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  1. @DJM Like all thieves, theyll plead poverty and get away without paying a cent. I'd love to catch someone stealing anything from me... 'Sir, why does he have so many broken bones?' 'He tripped over when I was chasing him officer' That's justice to me, not the legal system. The scumbag that stole this 944 will probably get out early to be back out stealing with his feral mother
  2. Same happens regularly here in SA. Bloke had a delivery round with a pantec truck and used to deliver kitchens to new homes. The builders couldnt work out how they were getting pinched usually the day after they were delivered, until one night after a kitchen delivery they camped in the house next door and caught the delivery bloke nicking everything and doing cash jobs on the side Just goes to show that the apple never falls far from the tree. Scum Seriously, they should shoot this feral element of society, not lock them up for a few months or worse, home detention. Where I'm working tomorrow, I've been told to ensure my van is locked up and work inside the house and lock myself inside due to the scum that lives in the area always knocking tradies tools off and stealing all the copper plumbing and wiring. I arrived onsite at a nice area 2 weeks ago and the house was trashed. The kitchen and nearly every inside wall and door was damaged after they gained entry through a hole they made in the roof in the carport. Nothing stolen, just senseless vandalism
  3. Government funding ay? It's bound to implode then 😁
  4. @Harold996tt I thought that myself. How was there no CCTV? Sounds a bit suss to me
  5. Bastard πŸ˜‰ I've been wanting to go to the TT for years. A mate now rides for the Honda factory team, Davo Johnson. Go and say gday, as he's a top lad and happy to chat
  6. Especially as a 912 body was built by Carmen...err...Karmann
  7. Wasn't someone looking for a Panamera? https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/belair/cars-vans-utes/porsche-panamera/1218210702
  8. Just giving you shit Taz
  9. No, but it might be a cheaper option to have yours chromed
  10. Norway is 24 times smaller than Australia and 17.9million less people. They also have more snow to melt from the apparent global warming, so it makes sense for them to use EV's 😁
  11. They don't need to. People are already ruining...err...building them 😑
  12. You're not alone mate. I'm pretty sure most here would be wanting to slap the owner who abandoned them. Except Adam though. He wouldn't give a shit unless it was a 928 😁
  13. Not me mate. I'm usually near last to hear about anything like this I'm also usually never right mate
  14. Oh you'll be driving the hell out of it soon enough! Just brake late and turn mate πŸ‘ How to pronounce Porsche is an ongoing global debate that noone seems to win 😁
  15. He seems to like the really rare cars like his Gmund/550/RSK etc etc. I do hope he gets it, as it will probably be driven...
  16. Good work mate, congrats It's easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission, so you're in front there πŸ‘
  17. Hey mate, welcome That's pretty big kilometres in my opinion, and considering a 2001 model I knew of, black on black in very good condition with 118,000km /auto (tiptronic) with a full service history sold for $35k not long ago, I'd say maybe $25k tops? Some may say even less due to the higher mileage, as that scares people off as it would me, and I'd probably offer even less personally. Keep in mind that if the IMS hasnt disintegrated by now, its either you're safe, or it's a potential time bomb waiting to happen and I'd have it replaced, so factor in $3500-4000 for that at a shop. I hate to be the first to say it as it's your family member selling it, but for peace of mind I'd get a pre purchase inspection done by a reputable shop to do a compression check, because if it's on it's way out and you need to rebuild or replace the engine, you're up for some serious coin which will ruin the dream of Porsche ownership and murder your wallet! With all the negatives out of the way, once you do own a Porsche there is no looking back, as they're not just a car, but an experience every time you drive them or just look at them in the garage Good luck, and I'm sure we all hope you it turns out ok
  18. That'll probably end up being one of the most expensive Porsches ever sold I reckon. $5 Jerry Seinfeld or Jay Leno goes after it

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