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  1. To get away from the feds for importing 12 tonnes of cocaine
  2. I'd be taking the reins on this one Tom. See if John can have it picked up for a few bucks instead of relying on the builder
  3. I did see that original listing, yet as usual when people get flooded with 'I'll buy it now, what's your account number or You're selling it too cheap...' sellers think 'Hmmm, maybe I whack a crazy price on it and try my luck!' Think we've all seen that happen on a few occasions
  4. It's a buyers market for sure. The bubble hasn't burst, but it does have a slow leak A bloke on Facebook is selling a black Hong Kong import for his parents for $80k. Looks like a nice car etc, but I'm thinking that is over priced in this economy for an import. He's getting offers around $60k which seems fair in my opinion
  5. Got a Cayenne and need a bigger garage door? No problem
  6. Yep, just look at all codes of football! @hugh Hillimbs would be great fun I imagine. The Mount Alma mile in Mt Gambier looks like a great run, as does the Willunga one here.
  7. Sadly that's motorsport on nearly every level...How fast can you afford to go?
  8. It's been a long week already. I shall read further posts three times just incase πŸ™„
  9. At Glenelg @3legs 😁
  10. Yet did you record that conversation is the big question? 'Honey...do you remember you said about taking in the GP on our next holiday..' 'Nope. We're going to the flower expo all 4 days that weekend and staying at mums' 😫

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