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  1. LeeM

    Tesla autopilot fatal crash

    That's just mega corporate world isn't it? If ya can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit! Same as politicians really
  2. Japanese Domestic Market. Basically modified Supra's, Nissan GTR's etc
  3. Bet you fitted the 'I love JDM' decal too 😁
  4. LeeM

    Alonso retires!

    As mentioned in the Dan thread, it's not about money with the guys at the top of the game. I dare say he wouldn't have retired if Ferrari or Mercedes offered him a gig. I reckon he'll go to IndyCar full time for a shot at the Indy 500 and the occasional Toyota Le Mans drive
  5. Again, it depends how good it is. A clean 912 with good drivetrain etc should be north of $80k, so do your due diligence with that one, as engine rebuilds are $15k and up depending who does it. Have heard quotes in Sydney being over $25k! 🤤 That's just extortion.....or the Sydney cost of living tax 😁 If I had $70-80k to spend, I wouldn't be buying an air cooled unless it was pre 73 (converted doesn't bother me) and cheap, so I'd be looking strongly at a nice 996 etc
  6. True @edgy, I too dont think its worth the money either, though we could say that about all Porsches (I still don't and never will understand why they're so expensive) Some people just can't afford to wait or cough up that extra few grand, so they settle for an import/bastard car, and this yellow one would be at an attractive price point to quite a few buyers.
  7. I'd also like to add whether you are planning on upgrading the brakes and/or suspension @turboT ? I'd say you might need at least a brake upgrade of some sort
  8. It could be though @hugh There is a Klassy replica bodykit of Gumtree with Tom's name on it. It's black too!
  9. LeeM

    Custom 914 Project

    That one was cool as f... I'd love to own the black one here. I had a good look at it a while ago before he cleaned it up. Sounds angry as!
  10. Whatever HP it puts out, I'm sure it's going to be a helluva laugh to drive, and you will have the only one in Australia! How many can say their GT3 is the only one in Oz? Tom 1 GT3 owners 0
  11. LeeM

    2019 GT4

    I doubt they'll try and flog the GT4 as a four banger turbo after the negativity the world responded with when they launched the 718 range The cars in the video are racing Clubsport's, so I don't think that is a good guide as to what engine the road cars are going to run
  12. I haven't got 15's, but for that price I'd buy them anyway if I was local. I see what you mean about those tan seats mate. Looks like Buffalo Bill from Silence of the Lambs made them from a few human hides! 🤤
  13. Whoever it was that brought their lowered 993 with big rims over to Adelaide a few weeks ago changed my mind about 993's from a looks point of view. Looked and sounded fantastic