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  1. i like the cross section on that magnaflow. looks similar to the fabspeed internals https://www.magnaflow.com/products?partNumber=14386
  2. coming to an early car from a 996 turbo will have you asking "where's the power" and trying to see if anything is wrong with it. it's a rewarding drive to be sure, the feedback is great, but 996 turbo will do everything. maybe a 997 GT3?
  3. i like the oil cooler vent through the bonnet. may suit impact bumper car more.. have thought about it on my sc
  4. this is a neat car, i replaced the starter motor on it a couple months back. as for old mate on facebook, manual coupe with no sunroof, should be easy sell at 60-70 imo
  5. lot of space at the back of the engine bay, neat.* *heaps of room for a turbo
  6. you'd surely go single twin scroll turbo these days, much simpler, same/better spool, even cheaper to do!
  7. jesus christ at this point it would have been cheaper to send the car up and have exhaust innovations/CES/whoever do it up here? haha
  8. heh but seriously that's not a long or difficult list at all for some streetability.
  9. Try it before you buy I think. Was fine on race track but on the road I wasn’t a big fan at all- did not like being on the outside of the road on the bend.
  10. Ah I thought 964 motors were a bit less for some reason, yeah 11.5 is where it starts to get a bit cranky to run on regular fuel apparently.
  11. yep it's been no drama to run, similar to my stockish 3.6
  12. full fabspeed cup exhaust. it's not too loud but can drone on highway. plugging an outlet stops this for long trips.
  13. price is spot on. this is ideal for me. not sure what i would do with another race porsche. GTR and rx7 are sweating nervously in the garage knowing they could be flicked on for this.
  14. My 3.6 is 11.3 and is absolutely fine. my mechanic said he went to 11.5 and regrets it. He may have to run e85

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