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  1. More water cooled bits I believe @PhilH Which is good for you I s'pose 😁 Keep us posted what they have there anyway please
  2. LeeM

    Gosford kaput

    Probably like our politicians, sweetheart deals between mates
  3. LeeM

    Gosford kaput

    Ah shit. It was ok to read then went private. I friggin hate that! Try the other link above mate
  4. LeeM

    Gosford kaput

    Apologies if it's been posted before Try this one https://www.whichcar.com.au/news/gosford-classic-car-museum-closes-its-doors
  5. LeeM

    F1 2019

    Dream team there
  6. Well I didn't want to be so obvious, but that was my first thought along with a 70's porn movie. Not that I've watched any ofcourse!
  7. Think the opposite to males and about 500mm lower on the anatomy Taz...rhymes with tubes
  8. How hard is it to know that a poster tube possibly, just possibly, contains a poster that might get damaged if it isn't top loaded? People just don't care
  9. That wasn't my train of thought mate. Think more like the 70's-80's and the word Brazilian was never really mentioned
  10. I'm not saying a damn word about those 'beard' pics 😳
  11. James at Autohaus Hamilton is usually a good source and competatively priced πŸ‘
  12. LeeM

    Spotted Thread

    He bought it last year (very good buying), though it had a fair whack of problems that were graciously all sorted out by the shop in Sydney. James sent me a pic of his new shoes on the 996 😁. I can understand why they were knackered, as he also had the suspension sorted which was WAY out The old black 911 I saw must be one of the best I've seen here
  13. LeeM

    944 sale price

    Quite possibly the funniest ad I've ever read on Carsales πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ People crack me up at how optimistic they can be when selling anything

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