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  1. If it was a Turbo, maybe close to the mark, but as a converted SC, no way!
  2. I didn't know 992's were set up for drifting from the factory! 😳
  3. Hmmm...not sure about this one, yet I've always said a Cayman needs a decent wing on it. Kinda like it and kinda don't. Definitely dont like the end plates not being even and so close to the body
  4. If you wish to sell or promote ANYTHING for sale on the forum, you MUST become a financial member as either an individual or trader. Please be aware that if any posters are not financial, your posts will be hidden until you are financial. You will be notified as soon as admin/moderators are aware, so please pay the nominal fee and your posts will be made visible again. Cheers Lee Moderator
  5. Absolutley @MR901 If its priced well, any car will sell. Saying that, lowballing buyers should also use their heads a bit if a seller is aware of the market values
  6. The bloke that bought it has another 911 (993 I think) so he kinda knows what he's getting into. A price is just a base starting point. How 'honest' a car and/or seller is, is what people have to find out for themselves by investigating its history if they need to connect the dots so to speak. I reckon people overthink these things a bit too much, yet they get frustrated when they can't find THE car for a decent price. Not aiming this at anyone in particular here, but sometimes you just have to suck it up and stop asking 'Why' all the time. If it's what you're after, can afford it and cheap, why not just buy it? Personally, if I like something, want it and it's the right price, that's all that really matters to me. I actually think this green car was a little overpriced if going by what I've been told about it is true, yet if it drives ok and gains rego in whatever state, bonus! Regardless, it's a damn nice looking car
  7. LeeM

    Lowndes in a Porsche

    Just the incessant dribble about the drivers personal lives, like who platts Hamiltons hair or what manbag he uses. S'pose I just don't subscribe to the fanboy side of sports stars. Their excitement at all things F1 when its clearly not is laughable too. If Ricciardo heads to Ferrari I'll probably watch more, but as it is now it's just too stale in my opinion Enjoy πŸ˜πŸ‘
  8. LeeM

    Lowndes in a Porsche

    @JWMI haven't seen the F1 Drive to Survive series (no Netflix), yet that sort of thing interests me more with the behind the scenes stuff. The SkySports commentary and incessant dribble during practise and in between sessions drives me nuts! I just can't watch any of it. Supercars commentary is also bordering on utter dribble, especially Skaife, then ofcourse the pit reporters who are trying to cause rifts between drivers for tv, not to mention Crompton interviewing people and is always looking away from them 😑 Think I'm just becoming a grumpy old man πŸ™„
  9. LeeM

    Lowndes in a Porsche

    Totally understand what you mean @JV911, though by grass roots I meant getting club racers and their old Celica's, Datsuns, Corollas, old 911's etc. The improved production was a massive hit with a full grid at the Adelaide 500, Tasmania and that wild race at Bathurst a year or two ago. People can relate to those types of cars. I also realise it's all for tv, yet Supercars management are focussing way too much on running a very profitable business, which is understandable to a point, but they need to liven up the support categories instead of a field of 10 4wd utes. They're flogging a dead horse with them unless they get 20 odd cars on the grid. When punters are paying $75-95 a day to go watch, they want value for money which many are saying they aren't and have stopped going to the track. Again, it all comes down to money now, and that's a bloody shame for most motorsport fans
  10. LeeM


    I agree Please use your original thread instead of using multiples please. Copy and paste your other posts in the other thread into this one below, and we'll delete the others. Cheers
  11. LeeM

    Lowndes in a Porsche

    That's the thing mate. The V8's are now direct competition with TCR, so theyll never be a support category unless one buys out the other. What the V8's need is back to basics grass roots racing like Group S, N, improved production etc. IP was a massive grid here in Adelaide and the crowd loved it, so why not have them on the bill? Cost! Supercars want so much money from support classes that they can't afford it. Even Touring Car Masters are gradually becoming more aligned with Shannons Nationals and the other series that's up and running now, yet that's become a borefest with either Johnson or Bowe winning most races by a country mile unless they break down. Superutes are just a bloody joke, especially now that they're fitting V8 crate engines for this season. Where can you buy a V8 Triton? You can't! Last weekend we had the Asian Le Mans series at The Bend, and apparently there were a few more spectators than the Shannon's nationals I went to a while ago which was next to bugger all! 23 cars on that grid using the big 7.7km track is next to boring as batshit with 2.58 laps. I nearly went along, but a 90 minute drive each way, the cost to get in etc had me say "Bugger that, I'll watch it online and Foxtel". I'm just getting lazier all the time I spose, especially when the Le Mans cars were here! I maybe biased, but the only racing I feel has any semblance of entertainment is Carrera cup and the GT3 Porsche cup. Infact, I'll go so far as to say I'm just bored with motorsport in general now, excluding MotoGP ofcourse, as it's all become way too professional and basically written scripts with who is going to win. Theres no door bashing because of pathetic regulations to not offend the snowflakes who think little Tommy will be a maniac when he grows up, so what's the point of it when none of the cars can be bought off the showroom floor? F1 is not even worth mentioning as a spectator sport, as that's beyond boring now. I'd love to go to Bathurst for the 12 hour just to experience it and the track for the first time, but can't afford the time off. Let's hope some Aussies get back in the thick of it like Matt Campbell did last year

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