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  1. Well he's got a 996, so he has a good start
  2. I've told you not to post any photos of me @wilson59 Please ask in future
  3. Well not mine, but yesterday I test drove a '98 996 tip for a PFA member. Man they're a lot of fun in the twisties! Just point and shoot, even though the toggle buttons still suck, yet what a great car that was to drive. (And before anyone asks. NO I'm not thinking about a 996 again)
  4. LeeM

    Cayman GT4 RS

    Coz they can 😁
  5. She always thought Caroline looked at her funny sometimes. Oh well, it's out there now πŸ˜…
  6. Loving the brake set up Chris πŸ‘
  7. When I was a tyre fitter many moons ago at Bob Jane, I had one tyre that had a big long piece of concreting rebar, and another was an adjustable spanner. Both came in with full air pressure πŸ˜…
  8. LeeM

    Goodwood MM 78

    @Raven Just watched that and the Gerry Marshal trophy races. Fantastic racing

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