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  1. Chris from Weissach worked on the engine install on Friday, and went in on Saturday to finish it off. He sent through some photos on Saturday. An absolute amazing job was done. The attention to detail was next level. He had gone right over the whole car, including all of the steering and suspension components I had installed myself and adjusted everything to his standard. He cleaned the undercarriage once more and did not leave a single thing for me to do besides jump in and drive the car. I went in on Monday morning, we went for the first test run and took it back to the workshop to make a couple of minor adjustments and finish it off. I took it for a brief run and the car felt beautiful. Best shifting 915 I have ever felt. Changing the 40 year old front and rear Boges for Bilsteins transformed the car. All the steering upgrades also tightened things up in the front end. Couldn’t wait to get it back to take it for a long run. Chris called me on Monday afternoon to let me know the car was finished and ready to pick up... Only problem was my wife had gone into labour and baby number 3 was born that evening!! Looks like I’ll have to trade changing gears for changing nappies for a little while.. The car was dropped off to my house earlier today. Will post some pics when I get a chance.
  2. Man I love this car and the photography. Road trip with your son would have been awesome!
  3. I am in need of some narrow body quarters. How big are the cuts you have?
  4. Sure is. He was a genuine guy and was really easy to deal with. Been sending him photos of the restoration and he is loving it! Sure was a great outcome. Can’t wait for the drive.. almost there, could even be Monday by the looks of things @sydr It was a struggle to find matching rubber for front and rear, could basically choose from pirelli p7, Dunlop dirrezza or the potenza re003. I found one set of p7 but they were 4 years old!! The potenza look like a great all rounder and have heard great things about them. Available in my size (205 55 and 225 50 16), were only 2 months old per the date stamp and Bridgestone had a 4 for 3 special on. They should be okay but will let you know what I think after a good drive Saw it in there today, it is beautiful! Thanks James - intense is definitely the right word!
  5. I I’ve had a few porches over the last 10 years, some I’ve sold (regrettably) some I still have. My dream ride has always been either an SC or 3.2, and for the past few years I have been looking sparingly, been caught up in a few unsuccessful offline auctions or just missed out. Late last year, an opportunity came along to acquire a completely original, 2 owner Aussie delivered car. It was advertised on Carsales, without much info. The owner wasn’t a car guy, had owned it for 28 years and drove it every day. I was up early, to paint my deck before work. Saw the add at 6.30am, and decided to call. Thought I’d be leaving a message but to my surprise he answered! He told me the gearbox needed a rebuild, car needed a repaint and front seats needed to be recovered. He was a great guy to chat to and I immediately transferred a deposit. He being in Brisbane and I being in Melbourne, I planned to fly up the next day, inspect, pay the balance and have it transported back. I checked specs and numbers with Porsche Australia and all seemed to check out. Matching numbers, guards red coupe with a red and black interior? I thought the interior was black. I called him back to ask if it had red piping? He said it was red and blue TARTAN! (Photos had seat covers fitted) We had a few conversations over the next day and I couldn’t fly up (pregnant wife, two kids 3 and 1yo and a business). He was very genuine and I really wanted this car. I skipped the flight. The balance was transferred, car picked up by a transport company and after the longest 10 days of my life, it arrived just before Christmas. Here it is as arrived; It really was all original. Down to the toolkit, spare, full set of books and service history. The toolkit still has the gloves included. Has had a few panels painted but mostly original. Dash uncracked. Suspension never changed. All panels, trim, carpet was untouched and beautiful. Paint was faded, had light scratches and stone chips all over. Gearbox has absolutely no second gear. Engine had never been washed (looked awful) few minor leaks. Man I felt blessed. It looked old and ratty but was an absolute beautiful well loved and well driven car. Deciding to maintain its originality, my first task was to correct the paint and give it a good polish. I wet rubbed and cut 1 panel at a time, masking all edges and taking care not to rub through the paint. Some panels took up to 5 hours to get right. I followed through with a polish, washed it and left it at that for the time being. the following week I took it over to Chris at Weissach Sport and the engine and gearbox was dropped and left there. I took the car back to continue working on it, while he rebuilt the gearbox and went through the engine. the engine ran really well but had a few oil leaks. The culprit was some bad oil lines and valve covers. Fixing these items were on the agenda as well as; Replacing all oil lines replacing all service items with new genuine Porsche items replacing all ignition leads new top and bottom valve cover gaskets, valve adjustment complete reconditioning of alternator and starter motor media blasting fan and shroud, replating all brackets, pulleys, straps, bolts, nuts and powder coating tinware fitting new original exhaust and a few minor items along the way attention to detail is amazing. We planned a patina restoration, and couldn’t be happier with the result. The gearbox was completely stripped and rebuilt. Second and third gear sets replaced, dog teeth replaced. Casing cleaned, not hydro blasted. Mount powder coated. Fork replaced. All parts linished and plated. whilst all of this was getting done, I was working on the car after hours. I replaced the shockers with Bilstein B6, fitted a turbo tie rod kit and installed some new ball joints. Brake lines were looking old so replaced them and the brake fliud too. I gave the under carriage a thorough clean and fitted some potenza re003 tyres. a check strap replaced in the drivers door, a new sound Matt installed in the engine bay and a broken sway bar mount repaired. i replaces the front windscreen and seal (genuine). Behind the windscreen was absolutely perfect!! I removed front the seats and sent off for retrim. Only the face plates of the front seats were recovered, using Porsche 683 vinyl and tartan fabric sourced from Germany. The backs and piping of the front seats remained original as they were in perfect condition, as did the rear seats. The interior was thoroughly cleaned and seats reinstalled. A small patch of carpet was replaced. today i had a friend of mine that runs a touch up and polishing business run his well trained hands over the car, polishing it once more to remove any missed fine blemishes and apply a paint sealant to the car. I could not believe how well it turned out. It was then trucked back to Weissach Sport for the engine and gearbox install. New heater pipes and a new clutch will also be installed. Getting really excited now. Hopefully all goes well with the install tomorrow, can’t wait to drive it!
  6. I know there were 14 targas delivered to Aus in 74, not sure about coupe numbers
  7. Completed the bare metal stage of the shell and did a very quick dry fit of the panels
  8. I am looking to tear down my 1974 2.7 911 engine and may need an align bore done along with the rest of the machining. Does anyone know of any machine shops that specialise in Porsche engines in Melbourne? I do know of some machinists but none that I really trust with the horrible magnesium case I have. Your input is appreciated. Cheers
  9. If you read the description, the car dealer can still remember when he originally sold the 993 as a Porsche salesman. Seems to me that this is a car he has wanted to get his hands on for a while, acquired it at the right price, doesn't really want to sell it but has advertised it with a "that would be nice" price tag on it (not really caring if it sells or not). Only reason I say this is because I am a dealer and have found myself doing this more than once!
  10. Cheers. No it is a silver one with a tan interior. Has had a 993 wide body conversion, was on Ebay at some stage but the PO traded it in on a VW golf we had in stock for his daughter (with a cash adjustment his way). Awesome car to drive so I decided to keep it! The white one you mentioned is the 964 turbo on carsales correct?
  11. Cheers guys, look forward to getting involved in one of the events
  12. Thanks Hugh and thanks again for all of those parts early on! The wheels are currently getting re-finished and I got a hold of 6x16's for the front! Cheers, Jason

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