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  1. Just tell them if they lick a cane toad their pee pee will get bigger. you’ll sell cane toads by the truck load
  2. Well, maybe not for much longer..haha But I agree I don’t know if they don’t know, or if they just don’t care, but their behaviour is going to drag us with them.. one of my staff is elderly and just getting over a diaphragmatic hernia, another has a partner who is missing a lung lobe.. it’s disastrous if they contract it. this was my proposal to HR but it was denied lol
  3. Absolutely, but the sad fact is these intellectual giants will probably just get minor signs and spread it to someone vulnerable instead
  4. This needs to start killing people, pronto.. either the stupid, or at least to scare the stupid into being sensible. the stupidity from the general public has been amazing, I’m just about cheering for the virus now. just today: -people walking in to waiting room ignoring the signs to wait outside. - old guy leaning over the counter to talk to the nurses rather than stay 1m from counter despite this being clearly signed. - at least two clients have come in with 2-3 kids with them; walking around touching everything. Parent not doing anything to stop them. Told them to wait outside. - we are supposed to be seeing emergencies only; people still coming in for trivial bullshit fuck it. They deserve this. We are doomed as a society
  5. We’ll get through- things will be tight- kind of what our grandparents did in the blitz etc. we will adapt.
  6. agreed. part of it is that things like SARS or ebola always were "not happening here" problems. If sars had gotten a foothold here i imagine response would have been more experienced.
  7. I still have to see clients, I don’t have a choice. ive got five pages of new protocol to go apply, but it’s starting to become easier as clients get into the routine because stuff still needs to be done. no one is staying at home forever, so things will start to relax once this sort of protocol becomes widespread. Things are locked down tightly now because of idiots, but because businesses are now demanding spacing, no hand contact, emphasis on curb side drop off or pick up of goods, split teams working in office, work from home etc it will get into people’s head as routine (basically stuff that should be standard in any normal flu season too actually), business will adapt to the altered model and regain some semblance of normality. it won’t be as good as before, but this is currently the initial shock, the disease spread is going to worsen but people are going to begin adapting. also the 18 months is not one constant lock down but a series, so there is reprieve in there.
  8. i think it will become easier once panic dies off and people adapt to what is safe and what isn't. not ideal, but people will still want to get coffee etc.. so i think some places will find their feet again, but with new arrangements and protocols
  9. as per a previous post of mine in this thread the long time frame and the lockdown/relaxation of lock down is to try and get everyone through the disease in batches until we have some semblance of herd immunity without overloading the hospitals. hence the long time frame. vaccine is years away.* *a safe vaccine is, could probably rush one out without full testing
  10. in the UK they are already using pulse oximeters and ventilators from veterinary clinics in hospitals because they don't have enough. this morning an email was sent by the health minister to start taking inventory of veterinary staff and supplies. i suspect we're about to be folded into the hospital system if shit goes south.
  11. Due to incubation time etc we won’t see the curve flattening from social distancing etc until the next week or so. So there may be a flattening out after the next 7 days
  12. Nice! at the moment I’m enjoying the lack of traffic, zooming to and from work and the cops won’t pull me over because I wear scrubs and the route takes me past the hospital lol.
  13. Went on a fishing charter in bumfuck nowhere. Had a ball. Also have some fish for the freezer now haha.
  14. nah.. if they need the money.. you are helping someone out. not gonna be many buyers at the moment. It might just be the chunk of cash they need to get through it. i’ve had to sell stuff in a hurry before and though I had to let it go for under market value having a hassle free buyer was such a help. If no one is buying ‘because morals’ I would have been screwed.

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