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  1. As opposed to leaves gathering on the radiator and blocking airflow..? Haha
  2. 993 is a sledgehammer but with prices being what they are, you’d have to really love one to get it over a cheaper/more livable/faster 996 turbo?
  3. Yep! The cup cams from memory barely touch peak hp at all- they seem directly aimed at the midrange. I have a dim memory of cam upgrades being more difficult in 993 but not sure that is actually the case.
  4. The laziness (often a bit doughy in the midrange) is something even the 964 3.6’s can have, use the cup cams, exhaust and lightened flywheel to liven it up. i have that combo in the SC and the lack of weight helps it again.
  5. same. 964 with the old architecture is the 'last' aircooled for me, and with a motor more happy with modifications. 993 is good but a bit of laziness from porsche in that it really should have been watercooled by then. new platform, same old engine. 964 c2, or 996 Gt3 for me. have kept the SC for 12 years, the 964 turbo for 11 years, have only had the longhood for two. unfortunately sold the 996 GT3 early on. the guy who sold me the SC bought a 993 to replace it. he messaged me every six months trying to get the SC back..
  6. clutch-monkey

    Headlight yellow tint quick strawpoll before and after

    solid no from me especially with the amber indicator light in the same housing. maybe if that was clear and you used a stronger yellow.
  7. clutch-monkey

    912 US barnfind OTLW project

    sounds sweet as
  8. clutch-monkey

    911 Turbo Hotrod V3.6ltr

    yeah wasn't sure. has different plates and wing but in the right area. can't be too many getting around
  9. clutch-monkey

    Suggestions for rear licence plate lights

    I ended up not putting lights in at all, took zero work
  10. clutch-monkey

    1st 356 Holiday in Coff's Harbour NSW

    good old opal cove. i always stay there on my way down south haha
  11. yeah i don't get it. US big bumpers, sugar scoops, low comp 2.7, definitely not widebody. surely a sub 100k car.
  12. clutch-monkey

    Suggestions for rear licence plate lights

    mike, i used something like these, the bolt type ones work ok. https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/speedmetal-led-license-plate-bolts edit: actually i still have them on the shelf, looks like i have not bothered to install them in the last 7 years.. oh well.
  13. clutch-monkey

    WTB Wheels for a Widebody

    i've got 15x8's. too small? would need small spacer at the back.