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  1. EV west does kits for a few cars. I’m very tempted
  2. problem is, they managed to make the newer targas look amazing, that it just highlights how ungainly the cabs look..
  3. I’d be keen for a murwilimbah run
  4. i don't think you can really go wrong with anything suggested here- it's just a case of trying every permutation on each trip down and back
  5. my dyslexia means i read that as sampling women and pleasuring pies damnit
  6. i always overnight in coffs which means going down waterfall way (and doing the boardwalk at dorrigo!) but anywhere will do really. and avoid the m1 where possible- though it is much upgraded now, it's still boring. Woka's route is pretty spot on. mt cotton is 15 min away from me so i'd make a slight adjustment. go through murwillimbah as that carries you closer east to where mt cotton is. from murwillimbah: mt tomewin road up through currumbin then only have a short stint on the M1, or go up through crystal creek and past natural bridge. both are epic roads. https://goo.gl/maps/g5biqEwg4y5bGfzy5 https://goo.gl/maps/sKfCLT9boXBqbzCS6 if you choose to go singleton-armidale then turn east through dorrigo and do waterfall way (fun) to stay at coffs, you can bypass m1 to grafton by taking orara way to grafton, then summerland way to kyogle before jumping east to murwillimbah https://goo.gl/maps/ZY1hBd2dmaLHs9Hd9 i've done most variations of this trip haha. i'll do it once or twice a year
  7. none of my cars are original. it's the best because i don't care about driving them to melbourne and back and tinkering on them. though some will cry if they find out my track car is an aus delivered no sunroof manual coupe
  8. can't remember if it was this forum or a different one. the user's dad picked it up. it's pretty well looked after from memory. username escapes me
  9. isn't it an m96 that bisimoto hotted up and turbocharged in his 930?
  10. eh i'm not above doing things like this with mates etc doing it at home- that's how my efi install was done- a shop on the southside quoted 10k, we did it in his garage. when my motor comes due for refresh this would be an amazing option to learn as well
  11. 991 muffler looks thick- would it fit?
  12. road tune is done. drives great. the jenvey kit is very well designed. the haltech 'does the job' there are better ways to do it, better/smarter ecu's, but support and accessibility were key, and my engine is not wild. dyno tune in the next few weeks once we do the nut and bolt check to make sure everything stayed in place. started at 243rwhp will see what the ITB's and ECU add.
  13. this is what i found. they can run things like VVTI etc, all sorts of high tech stuff you find on modern motors, that i simply would not use. i would have loved a motec and it does do things better than a haltech, but end of the day the haltech is ahead of the stock ecu by far and it is just a close to stock 2 valve six cylinder nothing crazy. if i had done a crazy 3.8 build with some more goodies in there for sure i would have shelled out for a motec. adaptronic was high on the list for my tuner, he says they do things like fuel mapping better than haltech, for about the same price. as i said before, the only thing holding us back was doing events interstate and possibly needing repairs etc.

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