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  1. 230k is only 50-70k off that 996 gt2 that was for sale wasn’t it.. you’d either save money for upgrades and get a gt3, or just pony up a bit more and snag an elusive gt2!
  2. With mike’s mate selling a decent 3.0L targa for 55k I think even 70k would be far fetched?
  3. wow. if that's what 78 sc's are asking, anyone want to buy an aus delivered rhd no sunroof coupe 78 sc with a 3.6 for 100k haha
  4. yep! i was sad to see it go- but it went to the right kind of nutter can recommend a gearbox cooler for sure
  5. i think the guy who bought that rx7 also bought my rally rx7!
  6. yes i am aware of what ethanol does no, it is not an issue- at that percentage slap stabiliser in there or top up the tank after it has been sitting. move on, find something else to worry about! Mountains out of molehills.
  7. why would you bother? E85 stays good for months. i'd barely even care about anything else. i've had 98 in my car off the road for 11 months, no issue. just chuck a fuel stabiliser in on top if you are worried. or drive the car more.
  8. EV west does kits for a few cars. I’m very tempted
  9. problem is, they managed to make the newer targas look amazing, that it just highlights how ungainly the cabs look..
  10. I’d be keen for a murwilimbah run
  11. i don't think you can really go wrong with anything suggested here- it's just a case of trying every permutation on each trip down and back
  12. my dyslexia means i read that as sampling women and pleasuring pies damnit
  13. i always overnight in coffs which means going down waterfall way (and doing the boardwalk at dorrigo!) but anywhere will do really. and avoid the m1 where possible- though it is much upgraded now, it's still boring. Woka's route is pretty spot on. mt cotton is 15 min away from me so i'd make a slight adjustment. go through murwillimbah as that carries you closer east to where mt cotton is. from murwillimbah: mt tomewin road up through currumbin then only have a short stint on the M1, or go up through crystal creek and past natural bridge. both are epic roads. https://goo.gl/maps/g5biqEwg4y5bGfzy5 https://goo.gl/maps/sKfCLT9boXBqbzCS6 if you choose to go singleton-armidale then turn east through dorrigo and do waterfall way (fun) to stay at coffs, you can bypass m1 to grafton by taking orara way to grafton, then summerland way to kyogle before jumping east to murwillimbah https://goo.gl/maps/ZY1hBd2dmaLHs9Hd9 i've done most variations of this trip haha. i'll do it once or twice a year
  14. none of my cars are original. it's the best because i don't care about driving them to melbourne and back and tinkering on them. though some will cry if they find out my track car is an aus delivered no sunroof manual coupe

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