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  1. viszla's hands down the biggest sooks on the planet haha. lovely dogs but not stoic.
  2. There is yes. not for human use, hence why it’s not directly comparable, but it is for a coronavirus. Just shows it is possible for a coronavirus. there was also great progress for a sars vaccine but that halted due to lack of need after it was contained. our biggest hurdle was lack of active cases to test against but Victoria volunteered lol
  3. most people aren't. it's not directly translatable to the covid 19 scenario but it does show that this isn't something we can't vaccinate against or have no ability to create a vaccine for etc.
  4. we have vaccines for other corona viruses so no idea what he means by that. i also personally don't know anyone with diabetes, i guess it must be minor lol
  5. no, but it's ok for her to have no pants, but when i do it's another call from HR.. again..
  6. carsales does it automatically to prevent fraud or some such
  7. this happened to me. wasn't immediately obvious but when driving a fuel line moved slightly and the throttle arm would squeeze past it with resistance. unfortunately the fuel line then blocked it from returning to idle, jamming it at WOT. was a wild ride
  8. Looks like we have to keep the Mexicans out a bit longer then. Shame to throw away the progress made I guess. maybe a NT-QLD-Tasmania-NZ travel bubble can be set up though lol.
  9. 30k? well then http://www.renegadehybrids.com/996/LS-1.html
  10. the main roads as a 'spine' were pretty good, but many side roads were gravel. maybe ideal for safari build..
  11. i had a great time on the paved section/no cops though. and the servo there has 98 octane. though not at night.. too much wildlife to hit.
  12. this is making me miss a rotary.. /looks at Fc's on gumtree
  13. The irony there being that horses have a similar syndrome (disease from bats that is incubated in horses before spreading to humans) with an 80% fatality rate lol the football leagues is simple, they were being asked to use flu vaccine because there may be some cross protection but I don’t think it’s been proven yet so they are jumping the gun a bit

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