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  1. That's been the case since the bubble got inflated mate. None of them are 'worth' the money being commanded in my opinion. That 912/6 was nearly my perfect car, and for $80k with what else is in that price range in these times of skyrocket prices for a 60's longhood (aka bugger all) that was bloody good buying. I'd say you'd never get it rego'd here in SA without a LOT of work, cost and engineering certification, yet itd be a fun car to drive once it did gain rego
  2. @smit2100 Ta mate We're not part of the big 4 banks, and it was our bank who contacted us to see what they can do for us which I thought was pretty good. We've never had a problem with them, and they always pass on any interest rate drops the reserve bank does, so we feel theyll help us out if the need arises. I'd rather not freeze our payments, as I don't want to end up paying a shed load more interest, yet as our mortgage is around $150k and a recent property value of between $500-550k (a developer has offered us near the top end there recently), so one option to me would be to sell the place, buy elsewhere and be mortgage free with a few dollars in the bank (the missus is dead against that one as she works 3 minutes from home as I do and we both like living in this area), yet we're hoping the bank would advance us up to $50k to see us through this. We live pretty cheaply with my missus being the type that waits for $10 KMart shoes to come on sale for $5 and tv dinners from Coles at the moment (I highly recommend the Tuna mornay!), we rarely go out as we prefer home life with our dog, so 50k would last us quite a while. My job is busy and maybe getting busier with some other smaller home maintenance companies sadly going to the wall, yet I'm the type who prepares for the worst long before anything might happen. As I type, the missus just had two days cancelled this week when she normally doesn't have enough hours in the day, so maybe that's the start of her employment diminishing? Regardless, we'll work it out somehow if it all turns to shit
  3. Regardless of ones country of origin, opportunistic buying like that is disgusting at others expense. Nice move Australian government...should have happened long ago
  4. Not sure if this applies to cars, but rear hop usually meant too much grip in a Go Kart. Cheers @edgy πŸ‘
  5. I'm not saying a damn word about that one @Raven
  6. @smit2100 I'm not going to quote you there, yet to the uneducated numpty (aka me) that makes a lot of sense. As a preemptive strike, I've messaged my bank yesterday to discuss the possibility of an equity loan incase one, or both of us, lose our jobs, as there is no way we can survive without it. Do I sell my 911? I'd very much prefer not to, as I'll never get another one (and the missus has banned that from happening anyway), yet the big question is, would a bank allow a decent loan without any income? I highly doubt it, especially if we also have to freeze the home loan payments which will accrue a shitload more interest on top, so we're probably caught between a rock and a very hard place
  7. Being a 60's longhood, it would probably command a higher price if it was a factory RHD car
  8. πŸ‘ And knowing how panicked my bosses are at the moment, I don't envy your position. Hope it all works out for you and your team πŸ‘
  9. Fair point @Rick V I s'pose the way I see it, is that you're not doing any harm to anyone being isolated in your car in the hills, as that's probably the best place for all of us to be able to distance ourselves from others. Fair enough we should be chastised if we're out and about in a group sitting around with a coffee etc, yet to keep us all sane we need to get out a bit. I personally don't have a choice to be out if I want to keep working, and as I'm in and out of housing trust and other homes daily, I dare say I'm at risk every day and are now forced to wear a mask at all times, yet to those of you who are stuck in an office all day, you need some Vitamin D...or Vitamin P in this instance 😁 Go for a drive mate, it sounds like you need it πŸ‘
  10. As long as you stay in your car I dont see a problem with going for a drive @Rick V
  11. Perfect for a 911R tribute or leave it as is. It would be a wolf in sheets clothing in the hills that's for sure. To me, it's the best car I've seen on the market at a decent price for ages.

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