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  1. I'd say the maintenance and running costs of this one as a track car would be a lot cheaper than a Cup car of similar vintage
  2. LeeM

    MINI for daily driver

    An earlier Supercharged Cooper S are a blast to drive
  3. I was trying to think of an alternative to marine ply. I only work with 16mm melamine for work, so I have no real idea what building materials are available
  4. Yeah should be fine mate. Check to see how level the wall is just to be sure. You can frame it with vertical 25mm bearers bolted to the wall every 600mm or so apart to give you something to screw the board to, yet if it was me I'd just use a 40 or 50mm screw in each corner straight onto the wall, one in the middle top and bottom and one screw in the centre of the board so that it doesn't bow out. Go vertically with the board and 1200 across, as it's easier to do on your own when you have to cut a 1200 wide filler piece from top of the panel to under the cornice or ceiling than a 2400 long piece. Make sure you measure both ends top of the panel to ceiling/cornice to cut the filler (if you can't get 2700 long lengths ofcourse) as ceilings are rarely level. I'd leave 5mm for expansion too
  5. Tough shit, take his kombi and sell it to cover repairs. If he can afford weed and petrol, he can afford to throw you a few dollars. Wanker
  6. 9 or 12mm in 2400 or 2700 x 1200 marine ply sheets screwed straight to the wall looks great I reckon (if you can't be arsed running vertical bearers), or as I'm halfway through doing, 200mm wide vertical wood panelling for that 70's/80's look that I've stained first and is the cheaper option to ply wood panels. I'm lazy and didn't frame the wall first and regretted it. Or probably the cheapest option is to just gyprock it by using liquid nails (or kitchen/bathroom silicone is my preferred goop) applied in tennis ball sized circles every 600mm straight onto the brick, though you'll have to flush and sand it and it shows up imperfections on the wall that you never knew were there. I'd do the ply wood personally
  7. A 911 longhood is the icon that is the basis of all that followed
  8. Ktec is West Aussie mate. That's a bargain for someone wanting a track car.....hmmmmmm.......can I sell the Ghetto???
  9. A PFA member bought it. I'll let him identify himself when he wants to 😁
  10. No worries mate. I rang the owner and left a message for him to call me to find out who services it. It's located 15 minutes from me, so I'll try and get a look at it tonight or Saturday morning if you're keen.
  11. I'd be hitting up all the Porsche shops and tuners to see if they know of anything coming up or that isn't advertised, as some cars change hands before they reach the market. If you find anything in Adelaide let me know and I'll do what I can to have a look
  12. Hey @Renz and welcome to the forum They are around at a lower end price point, yet I wouldn't expect a low kilometre perfect paint concourse car. Stranger things have happened and people have scored bargains around that price, yet you have to be quick lately. I'd be calling anyone selling a car thats $10k over your budget and lowball them, as they might be desperate for cash. Always ask whether the IMS has been replaced and have it done if they can't confirm it. If you find a car that you really like which is at your max $45k, then you have to spend another $4000 doing the IMS, I always say 'Money can be got, opportunties are lost'. Ask yaself how long would it take to save up the extra cash and consider your options. Have you thought about a Cayman at all? Bloody good cars that are around your budget, yet I do understand that they're not a 911, yet they are a great thing to drive Good luck with whatever you do