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  1. Oops! I only watched him at Fiorano the other night, and how excited he was to drive it. There goes one of his bonuses!
  2. Emanuele Pirro and Roberto Moreno are driving some F1 cars there and not hanging about. Pirro is a regular historic racer at Goodwood in all sorts of cars, and his enthusiasm and general demeanour is infectious
  3. I watched a fair bit of it on YouTube live stream. Amazing how the drivers of these historic F1 and many other classics are thrashing the hell out of them. There's a full replay on Youtube
  4. And they whinge about deforestation whilst promoting paper straws...coz it's good for the environment 🙄
  5. Not 100% sure, but that may have been Alan Hamilton's car. @jnr356 would probably know that one. There was a mob in Melbourne who had all the drawings and built a couple of replicas (there was a story in Duck and Whale with Ron Goodmans 906 from the same company), yet not much else eventuated from them. A 906 would definitely my first lotto splurge
  6. I don't have to try too hard there mate 😁
  7. Probably looking for her handbag though (Don't google this one above, Valenti Vitell what ever you do!)
  8. Why do people put V8's and WRX engines in a 911 (or a Boxster 🤔)? Coz they can
  9. Talk to Ron Goodman if you want a first hand experience at what they're like, as it's his 356 race car they're talking about. I sat with Ron and a gent who has a financial interest in the project for a few hours, and even though I had absolutely no idea what they were talking about with specs etc, it sounded bloody impressive 😁 The 'Zoombug' VW Beetle vert test mule is pretty damn quick, and I'm told the Kombi is no slouch too. Yeah $35k is a tad expensive, yet what sorta coin are people paying for a 912 or 911 rebuild? Even VW Beetle rebuilds aren't cheap nowadays, so why not have something different if you can afford it?
  10. Pretty sure a members son is involved with this company

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