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  1. As we all know Bruce is the man when it comes to all things 944...and 928...and knows a thing or three about mid and rear engine models too. As a non Porsche wheel I agree with Oz Justin on the Enkei NT-03s. Light, stylish, cheap...just not sure if they have the offset you require and might need to run spacers which as Bruce mentions, not always ideal.
  2. Yeah probably not. Looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong story. That was probably the one promised to me due to the failure of the one in the car now. Bridge burnt....
  3. It's more the head that people are keen on but sure, the blocks are good too on those 2.7's.
  4. Ahh...I stand corrected Sean. So now I have 3 choices. Do they have the same windage ports/webbing?
  5. I only want the block as I have all the other custom reciprocating parts. The 2.7ltr block doesn't have the Siamesed bores. I had come from a block that had a ton of work done to it including Deckplate but I've decided not to go down that path this time. Hopefully having the joined bores helps a little in keeping the cylinders more stable than the purely open deck 2.7 / 2.5 blocks. Ironically the previous block had been Nikasil'd but I'm not going down that path either. At this stage I'm just looking to sleeve the block and have the Iron sleeves honed to fit the pistons out of the previous motor which are virtually brand new. There's a guy in QLD that works on ex F1 Ferraris and other high end racecars that we'll be looking to do the sleeving. We are rebuilding using all the other components that went into the previous motor which was pretty solid. Produced 620whp @ 16psi. EDIT: See below. I was wrong about the 2.7ltr block re the Siamese/joined cylinders.
  6. Just looking to dip my toes back in Timm. Thanks for the positive vibes. In this country, yeah pretty rare. That's why I wondered what you were doing with yours as I read through a few threads but see you're going to sleeve it. I'm looking to do same so we can fit it to the custom pistons we already have. So I don't need one with pristine bores although won't knock it back if it turns up. Oh, believe it or not but you can still buy them brand new from the Factory!
  7. Just putting feelers out there to see if anyone has one lying around. Would probably prefer 968 but not fussed. Scored bores are not a worry. Feel free to email me directly at pgarvan@bigpond.net.au Thanks
  8. Did you happen to get any progress on this? What was the condition of the block? Is it fine except for scored bores? If so, and you want to sell your damaged block let me know. I might have a buyer. pgarvan@bigpond.net.au
  9. Wonder if there was a bit of gasket residue on side of head which looked like Asbestos?
  10. We run a 968 box in our 944. Perhaps it just has some unseen problems but I've never liked it as much as the old 5 speed (fitted with shorter final drive via S2 ring & pinion). Some people seem to like the 6 speed. Ours was reconditioned and has extra cooling and other mods so it shouldn't be the case of it being in a state of disrepair. The Porsches are always faster than the BMW's every year although the handicapping rules seem to give them the advantage.
  11. I'd have swapped your diff for our issues 24 / 7 ...
  12. Great thread Bruce! Wow...wonder how much the crank in the V16 weighed?? Must have been massive!
  13. I've known of a few QLD owners who bring their 944 / 68 / 28s down to Buchanan Automotive in Balgowlah Sydney. They're the best in Oz so it's no wonder people go out of their way to do this.
  14. Well done. Yes, they are a fun car and shows how efficient the old chassis were. They're still setup for understeer at the limit from the factory but in general a very well balanced car. We were meant to be there and would have comfortably been the fastest car on the day by a large margin looking at the times. I wondered if there was rain or some oil downs? Not bad for a slightly warmed 944. Hopefully next time. Enjoy your car for what it is. :-)

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