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  1. Oops...thought I mentioned that 😁 Correct πŸ‘
  2. Everywhere! Floor pan usually at the bottom of all pillars and foot wells. Sills, bottom of the roll hoop, around the door strikers, in the frunk under the spare wheel/battery areas...the whole front clip basically. A place some don't look is the parcel shelf area which leads to the top of the rear shock mounts if you can get a torch to have a look. Also look for dodgy repairs on the pan with silicone and/or bog which can hide some expensive repairs. Most cars will have rust somewhere, yet you can buy most replacement panels from here or from overseas. Prices vary quite a bit, so do your homework if you do buy a car and want to replace and bits n pieces. I bought from Auothaus Hamilton in Sydney, as James was very close to the cheapest parts I could source from the US. Take a torch with you, and have a real good look
  3. Nnnope! People are sometimes in disbelief when others pay $300-400-500k or even millions for a car, yet whatever floats your boat within your budget is fine by me. Just make sure you drive it!
  4. Heres the owners Instagram account https://instagram.com/sicari_911?igshid=1bnoradrtsbbt
  5. I dont mind that, as its subtle, yet the full sleeve/leg tattoo's of flowers etc just look horrid
  6. Someone bought a helluva car. Nice one fella πŸ‘
  7. Just add noodles to the dietary intake for a couple of years 😁
  8. Hey mate. Yep, still have it and it is flat one. No worries. I'm 5-10 minutes from Richmonds, yet weekdays are basically out now with the new job. They're open Saturday mornings, or I can catch up with you in the evening if that's suits. I'll hang onto it for you, as there is no hurry to sell it
  9. Let's not start that again please 😁
  10. The corner is a no brainer for me, as I was always there...usually blind as a bat 😁 They were bloody good support races back then. It was mate. Though to be very honest, it did just feel like a bloody big go kart to me. It's a very similar feeling, just a helluva lot faster! Told Steve it lacked front grip at the Northern Hairpin which he agreed with (I spun it there on the first lap), yet he wasnt about to change the wing to suit this lead foot idiot with thousands of dollars worth of race car. I'd love to have had a full day in it
  11. Adelaide, Stag corner @Jason A?

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