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  1. LeeM

    Bikkies too big to dunk?

    I sometimes drink coffee from a much smaller mug, yet its bloody annoying coz I can't dunk me Granita's coz they're too big! Will have to buy a lathe now πŸ™„ Cheers for the video πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
  2. LeeM


    Been with Adam internet for many years with no problems, yet since the iiNet takeover it's been sporadic. Now it's just a bloody pain in the arse since changing to the NBN with regular dropouts, fixed, dropouts, fixed for a day or two, dropouts etc etc...VERY over having to call them every second day to have some person who barely speaks English tell me how patient I am and that they're so thankfull...F.. off and just fix my internet FFS!!!! Can anyone recommend a RELIABLE service provider?
  3. With your track record, I didn't want to mention any names or point fingers Jono 😁
  4. This mob painted mine. They're on the corner of Bennet Avenue and Iris st I think https://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&client=ms-android-samsung&source=android-browser&q=edwardstown+crash+repairs#istate=lrl:iv&rlimm=10708306224602653904 Specific Prestige do higher end work for various manufacturers https://www.google.com/search?ie=UTF-8&client=ms-android-samsung&source=android-browser&q=specific+prestige
  5. I think its the sellers have been told to sell their cars by her indoors. They list it at price A, then when they get some interest they get scared that it will actually sell so they put the price up and say 'I'm trying to sell it darling, but it's a tough market at the moment. If you want a new kitchen with fancy benchtops/shoes/new wardrobes/Kia Carnival people mover, you're just going to have to wait, as I'm not giving it away' Or they're just idiots 😁
  6. LeeM

    Exhaust Upgrade for a Hotrod

    Ask @Stew F which one he has in his SC. I drove his car last weekend and it sounds fanf.....gtastic! Crackles n pops too
  7. Maybe Google your last name and corresponding tartan to see if you like it. Will give a personal touch to your car
  8. Edwardstown Crash repairs for paint, and Edwardstown Body Repairs for panel/metalwork. Both busy companies. Also Specific Prestige on Richmond road next to Buik Motorworks
  9. LeeM

    New 996 C2

    Crikey! 😳
  10. LeeM


    Will look into that Chris, cheers. I never agree to saving passwords, yet have been lazy not changing them or logging out more often
  11. LeeM


    Cheers @Coastr I do only use a low balance in my main account (sometimes not by choice πŸ˜‚β˜Ή) yet will have another look today Thanks for that πŸ‘
  12. LeeM


    Cheers Greg I've just changed a few passwords after this. I even had to log back into Paypal so I could delete my account, and they were supposed to send me a text to confirm my identity which didn't happen, and it let me in without any verification codes, so I'd have to say thats pretty bloody hopeless Just glad my bank let me know about it, unlike eBay whom I had to contact when I'd apparently not sent a camera and other things I'd apparently sold, then they said 'Yeah, it looks like your account has been compromised so we'll put a hold on your account!' No shit Sherlock?
  13. LeeM


    Re my vent above My Paypal account was hacked for a second time (probably via eBay) and they had tried to remove close to 10 grand over the past month I have now had to cancel my card, and my bank has told me it is becoming a regular occurance with eBay/Paypal lately, so under their instructions I have deleted my Paypal and eBay accounts Just another pain in the arse inconvenience by some assholes who should get a f.....g legitimate job
  14. LeeM


    Nnnnope! I stopped dealing with the public installing wardrobes in their homes a year ago and will never go back to retail crap Hacked AGAIN via PayPal! 😑 Now have to cut up my card and wait for another one
  15. LeeM


    I'm the same with Qantas. Flown twice with them and both times had some crusty old bint stewardess' that smelt of mothballs and attitude. My mum copped the same with Jetstar. I've never had a problem with Virgin, though plenty of people who fly regularly have had dramas with all carriers at some point. Definitely not a job I would be keen to do dealing with the public who are either pissed or angry