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  1. It's a beast. Best Porsche I've ever driven and very nearly bought
  2. I have the number of the guy that was selling the intermeccanica replica here in Adelaide if you want it. I see he's deleted the ad but may still have it
  3. Know that feeling very well...so I didnt...yet...maybe 😁
  4. Is that a Singer or RWB I spy top left?
  5. Easy fix πŸ‘ I've seen Porsches MUCH less damaged than this be declared a stat write off. Theres a GT4 on MY105.com that just had a shock tower fail (common problem apparently) and that was declared a stat write off. A Lotus Elise with a small dent in the sill panel and no other damage was also written off, so how is this thing deemed repairable when it's clearly bent to buggery?
  6. Repairable write off? 😲 That thing is knackered!!
  7. Do people really think the government removing the LCT will change prices of imported luxury cars? πŸ˜‚ They'll just rename it and charge the same, if not more tax, and/or the dealers will just keep the prices as they are, as they know people will buy them anyway. I'm an uneducated idiot, yet even I know they're not going to let go of millions of dollars in LCT revenue every year
  8. Fantastic mate, congrats. Bloody good looking car when its outside πŸ‘
  9. Yep πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  10. Yet the length, width and handling characteristics of an Impala would be a tad different to a Commodore methinks 😁
  11. What a stunning looking car. Having owned 65 and 66 Chev's many years ago, I can't imagine what it would be like to race one, as they wallow and steer like a yacht in a force 10 gale!
  12. That would be a large percentage of most high end cars wouldnt it?
  13. Cool mate. Send me some pics and price when you get a chance and I'll pass them on. My old AP5 had the same brake set up 😁 Come to think of it, my VE Val and 66 Chev did too! I never did fix them 😁
  14. @Troubleshooter How good is the AP6 mate? A friend here in Adelaide is a Valiant nut, so I can ask him if he's interested. Valiants are big here in general too, mainly because they were built here

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