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  1. clutch-monkey

    Blue tongue lizards...

    Most people can barely drive let alone recognise objects ahead on the road. Especially a pair of grey nomads in an asthmatic Toyota towing an overloaded caravan that couldn’t change direction in time even if they did see it. fun fact; blue tongues give live birth. I had to do a Caesarian on one. It’s weird.
  2. clutch-monkey

    Air con upgrades air cooled 911

    i am the opposite - the retro air is a neat compact option and gets it all up the front of the car, keeps my engine bay clean (have ITB's as well), and experience with the electric aircon in the E9 showed it was good enough for a weekend drive or road trip.
  3. clutch-monkey

    Air con upgrades air cooled 911

    i don't have the retro air system, but had a very similar setup made for the E9 (big open glasshouse). it worked quite well, not as good as a modern car system but better than a traditional 911 system (have one upgraded on the 964). i will be going the retro air system based off this, and to keep the engine bay free of clutter.
  4. yep. 2.7's were (are?) long considered a moving roadblock. now rose tinted glasses and scarcity has seen them become viable purchases. the aftermarket has kept up as well, so there are easier ways now to make the 2.7L cars able to move out of their own way. whereas before it was a lot of work and 3.6's were cheaper.. now it is the reverse. making a rev happy 2.7 with ITB's and decent engine management is much easier to do these days.
  5. clutch-monkey

    Project 77 - new build

    That raised shifter looks great.
  6. clutch-monkey

    The Pet thread

    lovely dogs. just get him used to having his ears and teeth checked/cleaned!
  7. clutch-monkey

    912 US barnfind OTLW project

    Yep that sounds brilliant haha
  8. clutch-monkey

    912 US barnfind OTLW project

    like the modern day turbo carreras- could replicate that in the early bodies.
  9. clutch-monkey

    Tyres 7/8 15 inch recommendation

    i have the NS2R's on two street cars and they are excellent value for money. the AR-1's are on a mates V8 powered FD rx-7 and he likes them. looking at my local tyre guru the hankook ventus rs-4 have a staggered 195-225 fitment. http://www.tyre-city.com.au/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=801_804
  10. clutch-monkey

    912 US barnfind OTLW project

    that exhaust looks cool. wonder how these polo motors go with a little boost
  11. clutch-monkey

    968 Turbo RS anyone?

    at 130k you'd have to reaaaally want it..
  12. clutch-monkey

    911 Scrambler project (aka RallyCab)

    anyone planning on doing one of these builds, do it. i just spent $130 for a day on the dirt track, it's an absolute ball.
  13. clutch-monkey


    lol this. any 911 is made to be tracked. can do it with huge frontal area if you want i guess
  14. i'll sell you mine for half that.. front grille is even straight unlike that one.
  15. clutch-monkey

    Space saver spare

    do you need the wheel or just the tyre? i have 3 lying around. never used them. can of goop gets me wherever i need to go if i puncture.