A brief, but bloody good day, and a renewed enthusiasm for driving the car again. Thanks to all πŸ‘
  10. After seeing it a few years ago as a totally bare metal job as Chris was doing the metal work, I finally got to see it in the flesh today. Holy shit!! It is bloody perfect
  11. Remember that Boxster shooting brake creation last year? Here it is in paint. I like it! 😳 They really should build this 'Cayman'

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