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  1. second this- the version i had cobbled together was adequate in the bmw, hence why why i am keen on the retrofit vs a conventional system.
  2. i suspect on a road car the annoying part of having it all in one box is that if something fails the whole box has to go back to be fixed. modular boxes at least you can send or replace the specific broken part?
  3. Andy was always better at development, wasted talent having to deal with sales and support. good move by haltech to pick him up and give him resources and let him focus on that. nexus r5 is good but seems aimed at top end drag racing in the states etc. but i look forward to the benefits trickling down to the rest of the range
  4. the instant they bring in a logbook system like down south, i will be all over it
  5. Too restrictive. Not flexible enough to pop down to events unless you have your own club. Went back to full rego so I could do road trips.
  6. True the satisfaction is there (replaced floor pan on an e9), I’ve just had my fill of body work! Paint and prep in particular. Many a weekend consumed by it!
  7. Oof I don’t envy you there! Still? It’s a good feeling once all fixed up.
  8. you have to be patient with painters. you have to consider they have been huffing paint fumes every day lol
  9. looks like another car with the same livery is up.. if you want to complete the set http://www.ecuriebowden.com.au/1990-nissan-r32-gtr-group-e-falken-b12hr
  10. Reading between the lines of the blurb for it on their website- it seems to fit 993 and maaybe late 964?
  11. have a set on my car, great quality. what does a set of FM10's cost roughly these days?
  12. the fan does not block enough air to be a detriment when driving, and certainly keeps oil temps safe when stuck in traffic. my next mod will be testing a small water nozzle placed on the deck lid to send a mist into the engine fan as an extra buffer for track days

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